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My name is Vaughn Johnson I previously worked as a installation tech in the Shreveport market for you thru CC Link ( Daniel Norris, Toyia Shufflin and Peggy Alexander ) are the listed advisors.

My issue is Not BEING PAID for my services, as you know this is a on-going issue with contractor that fall short on finances so the take it out on the little guy.

I had noticed that CC LINK was paying other tech and when it came to me being paid I was giving the run-around about my pay so of course this will cause anyone to be aware and not give 100% effort on any task.

I was told by Daniel Norris mutable occasions that he will pay me from his pay check and not the ones of CC Link and when it was time to be paid I was asked to wait till his personal paycheck cleared from the bank before I can get paid a proportion of my money this was over 45 days and per him he didn't pay me my proportion because I didn't call him for it, and on the day before Memorial day I was to get a full 2 week pay check I was paid not nothing and was advised by Daniel Norris that I need to come back in 90 days in order to be paid.

Not sure if this is DIRECTV or Multiband standard practice and will like for you to further look into this issue and get back to me asap .