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i always buy the loreal red range. Now i sw u chaged the revita lift laser renew bottle cream ( day and night). This wendesday i washed my face and applied it (revitalift laser renew cream- red bottle range) and immediately i got a red rash along my cheek to my chin to my other cheeck, RED RASH. and it is the cream as i checked everything i did before eat, pills etc. Now its dry and still a rash ( bumpy) im not happy at all and i m using E 45 cream to sooth it. If there is anything else i can use let me know if anything else i must be concerned about from the cream as its caused a rash and an allergic reaction. i have the cream with me and my night cream as well. So u can fetch it from me or come and see my face. i want this sorted out as my face im not happy with whats occurred. I will never use it again, used it for a few years but the latest new of the same caused harm. Please contact me asap.

Please assist asap.

Product 1: Revitalift laser renew cream- red bottle range-(day cream) 28JD00

Product 2:Revitalift Dermo Expertice cream- blue bottle range-(night cream) 28J201

Product 3:Revitalift Dermo Expertice cream- blue bottle range-(night cream) 28H600

My name: Mrs Solitaire. Maherry-Lubbe