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I have recently had the misfortune of having both of my automobiles damaged by others. In both instances I filed a claim with GEICO and I would like to comment on the service that I received from the Claims Team. I dealt with two different ladies and both were very delightful to talk with. I found them both very knowledgeable and professional. They made filing the claims "a walk in the Park". The ladies were Cssandra Tippetts in Tucson, AZ and Michelle Robinson in San Diego, CA. The claim numbers were and respectively. Then I dealt with Jason Berkowitz my adjustor. He was also very professional and knowledgeable. He took over the repairs on both of my cars and kept me informed. The repairs were accomplished at Jimmie Johnson Chevorlet in San Diego, CA. If you have others like these three I would have to say you have a terrific staff. My overall rating of the service and personnel that I dealt with is absolutely OUTSTANDING.