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I used to be a employee of Office Depot and I can tell you the management is just awful. There is an obvious form of favoritism that management will show towards certain employees (the "qualified" technology associates" by giving them larger incentives and raises, while employees who work on the registers or in the printing department get absolutely no recognition and incentives for delivering quality customer service experience. What is also appalling was the fact that the store would be so low on payroll for a few weeks that literally, we'd have three associates in the entire store, maybe even two depending on how bad payroll was. With that being said, it made customers angry when they couldn't even check out because the only associates working could not get to them to assist them. On top of the lack of employees working, the management expected associates to do over and beyond on goals that were impossible to meet. I left Office Depot on a sour note, I'm not proud of it but quite frankly, after dealing with the low pay for years, the management, how things were handled, I could not take it anymore. They showed no remorse for anything and didn't even appreciate the service I had done for them. A horrible company to work for, I'd rather work for a grocery store at that point.