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Hello i am a directv tech employee, just want to let you customers know that we really feel your pain, because we feel it to when we have to tell you negative thing but first let me give yall an inside look at how our operations work

1. we get graded on all of our calls, by different metrics how long we are on the call, how long we are in aftere call, how many techs we send out, how many credits we give out, so you can see we have alot already on our plate

2 we also get graded on how many offers we offer, yes we do have to offer every customer things at the end of each call so if we talk really fast at the end then we are trying to get everything in so we can get a good grade

3 we can only give a certain amount of credit out to customer if we give too much we get flagged

4 we do have to do every step in our scripts so we do understand that you probably did the steps but our calls are monitored and we are not allowed to skip steps trust me it does get annoying for us too

5 there are certain problems that allow us to either send a tech out or replace the reciever so when it may seem like the most common sense thing to do is to send a tech out we cant because the script tells us to just send a reciever so we HAVE to do this or this will count on our graded calls as us avoiding the script

6 we are NOT supposed to offer a supervisor off the bat. We have to wait till you ask for one. Suprised yet?

7 As you probably know Directv loves to find a way to save money, so they increase the price every year

So as you can see this is just a portion of what we have to obide by, if we had a choice there would be alot we would do diffrernt but we are constrained to what our guidelines say plus every call is monitored so our supervisors know what we do and say, oh and by the way here is a big secret. when you ask for a supervisor you acutally don speak with a real supervisor you speak with what we call program specialists which are used to take calls all day to mad customers that act like supervisors and they could be in a diiferent center in another state

The real supervisors in our building that we work at dont take any calls, they just grade our calls so they wouldnt be any help to you because they dont know anything anyway.

So this is the life i live every day customer.