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I have been an employee with DirecTv for about a year now in the customer retention department. As I read most of the stories on this website, I am very shocked to hear so many negative experiences! I figured I would share a few tips and tricks with you all regarding your DirecTv accounts. First of all, each account is different because there is a "heart" value which gives us as customer service reps a guideline on what we can do for you. The heart value on your account is determined by a couple of things such as how you manage the account with your payment history, the base package you subscribe to, and how much credit your account has been given in the past 12 months. A new customer is a zero heart customer until the account is at least 10 months old which means they are not eligible for any promotional discounts on equipment upgrades or recurring credits outside of the rebate and equipment they are offered at the point of sale. If the tech comes to your home with incorrect equipment do not let him install just simply refuse the order and give us a call, we will then modify the order so that it will save a lot of frustration and heartache in the future. 1 heart customers are ones that aren't really up to par on their bills, so if your account goes into level 1 disconnect more than once a year, or you have received numerous 20 dollar base package discounts for 6 months, you are not eligible for any recurring discounts or equipment upgrades in order to change that you should have at least 6 months of good payment history. All other customers range from 2 hearts to 5 hearts the more you have, the more we will be able to do for you. So, keep in mind if your neighbor tells you they called DirecTv and got 30 dollars off of their bill for a year the same discount might not be available for you.
If you are thinking of cancelling your service but want to see what's available before you decide to switch, please ask to speak with the cancellation department. I can't tell you all how many calls I take per day from customers that I could have saved from cancelling if the other departments would have transferred them over because they could not offer what the customer wanted but retention could have.
For all the loyal customers out there, we really do appreciate you. I understand how it could seem that new customers get everything under the sun, but honestly when it comes down to us trying to save a new customer versus a loyal one we have more ammo to keep you guys, where all we can do with a newbie is offer free showtime for 3 months.