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I read a ton of bad comments and opinions about homedepot and to be frank it really ticks me off. First of all I am an associate at store #0383 in Gonzales,La.,I have been here for 4.4yrs.,the first 3 yrs. as Millworks DH,now TRC,my wife "Dianna"is terminal,she has Pleura Mesothelioma,our son "Alfred"is a downs child with a congenital heart defect and is wheelchair bound on oxygen 24/7,I myself suffer from rheumatoid Arthritis and Pancreatitus,we barely get buy with all the health issues we have and as a 1 income family it gets so bad we cant even afford food,gas,cable and must overdraw our checking each payday to live til the next payday,repeat and repeat,through this all my manager "Ryan Poff" and before him "Parker",Mr.Don Harrelford,Robert Butler,Tyieka,Nicky and Mr. Ted,have been gracious and done everything they can from our store to corporate paying for my mother's funeral,without HomeDepot my family would have ended by now just due to stress,when I felt God had abandoned us and spent sleepless nights depressed and in tears,my management and corporate helped when noone else would,not family,friends or state programs,JUST HomeDepot,NO OTHER job I ever had,No company Ive ever heard of would go to such lengths and for that I owe HomeDepot Love,Respect and my family,maybe some dont see what I see but if every damned company in the US would step to the fence for its employees like HomeDepot has our country wouldnt be in the sad "we cant do that itkll cost too much,our bottom line would suffer"world we live in then each one together take responsibility,love their employees,not treat them as disposable assets,then you'd see the country as our parents did,our grandparents,when made in the USA meant something,so save your petty b**ching for someone else,HomeDepot deserves our commitment to them from what I see and our loyalty,I will NEVER say a bad word against them...I CAN'T!,let's spend more time actually seeing home depot as I see it..a "Home"first,a"Depot"second.