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i use to work with dtv but, its not the company i got tired of but with the customers who dont understand that we at dtv are willing to help but we also need our customers to be resposible so we guys have to work hand in hand. about the pay per views, if there is no lock on your remotes, if kids will play with it, they can add movies without knowing it, so might as well set up password. i dont believe in saying that "customer is always right" bec customers are not right all the time, they just want to be treated right by the company, but again... we are all consumers, and so we have to be RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERS.
working as a call center is not as easy at it may look like, physically we are tired but if you get 80 calls a day a 79 will yell at you and will curse you personally, and one customer who will respect and will work with us to work with the problem with brighten up our days.... but its not easy... we are all humans, we all get tired at times, we all want to help our customers no matter what, but we appreciate it if customers will respect us as well like human being. its true that customers are the reason why we have job, but we are not working to be treated like we not human. we are working in this kind of joob, we are professionals as well thats why the company is paying us bec we deserve it.