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nTelos customer service is ranked #437 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 33.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 142 ratings. This score rates nTelos customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


135 Negative Comments out of 142 Total Comments is 95.07%.


7 Positive Comments out of 142 Total Comments is 4.93%.

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  • nTelos

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 33.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 135 negative comments (95.07%)
    • 7 positive comments (4.93%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
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    • 4.0 Friendliness
    • 3.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I changed from nTelos to Sprint in March. I am still getting nTelos bills and just received a letter that I have been turned into a collection agency. I have been paying my Sprint bills on time and in full. Either nTelos is still trying to get something or Sprint is expecting me to keep paying. I was told that everything would transfer to the Sprint bill. I was also told that my tablet would not have a data charge, but it does. My bill is $20 more than what I was told.

Posted by Nick

N-telos locked my brand new iPhone 6S, which I got directly from Apple.
This means I can NOT transfer to Boost Mobile.

The Sprint store told me to get a NEW phone!
Then they tried to sell me ANOTHER phone. Sick!
Unlocked means I can go to any carrier I want.

Posted by Concerned Mom

I'm trying to pay my daughter's phone bill but i forgot the 4 digit pin,help!

Posted by Sillinursewv

I called months ago when we first started getting data overuse messages and was told our plan for data had been increased. Then I called again recently and was told it had been increased. Now we have a big bill for data use because it was never changed the first time and I'm not sure if it was changed the second time. I called today and was told too bad and you can bump it up even higher and Bill won't be modified. We have been customers for many years but will be changing cell phone service.

Posted by Karen

I have been an ntelos customer for 15 years & have been very happy with the service. My husband & I went today to update our service & phones to Sprint & were treated very disrespectfully & told conflicting information by different service people working there. I will be transferring my cell phone service to a different provider immediately. I had looked forward to using Sprint, but will probably go to AT&T even if it is more expensive. I'll also advise the rest of my family & friends why I'm switching. No one deserves to be treat badly, especially by someone that you are paying.

Posted by Charm

I have a ntelnos customer for many years. And since they change the company it self what a joke. I never had problems. I never once had a problem until now. I went in to pay my bill witch is the 45 prepay plan and I was told they change their company service and I would have to either recieve a bill through theail witch requires a credit check or go with boost plan witch I would have to trade my galaxy phone for a boost phone. Hack no.I think if you like the phone you have and the service why would they make you choose?

Posted by Timbo

I've had a terrible time with Ntelos service. Every time their service goes down I call them and get the same response, "We were unaware of the problem, but have now filed a trouble report". Bull crap. They were aware of the problem but give that same canned response pretending that they were unaware of any issues.

Posted by [email protected]

We have been around 10 times trying to get new phones & getting bunch run arounds . From every one . We r going back to verizon

Posted by [email protected]

I am absolutely furious about some things involving our account and the service we are provided. In August 2015, My family decided to go with Ntelos as a service provider. We have 5 phones, 5 lines. My husband, Archibald Hanning, has repeatedly voiced concern for the terrible service we are receiving. I have had to call 611 to have them call my husband for me because I could not get through. When he was having several issues with the phone, he was told that he could not get it replaced, as you no longer carry the Desire 816 due to complaints of that particular model. We are not trying to get something for free, but we do want what we pay for!

I want you to pay particularly close attention to the following situation. Last night, my daughter, who is visiting her father 1291.6 miles away in Conroe, TX, tried reaching me for hours, along with her father. My 12 year old daughter was sick, and needed to get hold of me. Her father tried reaching. Both had left me voicemail, which I still haven't received. I am angry. We pay too much money for my daughter not to be able to get hold of me. I don't care if she was just wanting to chit chat. When my daughter calls, I need to be able to get that phone call! I have had it with the lack of service. I have let my husband handle everything up to this point, but now I'm involved, and I won't settle for the excuses your organization are handing us. I want something done. It is absolutely ridiculous that we have been dealing with the issues for so long. What makes it even worse, is that my sister and niece live next door to us, they use Ntelos but have different phones, and they don't have an issue. That's how I know that you are capable of providing better service than we are receiving.

My husband, Archibald Hanning 540-583-2147 is the account holder. I have included him in this email, in case you want to further discuss it with him, however, we are in agreement that he wants me to handle this from here on out

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this matter.

I have tried sending this message to the listed, to have it rejected twice, so of course, that only angers me even more. I then come across this page and am appalled to find this in the above paragraph: Please try to make your comments specific to the customer service (or lack thereof) that you received. To me that is saying that you know and acknowledge the terrible service, and it's acceptable. It is not acceptable!

Thank you,

Jennifer Hannin

Posted by Girl

I work night shift and ntelos does not open till 9 am. No big deal it's on my way home, but not even two weeks ago I sat in the parking lot waiting for them to open. 9 am rolls around I get out and walk to the door. Manager is inside but door is locked.. I stand there almost 10 minutes for her to look out and see me standing there. Got the help I needed but gad to wait till the time was good for her to open the doors. Today I go because my phone was acting up. Manager drives to back of store at exactly 9am ( sign says they open at 9am). Then puts a sign on door bank run and leaves. OK I'll wait. Get in there tell her what's wrong she fixes it I guess, and I tell her I'm getting fed up withe the different issues with service and how if sign says open 9 am I would like to be helped at 9 am when door gets unlocked cuz that's the hour it opens. Not only does she not like this but she gets loud and rude with me. For a manager this is horrible and down right unexceptable. If it was not for me and others paying gor this service she would not have a job.

Posted by sasptlot

Using data on my phone is sporadic at best for the last three weeks. People tell me they've called, my phone has never rang, not receiving text messages in a timely manner, getting them a few days later etc. What is going on with Ntelos?
Extremely frustrating.

Posted by fed up

We have been with this company for 10 plus years and then they change our contract in the middle of the contract...... then they say I can't cancel my contract..... we had 9 phones thru them and when we asked for help they said they could not help. So we went to t-mobile and they cut our bill in half...
And got a lot better service....

Posted by MikeyB

I have been an Ntelos cell phone user for 10+ years. I received a wireless router from Ntelos on 9/30. The service was so slow it would take 2 to 3 minutes to load a Facebook page. I tried to take it back to the corporate office the following week but I was told I only needed a new sym card (whatever that is) and that my service would be fine. I tried it again for several days and the service was still extremely slow. I tried to return the router on 10/13, which I thought was the end of the "trial period". But, I was told I was a day late and would have to pay full price for the router if I cancelled their internet services. So, instead they gave me a brand new router. The service was still incredibly slow. Ntelos obviously and intentionally sold me a wireless router for a service that was not available in my area. I ended up paying the full price for a router that is of absolutely no use to me and Ntelos made no accommodations for this long time customer. I am cancelling my cell phone service as well.

Posted by [email protected]

Someone used my account to pay there bills it is not my account cell account and my debit and child support card has paid every month and I want refunded on number this is the number that has been using my account info to pay the bill and I'm angry. I want money refunded to my card and if you will do this then I will give you a number to contact me my name is Jennifer Ashley my identity was stolen and who ever owns these phones used my money and also Peggy begunich is my mom and the last 4 social number you have is wrong on the account whichyou should have known tthiswe are angry because a lot of my money has been spent and I do not own this phone a phone threw intelos I've also called to see if I was on the account and I am our home was robbed all identification taken. How could you not realize that the social was wrong on that account?

Posted by Dre

Yes, ive been a customer paying $6.99 insurance. My charger inlet door got broken and i took it to the store and they wouldnt replace my phone or send it to the proper source for repairing. What am i paying the $6.99 for? I took it to the collinsville store. She just pushed the charger door in and gave it back to me. Its still broke though.

Posted by Anonymous

I was cheated out of $10 every month. I don't have a 4g compatible phone. I was paying for 10 gigs of high speed internet for about 6 months.Finally I was told that I don't have a high speed phone and I really am getting unlimited. I was paying $55 when I was supposed to owe $45. It took them about 3 tries to finally switch me over to the $45 plan. I have had a negative experience and would not recommend this company to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

No coverage anywhere! I have to drive around until I get a couple of bars. Internet is so slow, I cant listen to any internet radio. Every one else can . It's so frustrating. They REALLY NEED TO GO AWAY.

Posted by Anonymous

the ntelos company is a ripoff for sure all they want is money they will lie to you just so you will fall for it and get stuck in a 2 year contract with them..

Posted by i hate ntelos like a bad marraig

Ntelos is the worst company out there the guy tht sold.me my 2 phone 2 lines for 60 a month is bs he set one phone on one contract and the seconf phone on another co.tract two seprate billl both over a 100 dollars so he got commision twice on one sell and now.im stuck and the customer service is a joke. They are rude rude and the employe is in lynchburg va wards rd his name.is jp the whole.company are liars and crooks dont but nada frm them yall suck


HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I went to a local NTelos store and was told my bill, with taxes and fees would be about $93. Much to my suprise, the bill is $118. I called the local store manager and her reply was lower my GB data. I also called the toll-free number on my paper bill and was told to look closely at my contract. On the contract, the sales rep circled and highlighted what she wanted me to see. This was a new phone contract and I understood there were going to be activation fees but the sales rep in the store definitely misrepresented the plan by quoting a price that will end up costing me almost $500 over the term of a contract. I am waiting on another return call from a manager's manager. This was nothing more then a "bait & switch" tactic.

Posted by N'telos

I hope ntelos disappears off the face of the Earth. I tried to return a defective MiFi Hotspot, which only cost $20 and they told me I had to pay a $50 restocking fee. How can that even be legal?

Posted by Alexisww

I hate netols. I love my phone but there customer service is terrible. Never can get to anyone. Plus they are rude.

Posted by finishchick71

I recently was forced to sign a contract to get off someone else's plan. I had had experience with ntelos in the early 2000s, so I knew, but had no choice. Now I find myself with no data coverage, even within the city of Charlottesville (and I require it for work), and my bill was supposed to be around $75-$80 after taxes and fees, but my latest is $98. I have no way to check it bc their website doesn't work! So now I have to go by their store, yet again, and try to find out what's going on. I've called about the data so much, they ignore me now. And I'm stuck for two years...

Posted by kymber

For the past two weeks my service has been awful. WHat has happened? Did we lose a tower or something? I use to have 3G all the time but not any more! I'm lucky to have 3 bars!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Bandluxe, was told it would only cost me $15.00 more a month on my bill. My bill went up $85 more($40 activation fee and $50 for 10 GB of Data,with some discount). I had a very difficult time getting help from the Assistant Manager and the Head Manager; both of them said they would take care of it. Calling on the last day of the 14 day free trial period and finding out they hadn't taken care of it at all. I never turned the Bandluxe on, but was told I would have to pay a $50 restocking fee. I called and talked to customer service, this lady was very nice. Finally, after 14 days, the Bandluxe was taken off my account. She told me I would have to pay the $149 bill and my account would be credited the next month. Wow!!! This has been a nightmare. I will be dropping Intelos as soon as possible.

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Posted by Beverley Bolland

Intelos has always given my daughter and I great service for the last 9 years.

Posted by jamesmoore

Customer service speaks english which is a plus. I have good voice and text, but sometimes lose internet in the country. I only pay $37 a month and get a phone with it too. I am willing to trade off losing some internet connectivity to avoid paying high monthly bills for verizon.

Posted by balrawashdeh

I was having trouble with the new bill was told one price and was bill a different one. It was confusing for me and I was getting up-set, that is when I was transferred to Karer Crummett who not only was able to calm me down but got the bill straighten out. Its now payed I am happy and she was great. Big Thanks to Karen. Again Karin I am sorry for my attitude. Thanks for all your help!!!

Posted by stephanilynn27

great service!! She did what I needed in 2 minutes!!!! I left GREAT feedback

Official company reply

Thank you for taking the time to post your comments and thank you for choosing nTelos! If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 877.468.3567 or email [email protected]

customerfirst 6/6/12 7:45AM

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with Ntelos since they started here, many years ago. I think they do a pretty good customer service job either by phone or in the store they have been helpful. My only problem is the choice of phones available.

Official company reply

We appreciate your comments and thank you for choosing Ntelos. If you need any further assistance please call us at 1-877-468-3567 or email us at [email protected]

customerfirst 3/5/12 6:45AM

Posted by Anonymous

great customer service. They took care of my problem quickly and with ease, very friendly.

Official company reply

We appreciate your comments and thank you for choosing Ntelos. If you need any further assistance please call us at 1-877-468-3567 or email us at [email protected]

customerfirst 1/16/12 9:54AM

Posted by Anonymous


Official company reply

We appreciate your comments and thank you for choosing Ntelos. If you need any further assistance please call us at 1-877-468-3567 or email us at [email protected]

customerfirst 1/16/12 9:55AM

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