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iTunes customer service is ranked #250 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 424 ratings. This score rates iTunes customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


369 Negative Comments out of 424 Total Comments is 87.03%.


55 Positive Comments out of 424 Total Comments is 12.97%.

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    • 42.57 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 369 negative comments (87.03%)
    • 55 positive comments (12.97%)
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Posted by [email protected]

A few days ago I had some spare change which I used at a CoinStar machine in a Walmart store to get an iTunes serial number. To my surprise iTunes pronounced the code as not valid. I have used CoinStar codes at least half a dozen times to buy music from iTunes. I have never had a problem doing so. But when I called iTunes customer service I was told I would have to return to Walmart and get the store to refund the amount. After more than 45 minutes waiting on the phone I was curtly informed by a "senior advisor" named Jean that it was not iTunes problem; that I should drive for half an hour to Walmart to get a refund of $9.29! Apparently neither Chrissy nor Jean had ever heard of a CoinStar machine. Meanwhile iTunes has charged my credit card for $11.99 for the CD I wanted to buy. I shall now have to block the charge, which I will do. Some service!

Posted by Anonymous

Been on the phone now for 50 mins, passed from pillar to post...Cracking up!!!
all I want to do is find out why I have had a payment of 9.99 taken from my bank when I haven't used my Itunes account for years. Big fat 0000 for customer service.. will never use again.. actually going to call my Bank to stop any further payments as can't hold on phone any longer.... so frustrating !!

Posted by Anonymous

While checking my bank account this am I found a pending charge I investigaed and found this is and ID theft operation I have cancelled my debit card and will excepted no charges. I believe this is investigaed b apple as I found the fraud info on your web site.

Posted by Bryan

Demeaning, stand-offish, unhelpful, put me on hold forever, I'm very dissatisfied about the last few calls I had to make to iTunes support. 8-2016.

Posted by GoCoogs98

I just tried to speak with customer support and the agent rather than try to help me just hung up. Female agent with a terrible attitude. She was just lazy. Horrible for the $$ i've spent with apple over the years.

Posted by Google

Hello, My Name is Brittni k Williams Can Anybody Give Me Any Assistance can I Transfer all of my Music from my Computer to My iPhone what is the first thing that I need to do to Get This Started who can help me solve this issue This is RIDICLOUS That I'm Not Getting Any Help at all who can help me get started who can help me start this process who can Give Me Some help Getting started what is the first thing after I have Done everything what else do I need to do last can you help me.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service Ive ever experienced in my life, and Im not young, Ive been around a long time and experienced a lot of different customer service, and iTunes CS is the worst. I was passed from pillar to post, the last person I spoke with said she was a senior representative and that her word was final! I asked her to transfer me to her superior, but she refused saying she was the last person I could speak to, and the her superior doesn't handle any customer service complaints! WTF! They are out of their minds!

Posted by [email protected]

I waited 30 minutes to talk to someone about being overcharges $21.39 on my bill. I gave up and sent my complaint about being overcharged to my master card company. To say that I am pleased with Apl/ITunes is incorrect.

Your customer service needs to be improved.

Posted by Bongobetty

Powerless, no option given in regards to iTunes latest version, iTunes contact to customer service.
Just left here with a completely dysfunctional iTunes player that needs a 40 second rest between commands. If i even want to pause iTunes, it won't let me for 40 seconds!!! it also updated itself even though i didn't ask or want the update!!! my whole library vanished last Saturday when it updated. tried customer support. NONE!!!! If anyone from apple/itunes sees this, PLEASE FIX ITUNES !!!
So angry!!!
itunes must go!!!! It is USELESS!!!!

Posted by Regular Itunes customer

Tech support call when iTunes completely unable to sync properly. They charge $30 to call them to fix their system that they take your money already to use. Issue partially resolved, 1st rep, Richie, helpful, 2nd rep, Shanell, helpful though she started to use an official sounding tone that smacked of reprimand at the end when she decided we were done and I was scolded for taking her away from other customers!

Posted by Anonymous

Be careful using your debit cards they will charge u for things that you never would purchase I am 31and they charged over $150 to my card for games never played or even would think about downloading this is the second time they have did that and I have had to replace my card! What a rip off now I can't even get back my money!

Posted by Anonymous

Possibly the worst consumer care I have ever had.

I was given an ITUNES gift card as a present. I couldn't use it when I tried, as it apparently wasn't activated properly at the store. The issue here is that I, nor the giver of the gift, has the receipt. I provided, as requested, photos and all the numbers on the card that I could find and even called customer service.

They said they had a commitment to the customer (the shop) that meant they would not help me. The "manager" who emailed me when I aske to speak with a manager simply said the "matter is closed and they will not respond to any emails on the topic" without even talking with me.

I believe there must be unique numbers that prove where the card came from and that it could be activated centrally by ITunes, but they clearly care about the customer but DO NOT CARE FOR THE CONSUMER.

Such poor service is yet to be beaten

Posted by Ratzo Ritzo

Tried to use credit on account. Had trouble with site and would not let me check out. No phone service to customer service so had to try and settle matter online. Was dealing with Patricia for a few emails and she finally gave up on me and transferred me to Yvette the supervisor who bailed out on me after 1 email. ITUNES CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS THE WORST ONE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH BAR NONE.

Posted by Anonymous

This by far was the worst customer service that I have experienced in a while....hard to reach a representative, and 30 minute wait to speak with a person. Greatly disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Since January we are facing unload issues on renting movies. We enter the security code but the movie is not coming up for viewing. Now we have received the visa statement, we have realized the charges gone through. This was reported a few minutes ago. Appreciate if you can see this is being done. Also important enough to rectify the issue for future usage. Because since Jan we cannot rent movie. Thank you.

Posted by teleman

What are they doing - they removed playlists with my recorded music along with music I purchased - I had to export the playlist to get it back to another computer - They are reprocessing my music so the file dates are now changed - KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MUSIC- do you mean I cannot mix my recordings with itunes music and distribute to my other devices. Wow I am ever sorry I invested so much in all the ipods, iphones - this is obviously REALLY #$#$# ME OFF. Once I understand out to KEEP THEM OUT OF MY MUSIC - I will be much happier - FIX THIS YOU STUPID #$#@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some songs now stop before they are over - so that means they have damaged them - I DO NOT WANT TO GO THRU MY LIBRARY and find them and then fix them one at time THATS WRONG

Posted by Anonymous

Needed to buy two birthday gift cards today. When I tried to log in NOTHING. Waited for email verifcation, nothing. send it again, nothing. finally got it on the THIRD time. then when I answered my security questions, they said they were wrong--they weren't. Tried to reset password, refused because I had used PART of that password within the last year. I finally gave up and ordered two Amazon cards. Itunes needs to give up their arrogant delusion that they are the only "game" in town. People are going elsewhere because they have ZERO customer service and make too many mistakes.

Posted by TinyxDestiny

Didn't even tell me there was a three time refund policy then they locked my account.. then continued to blame me for my nephews.. what kind of customer service is that? Then doesn't even apologize to me.

Posted by Anonymous

40+ minutes waiting for their so called "support"

Posted by Anonymous

I have a simple question about my account..trying to use the credit I have in my account vs. buying music on my credit card. I cannot find an answer nor can I contact anyone by phone. This is MOST FRUSTRATING. Getting help should not be this hard

Posted by Blex

I was glad to see a class action lawsuit against Apple, as I got fed up with the bull crap from itunes support. As far as I'm concerned, they stole $100 from me, but I got my justice ten fold from them. So glad I'm done with Apple.

Posted by TheDaleShow

5 Day wait for service call, locked out of Itunes, security questions that I never answered to start with, Itunes won't let me transfer MY OWN MUSIC (I own the copyrights) to my phone. Just sold my Iphone and bought a Samsung. Whoohooo! Now I can actually move files around without Apples permission!

Posted by Spena

I have purchase the same ring tone twice for my iPhone 5s and it disappears. It is really frustrating will you refund my account! No help is available.

Posted by Don't care to give it.

Called Apple 5 times today after actually intending to have to call once. I needed to get an audiobook download to show up in my Itunes library. It hadn't so I called and had one person "chuckle" at the fact that I was having this problem and said hold on while I check it. She went silent for about 30 sec. and when I asked if she was still there her response was that she was checking on the problem. In her sort of laid back, unprofessional manner, she came back after a couple of minutes and asked me to repeat to her the problem I was having... I'm at this point nonplused. Meanwhile, time is ticking away and no download. When I asked her if this was something she could actually help me with, she said hold on for a moment. She never came back to help me. She had hung up. I may be the only person on the planet from reading the previous complaints - to not have known that many Apple customer service reps have no idea what they are doing, and are rude and unprofessional. So now, I guess everyone knows!

Posted by DMaynard

Do not EVER purchase an itunes card if you are unsure that the person for whom you bought it will like it. THEY ARE

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Posted by Anonymous

I called them, using your tips of how to reach an operator sooner. I found them VERY helpful and resolved my issue. Remember to call apple directly, and they will help you with the itunes issue!!

Posted by Anonymous

Your rep. was excellent. Nothin g could be done to help me. Someone is using the I Tune cards to commit fraud. I thought you should know. The police have been notified and also bank.

Mrs. Joan Hurley

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to thank itunes for being so helpful and easy to work with. My son who has Aspergers recently charged over $300.00 worth of games, that were duplicates to our credit card. They were so understandable and resolve the issue quickly.

You guys are the best keep up the good work>

Mrs. Van Aken

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say I had a problem during a download and not being very proficient with my I Phone I called Apple. I was truly amazed at the coustomer service I recieved, not once but twice! I disconnected with my first helper and called back to an equally kind and knowledgeable person. My problem was solved in no time, with absolutely no help from me. My point is, thank you Apple for choosing knowledgable, caring and wonderful people to work your customer service! It's truly a refreshing experience to get help without the hassle! Job well done!

Posted by Anonymous

This number is good. Pressing 4 zeros worked as described. The agent was nice and efficient. Took care of my issue right away. Demetrius recapped my issues and provided me with options on how to possibly avoid issues going forward. He also followed up with an email.

It took the longest to find a number to contact iTunes. Everything else was smooth sailing.

Posted by yasonn

I was out of town all weekend and my daughter was on her iPod at her Grandmothers house she was playing free games and then in the free games she was purchasing in app games at a total up to $800. She had no idea when she was in there and clicking things it was actually buying stuff for her littlest pet shop houses. When I got the emails I was in a panic I couldn't sleep I didn't know what to do. I was googling all night and found this website that told me to call this number. Called this number Sunday morning as soon as I got home and they were so very helpful And refunded me all my money back. And then she told me How to put restrictions on her iPod so she can't do this again. I spoke to a girl named Jennifer and she was so very kind and helpful and help me out.

Posted by Anonymous

iTunes was great. my son has a galaxy s4 and daughter apple. They both got nailed on these app charges. Apple was fantastic and reversed the charges. GooglePlay is a bunch of criminals and they have alot to learn from Apple. We all learned a valuable lesson when the credit card came in. Its a future billion dollar lawsuit against some companies. Thank you Apple for understanding and not looking at our children as a money tree or cash register.

Posted by Mm4

Just used this number and 0000 to talk to AMY at iTunes who is a wonder. My small child racked up $817.25 in purchases over the weekend while I was out and Amy got them reversed. What a relief.

Then she walked me through several different levels of security some of which were new to me and some I had tried without success - to make absolutely sure it can't happen again.

She told me that when I removed my credit card info after setting up a couple of legitimate apps for my daughter, it didn't go through because there was a charge pending -- important to know this: if you have a legitimate charge pending and you try to take out the credit card to secure the account from a child's purchases, IT WONT'T WORK, but you won't get a warning. It will just quietly re-insert your cc info.

Thank you, Amy and thank you Contact Help - I spent a bunch of time on iTunes and on Apple's support pages before I stumbled across this.

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke with Amanda in the fraud . She was such a great help for me to solve all of my questions and concerns. What a joy'


Posted by Melanie

Called customer service number because of two charges on my account not knowing who did the downloads and got a quick answer from the representative who was very helpful and courteous. Very satisfied.

Posted by Roozette

Way back in the day Itunes didn't require an email address to log in. The problem is that now some songs won't play, even after repurchasing them under my current account. Called and spoke to Becky - wait wasn't long, she was personable and efficient, problem sorted out and completely resolved in under fifteen minutes, and she linked me on how to file for reimbursement for repurchasing songs as that shouldn't have been necessary. I am impressed and so grateful! Thanks, Becky!

Posted by Joellen

My problem was iTunes lockout....Jennifer and Janelle very friendly,full of knowledge, and efficient!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I reached a real human at this number and they helped me with itunes lock out. They were very nice but I tried to be very nice too. It was a sunday night and I had a 5 minute wait.

Posted by Anonymous

S/W Sarah in customer service, have to say that I am so happy that this site came up when I googled what to do in order to dispute itune charges on my account, not only was she so incredibly nice but so extremely helpful in resolving the charges on my account which should not have been there.

Posted by Anonymous

Keli Ray in customer support was very friendly and helpful. She spent a lot of time on the phone with me trying to figure out a solution to my iTune problem.

Thank you!

Posted by docronda

I have had all sorts of download problems with renting movies on iTunes and I have to say that the customer support has been outstanding. I honestly feel that they recognize my loyalty to the brand and I have been happily suprised with the prompt refunds that I have received when I have had errors both beyond my control and those they resulted from my misunderstanding the terms and conditions in the small print. A well worded email to the customer support service as opposed to a rant on a blog has resulted in solutions to problems that many deem impossible to resolve. Keep up the good work iTunes!

Posted by Anonymous

Great advice. My 5-year-old inadvertently made $40 of in-app purchases in I-tunes and Apple support was very helpful and gave me a refund and showed me how to restrict the purchases on my iPad and iPhone in the future. Great job Apple!

Posted by Anonymous

So, so very happy with help received from iTunes customer service rep! My 10 year old son made over $700 in In - app purchases while with a babysitter. When I received receipts via email I nearly lost my mind! My poor son cried for an hour, not realizing he was even spending "real" money. I was certain the purchases were done & a total loss for me. Not so!! Was able to reach a real live rep @ this number Monday morning who quickly & courteously handled the problem. Was told the "on hold" time could be 1/2 hour but was about 5 min. I couldn't be happier! Yea, iTunes!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I called the 800- number listed and got prompt, courteous, and effective help for my iTunes problem. Great lead.
The number was not specific to iTunes, but was a support number for any Apple product.

Posted by Anonymous

Called the number listed here, press 0 four times, got through to live person in five minutes, she directed me to their security dept., waited about almost a hour, finally got through, told them my story about ten year old mistakenly buying over $1300.00 worth of in-App purchases, they looked at my history of buying stuff and said yes it's probably a mistake, they refunded the entire amount to my credit card, told me how to set restrictions on my iPad so that my son can't do it again accidentally. One hour wait? Or pay $1300.00? Do the math......

Posted by Crissy

I just had an awesome experience with Apple. I contacted them about repairing my daughters IPOD and they were very helpful and I couldn't ask for better customer service.

Posted by Angie

Very swift response to my email, and extremely polite, helpful response. Problem not exactly resolved but was refunded some money after some apps inadvertently downloaded (by a child!) even though my password wasn't asked for.
Very refreshing in this day and age.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a number of fraudulent iTunes purchases on my credit card statement, and I wanted to talk to a person. I tried calling the number on my statement, but all I got was a recording that told me to email my concerns about iTunes. I then tried this number and pressed 0 four times like it said. It put me through to some kind of support line. After I gave them my iPhone serial number, they put me through to a live person who was able to direct me to the right department. A bit of a headache, but they resolved the issue quickly once I was in the right hands. Also, I called outside the operating hours listed, and I still got through.

Posted by Anonymous

If you call to dispute a charge they are extremely helpful and won't give you any grief, at least that was my experience. I called because I got a mysterious charge and waited on hold for about ten minutes until a very nice girl was able to take my information and transfer me to their security department who were able to tell me that the charge was a yearly subscription I'd forgot about. They even refunded the money when I explained I didn't know it would charge without asking. Overall great experience!

Posted by Anonymous

This phone number works! iTunes security was amazing and answered all my questions. Verified my purchases in less than 10 minutes. Problem resolved!!

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