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iPhone customer service is ranked #161 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 49.56 out of a possible 200 based upon 17 ratings. This score rates iPhone customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


15 Negative Comments out of 17 Total Comments is 88.24%.


2 Positive Comments out of 17 Total Comments is 11.76%.

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    • 49.56 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 15 negative comments (88.24%)
    • 2 positive comments (11.76%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.9 Issue Resolution
    • 4.3 Reachability
    • 3.8 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 4.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by I phone 5C

I gave my Iphone to the service centre (Macintel Solutions)at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, INDIA vide service Report forenoon for a small problem (Siri not working, Network searching problem). I expect my repairing early. Unfortunately till 30.09.2015 no response is made by service centre, despite my several requests for last 7 days. this is not at all desirable from Apple. I now seriously harrased and compelled to forget my phone. Thank you for such service.

Posted by Sharon

Terrible and horrible service center.
Worst return process.
Worst employee.
Worst follow up.

Posted by ANA F

I am very disappointed about my purchase, it did not meet my expectations and I am not satisfied at all. Following are my complaints:
Very often, frequently, it does not charge or if it starts charging, it does not take a full charge.
The button/kay for wifi is always color gray
the headset mobile does not work
I am very disappointed I paid lots of money for it ($544.99).Please, explain. Thanks a lot for you attention in resolve my case

Posted by CathyT

Called IPhone Support for problem changing Apple ID. Phone staff insisted I must purchase support plan to get question answered. Very rude - asked to speak to manager and was placed on infinite hold - no one ever answered. Googled the problem and found a non-Apple blog with answer Apple was unwilling to provide. VERY DISGUSTED with lack of support for their products.

Posted by Anonymous

My i phone updated. Wants log in. Said it sent it to me at my email. Did not receive the information at either email address. Believe they have Now I cannot use my phone. Must have ability to use phone for emergency calls from Nursing Home for my Mom and hospital for my grandson. Please help! I never would have updated if I knew I could not use. Only phone. HELP

Posted by Rick

Your help page is worthless. I typed a question into the box and got another box. Retyped the question, and got another box. Retyped the question and got another box. My guess is this will take me to another box.

Posted by pixied0rk

I got a macbook in September and they said i had to pay for phone service or Apple care. I said I dont need to talk to someone I need my computer fixed, the mouse is broken and technical support over the phone wont fix the mouse. We had an argument over the phone which finally ended in him making an appointment at an apple store to take my computer with no charge, because Im still under ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Thanks for the phone number!

Posted by Anonymous

I Just returned my I Phone for another Blackberry after hours on the phone trying to synch to our Outlook Exchange server. When I contacted "Chris" at tech support I was simpy told this was not APples problem! No help, guidance or any type of support. Only when I said I was returning the phone did he attempt to help.
As it turns out it was probably a Server problem, but only with the I Phone. My BB set up in just a few minutes with no assitance. Verizon eventually identified that the I Phone was not compatible with some versions of Out Look Exchange.
Why Doesn't Apple publish this? Seems like an irresponsible approach to doing busienss when the sales people told me "No Probelm" when I specifically asked them if this phone would work with Out Look Exchange.
Thsi was a terrible experience!!! Especially when I was looking forward to using this phone! FYI - The Verizon People were fabulous! Apple should take notice!

Posted by G96

I bought an iPod Touch 4G 64GB last June. After upgrading to the new iOS 5, most of my pictures, apps and music is gone. Every time I try and recover my backup the system crashes. I tried to call their technical support to restolve the problem but I was told that I had to pay $29 to solve the problem that they created.
This is a disgrace and I'm never buying an Apple product again.

Posted by MaryW99

Apple are the worst customer service ever.
How can they justify making cusotmers pay for simple support after warranty period. You still have obligation to offer me supoort and i should not have to pay to ask you how to help me connect your phone to my new PC just becuase its 2 years old now.

Profiteering disgrace hidden behind glossy marketing and hype. stay away.

Posted by EWF

Phone support? What a joke, $600.00 IPHONE 4
and they want to charge me for phone support!! I will never buy buy another apple product again. The guy on the phone knew what to do to fix my phone but wouldn't tell me unless i paid either 29 or $69. My phone is only 6 months old! He said free phone support is only available for 90 days!!! Why not for the length of the warrany?

Posted by Tinks

The 800...number listed, is that only from the US? I tried to ring, using 0800..but number not in use. I am absolutely disgusted, after paying a lot of money for my iPhone from Tesco, that as a pay monthly customer I am forced to pay 20p per call. I asked the reason for this and was told that people were abusing the original free service.
When I first got my iPhone, I had huge problems, no Internet, sometimes no signal and no service! I had to make many calls, lots and lots of 20p...it all adds up & through no fault of my own...I felt like handing the phone back, or throwing it in the nearest river! Randomly, it just started working properly!? Now I need to call and give them my PAC no. Am I wrong to get so wound up over 20p? No, I don't think so..it's the principle here that's at stake!

Posted by ugh!

my screen has dimmed. I called the iphone store who could not answer any questions as they "are not tech support",...do they not own the phone? i called customer service ...20 minute wait??? geez!
I was looking for guidence not an immediate resolution! I was calling from work and thougth if I called the store they could give me some ideas or direction...does anyone have any ideas or thought on what it would take to fix my phone? other than "your phone is out of warranty " I already knew that!

Posted by Anonymous

This sucks. Tech support ought to free, i.e., rolled into the cost of manuf. sales & distrib of a product (and is free everywhere else I know of).

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my phone end of April 2010 at the Apple center in Gurney Plaza, Penang Malaysia and the phone was completely not functioning less than one week when I went to Singapore at 27/04/10. I went to Apple centre at ION Singapore, I was told that they can not help me, I need to go to service center at Summerset Singapore. I managed to go to service center at Summerset Singapore but sad to said after all the trouble I was told that my warranty is only limited to Malaysia and I have to go back to Malaysia for service.
When I returned to Malaysia from Singapore, I sent my iphone back to Apple center in Gurney Plaza on the 03/05/2010 and until now there is nobody know what's wrong with my phone.
I feel that I have the right to ask for one to one replacement. I do not want back the repair one which I bought less that one week old. Other wise I should get the refund for my money.

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Posted by Anonymous

I was stuck and in ten minutes, Chris had me up and running. No one put me on hold, didn't have to keep pushing #. Nothing could be better. Thanks for great service.

Posted by Anonymous

Why does this have such a low rating? I have called them many times with problems with my iPhone, every time I get the best customer support I've ever had.

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