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iPage customer service is ranked #716 out of the 947 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 25.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 20 ratings. This score rates iPage customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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    • 25.20 Overall Rating
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    • 20 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Totally useless customer "service" Call the number and go to Philippines. They give some info then nobody emails any confirmation, and you send multiple requests via email and NOTHING. Business plan seems to be same modus operandum as a drug dealer. Hook them then screw them. $42 plan gets billed out for more than $200 renewal? BS.

Posted by Mission Realty Services

I keep getting a bill for services which I have never asked for signed up for, I do not have a WEBSITE, I have tirelessly tried to fix this issue, via chats with ipage.com customer service, to no avail....deaf ears, LOUSY LOUSY COMPANY....

Posted by Pettifoger

ipage support is next to useless. First being able to speak to someone in the U.S. Second, having them follow up on what they say they will do. Third, changing pricing out of the clear blue sky

Posted by Angry Customer

OMG!!!!! They cancelled my account 5 days before renewal because of non-payment. Lost all access to email and now they want to charge me $100 to reinstate it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Customer service is absolutely horrible. This has been a nightmare to get through, business email down for a whole day, lost all emails, no help from IPAGE.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible Company. Their saervice was down for days and they refuse to offer customer any refund

Posted by IT-Guy

Absolutely horrible is a good summary. They completely botched a simple SSL Certificate renewal, even though I spoke with them the day before and they said all was covered. I've been down all day so far. Spoke with support earlier and they assured me accelerated repair process. They lied. 12 hours later and I've just gotten off the phone with a supervisor and they said that they could not accelerate beyond 24 to 48 hours. Just to get an SSL certificate renewed.

This company has gone into the toilet in terms of support. I've got to go look elsewhere. They used to be "inexpensive" but now they're "cheap". Hopefully you understand the difference.

Posted by E1

AWFULL!!! I don't leave comments often, but this is ridiculous. Do they just look for unskilled so they can hire the least expensive? I'm on my 4th call with 30min hold today because the issue is too technical for them so they just hang up. This same thing happened twice yesterday. How hard is it to explain use two links on the shared and transfer info from VPS to shared and shut it down. They dont hire any good english speaking so they can't understand that?
Now just spent the last 45 min trying to explain again and they have to transfer me again. I don't think this could be any easier. I just explained it's the same concept of ordering two plates of food and dumping them onto one or don't order two 6" subs, make it a foot long.

Posted by cab-productions.com

Im not sure what Ipgae has done in the past 3 years, BUT their customer support, prices, services and fees have drastically changed and are horrible... I had auto pay for my subscription and domains turned on an when I looked at my account I can see numerous amounts deducted and recently a 300+ amount taken out... I called and the manager I got, finally that was native english speaking bartered with me lowering the price to what I could afford... and now a month later I see one of my domains expired, when I had auto renew checked... I called to speak to someone and ended up with someone from the Philippines who was very hard to understand and could not understand numerous times what I was asking, he told me that to renew my domain it would be $100 as a penalty to reinstall... IF I wanted to by it on go daddy, as I started with it was $10 - I asked to speak to someone in the US and surely he was not able to contact me and Ive searched the web and their site for another contact number with NO success... Im ready to move ALL my domains else where... as since the past year I have had hundreds of Spam callers from India and beyond and spam email too... I do NOT feel safe or supported with this company any longer! SAD for them

Posted by anne stromberg

I watched Name.com where I had websites for about 8 years go down hill with the worst possible customer service. I chose to transfer three web sites to Ipage as they were listed as on of the top 10 hosting companies. DUH who prepared that article?

Since late July I have been trying to get my websites transferred and I did pay $16.99 for each to do so the 4th of August. One is on the web, 2 are missing. Their reps with an IQ lower than their shoe size are hopeless.

I requested specific help but I was referred to their help center. I am computer literate to the point that I can email, source and type documents and I can listen to music on you tube. I am 86 and computer challenged to the max. This company is so much worse than Name.com and I though they had become utterly useless. I have requested supervisors to call me back (never happened) written to their corporate office, no reply.
If you are thinking of using this company, unless you are a techie DON"T!

I can't understand how one web site was transferred but the other two were not. I have paid for a year's hosting for all three. My next move is to see if there is any sort of refund and move to another hosting company. THIS ONE SUCKS!

Posted by Lisa

Horrible...created a ticket for a technical issue - cannot understand the tech support representative. I asked that they look up the previous ticket so I do not have to repeat myself, which they did not. Finally asked for a US representative to speak to and they said that way not a possibility. I'm ready to switch to another company and looking for ideas. iPage used to have excellent support, but now they do not.

Posted by Ed E

When you employ customer support personnel in the Philippines, you actually don't give a hoot about your customers. iPage lost three web hosting accounts because they can not follow simple instructions about account billing. I you have a conversation with any of their low-IQ buffoons in customer support, you rarely get an answer to any question, just dead air.

Posted by N/A

History: I am an architect and I have been using IPage to host my domain for years with okay service.

I get on IPage's website and "Chat" to find out if IPage has the products and services I need to rebuild and market my website. I chat for over 45 minutes to an hour only to realize that the person I am chatting with really doesn't know much about what IPage has to offer. Soooo, instead I call IPage and talk with a sale rep named Micheal and tell him that I need help with rebuilding and marketing my website. I also mention that I want to do most of the web design myself. I ask if they have Wordpress and he says they do. I ask if they can help me with marketing my website and he says they can.

After listening to my needs, telling him that I need to talk directly to a website manager on the phone in person (in USA English) each time I call and Micheal offers "Live Support for Wordpress" at a cost of $49/month confirming that I would get a team manager for my website rebuild that speaks USA English and that he/she would be with me through the entire process any time I called for support for Wordpress. I think to myself, "this is exactly what I need and the price is right." We also discuss marketing options and costs.

Micheal says that he would send me a confirmation letter addressing of our conversation and that I would have help installing Wordpress. He also says he will send my username and password for I have forgotten them.

Today, looking for an email from IPage I found nothing. I did get emails from MoJo Market Place which I deleted thinking that they are junk mail.

I then talk with Val at IPage and she said (in broken English) that I need to look at the Mojo emails. Okay, then we tried to install Wordpress and it would not install through my machine/their process. Val tells me (again in broken English (outsourcing)) that she would install it for me so I get off the phone.

Two hours later I follow the process Val gave me of logging in and when I select Wordpress I see that it is installed but I can't get into it..."forbidden."

I call Mojo and they say that IPage needs to complete the installation...something about their IPage's server...

Now I call and ask for customer support and Maurice answers...I update Maurice and he tells me that "Live Support" for Wordpress is not $49/month...(apparently this is for "Chat") but rather $149/month. I say "bate and switch!" Now I am really suspicious because Micheal, the original sales manager also told me that a "Marketing campaign/SEO" would cost $299/month and I tell him that is too much and he offers it to me for $200/month. Maurice confirms the $200/month Marketing Campaign cost. (I am now thinking, "What price will change next?")

Yesterday, based on my conversation with Micheal...I make the decision to purchase the $49/month "Live Support for Wordpress" thinking that I will add the marketing campaign in the near future when I get the website revised if all goes well with the website process promised. I receive a confirmation email that I have been bill processed for the $49. Nothing from Micheal...no confirmation from Micheal as to our conversation and pricing.

Now I am waiting for a "Manager" to call me back. I am totally frustrated by IPages support, customer service and sales. Their process is very difficult plus their sales department "bates and switches" you to purchase their products.

I wonder what other sales shenanigans they will pull...Will I get a call back from a manager? Only time will tell...two hours have already passed..............going on three.

I think I'll call them again, maybe OR call me CC company and stop the charges and cancel their hosting...look for another hosting company? I'll try talking with customer service one more time...

Posted by Alex12

worst technical support ever. like wooowww really thats technical support. The tech just flat out told me I know more about WordPress then Her. I rteally dont know anytyhing about it. Ha doesnt every smart person know the key to Sales and Technical support is and always will be Product Knowledge

Posted by Anonymous

I have spoken with 5 technical support advisors. My ticket was submitted to a supervisor only for him to email me back 24 hours later asking for information I already gave the other 5 people. I called in again and spoke with a 6th person that asked me for my USERNAME and PASSWORD to my Domain how unprofessional? Have they never heard of TeamViewer or other programs like it and furthermore my issue was never resolved.All there techs must have had the standard 2 weeks of training and do not listen to you or try to help resolve and issue. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND NEVER CALL THERE TECH SUPPORT. you will be wasting your time.

Posted by davisrandyphotography.com

For the last Month I have been in the middle of support tickets. Most related to Web Sight, davisrandyphotography.com my domain. Published results I created and at times asked support and concerns for the results. My tickets sent are going in, and not appearing in the support results. I have screen shots of the dated and stated results for those ticket. My sight had Word Press content in my File Management. That was removed, I was left with the HTLM published conditions of the sight. I received notification it could be recovered, I could have a folder with the contents of that published results, separate from the other. 14 day from Novemeber 29, 2016 being the date. Asked and sent all this information, TWICE! Yet it does not appear in my support tickets. Just a response to send it each time.
Also in support the window will not support in creating new tickets. This I was told is KNOWN, by technical support. Question that comes of all of this, if it is not recoverable, I want to know, if it is, I request it.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been VERY disappointed with your support staff. My questions are never answered in a simple and satisfactory way.

I need help! I have very basic knowledge of websites and need some fundamental help.

Posted by Gonzhouse

Absolutely SUCK. 4 days site has been down with no contact in 2 days. Avoid at all costs. Next stop: contacting Attorney General of my state to get full refund.

Posted by Anonymous

Second year in a row charged account even though credit card and auto payment was stopped. This year caused serious financial damage. Charged more than was informed on phone. Also, took out of account in one day yet will take 5-10 days to return it.
Will not provide a letter regarding the mistake to the bank, nor will they cover the bounce fee. Do NOT believe them once they have your credit card information !!!

Posted by smm1

My website has been down for several days now. We are losing business and money every minute it's down. I have been trying to contact ipage for DAYS now. I literally was on hold for 2 HOURS waiting for tech support. Customer support keeps transferring me to them. I have left a dozen emails to different departments of ipage, several messages through my dashboard, and even waited and waited (well over an hour!) for their live chat. Days later I still have not spoke to anyone there. It's funny, when you want to add a service they contact you immediately. I am currently searching for a new web host for my site. Ipage IS A JOKE. And A SCAM.

Posted by Anonymous

Their Tech Supoport people have not resolved the problem with my trying to use MS Outlook to connect to iPage's mail server after many months & tries.
also, I paid their ProServ/ServPro service to replicate my Outlook signature block (my name, title, company logo, my photo, htmls for website & my email address). I was told no more than 2 biz days. After 6 biz days 7 4 phone calls, still not done!!!

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