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    • 41.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 4 negative comments (80.00%)
    • 1 positive comments (20.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Neal999

If you have a problem with a computer you buy from them and it is over 30 days you are SCREWED.

Well, I bought an MSI Laptop in June of 2016.Here it is at the end of January 2017 and I still don't own my laptop because it has been necessary to send it back 3 times for repairs.

The first couple times they didn't even fix the problem. Just sent it to MSI to repair (which they didn't do) sent it back to iBuypower to test (which they obviously didn't do) then send it back to me still broken. 7 1/2 months now and I still don't own my laptop and am not very confident when I do get it back that it will be fixed. If and when I do get it back the warranty will be almost half over and I didn't even get to use it during that time.

Multiple employees at iBuypower told me that it was common place to refund or replace a laptop after a 3rd repair in a short period of time but they can't authorize it. Who can? Richard Lee apparently, except good luck getting a hold of him but after several calls and a long time on hold I did get to speak to him. His solution.

Nothing. Sorry I can't help you, would you like the RMA department? No I say, I would like my money back or to talk to your supervisor. There is no one else to talk to he says.

I say you don't have a boss? No he says. A CEO I say. Well of course he says, so give me his name and number.

I can't do that. OK well who can you give me. Nobody he says. So I say, you don't have a supervisor?

It goes from the CEO straight to you? No he says, now you are making things up. Well then who above you can I talk to. Nobody he says.

And if I'm just going to ask the same questions then he is going to hang up on me, which he did. WORST company and customer service I have EVER dealt with.


Posted by Anonymous

I have been fighting with the lemon they sent me for a year now. Their customer service is awful - and they tend to lie a LOT. (Right now they are telling me they didn't get my PC in the mail - it is "lost." However - they signed for it when the post office delivered it.

This is the fourth time I've had to do the RMA thing with this computer - and it's still not fixed. They are waiting out the warranty so they can give me the finger. Avoid at all costs.

They are condescending on a good day - and generally make you feel like a moron for even trying. (In fact at one point I was asked if I was certain I had called the right number....)

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted the company by phone because they did not respond to e-mail, even though they sent an e-mil with a sales representative's contact info. The guy told me they were too busy to answer e-mails so you have to call if you need something. So, I told him i needed to make a spelling change to an engraving on the computer case. He said that would delay the order because they had already sent the order to the "warehouse" and the order would have to be manually retrieved, changed, and sent back. Believe it or not, they had no computer communications between them. They could not even call to the warehouse and make a change. Man, I was surprised. Even working out of your garage you can do better. He wasn't happy that I wasn't more understanding of their situation, after all, they had hundreds of orders and could not be expected to do any better. I was upset but could not help but be amused by the lack of customer support training, especially after he said I was going off on a tangent. I told him I would do what I could to let everyone know that they had too much business to take care of properly. Too late for me though, they already have my money. I am somewhat concerned about what I will be receiving and what kind of support I might get if something is wrong. Buyer beware.

Posted by I_just_got_screwed

They are horrible costomer service. The dates that the website states as ship dates are totally incorrect. I still havn't received my purchase and its been a month. I call and they have a million reasons, most which they attempt to argue them with me and make it out like its my fault. They are obilious to the fact that they web site puts shipping at two out. They don't start the two weeks out until they receive parts, which can take two weeks by itself. I could have ordered the whole thing from new egg and built this this 4 times by now. What a waste.

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Posted by Lastcaress

I got a PC from IBUYPOWER. It cost $2,140. It would randomly freeze while playing games and even at the desktop. I was able to send it back for a full refund minus shipping which was fine. I got 98% of my money back. The customer service was great but the PC sucked!

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