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eTrade customer service is ranked #531 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 31 ratings. This score rates eTrade customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


30 Negative Comments out of 31 Total Comments is 96.77%.


1 Positive Comment out of 31 Total Comments is 3.23%.

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    • 30.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 30 negative comments (96.77%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.23%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Angry client

talked to several customer service rep and very difficult to reach back to the same person. Nobody seemed to be able to solve my issue and was constantly transferred to other lines. Worst inbound conversation, have to repeat my issue EVERY TIME talking to a new rep. Overall, extremely difficult to make withdraws. Waste of my money spent on making those international phone calls. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH E-TRADE!!!!!!!!

Posted by disasapointed

ON Jan 20 the I intended to buy the security with the ticker "NWBO" which was trading @ .38 that day. I put an on line order for 16,000 shares for "NWBOW" which at the time was trading also for 0.38 cents. Since the amount of shares purchased matched my initial order request and the PRICE matched my order I DID NOT PICKED UP THAT I PURCHASED A WORTHLESS WARANT for an option to purchase the stock(NWBO) for $5 when the stock is trading $.38 /with the options expiring in Dec2017
Who would buy such a security warrant or option unless someone makes an error?
I realized my error the following business day when E*TRADE
zeroed my account deeming the warrants worthless.
The following day On Wed 24th they reinstated the worthless warrants in my account. (the original investment was for a total of $6000, 16,000 shares [email protected] /share
executed on line on Fri 1/20 estimate 3PM Est.)
Today I spoke again with an E*TRADE rep and he stated
that if the security (in this case NWBOW) is no trading for a month the security is deemed worthless.
MY problem is that this type of suckers bet security should have not been traded>I.e. as usually the warrants are much less expensive than the current stock price and the
addition the ticker given for such warrants was very close to the traded stock inviting an unintended typing error as
the one i.e. I just made
I PURCHASED A WORTHLESS WARANT for an option to purchase the stock(NWBO) for $5 when the stock is trading $.38 /with the options expiring in Dec2017
Who would buy such a security warrant or option unless someone makes an error?
In conclusion as due to the deceptive trading nature of this security" NWBOW "I am asking for its removal from the active traded securities and reimbursement of my original investment of $6000


E*trade has my money and won't let me get it back, i sent a external deposit and a wire totaling $20,000. etrade won't let me access my money, i have never used the account yet. did not make one trade. i talk to tiffany evans, she promised me today at 3:30 pm central time that i could contact customer service and range my transfer of funds. i called they told me no, there are no notes and there is nothing they can do.. ILL HAVE TO WAIT AND SOME WILL GET BACK TO ME

Posted by Bill

I retired from eBay on May 1, 2015. On May 1, I accessed my e*Trade account to change my password and email address. On May 2, 2015 eBay accessed my e*Trade account 10 times from 04:04 AM to 04:09 AM to cancel my unvested stock. Due to this activity, my e*Trade account was locked. eBay denies this action, but I have the 10 emails with the transaction info, and 3 from e*Trade regarding the security issue. I am not happy with the relationship between eBay and e*Trade. After reading these complaints I will be canceling my account.
I received a letter from e*Trade via FedEx regarding this issue. It was delivered to the wrong address. It was left on the porch for several days. During a rain storm it was blown from the porch into a pond. The neighbor found the letter when he returned from Vacation and gave it to me. What a security violation.

Posted by borregojoe

I am a foreign investor.All my indentity papers have remained the same over ten years .when i went to take some money back they needed to change my id even though the name was the same as submitted but some one at etrade did not bother to use the four names on my the end they sold /took the money to serve an irs bill that they caused and waited for 4 mo. to inform me.when they called they said i owed them 145.00usd. checking my acct which was blocked week to unblock.due to the name changed caused a requirement to change w-8 but etrade failed to mention that and over 3900.00 was taken from my account.etrade accepted no responsibility and after three months of haggling they gave me the irs address and said good luck never again etrade and i suggest all mexicans never do business with etrade.

Posted by Anonymous

E-trade is running a con. Basically they offer IPO shares to clients, but only allocate small amounts to thousands of clients and then they earn money from each client at the time of the sale. As an example I participated in their recent offering for Paycom Software (PAYC). I had asked for 400 and they gave me measly 25 shares. I then sold them few days later because itís not worth for me to track such a miniscule amount. I was fortunate that the shares had increased by about 5% and so the total value had gained by $33. For the sale they charged $9.99. So I actually made $23. No worth my time or the risk, but e-trade probably made thousands of dollars. Donít participate in their IPO offerings!

Posted by Anonymous

I have aIRa with e-trade.I am trying to transfer to another Ira at a different brokerage company. Why does it take 7 to 10 business days to transfer when it is all electronically done. When I call E-trade all I get is a run around. Transfered money in the past to a annunity, and it took one month to get mony transfered. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS with E_TRADE they have apoor customer service and unethical business practices set in place.

Posted by UNHAPPY

After Doing Business With Them For 20 Years A Problem Arose Regarding My Tax Id Number, So They Closed My Account And Sent My Disability Deposits Back After Telling Me They Would Not Do That. In My Opinion They Are Scum Of The Earth!!!!!!!

Posted by just1cog

DONT USE ETRADE. I transferred money into a trading account with them and they immediately froze the account. I contacted customer service and they were rude, condescending and said I would need to submit a copy of my SS card, DL and a signed W9. I said no just close the account and refund my money. No chance, the rep quoted the Patriot Act and now they are holding my money hostage. They didn't need any identity verification to take my money, but now I will need to send more info than I am comfortable with to get it released. Con and a scam to hold your money as long as possible. The FTC should investigate them. In fact, thats my next stop.

Posted by DOUPED

Do Not Do Business With This Company!
These People Are Thieves!
They Will Freeze Your Account And You Cant Get A Penny Of Money Out Of It. Wtf!
I Am Now Hiring A Lawyer To Sue Just To Get My Own Money Out Of My Account.

Posted by Pissed Off!

I DO NOT recommend E*Trade for stock trading! E*Trade will take money from your account without you knowing. I have a STOCK account with E*Trade and have been sitting on 1 stock (SIRIUS-XM) since 2004. I am not receiving any service from them, yet I learned today 5/7/14 Iíve been charged a $40 ďAccount Services FeeĒ every three months and lost my $10K investment. When I signed up I was told E-Trade has no fees. The sales person lied. I never received e-mails, phone calls, letters, etc... indicating the $40 charge and my account was slowly depleting to zero! I was told it costs me nothing to trade w/ E-Trade when I first signed on so I thought it was a great way for me to invest without the help of a broker and to do it for free. I was so wrong! They never even notified me that they were going to start charging me. It wasnít showing it on my account summary or transactions page. I didnít receive a phone call from them, nor did I receive an email alert mentioning that I was being charged a penny. I wouldnít mind paying $40 on occasion if I were investing a lot of money and needing the advice of a qualified broker, but to be charged $40 every 3 months for holding 1500 shares in Sirius-XM that I picked by myself is ludicrous! There is no cap to these fees either. It now shows I have a negative balance! Unless you are a day-trader, I think E*Trade is a horrible recommendation to anyone. I wish I had paid more attention to the complaints than the praises like I see here before I opened an account with them.

Posted by sib001

Absolutely hopeless for trading. Three layers of passwords for each trade, no direct trades, under 50 cents no market trades, they will only accept limit trades in increments much larger than the market so you lose money as you can't get out when you need to.

Package is cumbersome . I do not understand how anyone could trade on this system and I do not understand why anyone would.

Posted by evl164

On Fri, Aug 6, bought 9,000 shares NQP for cash - had bought 1,000 prior week. Requested direct registration with stock issuer Nuveen Investment. Request canceled because of 3-day settlement rule. Stock available for electronic transfer Thurs, Aug 14. Asked for DR again. Deadline for auto deposit of dividend by Nuveen: Fri Aug 15. Etrade financial consultant phoned me twice: will be transferred on Aug 14. Next day - and today Aug 16 - still not transferred! "Request under review." Spoke to customer service manager on Fri Aug 15 PM. Said he'd "rattle cage" of transfer desk. Nada. Every time phone customer service same ID ritual - at least 15 times! One customer service rep said cost $150 - then backed off when said I'd cancel Etrade account. One said it could take 2-3 weeks. Had it done before in less than a day.

Posted by Wronged

I was misinformed and sold a margin loan I didn't ask for or need. I was told there would be no interest charged to me. Based on my research ETrade has more fees and complaints against them then almost all of the investments companies I researched. I'm filing a complaint and suggest that you consider more reputable banks for your investments.

Posted by Anonymous

I needed to transfer between two different retirement accounts within etrade. First guy tells me to open a new account. Their website doesnt let me create one and their rep says it will take 3-5 business days if he does it. Second guy tells me to fill the form and confirmed that one section doesnt need to be signed. After 4 days and after exchanging a few more 'secure' messages that they are working on it they call me at my 'home' (where I hope not to be on a weekday) and then an email possibly the next day asking me to fill this section and they will again get back to me in 3-5 business days. In short - after about 3 weeks I am still waiting for an account transfer within the company !!

Posted by Norm

E*Trade has a particularly long hold on fund transfers. In an age of computer funding they treat money like paper checks. I lost trades while my money was locked in their clutches.

Posted by Anonymous

I would not recommend Etrade or use them if I was setting up a new trading account. They make it very difficult for a customer to pull money back out of their network. Etrade practically forces you to freeze your account if/when you make a transfer of funds (which they hold for 3 days - even though it shows in your account as "cash available for withdrawal") because if you make any trades after a transfer request - they pull the money from the transfer funds FIRST. Not from the "funds available for investment" portion of your account. This conveniently then cancels your transfer. So if you need to transfer funds from an Etrade account - make sure you don't have to work any trades for the next 3 days.

Posted by G

i have dealt with all etrade depts for the last 3 years and i strongly disagree with ALL these statements,although i have no knowledge of any of these said experiences.

Furthermore, I myself have experienced GREAT SERVICE IN ALL DEPTS.

except for the margins dept/which i have never been able to contact.

There are no numbers to contact the margins dept with.

Its regrettable that /if these statements are true;perhaps all of you should go elsewhere.


Posted by Anonymous

"Customer No-Service" - it's an amazing thing, isn't it........

Posted by Screwed

I had a very poor experience.
I had a 5-year CD/IRA that I had to cash out at 4 years. ETrade took 50% of the interest earner in 4 years. That's is exorbitant!
It took me months to finally get my money and I was given a real run around. I got several different stories from no penalty to the final rip off.
I will never trust ETrade with my money again.

Posted by Anonymous

There customer service used to be great in my opinion. However, recently over the past few months the customer service has gotten really awful. Customer Service Representatives telling you anything to get you off the phone.

Posted by DUC

Generally the service is poor and rude reception. I happened to visit a few offices. It is hard to get them when the market is open.

Posted by Caroling

At one time, ETrade appeared to be a reputable provider of investment products as well as online banking. Due to their outlandish, sneaky and hidden fees and poor customer service, I have closed all of our accounts with them. Buyer Beware - they may have cute commercials, but you don't want eTrade watching over your money, nor accounts. They slowly find ways to drain it for various reasons... They are thieves and crooks and should be shut down, before the same happens to anyone else! Don't do business with these guys, you'll be sorry you ever did!

Posted by queenbee

They put $7,500 of someone else's money in my account. They didn't fix it until I called nd asked them to identify the source of the funds. They never called or emailed me. I had to call them multiple times and each time they were completely clueless.

Posted by branic

I was forced to sell stock immediately due to margin call, even though the date shown to meet the margin call was still 3 days away. Even worse, was the way this rep spoke to me. He kept on saying, "I have done my job". Later I called to complain. I asked for a supervisor. I was told that the Supervisor will call me back at the end of the day. This was more than a week ago. I still have to receive a call. I will do what a consumer can - publicize this bad treatment.

I lost about $100000 due to being forced to sell at the bottom of the market.

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Posted by Mohhand

They are sometimes a pain but if you work with them to find an answer they HELP LOTS! They called VISA to reactivate my card and fix everything up! Plus, they double check everything! One of the best customer service!

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