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eMachines customer service is ranked #578 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 28.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 136 ratings. This score rates eMachines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


127 Negative Comments out of 136 Total Comments is 93.38%.


9 Positive Comments out of 136 Total Comments is 6.62%.

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  • eMachines

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 28.62 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 127 negative comments (93.38%)
    • 9 positive comments (6.62%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by RevHosanna

The technical support guy I got was extremely RUDE! He treated me as if I am stupid, repeatedly telling me to read him the SNID, yet when I did he interrupted me and stated "That's NOT the SNID! Until you can read that off, I cannot help you." I attempted to explain that EVERY label on my CPU has what I was about to read off, he argued with me! (Not to mention he was a foreigner and I could barely understand him!!)

Posted by Anonymous

When purchasing a emachine, and i have been trying to get a emachine up and running the hard drive that came with it was a small one and i replaced it with a bigger one. It is now telling me on boot up NVIDIA Boot Agnet 249.0542, copyright (c) 2001 - 2005 NVIDIA Corporation, Copyright (c) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation, PXE-E61: Media Test failure, check cable, PXE-M0F: Exiting NVIDIA Boot Agent., DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. regardless of anything that i have tried it will not get past this one part. I have called and i get put through to a regarding telling me that my call can't be put through at this time call again. your tech shoot does not want to help unless i pay more money. HOW MUCH OF A RIP OFF IS YOUR COMPANY DO I NEED TO FILE LITIGATION AGAINST YOUR COMPANY FOR FAILURE TO HONOR YOUR WARRANTY!

Posted by donaldmull

I have a 5 year old EL-1352-51 that has been a real sweet machine. Lately the DVD drive will not format a new disk. It plays music CD's and uploads programs and runs DVD movies with no problem, but it stopped formatting new disks and will not recognize a "SAVE AS" from MSWORD. It also has Geforce 6150 nforce 430 drivers that windows * and 8 and 8.1 and 10 will not accept. Iv'e heard thru the grape vine this is a political stand off between Emachine and Micro soft. Will win 8.1 run on this machine with these drivers? I'd used your teck support but they don't seem to want to get back at me. It's been a great machine.

Posted by Edwin

I simply wish to download a manual for a EL1300G-01W. Your site will not let me. I have e tried both the serial number and the snid. When I made a live call, I got transferred to your third party support which told me to go back to your website
Having done phoe support for Gateway, H&R Block and AT&T, I find yours rather sub-par

Posted by MARY

I would advise anyone that is thinking of buying an emachine DON"T When your warranty runs out you have no support I tried to ask how to turn icons off on my computer The volume icons stays on and alot more people on the internet has had this problem, something that should be in the users manual but isn;t they want to charge A BIG PRICE just to answer a simple question I strongly advice not too buy their product I going to buy a new monitor maybe a HP monitor something I can get support with

Posted by Anonymous

I have a EMachines E525 I purchased several years ago. It has Window 7 x64 Home Premium on it. I burned the 3 recovery disk the same day I turned it on. It has worked great except for a few bugs which were found and removed by A V software. Recently it froze while browsing. I had to power it off but other problem ensued. I tried multiple attempts to resolve my problem. Finally I resorted to using the recovery disk. At the end of the 3rd disk I got an error message. I tried again getting the same results. I then attempted the F10 recovery. This also gave me an error. I tried to contact EMachines but unable to even discuss my issue as the computer is out of warranty. It's like I was given tools, recovery disk, which are not used til needed yet when needed the warranty is over and you can't find out if the tools (recovery disk and recovery partition) were good in the first place.. EMachines product seems good but I would have to give the support of their product a failing grade.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to redeem my certificate for over a year with no luck. They have no one that will talk to you and they will not even answer letters or E-mail. I have written letters, sent E-mails, called, and everything I can think of to contact this company and get no response. I think they just do not care and no matter what, they are not going to do people right as they were ordered in the lawsuit. The claims administrator won't respond either. I really feel this is a ripoff and lots of people have been affected. What can we do about what has and is happening here?

Posted by Unhappy

I redeemed my certificate for an Acer Chrombook. Wish I had taken the money. The one I received has not been refurbished. It is password protected and in Spanish. Looks like someone's laptop that they just put in a box and shipped to me. So I have this computer than I have no access to. I have written and called Tech Support and no one can tell me how to remove this password protection. So I have a computer that probably has "stuff" on it and I have no idea what it could be. I am thinking that I should turn it over to local law enforcement in case there is something on there that is illegal. What a rip off!

Posted by Anonymous

RE:emachinesredeem. I keep getting a message saying invalid cert Number when trying to order my replacement computer. I have been constantly trying to redeem my certificate for merchandise well before the expiration date. Now the date has passed and I have a worthless certificate. There is no phone number to contact a live person to resolve this issue and never has been at any point during the redemption process. This fact has made it totally impossible to use my certificate.

Posted by Anonymous

We received 3 certificates for a total of $1,065. We redeemed them for 2 tablets, 2 laptops and a desktop computer. We opened the first box which is a tablet. No instructions of any kind. Just an impossible situation. Oh, I forgot to mention that one item didn't arrive, but may get here tomorrow. We are not going to open the other boxes but think we'll try selling them to anyone who is computer/tablet/laptop savvy. This is an absolute rip off. Someone should file another class action lawsuit. They did extend their cash option in lieu of merchandise to September 30, 2014, BUT only if your certificate had not expired. We thought we could redeem ours for cash, but "accidentally" saw the "doesn't apply to expired certificates". So we saw an expiration date of July 15th, 2014. WE RECEIVED BOXES OF JUNK AND WISH WE HAD TAKEN THE MONEY.

Posted by winsteve99

I have contacted emachinesredeem have ordered a computer with my certificate several times and they canceled my order. Have several email responses to fix the problem but have no results or anyone to talk to about situation.

Posted by Anonymous

After having been sold a defective emachine and receiving a coupon for a replacement computer--thanks to a class action lawsuit against emachine company, I am unable to order a replacement or get any customer service since the website refuses to recognize any email or password I submit, even when I follow procedure for opening a new account.

Posted by [email protected]

I purchased an emachine back in 2006. It has been, and still is, the best computer I have ever owned.

Posted by Anonymous

These people suck they provide Products that do not work and they provide no support

They suck big time.

Try something different

Posted by Shel

I had my items in my cart and right when I was checking out it went into save for later and no longer available. This is for the emachines settlement. I feel when it is in your cart it should not be allowed to vanish. You can only use the certificate one time so I have to get everything at once. If I don't I lose the balance. At this rate who knows if I will be able to get what is in my cart before it expires. I am sure I am NOT alone with frustrations. There is no one to speak to personally concerning this issue.

Posted by lolliepop27886

i am trying to get intouch with emachines i never got my gift cerft,,for a new emachine i have bought 2 in the past 10 yrs my friends got there and got their new compt i would like to know why i didnt get one/// i did move that might b why i didnt get one i would like to get mine

Posted by Onyekachi

To whom it may concern:

I have been a customer of eMchine computers for many years. My experience with your company was good up until it came to the emachine class action suit. To get to my point. I was one of the recipients of the emachine settlement Class Action Services. I submitted my papers and received the required certificate to purchase one of your listed computers. . I followed the instructions step by step. I found the computer online that I wanted. It was an "Acer 23" Intel-i3-3120M 2.5GHz All in one APC A5600U-UB12. I submitted my order on 8/2/2013. A month passed, no sign of my order. I emailed a request for infromation on 9/10/2013. On 9/13/2013 I got back the follwing response: "WE APOLOGIZE LOOKS LIKE YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO PAYMENT INFORMATION NOT BEING UPDATED ON TIME NO CHARGE WAS MADE. YOU CAN GO ONLINE TO RE-ORDER YOUR ITEMS."

To add insult to injury the computer I ordered and got a conformaton number for has yet to be found on your sight.

The next insutl came when they sent the following statement: Dated 9/16/2013.



The above information reflects a blatant form of disrespect for me as a recipient of this claim. The people handling my order have done nothing honest to resolve this matter other than feed me misinformaton along with false information. As a long time customer of Emachine I am appalled at the manner I have been handled concerning this claim. To date I have received no results on my order.

Posted by Mark

I received my reconditioned Aspire S7 from emachine class action settlement. I paid an additional $494.99 to the $365 credit. When I tried it out the Bluetooth mouse did not work, no big deal. With battery charged to 100% unplugged charger. Laptop turns OFF after a few seconds, big deal. They knowingly sent me a broken computer. Now I have to use the warranty process to get it fixed. Unbelievable!

Posted by Anonymous

We received a Certificate from the lawsuit re: Stroud v. eMachine, Inc. The settlement was supposed to entitle us to a $365.00 replacement computer. However, we have not been able to redeem the certificate on the emachinesredeem.com.
So, I need a telephone number to call to find out how to exactly go about redeeming this certificate.

Posted by Anonymous

i having trouble with an order and i tried calling it keeps asking for a serial number horrible customer service

Posted by dadnson1

i have recieved a letter a few months ago and want to know what the status of it is it say i could get a new emachine or 360, of equippment or a check i sented all the information u asked but have not heard anything back my name is richard flax phone number is

thank you


Posted by Jonathan

I just wanted to see how to restart my pc to the original state of it But I spent an hour Trying to get to talk to someone AND it failed so I gave up I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE AGAIN From Pissed off customer most likely 1000000 :D

Posted by Anonymous

When you need computer support DONT call for help because its a complete RUNAROUND. Buy a new computer instead....just make absolutely sure that its name isnt E-MACHINES

Posted by Anonymous

Have called two days in a row and been put on hold. First time 2 hours and then disconnected when they picked up. Second time 2 and a half hours before I finally hung up. Took my credit card instantly.

Posted by tquarl

Absolutely no customer support. Can't reach acontact number at all.

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Posted by BorNaSuSa

I received my certificate for $62.50 or $365 worth of computer equipment from emachinesredeem.com. I chose the computer equipment option. I spent a couple of months waiting for a desktop computer with WiFi capability and when one finally showed up with great online reviews, I ordered it and gave it to my mother. It arrived fast, it was brand new, and she is THRILLED. It was easy - no need to contact anyone and no issues with the computer. I am definitely happy with the whole process and outcome.

Posted by Heather

I do not know about the other comments here, but my experience was nothing like theirs. My call was answered in about 10 seconds, and on the phone was Jay. He was very polite, friendly, and very HELPFUL. My pc is 7 yrs. old. I asked Jay about helping me with the hardware, (I.E. RAM problems), he could not, because of it being 7 yrs old. I want to take this time to say, "THANK YOU JAY", for you help. It was a pleasure talking to you. And for whoever reads these comments from the offices in Texas, PLEASE give Jay a RAISE, because he DESERVES one.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an E Machine about 2 years ago .We bought an extended warranty from Walmart where we bought it.I have yet to need support .I have been very happy with my E Machine with Vista.It scared me now to see all the unhappy customer responses.I only wanted to see if EMachine would send me an original copy of Windows Vista in case of needing repairs or reinstall down the road from now.I never received a copy of the vistas cd when we bought it. Now its looks kind of hopeless to ask.I don't understand why they allow all these bad comments and do nothing to upgrade their suport. Acer is the brand of monitor I have had for yrs and very good brand it just recently expired and we have ordered another Acer. After reading these comments about the company and parent company I am very scared for the future of my pc and monitor.Has any one contaced the BBB?

Posted by Anonymous

I have owned 2 emachines for over a year now. Never had a problem with either of them. Would recommend highly. One issue (concerning Vonage phone service) was taken care of quickly and professionally by tech suppiort!

Posted by MaggieC53

I bought my first emachine a little over 90 days ago. The main software went kapoot! I could not even get to the start screen. BUT I thought it was the hard drive so I bought a new one and after installation I realized I did not have the start up disk, so I called the above ph.# and got through right away so I was able to order a new disk. They were VERY helpful...Thanks emachine team! =}

Posted by Anonymous

After reading all the negative reviews, I was prepared for a head ace! But actually it was great I typed in the PC ID number and was connected to a live person within a matter of minutes. very explanatory!

Posted by Anonymous

Once I got past the automated prompts, the service was very responsive. They registered my SN, which kept getting kicked out on-line and took care of the defective keyboard issue I had.

Posted by cittycat2287

I called and sat on hold for 5 to 10 minutes, but once the live person answered they were very helpful and resolved my problem and now my computer seems to be working again. We have had 2 eMachines and they are good computers for kids. It all goes back to you get what you pay for what do you really expect for $400. If you want a Lexus you don't buy a pinto and expecting it to be the same....

Posted by jarra

come on the are very friendly and wiling to help was talking a hourabout the pros and cons of windows vista and 7 and got my windows 7 disc its depending on your atitude

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