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    • 1,547 negative comments (96.81%)
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Posted by NWA

Ebay is such a joke! They claim to provide "customer service" which is usually from an overseas call center where the employees do not speak English as a first language. I have to constantly repeat myself and ask to be transferred to a supervisor who may, or may not understand the reason for my call. Ebay is interested in only one thing......the fees that they collect from sellers!

Posted by Anonymous

Your order is on its way, Ellen! Thank you for shopping on eBay! Your order has shipped to 4368 Strasburg Rd, Strasburg, US The tracking number is . We hope you enjoy your purchase! I have sent two emails as to stays of this product I ordered place order then of May, now towards the end of June. WHAT IS STATUS of this ORDER!!!!

Posted by auntiejean_1951

i avoid, absolute absence of meaningful customer service leaves u venerable to all the hidden and obvious dangers. so many hacks and scams makes my skin crawl. attempting to sell with the hordes of buyer scams and ebay protection of the thieves is frighting and dangerous. so many co workers and friends have lost small fortunes.

Posted by ricky

i tried to sell my first stuff on ebay, however i was unable to post my listing, the system just keep saying i reached the monthly limit, i called customer service twice, both operator told me the problem was solved, i can post my listing after 10 mins, this is not true, i still can't post anything, terrible ebay

Posted by Greg Thomas

Nope. Physically impossible to reach an actual person at eBay. Even tried corporate he just hangs up on you over & over. And by the way I too am a Draper resident there is not a call center here anywhere. I work for the office of their mayor, Troy Walker. Nobody knows why eBay chose Draper to lie about having a call center in. If it does exist it is underground where nobody can find it + they must tell their employees never to reveal who they work for! Someone should go to their h.q. in person and see if they can get anywhere. Probably not but might be worth a look. I would but I live three states away.

Posted by janm309

Ebay customer service is mostly rude. I also got lied to...they said they do not have a legal department, but mediators. Then this Nicole says she is the lead mediator...the same one who didn't even know there was a claim filed. She also didn't know the distinction between a claim and a filed case! And, she refused to give me a mailing address to send legal papers saying they don't have a legal department!
Ebay helped me filed the shipping claim...then said, "you have no proof we did that...". Then, FedEx said "we sent the information to Ebay one week ago". I believe they are misrepresenting a business and buyer/seller beware. Don't get involved with this outfit!
All this over $27.00!! I will be sure to not recommend Ebay or Ebay Customer "Support".

Posted by Anonymous

I no longer buy nothing from ebay. The terrible treatment as a person selling opened my eyes to how rotten this company really is.

Posted by first time caller

Customer service woman promised to call back if I hung up as she had some issues on her side. Did not call back. 0/10.

Posted by newamazonseller

You sell someone something, most of time they ask for a return refund and not even return the original item sold (if your lucky to have it sent back at all) and eBay FORCES a refund to buyer with fees, shipping, fines and a host of sanctions and then they tell you take the hit as a business loss. Needless to say fraud is rampant!


astounding the number of scams and rip offs from corporate inflicted on hard working honest sellers. buyer fraud is rampant with astonishing frequency. as ebay has no skin in the game obviously the strategy is give sellers stuff away for free and charge the buyers a host of fees for doing it. i'm amazed someone hasn't brought suit or legal actions to stop the horrendous practice. user beware!

Posted by mali

i had purchased of asus tablet FE171 with the paisa .when i received, it was not having a proper charger and no proper invoice . it was not working properly when i contacted the service center they also does not know anything about it . so eBay is a worse place to purchase things and you will cry for it .


What a ripoff place to do business. All the hidden fees and to find out they just give your stuff away to every con artist on the internet. Lost a massive bundle with all the scamming from so called "buyers". Lost listing fees and selling fees, lost paypal fees, lost the merchandise, lost the 10% shipping tax and shipping costs. I had no idea the network of scammers ebay has fostered until I researched. Money and property gone now, all I can do is warn others and avoid this horrible place.

Posted by Anonymous

My Phone And Internet Are Not Working.

I Bought Several Objects And I Okayed Them I Thought Was Correct.

Now I See I Did Not Pay, Lets Get Rid Of It By Paying But I Can't Figure Out How.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a truck radio. I received it, it is not what I ordered. I believe the person sent me the wrong radio and changed what he had on eBay. I have found out that eBay leaves you out in the cold. What am I suppose to do with this radio? PayPal was no help either. The person I ordered from will not take it back.

Posted by Auriesther

What's going on with my money refund for the tablet? I've been waiting since July!!!!

Posted by blakeskinner 10

the brick tile saw item was sent to butte mt. instead of beechmontky fedex can,t find it . you need to get in touch with them so I can get my money back or a newsaw

Posted by Randy sausage

Wrongfully suspended my account saying I was in violation of brand representation. I appealed and was told I would hear from them in 24 to 48 hours regarding appeal. It is now day 5 and I have called them twice and sent 2 messages. Terrible customer service.

Posted by ken johnson

password problems are a hacking issue, they just aren't telling anybody. customer support is also down for the past nine days. I just closed down my account really mad to find out it takes 6 months. this place is a customer nightmire

Posted by Dan

Simply the worse ever, cannot contact anyone easily, everything is scripted, nothing answered. Totally anti seller, gready company, nothing like what it was years ago with fees at 3% !Rule changes every day, what more can I say..

Posted by contact help

unable to use my password to pay for 1916-s half dollar tonight. Just used it a few minutes after 9:00 pm to pay for a 1916-d half. Not sure what is going on.

my pay pal account is
I have used the same password for years!!

Any help would be appreciated

Steve Sherrer

Posted by monika

eBay is honestly the worst I have ever dealt with for online shopping. Help and support links are just crap and I got the most disrespectful response via email - which was an automated response. how the hell are they still running?

Posted by mom-of-six

Serious & glaring bait and switch problems with the customer service policies of this deceptive venue. Lots of claims of CS but layers and layers of denial of even the most basic rudimentary customer support. When I started using them years ago it was great, now myself and nearly everyone I know avoids like the plague they are. The constant hacking and corporate dishonesty is frightening and offensive.

Posted by mikeg

If some genius were to open a rival company that actually had polite, helpful customer service reps that you could contact then Ebay would become obsolete as it's customer service is disgusting/non existent.

Posted by Anonymous

I grew tired of the grueling complicated time consuming process to get any sort of customer support from this horrible company. What it takes to reach someone is a monumental effort. After hours of stalls and red tape, the transfers from person to person begins, the next tactic is "disconnects" and the terrible nightmare begins all over again. My last time I went through the process for 3 days. I ended up so angry and frustrated I closed down the listings and vowed to never buy or sell another item ever again! No secret here how bad it is, I'm just another anti customer statistic.

Posted by To Hell with eBay

It is *****NOT****** possible to contact eBay. Not by phone, email, and the live chat has not existed since ages ago. But funny after I had my credit card remove their charges for fees, their collections department started calling me. Unknown number of course and in India giving fake names. I told them I would ****NOT**** pay until they gave me a direct line to customer service United States office only. All they kept saying is to look it up on ebay.com. Not listed anywhere on the site you stupid idiots! Now I changed my phone number listed in eBay to a fake number that does not exist. If they have no customer service they are not allowed to contact me about their money they do not deserve!
Another thing, eBay does *not*, repeat *********DOES NOT********** have a call center in Draper Utah. You know how I know? Because I LIVE IN DRAPER UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Tracey

Customer services are really good helpful people who responded quickly and efficiently to my problem and refunded my money

Posted by newamazoncustomer

As a buyer they lied, tricked and cheated me out of customer service. As a seller they stole and cheated me out of my money. I'm so done with ebay, I only hope they'll be held accountable for all the corrupt deeds and customer frauds.

Posted by kensdropbyshop

I am a Top-Rated Seller on Ebay. I don't run into many problems. When I first started on Ebay, I had buyers trying to scam me but when they seen it was not going to work, they stopped. Now and again I have buyers who don't pay. One of the biggest complaints I have in regards to Ebay is selling itself. WE basically have to give our stuff away, Ebay gets rich, and we take serious losses most times, because buyers are trained that on Ebay, you can get good quality items for nothing, and most don't want to pay for what the items are worth. The fees and shipping in the long-run kills the sellers.

Posted by Paulinewilliams45

Excellent. I recently bought and paid for a purchase on eBay through PayPal. 2 days later I received an email from eBay telling me that the seller I had purchased from had been compromised and taken down. Obviously I had paid and did not want to loose my money...... Did go onto my eBay account to address the issue but decided instead to Google the customer service number. I called, gave details and they took care of the whole thing. They logged it, then escalated it to the next level and I had my money returned within the hour. Literally sorted within minutes.

Posted by dont_close_your_case

Ebay customer service reps were actually really nice, but due to the system they work under were unable to help me. The issue was that I closed a return case before asking them for help with it. Apparently, if you do that you're screwed. The Ebay Money Back Guarantee is only valid if your return case is open as they can't reopen it due to "internal" policy. I actually went through the Money Back Guarantee customer policy online with the service rep on the phone and they admitted that I had a valid argument. So, if anyone higher up at Ebay reads this, please update your online customer facing documentation to be reflect what your representatives are following. Not a pleasant experience, but at least now I know. DON'T CLOSE YOUR RETURN CASE FOR ANY REASON UNTIL YOU'VE GOTTEN YOUR MONEY BACK!

Posted by svan2933

Called customer service on September 17, 2015 in the morning, very helpful, friendly, and solved my my issue fast and I was very satisfied with outcome, previous call on September 16, 2015 at night wasn't a good call they did not want to solve issue, will always callIin the morning where they are more helpful and freindlier

Posted by svan2933

Talked to customer care on September 17, 2015, very helpful, friendly, and helped me with my issue and I was very satisfied with the outcome, glad I called back from previous call on September 16, 2015, very unsatisfied on that call, will call from now on in the morning they are more helpful and eager to help

Posted by Jodie Louise

The agent I spoke to was particularly pleasant and helpful! They aided me to solve my problem immediately! Having worked on the other side of a live chat myself, I am aware how difficult and challenging it can be, they handled my query in a timely and professional manner and provided me with a first time, instant resolution.

Posted by Bridgter

I was expecting a horrible experience. To my surprise I got a very nice young man spoke wonderful English he was really polite and was willing to help me with two different issues. I had listed a luxery item it sold for 287.00 my eBay fees ended up being 58$ for the one sale I made. I knew that was to much. He agreed he assured me half will be tooken off in three days. Then I asked if I could ask another question he said of course. I listed the same item a month earlier it didn't sell. But I had got an invoice for 14$ anyway. He explained why. It was actually my fault due to having a reserve on the listing. He is curiously refunding me the 14$ anyway since I'm new to eBay and wasn't aware of all the different fees. He was an awesome costomer service rep! I wish I would have gotten his name he's great at his job! I've never had such a great experience with any costomer service :)

Posted by Anonymous

Called customer support about a reserve fee error and got it fixed in under a minute.

Posted by geetabhamdeo_0

Hi, I am new on ebay to buying stuff. I was having problems with registration on ebay I called customer service and one of the representative name Linda she is so nice, supporting very passionately help me explain me for my order and regstration.she called me twice to finish my transaction how can I do on my phone. I am very happy satisfied with her service I really appreciate. Thank you Linda.

Posted by phone1105

Ebay suspended my account because my grandson's x-girl friend had a suspended account and my grandson had used both ebay accounts, eBay's customer service reps were so nice and kind and worked with me to get this mess corrected, they were all very courteous, I know they were very busy but each one acted like I was their only customer they were patient helped me with an appeal and today the problem was resolved and I am back on ebay..Thank you ebay customer service you all are awesome. I wish I had all their names I would thank they each.. great job ebay customer service!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Truly a pleasure to meet Ron he was informative, very helpful. Triple AAA service

Posted by Motorola Modem

I am unable to receive my Ebay Order, please Investigate it Why.This is a Motorola Internet Modem.

Posted by angieanything

My experience with customer serve and the protection department was excellent. They listened and helped me.

I could not ask for more than that.

Thank you to the customer service staff at eBay, you people are wonderful and I appreciate you.

Anyone calling them, try to be calm and explain your situation. They honestly want to help.

Posted by babeladyj

I Just Used The Phone Number Supplied Here And Talked To A Representative From Ebay. She Responded Very Positively And Is Making A Great Effort To Resolve My Buying Conflict Of A Cell Phone That Had Been Reported Lost Or Stolen And Is Useless To Me. I Am Currently Very Happy With Ebay's Response To My Problem. Babeladyj

Posted by carlsbid

We are very satisfied the product and the transation.
Carl Arrington

Posted by Noir

As happens too often, a seller sent me garbage instead of the item pictured on his listing. He'd deliberately misrepresented the item as "Like New" when it was not even in acceptable condition. And, as usually happens, he didn't want to take responsibility and make things right.

I called eBay and they were on top of the situation immediately. The representative was pleasant enough and effective, making sure that I wasn't out a dime for the seller's mistakes. I got my money back plus return shipping - the way it ought to be.

Posted by Maj

I bid on an item and I won the item and the problem is that the seller doesn't now ship to my place and when I asked him for a solution, he put a $10k amount for shipping for that item and the item itself isn't cost with that amount as the item is less then $100 and the shipping for it is $50 and I tried contacting the seller so many times to either cancel the transaction or change the shipping fee and he doesn't reply to me at all. And ebay doesn't have an option to cancel a transaction if the seller doesn't reply to my emails so it does annoy me a lot that I can't do a thing.

Posted by Anonymous

Really impressed with customer service. The person who I talked to was very polite and I had my problem solved immediately. I love to buy on ebay because they are very honest and responsible. Thank you very much!

Posted by dee_manzano2012

Excellent Customeer service and helping on items i couldn't post!! very professional and paatient

Thank you Ebay Staff!!

Posted by jsrmcr2012

On one hand, I can understand the Mega Malls who sell on ebay make ebay quite a bit of money. Therefore, get top slot in CS help. On the other hand, as a small time seller, the few times I DID need help through CS, not only did I get through right away, they resolved a few very serious issues for me immediately.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the help I received.

Posted by BlueAndAmy

After reading all of the comments about horrible customer service, I was pretty sure I was going to be extremely frustrated if I called the eBay phone number. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised; it only took a couple of simple steps to reach a human (and I even bypassed the step where the automated voice asked for the name on my eBay user account). The representative with whom I spoke was friendly & professional, and while she did have to put me on hold briefly (under 2 minutes) to "research" part of my question, she was able to explain everything to me without me needing to ask for a supervisor or a different department or anything along those lines. Based on her accent, it wouldn't surprise me if the call center I where she was stationed is, in fact, in another country; once or twice, I needed to ask her to repeat something because I wasn't sure if I'd understood what she said, but I've had to ask customer service representatives who are clearly based in the US to repeat themselves, too. The fact that English wasn't her native language didn't seem to impede her politeness, her ability to answer my questions, or her professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate to contact eBay again if I have questions in the future.

Posted by abbyjo58

(866) 540-3229
open 8 am to 10 pm PST

they take TRS now as well, i just got satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

Greetings, wanted to thank all that were involved with my resolution with the chess board and pieces. I did receive my refund thanks to you and it was done in a timely manner. I never thought that this would be resolved and it was so I greatly appreciate your assistance with this matter sincerely, Konstantinos Kritikos.

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Posted by former eBay employee

Hi all,
I am a *former* eBay employee. First & foremost I want to say how sorry I am for being forced to be rude to anybody I talked to on the phone when I worked for this sweatshop! Especially after Meg Whitman took over! Or "Maggot" as we employees called her behind her back because her homeliness gave everybody the creeps!!

She was not so bad to work for at first. But once we started getting bigger & took off she began to be r a real pain in the fanny to work for. Suddenly she developed a "screw the customer" attitude although she will tell anyone who asks that she has to make "tough choices" about eBay getting too big for its own good. About 10 years ago were her first layoffs, giving more than 700 telephone support reps pink slips, while sending another 50 to the email support department! Meg claimed we needed to make cuts, but why is that when 2002 was the peak of eBay's boom? She then laid off another 200 phone reps at the end of 2002, just in time for Christmas, & started the live chat feature by transferring another 100 people to this new department. Luckily I had some seniority since I was one of the first 10 telephone reps ever hired by eBay. I was under the impression from her & Jeff Skoll that I would be considered being promoted to be a supervisor in the customer service department. They opted for Scott Sidwell instead but I still was not worried too much at that point. But the layoffs continued, ever year biannually in June & December. And 99% of them were in customer support! During this time Meg also decided it was a bad practice to give our real names over the phone. She & Scott decided everybody who remained had to give a false name that began with the letter C, & this has to do with it being the first initial of her newly hired relative that I'll write more about later. The name they forced me to give was Chapman! Honestly, who would name their child that? Despite this being totally illegal, and it still is, Meg is the originator of the jerks in India who lie & tell you their names are Mike or Kevin! I think it was not long after this that she began forcing us against our will to lie to those who called and tell them that any problems they have with the site are their computer, even when it was our server being overloaded & crashing, which happened almost every day! The email reps were also being forced to lie and claim eBay had no phone support, again this is something that is completely illegal but Meg was getting away with it. I remember it was about the summer of 2005 when all the remaining phone reps who had been there longer than me decided to get out while they still had a chance, since at this time there were only about 500 phone reps left & felt there was no more job security! Eventually I caved & began sending out my resume because I knew it was only a matter of time before telephone customer service would be eliminated altogether. I did not get so lucky, sadly. As many will remember, telephone customer support was completely done away with by December 2006. By this point, there were only 250 of us left, and only just over 400 total employees at eBay's San Jose office, a far cry from more than 6,000 employees at our peak! At the end of our shift on that rainy December night, Meg came into the phone support, waited for all of us to finish the call we were taking & told us "your services are no longer needed here, so clean your space & get the hell out & we will mail your final checks to you!" Yep, her *exact* words! That's right, the longest tenured customer support rep at all of eBay & I was tossed to the curb like I was garbage. And only a fortnight before Christmas no less, which was quite a present wasn't it? I was not the only one but it still stunk. J.D did bring back telephone support in late 2008 but every rep is in India or Philippines!

By the way, all of those scripted emails sent are Meg's own doing! She typed all of those herself. No wonder it looks like the same person is sending all of them but signs a different phony name on each of them.

Is it any wonder eBay's customer service is being voted among the worst of all internet based companies year in year out? Forbes, Consumer Reports, all have eBay voted as the worst for several years in a row! Meg even tried to bribe all of them but they would not take the money!

Meg's gubernatorial campaign was a joke. Her commercial stating how eBay had only 30 employees is the single biggest pile of B.S. that spewed from her mouth during her run. There was already 10 times that many when I started working for them in 1996! When she started working for eBay in early 1998, the San Jose office had just over 5,000 workers, not 30. When she left in early 2008, guess how many people still worked in that office? Only 178! Where did those 4,800+ jobs go? Mostly India!! About 20 also went to Utah & Illinois. Those offices have all of 10 people at each of them & they do almost nothing except for tech stuff! San Jose office now employs less than 150 & most of those are just the big wigs. Sure, eBay might have 17,000 employees but that number is worldwide! Here in the states, there's barely 200 employed by eBay. No wonder Pierre donated to the campaign of Meg's opponent Jerry Brown!

The 1-800-749-3229 phone operator who hangs up on everybody? Megs nephew! I would give his name but I do not want to have to face charges not if but when a psycho goes after him, even if I did give out his first initial above. Not that he ever gives anybody his name, even if it is required by law, knowing him he would give a fake name even if he did give his name when he answers. He once admitted by his own count that he has committed more than 10,000 federal offenses over the phone! I would imagine that number is more than 10 times that now! His attitude on the phone reflects his attitude in real life! He is a total a-hole. All he ever did was tell us if you dont do what I say Ill tell my Aunt! Everybody his Aunt Meg fired hates him almost as much as her! LOL!!!!

And how did J.D. end up getting his job? A well circulated rumor suggests he & Meg were having an affair. Even if there was no solid proof one has to wonder how someone so low on the food chain became the new CEO? Might explain tehe main reason eBay has been losing billions since he took over! LOL!!!!!

Yes J.D. is on the BBB's board, so any & all complaints are pretty much ignored. Can anybody else explain how a company with more than 100,000 pending complaints gets an A+ rating? And if a seller ever complains to BBB their account will be expelled! Since BBB will not take anonymous complaints. eBay will look up the person's name to find their account and place it under suspension, only to never allow the person to get it reinstated! Meg was on their board too, so the same things also happened during her tenure!

Not all is lost for me & my family, however. We have had some revenge on eBay. Last summer, my son held a job at the pizza joint the eBay brass used to get their orders from. After he started, the quality of the food going to J.D., Meg's nephew, Bill Cobb, & all the other scumbags began to rapidly deteriorate. LOL!! They now have to use a much more expensive place. Oh, and neither Meg nor J.D. has ever given as much as a penny for tips to the drivers!

There you have it, direct from a former employee of this trainwreck!


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