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Zynga customer service is ranked #726 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.91 out of a possible 200 based upon 768 ratings. This score rates Zynga customer service and customer support as Terrible.


738 Negative Comments out of 768 Total Comments is 96.09%.


30 Positive Comments out of 768 Total Comments is 3.91%.

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  • Zynga

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 24.91 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 738 negative comments (96.09%)
    • 30 positive comments (3.91%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 1.7 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 3.3 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Janet Isom

I have tried taking the game out and re-install 2 times, update chrome- update Java and still hit it rich will not load. It is completely wiped out on Facebook where you can only see the hit it rich sign across the bottom. It has been like this for 24 hours now. Your support is no support at all since it does not fix the game back to playing stage. It says to force it closed well I am here to tell you it does not require force to close it so forcing is no good.

Posted by Dreamingjeanie

An accidental purchase from my phone 3/16/18 (916)768-1912 Zynga for $49.99 was made it should have been $4.99

Posted by 70 GOAT RP SWAP

I just wanted to say thank you and let everyone know the great job you all do I'm a Csr2 addict who lost his profile trying to start another account to do game over but screwed up and lost my main account all my fault and Ryan E helped me out. You all help me keep the faith that you all have got this. Well done everyone and thanks again.. Scot Tucker you all rock

Posted by Derek Mccormack

I am unable to make contact with a real person, either by e mail or phone. I did put a message on Facebook. I have been asked to do an update and it just boots me out of the game. So I�m unable to update or get in to the game . FarmVille 2 country escape. I tried to opt the machine & log back in . I tried to update but no luck there either. Please getsomeone to get in touch & advise. I�ve been in this game for years and just as I�m about to finish a task it asked for me to update .

A response would be good thanks .

Posted by Derek Mccormack

I have been trying to contact Zynga for some time . The same number listed does not exist. I am unable to e mail either ? Trouble shooting is no help and Doesn�t work. Being asked to do an update on FarmVille 2 country escape Doesn�t work & just puts me in a loop. Amazing no one seems to want to help . I even went on to Facebook. No joy there either . Is there a reason why it�s impossible to make contact to a human being & get some form of support, once again ?

Posted by Derek Mccormack

I have been trying to contact Zynga for some time . The same number listed does not exist. I am unable to e mail either ? Trouble shooting is no help and Doesn’t work. Being asked to do an update on FarmVille 2 country escape Doesn’t work & just puts me in a loop. Amazing no one seems to want to help . I even went on to Facebook. No joy there either . Is there a reason why it’s impossible to make contact to a human being & get some form of support, once again ?

Posted by Sue

I have been having so many problems with playing tropic escape,,,,,all replies are not helping,,,,,I need to speak in person to someone

I am in England

Posted by Aunt Bea 2

Hello. My name is Diane Albert. I play the game hit it rich. I have been playing for over 2 years. I needed to free up some space on my phone, so I checked to see if I had a recent back up. I did it was done at 2:26 that day. ( the reason I know the steps to take is apple walked me through it about a year or so ago) next I deleted my app . Then I went to the App Store and reinstalled the game. I am backed up by Facebook, have been for a couple of years . Being backed up is supposed to keep me from losing my progress. I have done this procedure over a dozen times and it worked fine. Once I�ve done the procedure and I go back to the game it will be on level 1 . I then go to the box that says connect to Facebook. I hit that and Facebook comes up and says I have already connected. Then it asks if I want to continue. I hit continue, and it takes me back to the game and all of my levels and points have been retrieved. This time it did nothing there is no little box in the bottom right hand corner of the game that says CONNECT TO FACEBOOK. I was on level 988 or 989. I would like to at least get my level standings back. Can you help me? I was on the phone with Apple 5 times yesterday . The last senior tech said it was a problem with the game HIT IT RICH . All I want to do is get my standings back . I have played this game for over 2 years, and have spent HUNDREDS of dollars to do so. I would appreciate it if someone at ZYNGA would get back to me on this matter. My phone . I love the game and would like to continue to play it.

Posted by Joanne Holmes

Hi I have spoken with Apple and they say I need to talk to you I’m in New Zealand for some reason I can’t get contact by phone so here’s my problem on sat 18th I put $100.00 on to my Facebook account for FarmVille 2 I wanted to buy some keys but the money was taken from my credit card $59.99 BUT I didn’t receive the keys can you plez help thank you from Joanne Holmes

Posted by Anonymous

No one is getting back to me on email. I would appreciate a response.

Posted by Montrealmaven

This is the THIRD time I am writing for help. I have yet to hear ONE WORD back fro your “support”. I am unable to play WWF because it’s up to you to enable iOS 11. Can you just answer me? I pay d to play this game. Your support is non-existent. Please please reply!!!!!

Posted by Montrealmaven

I am deeply disappointed in ZYNGA. I sent a report earlier today & have yet to hear from a soul!!Do you not care?
I am unable to play WWF at all. A widow appears that reads iOS 11. I cannot move a thing. Please respond is some way so I know you are working on this.

Posted by Eileen Clarke

Please tell me why some of your advertisementsite are not closing just freezing, . I have to turn off my tablet and reload after nearly every move, this is not very helpfully when playing could you sort it please .. David Lloyd ad, Slippers ad and a few others just freeze. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Yes qhy it so hard to get in touch with y:all i like to speak to some one about change my card 44.89 cent overdraft my cards

Posted by Anonymous

I have think zinga is very inconsiderate.... For charging a customer for technical support issues. That's a Rip off and as a corporate gaming company ...you should be ashamed
..... Your customers will eventually go somewhere else.. And this review will go on the national gaming blog

Posted by Mwashey

Not very happy at all with their special spin offs. I bought coins three times because I needs one more bonus for the Star Trek portion. After spending $55 on that I'm done!! I'm deleting the game. This is suppose to be for fun but when you do these you always make the third section extra hard to get the bonuses so we have to buy more. Not fair at all. You guys make a ton of money!! Why not let the folks that are making you rich have some fun. I might as well go to a real casino. Have better chances and more fun there. Thanks for nothing!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just read a page of complaints against Zynga for not helping their customers when they need it. Makes alot of sense.

I think that all the people that have commented on this page spent real money to play these games and that along with Facebook ...... Zynga has become a Billion $$$ company making money off of people that have real problems. The customer service is too busy to care about or even take time to answer these peoples problems. As much money as Zynga has and as much Money as Mark Zuckerburg has you would think that he could have a 24 hour a day service call number to address all the problems that people have with the games. It was us however that made the business what it is now. You could hire people from India or the Phillipines to work and they could work for hardly nothing but at least questions could get answered and problems could be solved. At least people could get some of their problems solved. ??? I personally just started the Holiday Farm only to find out that the little gifts cannot be moved around so I spent FC for nothing because I cannot plant crops because there are little gifts in the way. I do however know it is for a Charity but let the person playing the game decige how much they want to give ....... Don't make the file Bankrupsey just to play a game from ZYNGA.

So, along with refunding what I have been continuing to ask for (either that or what I purchased ) would you Please go to the Holiday farm ( 1 of my 7 farms # 523097646) and remove the little gifts so I can plat my crops in a perfect space.

Thank You,

Terry Campbell

Posted by Anonymous

Having issues with wizard-of-oz-slots not getting correct amount of points getting set back to day 1 I am loyalty player with gold status check in every 2 hours for Bonus points have been for months past 3 weeks not g.etting points for 10 X wheel bonus level not getting correct points for 2 hour bonus not ggetting I have lost several points on game freezing I have points I ha e purchased scratch tickets and other purchases I have tried to reach support several times no response at all.player I'd s Samsung 4 android. Version 61.o.1889 devise I'd as I said I am losing lots if points for past 3 weeks 2 hour bonus points game freezes during bonus rounds was. Suppos.Supposed to ge.t 10 X wheel Bonus I checked In every 2 hours for Bonus points se.veral times a. Day and during late night.it went from over 2000 points to less than 1000 for weeks now not including losing other 10 X the wheel points and onus games. Freezing during a bonus round I don't like making purchases and not getting credits for them.!!!! It is bad enough losing points during game play due to freezing of games in bonus rounds not the first time this has happened have tried to contact support before no answers from anyone. !!!! Will not make recommendations or any others purchases if you can t find a way to fix these problems have tried the forum what a joke?

Posted by Syko

I've been playing DOT for months now and spent easily over £300 then all of a in they ban me with no explanation at all. No body responds when I message them and no bo cares. It's horrible customer service and treatment, I had just spend £20 on gems and didn't get chance to spend any as the ban hit me. I've done nothing differeman the months before I've played. This isnoutragous and something should be done about these greedy money grabbing bastads

Posted by Anonymous

Some time ago,because of Facebook's "not allow 2 accounts to same person", I formally cancelled my CARLO MONTE account, and stayed with my CARL FREDERICK account. Everything was fine until a few days ago, when CARLO MONTE opened when I wanted to play Zynga poker, (My CARL FREDERICK Zynga account has 3+ billion chips.)

Anyway, now I cannot play under Carlo Monte and I cannot even open my Carl Frederick account.

Can someone at Zynga help with this? i want to KEEP the Carl Frederick account, and CLOSE the CARLO MONTE, forever, in compliance with Facebook's policy. Please advise asap. Thanks in advance, Carl Frederick

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern, I have been a loyal customer of HIR for years, I have a complaint, number1 I ha e completed many challenges on the site when challenge is done it says collect and nothing but another challenge, I had quite a lot of coins, now is suppose great time to play not happening here I have purchased a lot of coins to no avail, I cannot keep buying coins . Please help other people seem to be getting big hits. I feel like I am being taken just to buy more coins. My e-mail please get back to me on this. Thank you.

Posted by greyhoundmom52

Ordered a package of tokens. Took my money, never gave it to me. Customer Service ignored me

Posted by Hanalei hart

After numerous attempts to get my password reset. Notices said that a reset email
Had been set however never received. There should be an alternative or at least a last resort phone contact.

Posted by Anonymous

Could not complete the,it's offered. Kept pressing submit to no avail. The keyboard would not go away

Posted by Weezer7337

I am having a problem with words with friends. The game does not keep track of the words played. I have un-installed, reinstalled, forced stop, logged out logged in, cleaned cache. Sometimes it works for a few games then goes right back to not updating. Do your techs even check these postings? People are getting very frustrated with all your games. Please fix. This is a purchased game.

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Posted by Beyonce

I am so disappointed with the following where are the bonuses I started with a few hundred millions and did not receive any bonuses I really didn't appreciate that please explain what happened?😞😞😞

Posted by Gilbert Sullivan

I am a daily HIR player. Yes, I have seen the videos showing Gilbert Sullivan, but I am not sure if he is a single entity or actually a team. I just know that I message him, he returns my messages in a very timely manner. Be him a team or a single entity, YOU need to give him a bonus, raise, something. Gamers get pissed off, angry, and hateful, but he has always been courteous to me. He is great customer service. Show him he is worth it Cause I know he is

Posted by Judy Schlade-Kunz

Why won't customer support fix our game feeds.We can not play .

Posted by LornaMarieWard

I enjoy playing Word Streak and Word Streak Tournaments. However, when I win tickets for playing in the tournament, they are never added on to my ticket pool. Why?

Posted by Anonymous

the number work very well and i am speaking to one of their customer service right the second

Posted by mendonca elzira

Please zynga can you fix my problem i have been asking for help over a month my friends can not help me on my posts because they cant seee any off my requests everyone finish the quests i cant because no one see anything.ifi n

Posted by Veronica Zaida (now ZaidaVN

I tried to access my Zynga poker site but a message popped up asking me to verify my account. Unfortunately, the Zynga email was sent to an account I no longer use, so I cannot verify my account. What should I do?
I am sending this with an alternate email account I have for FB.

thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to say I love Farmville 2 its the best game I enjoy playing it you guys really rock some how I ended up with 2 crafting kitchens I was just wondering if you could remove one and again im sorry to bother you again keep up the good work I am looking forward to future events on Farmville 2

Posted by ryan roehl

the ads on words with friends are such a nuisance. 10 sec. to play the word and then have to sit and wait for a 30 second ad, If Zynga does this to the rest of the games, theres going to be a lot of lost customers. 5-10 sec. ads are bad enough but 30 is unaceptable.

Posted by mlsisneros

I have had to contact support hundreds of times because of the constant and ongoing issues with their zynga games (i.e. I have not been able to receive materials from friends for over 6 months). It would not be fair to rate customer service poorly because of the game issues. They are not at fault. Except for a handful of instances, I have always been very satisfied with my experience. If not for the support staff, I would have quit playing long ago. They are always polite and generally do more for me than I expected. Although they cannot fix the issue, they tend to my current needs so that I can continue to build or upgrade what I need. I would have rated reachability higher but live chat has not been available for any of my games for the past 3 days.

Posted by Wes

I am constantly having to refresh my CastleVille on Zynga: Everytime I get notices that someone has sent me something or is requesting something from me, the screen goes white, an exclamation point appears, and I have to constantly refresh the page. The same thing happens when I click on my neighbors to visit their kingdoms. I have not been able to visit any of my neighbors in over a week to do work in their kingdoms. Also, Hidden Chronicles... Zynga does not post my posts when I am requesting parts to build. I have to go to facebook for it to work properly. I enjoy these games, but with the quirks that are consistant....which I have not been able to get resolved...have made it so frustrating.

Posted by HappyCamper

Had a problem with farmville. Contacted Zynga customer support expecting to be ignored. Two minutes later I got a very nice email response and problem was fixed. Wow, they are awesome.

Posted by Deebles62

I have contacted Zynga on several occasions for gameplay issues. In all but one or two, I almost always given what I consider to be the correct resolution to my problem - I usually state what I want in my complaint. The associates I have dealt with have been polite and professional, but some lacked knowledge and I would have to explain my situation a different way for them to understand. Zynga's biggest problem for me is the games themselves and the crashing or resetting of the game. Sometimes I have completed quests only to come back later and find that the quest is back!!!. I now keep a written log and date of when I complete and what it took to do so and if I feel the effort is needed I have contacted Zynga to complete the quest for me and it has been done. I would estimate that in the past two years I have contacted Zynga approximately 8 times regarding concerns and feel that they have resolved them.

Posted by fiona king

I would like to thank you for returning the $700 that was taken from our bank account not sure how that happened but I also had 18million chips taken from my account please can you return those

Posted by Deb Sullivan Kinney

I have had really good results from chat support and have no complaints at all.
Most always they are eager to help you with the problem at hand,get you back playing and make up for all the trouble you have encountered.

Posted by Trish Hourigan

I feel Zynga CUSTOMER SERVICE has always responded very quickly to any issues I may have with the games.I rate Zynga 10/10 for taking care of their own and that my friends came from ZYNGA CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Trish Hourigan

Posted by Renny M.

My Zynga customer service experience was nothing like the comments listed here would indicate. It DID take too long to find this page with a phone number on it, but when I did, I dialed the number. When I pressed the option for tech support, I admit it was annoying there was no option for a person - I was just directed back to the website. The website Help tools were no good to me since 1) I play via mobile ap rather than Facebook, Google or other drop-down choices and 2) the game needing support was Draw Something, a recent Zynga aquisition which is not listed in their Games list yet.

So what did I do? I called that number back and this time pressed the buttom for Billing Issue. I ignored the recording stating that the billing person could not help me, figuring if I could not get help, then I did have a billing issue, because I wanted my money back. However, the billing person (Karen)could not have been nicer. (NOTE: I was very nice to her too, knowing in advance it would not be her fault if she could not help me.) Karen offered to write down my issues with the game and email the support team. She told me she would send me a confirmation email that she had done this, that I would hear back from a support person via email within 48 hrs, and that I could then correspond directly with that person via email. And she DID email them and send the confirmation immediately, and I heard back from support (Rowena) within 10 hours. Rowena and I had to swap a couple of emails and try a few different things, but the problems got solved and I was thrilled.

I wanted to leave this comment so that others would know there were options. BTW, the direct email for the support team is [email protected], but your issue will need to be assigned a reference number and routed to the appropriate game support person. But - at least for me! - after some initial frustration, the system DID work. Good luck!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been very pleased with the help that Zynga has given me, thanks Zynga

Posted by msprissysmom

I have found Live Chat to be the most effective way to get my problem resolved and more..... That is getting up in the middle of the night about 3am, clicking the HELP while I am in my Cafe, takes you to a page go all the way to the bottom and clicking a little word "here" and there are two of them you don't want Adobe! then it redirects you again and click on Cafe World, and hitting the F5 (refresh) button if you don't see the white dog LIVE CHAT. I know it's just the long way to get to ZCS, but it is the most effective way I have found to get the LIVE CHAT, don't spend a lot of money with the game. Scratch off's and Prize Machine, daily bonus's but that is about it. I also have them throw in some spice or complete some goals for me, last time they did ALL the Tony's Great cook A thon, and the VIP goals, and they gave me 100 instant thymes. Not to say all reps are this generous, but if you are nice to them and show some empathy towards there job and try to establish some rapport w/them. Because you can catch more bee's w/honey than you can salt. Good luck

Posted by Anonymous

This is in reference to: 120216-14124501

Jose Estuardo assisted me with my issue and he deserves a raise because of his quick response and taking care of my issue. You guys are alright in my book. Keep up the A-1 customer service!

Farmer Taunyah Bartlett

Posted by enigma667

Yes it dosent work all the time but it is free and when Ive sent email the thing was fixed with in two days and the email responce was quick

Posted by Anonymous

In the first year, when their chat line was open, Zynga gave me excellent service. However, things have changed and I don't even bother to try and contact them anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

Over the past 2 years most of my contacts to Customer support have been absolutely satisfying when reaching online support. Only 1 out of 15 I would rate negative (probably a psychological reaction of the agent(s) having had to hear too often abuses by customers in regard of game play bugs customer service is just not able to resolve, or forbidden to satisfy due to Zynga regulations).

Mail support is much less satisfying (3 out of 10 I'd rate negative), despite reaction times between a few hours to 1 day in general, as often the reply is a pasted text block not really related to the actual question, and as such requiring a follow-up which takes more time till the issue gets resolved.

Posted by mamachex

I have contacted Zynga's customer support many times over the last couple years. I will say that with one or two exceptions, they have resolved the issue, be it missing items or a problem with game play. There has been a total of two times I will say the support agent didn't seem to care or know what they were talking about, but every other contact I have had has been helpful and fairly friendly. The last issue I had took them 3 months to fix, but they did fix it. On top of this, I have gotten a few free items from the support agent, I guess to soothe while I waited for the issue to be resolved. Overall, I would NOT say they are uncaring and sometimes their support has been better than average.

Posted by CraZy Jay

We at CastleVille Players group would like to thank Peggy. She has brought so much joy to our group. A true hero to your staff.

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Posted by Anonymous

Excuse my French, but are you out of your minds? Closing Cityville which is a game played by so many! And not giving any reason for discontinuing the game either!

Cityville is the premier city building game and should you close games this is not the one. You have 2 word games, why keep both these? And then there are the bubble games and the likes of them. Sure, they attract a lot of mobile players, but these players are not the loyal kind and will soon move on to other games not run by Zynga.

You need to reconsider and continue to run Cityville if you want to keep all the players of this game as clients, they will not in large numbers move on to neither Farmville nor Castleville but rather choose to engage in games similar to Cityville with other providers.


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