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Zune customer service is ranked #373 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 35.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 159 ratings. This score rates Zune customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


144 Negative Comments out of 159 Total Comments is 90.57%.


15 Positive Comments out of 159 Total Comments is 9.43%.

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  • Zune

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 35.63 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 144 negative comments (90.57%)
    • 15 positive comments (9.43%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
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Posted by jopamaja

My name is Jose P Machuca and this is my email address:, please help me out to get back to my music collection, I paid a lots of money for it and now I don't know how to get back.

Thanks for your support.

Posted by Anonymous

Zune support sucks...I wish I never purchased my device. Microsoft should be embarrassed to have such a lame product with no support for its customers!!!

Posted by Peter

My name is Peter G Pitcher, I have had zune for quite awhile, this spring i lost zune, could not make sense of the procedure to get it back .I assume it was for non payment, although i cannot see why, since it was a automatic withdrawal from my checking account, but my account has not been debited . sure would like to get this going again ............ Can you help an old man get his tunes back,I miss em.. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

There is no payable application on other phone website,but why its on zune software need to be log in or pay. what is the different between other phone software and this zune software.

Posted by Andyrulesitall

There apparently is no customer service anymore. The number I have is no longer in service, and all the numbers on the internet lead nowhere.

Posted by Piss Off

ON 2/16/2013 I call and spoke to a live person and said I wanted to purchase the live music package. We were charge for the Xbox package. First we do not own a xbox nor do we plan on purchase an xbox. After 10 ten time asking me if I own and xbox I became VERY ANGRY at the fool in the customer service. It's a good thing we were on the phone and not in person. I ended up cancelling our plan with xbox and demanded a refund. I ask for a manager I the fool of a customer service person kept tell I couldn't speak to a manage. When I went on line later in the day This company charge my debit card another $9.99. So I call my bank and stop payment. My bank told me to look up in Febuary when i charge the $99.99 and I DIDN'T GET WHAT I PAID FOR THEY Would pull the money back from thier account.There Rating is is -F. DONOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE...

Posted by scarletmoon

I cancelled my $9.99/more subscription online through my login. It confirmed that my Zune pass would be cancelled. I was just charged AGAIN not even a week later. The account says "Zune pass will expire on"....and then keeps charging. No customer service reps and as a customer service manager in retail I find this appalling!!!

Posted by Sillyoldme

Apparently I've had and been paying for a Zune pass for the last 11 months- yes, that's right 11 months at £8.99 per month!! Unbeknown to me, my 'free subscription' expired after 2 weeks (nearly a year ago) and the cheeky sods were debiting my account under their big brothers name of Microsoft totalling nearly £100!! Alas there was silly old me, thinking I was paying for just an Xbox subscription but on no, I was paying for both because I have lots of money to throw away you understand!?. My point is, yes I agree, it was foolish of me to not be more observant of my hard earned cash but, before you sign up (which i didn't nor even want a free bloody trial) be aware that no humans actually exist to speak to when you have a problem, they'll be rude and arrogant on their online chat and won't give you a refund! Stitched up like a kipper. So beware of their greediness and goodluck choosing a music provider - Zune (the modern day highway man of the world wide wibble) suck quite frankly and Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves for representing such a shambles!!

Posted by Redman

I upgraded to a new Lenovo computer, I was under assumption that all my purchased music resided on the cloud within Zune. After the upgrade, I lost all the music I purchased. I called the Zune customer service department several times, each time they offered me 2000 points, equalivent to two cds. They just did not seem to care or value me as a customer.

Posted by lawhun_c

I have been getting charged 9.99 a month on my credit card and cannot figure out what this is for. I don't know where to go to get this canceled. The charge reoccurs every month on the 27 and I cannot figure out where or why I am getting charged for this. The bank is also telling me they cant find a phone number or anything, I will have to cancel my card.


Zune is horrible. I never used it and decided since i have a windows phone to go ahead and install it. No my phone is effed up. I can't use my wifi in certain places. Works for first 15 seconds then no internet. Yes it's connected to router and yes internet is working on everything else except my phone. I read articles and yes Zune is the murderer. DO NOT USE OR INSTALL ZUNE unless you want misery.

Posted by Anonymous

ZUNE is by far the worst company i ever dealt with. I noticed extra money being taken out of my bank account and noticed it was from zune, i tried calling zune their customer service is gone, called microsoft everyone acted like they didnt know what zune was! I couldnt even cancel my subscription online or over the phone. I had to call my bank and cancel my card so they would stop taking money out of my account. They wont allow you to cancel, your stuck paying these criminals money unless you cancel your card with your bank.

Posted by Anonymous

The is no Consumer conact number .. nor information on the cost when u click on trail.. I haven't authporsied my card in XBOX for Zune billing ..i found out that my card was charged for 10 months 89,90 pounds . The chat agentwould give me any contact number and gave me the address to US legal team, terming my request for entier refund was a legal threat and they take it seriously

Posted by NOTRYT


Posted by LINNE


Posted by Anonymous

Zune is appalling! Taking unauthorised money month by month. tried to cancel (what a joke) nothing but obstacles. Microsoft say no telephone phone number for Zune customer services. On line attempts to cancel ask for unknown details and do not acknowledge e-mail sending address. NOTHING BUT A CON.

Posted by Mmainfussion

One more thing, somehow Itunes, and minecraft have made illegal charges to my account. I never allowed these charges myself or my son. I think Xboxlive have given my information. This BS have to stop. We can not let these criminals corporation steal our money like this. Go to the attorney's grl office to make a complaint.

Posted by Mmainfussion

I've been having trouble with my online banking, and i have not been able to manage my bank account properly. I open an Xboxlive account for my son, we have not made any other purchases, but yet they have billed my account for over $1200.00 dollars. My bank did not contacted me since april, 12 to verify these charges, and these charges went on for 6 months . I've just recently found out when i used my debit card, and a ATM machine declined my card. Now neither my bank institution or Xboxlive want to take responsability.

Posted by Anonymous

Called 800-386-5550, answered a few acount info questions, was put on hold but promised a case number, which I got. Was told offices are closed (12:23am), understandable. Was given a number to call after 8 or 9 am can't remember which.

Will try tomorrow! Hope this helps someone! Gooo luck everyone!

P :)

Posted by Dr Do Right 007

zune is the worst company on the planet. they have the most horrible service and customer support. They always transfer me back to xbox when the problem is there's. I should sue them for bad business practices. they are pure evil and such an aweful product. Ever since xbox merged their video service with zune they have completely sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My MINOR son, age 16, signed up for the free trial offer on Xbox appx 6 mos ago. My credit card info was listed with Xbox. My son has not used Zune since. I have been charged $9.99 for appx. 6 months for nothing! Credit card company told me to contact Zune; CAN NEVER GET THROUGH. I will now contact Better Business Bureau and Attorney General. What a scam!

Posted by Nyxyxylyth

Tried to start the zune trial on my xbox and got an error. Oh well, I thought... and then the charges started. zune.net shows "no active subscription". Billing says "just cancel it"... nice little maze you've got there. I can't remove the credit card because there's an active subscription. After I dispute the charges, I hope the credit card company gives microsoft a nice fat fine. STAY AWAY FROM ZUNE.

Posted by Broggy69

I bought X-Men First class (not rented) from Microsoft Zune on my Xbox in June 2011 when it was released. About the last 4-6 months it has been unavailable for me to watch, so tonight I decided to ask for help Microsoft help. They tried to say that when you buy a movie they tell you when it becomes unavailable, yet the movies are defaulted to stream.

I asked for the movie to be available, or a disc sent, or credit towards a new movie. I explained that they are steal consumers money.

In the end they said if I was threating legal action to have my lawyer contact their legal division and ended the chat support.

I am a regular far from wealthy person in the world. There is no way I have the money to fight MS. I think it is important to get this story out. Microsoft prefers you streaming things from the cloud, but then removes movies without warnings, taking people’s money offering no help, or recourse.

Corporations should NOT be allowed to steal people’s money like this, so I thought a news story may get them to change their minds. I really cannot believe that Microsoft is stealing from consumers. Once again innocent people are being taken advantage of.

Posted by Anonymous

just purchased a movie with microsoft points 320 to be exact and the movie only partially downloaded and now we can't watch the movie but it took our points and talked to someone on the phone which was a freakin nightmare wanted us to pay 18.00 for what I have no clue so we lost our points can't watch movie and no one can help with how to fix this problem I would not recommend using zune it sucks

Posted by 6eyez

phone # does not works

spoke with someone last month said they were going to credit back two months and cancel my service, didn't do either. another month another charge!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Not sure what everybody is so pissed off about. Closed my Zune account plus got a refund in about 15 minutes.

Posted by Sally

I am warning people who subscribe to Xbox Live for their children to beware of things like ZUNE sending free trials for music to your son's and daughter's and then charging your credit card for monthly payments without any permission form you as the cad holder. My friend bought my son a years subscription for Xbox Live on line for his Birthday he got sent the Zune FREE TRIAL looked at to see what it was and without realising anything was wrong didn't bother with it again. my angry friend then noticed payment were coming out of her account with any of us knowing. I did manage to get through to XBOX by phoning the number in the comment lower down the page from the lady who was writing about the same thing happening with her 12 year old son. I managed to get through and spoke to a very helpful man who understood where i was coming from and agreed to reimburse my friends account with £17.98 although it was nearer £40 that had been taken. She said she needed a letter for her bank to say that the payments should not have been taken as this has affected her credit, he said he would send me an email for her bank. I have not received the very much wanted letter but they did (even though I did as he said and turned both the buttons for repayments off of her card for the XBOX and ZUNE) take another payment from her account. She is very angry and upset and it has not only caused her lots of untold problems but it has affected our friendship, I told them i wanted her card taken off of the account but the said the only way to do that is to change the card to mine, but i don't want them taking my money either. This is such a scam and it is hitting us through our kids. This should surely not be legally allowed.

Posted by Raudaa

Same here form Zune Charging my bank card when my son and I signed for x box live 9.99 a month. So I noticed on my bank statement 1 charge for xbox 9.99 and another for 9.99 from zune. I was told by micro soft that when you sign up for x box live there is a free 14 day trail attached and you have to cancel it or you will be charged and its auto pay. best advice buy a xbox live card and never use your credit or bank card for anything online again!!!!!!

also just found out you can buy x box live cards on sale for a year for 35.00
just found this out. so check for sales i think new egg has them.

Here is the number to stop auto payments from zune charging. Hope this helps.
or you'll have to cancel your card and get a new card .
Call us directly by dialing:

Toll free:
(800) 4MY-XBOX or (800) 469-9269
Hearing impaired (TDD device):
(866) 740-9269 or (425) 635-7102

9 am to 1 am Eastern Time
6 am to 10 pm Pacific Time

good luck.

Posted by jennifer

called spoke to Rob. He was extremely helpful and very nice. Easy to get the help I needed.

Posted by BillGatesIsD3ad

I called this number and the rep I talked to was completely helpful. I was being charged for a Zune Pass 3 month and she cancelled it and waived a ton of fees that I had on it. =)

Posted by Anonymous

In short, cancelled a Zune pass due to identity theft and needed to add a new cc, for whatever reason could not do it online. Called number provided here and spoke with a rep (Tom), who was very thorough and even assisted me with a free month pass until the system could take my new card info. He offered some solutions which unfortunately did not resolve the problem. So if you are in need of Zune tech support, call and ask for Tom, he is the only Tom in the dept. I am satisfied with the service I received today.

Posted by [email protected]!M

I dropped my Zune HD in water cup and they replaced it for FREE and in 2 days ONLY. They paid for 2 way shipping! I couldn't be happier. Thanks Microsoft!

Posted by imakansasgirl

I just called the number listed here and someone picked up right away and helped me with my small problems. They gave me a case number in case I needed to call back. It was very smooth, quick and easy. Maybe Microsoft is listening????? You might try them again.

Posted by guess

service was very helpful

Posted by yo

zune service is fine just that the cancellation process sucks and the service option for zune

Posted by audiomagnate

I've owned three different Zunes over the years and had to call at least 10 times. All I can say is that they are pretty clueless and hard to understand, but they do try to solve your problem. Twenty years ago this level of customer service would have unacceptable, but compared to Dell, Samsung etc. I have to give Zune a positive rating for at least trying to solve problems.

Posted by Softballmack

As much as I hate out sourcing, the lady I talked to was pretty nice and spoke decent english (except for calling me Chappy when in my name is Jeffery...lol).

I am military and have had many different addresses and phone numbers so I did have some issues verfying my account information. She wouldn't tell me if I was giving her the correct phone number. I just kept guessing and she was very hesitant to give me any information...but very patient and was able to take care of my billing issues. Now, it remains to be seen if they will take care of my broken 4GB Zune. For some reason they are showing that the warranty has expired even though I bought it less than a year ago. They are disputing the expired warranty but i'm not holding my breathe that it will be corrected. I do have the receipt though so that will help.

As far as the Zune goes, I have had two 4GB and both have broken but my old 30GB is still going strong with the only issue being the 2009 New Years Day fiasco.

Posted by Anonymous

number worked good for me, just push 0 a bunch of times untill you get a live person. Be prepared to wait on hold for a while while listening to really annoying music and have a hard time hearing the person when they actually pick up the line.
The customer service person actually took care of my problem though.
I canceled my ZUNE account....ZUNE really really really sucks!!! dont buy, just get rid of the damn thing

Posted by emrssuperfy

thnx so much i called the number and im finally getting my zune fix im sooo happy i can wait!!

Posted by DiveAtlas.com

Worked beautifully and the service rep was very helpful.

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Posted by pogiawid

i feel bad for you all... i was on the customer service/technical support of zune. They made a decision to end phone support and just do chat instead, which I know is not that helpful.

Zune customer support stopped just 2 months ago. It was a business decision, we at the support team didnt like it obviously...we had to be moved somewhere else. I feel for you all.


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