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Zoosk customer service is ranked #910 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 16.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 219 ratings. This score rates Zoosk customer service and customer support as Terrible.


216 Negative Comments out of 219 Total Comments is 98.63%.


3 Positive Comments out of 219 Total Comments is 1.37%.

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  • Zoosk

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 16.97 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 216 negative comments (98.63%)
    • 3 positive comments (1.37%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.1 Issue Resolution
    • 1.5 Reachability
    • 1.3 Cancellation
    • 2.1 Friendliness
    • 1.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by love2laugh

Fake messages sent from my account...no support...no clarification...no reasonable resolution...no reassurance the problem is resolved...NO REFUND!!!

Posted by significantlyclassy

hello i paid for six months subscription in full for �£ 59.94 and have been charged another �£57 could you please contact me

Posted by Tinkerbell1962

I have an account which I took out at the end of August for six months which isn't due to run out till end of feb so why does it keep coming up with errors and wont let me send messages.

Posted by Dee

I am highly dissatisfied. we don't have Australian contact number so we have to pay international rates for calling zoos call centre based in USA. My account suddenly had my profile pics disappeared and its asked me to upload it again. I can't even talk to members I was already chatting with till last night and can't even see their pics. this is ridiculous. Why should I be charged for service?

Posted by Bonnie blue eyes

I only want to see men that are within 20-25 miles of REDDING, CA I am wasting my money and time getting all these other profiles. I specified distance and it does not work. Help. Bonni thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

My name is Julie. I paid $29.95 only for the dating website. The payment was made on 11-18-17. I did not pay for escort services. Please remove the phrase ââ?¬Å?escort servicesââ?¬Â? from my bank instution. If you donot remove ââ?¬Å?escort servicesââ?¬Â? on the invoice that you sent over to my bank instution, then I would like a total reimbursement back. I need a response ASAP. If this is not resolved by 12-1-17, I will put in a claim against the company My phone number

Thank you for your time in this matter.


Posted by Joce lyn

Please cut my membership and put it back my 29 bucks, i just subscribe for 1 month...i could not open my account because you block it so that i will end for my subscription.my email address

Posted by Elegant

I joined with MasterCard today..Nov 13,2017 and have not received a confirmation OR ANY MESSAGES THAT YOU SAY THAT I HAVE..WHERE IS CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND HOW TO ACCESS IT?Please inform me of all this .Thank you.

Posted by DodgerBlue55

Too many scammers! What are doing to correct. No place to advise to remove undesirables like Match and others have. Why? Carousel is a joke getting people over 40 miles distant. Why, does Zoosk advise someone is interested only then to be thrown into a Carousel roundabout never seeing the interested partya!

Posted by Anonymous

I was charged for another month never approved it I want this taken off my account Miss clean 622 al.com Susan Palumbo call me at 215-303-4939 thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I will be contacting the Mo attorney general because I have talked to you ppl for several mths now trying to get this resolved. My debit cd was compromised & I put a stop to this by having my debit cd stopped. My problem is that you continue to take your chgs out of my checking acct. I know that you can't be using the debit cd that was used. I no longer have that # & know that the cd has indeed been stopped thru' my bank but you somehow got my cking acct # & continue to chg my checking acct for this. My name is Charlene Braden & because I no longer have that debit cd # to provide I can't get the help I need. I'm being chged 7.49 a mth & I'm irate. I was assured when I called before giving my actual debit cd # that was apparently used for this that this was all gonna be stopped. Since the cd is NO longer active I can't fathom how on earth you are able to take it from my bank checking acct each mth. I will sue over this. My phone # You are drawing it out of my Bank with Southern Forsyth Mo. I don't feel comfortable @ this point disclosing my checking acct #. Surely you can understand that. I will be taking this up w/my bank as well.

Posted by Springtime 131

Hi I want to cancel my order effective immediately. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, l am having a hard time resigning up with zoosk. I also am hoping to not have to pay full price so if there is a promo code l would very much appreciate it. Thank you for your help,

Caroline Sempell

Posted by thunder

These sites are all connected together and will charge you for their fee even if you have never signed up for their sites. Been charged for several sites and only signed up for one. BEWARE!
Have told serveral sites to remove off all the sites associated with and still getting charged by all kinds of sites. Very difficult to get them off your accounts have changed accounts several differant times don't know how they are finding out these accounts......

Posted by Kaz


My Name is karen (Kaz) and I wish to be removed off the Zoosk site as my profile is still there and I no longer require as I have hooked up the a guy from the site. He is also looking at coming off the site as well but also having difficulty having his profile removed.

My profile has been deactivated but I want it removed completely as still getting messages but can't reply so not fair on the other guys.

Thank you

Posted by Ulf

Customer service doesn't exist.There is only an answer phone with no reply.

Posted by beck

i originally selected "woman looking for woman" when i took out 1 month subscription.

it appears as though i am on "woman looking for man" search selection.

can this please be corrected and my 1 month membership start from date of correction.


"beck" -

Posted by Boldly Kind

I would have preferred to remain active with the site. My location was never completely corrected. Contacts were hundreds of miles away! Notifications were not routed properly. I repeatedly requested assistance. I'm disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I need a contact e mail for Zoosk Australia. I have cancelled subscription and still the monthly payment is being taken out each month


Posted by greasyboots

Zoosk's "unsubscribe" function does not work. It leads you in a circle, i think deliberately.
They have a variety of phone numbers, all of which are either constantly busy, "cannot help you at this time" or in other ways truly can't help you at this time or any other.
AFTER WEEKS OF ATTEMPTS, I REACHED THEM. IF YOU WANT TO "UNSUBSCRIBE" (or, as i put it, STOP THE DAMN EMAILS), enter "4" after you're connected. Here is the number through which i reached them: 888 939 6675.
EVERYONE should realize that "dating sites" in general are dangerous. Whatever their "nature", they are businesses. Anyone, everyone, is twice a target: for their lonely hearts, & for their wallets.
By making cancellation difficult, site operators don't lose income and have prospects of increasing income. Zoosk is a real offender in this. I can't see ANY "up" side for them in this behavior. Giving them the benefit of doubt, any good they do or mean to do is cancelled by treating people badly. Someone who's not your customer today may become your customer tomorrow, but not if you give them a bad time. The only explanations i can imagine for a nonworking "unsubscribe" function are error, or intent. If this doesn't work by error they oughta fix it; if it's intent it may take awhile but they'll ultimately come to grief.
Meantime, i'm glad my grief from their flood of unwanted messages is done; but it took too long & as their reward for giving me a hard time i tell anyone reading this DON'T USE ZOOSK.

Posted by Anonymous

Zoosk.com.au is most difficult to access here in Australia / I have sent multiple emails to zoosk to NO avail / VERY FRUSTRATING /

Posted by Bam bam

I have cancelled my subscription with zoosk so why is it that I'm still having money taken out of my bank account????!!!! This is the 3rd time I'm contacting my bank I'm not impressed at all

Posted by Joshua Creek

You can't ever get ahold of these guys if there's a problem

Posted by uvjoey

Oh boy you guys are in trouble. I just found out that my account was blocked because it had been compromised or in my words hacked. You bastards didn't even notify me yet you didn't allow me as a paying customer to access to my account. When I tried to access it it said that I was using the wrong email address. When I called your 888 number today they told me that I was compromised or hacked. When Targett was hacked their consumers were notified, when our government was hacked the public was informed. What the hell makes you so special? I tried to ask the representative from zoosk who hacked my account and they said that there was no further information and to follow up with which doesn't exsist. So now I will contact my lawyer and sue your asses. I'll be in touch

Posted by Tammydoll

I am really disappointed this time round. I was offered and sent a 50% discount code for subscription and renewal. I entered this and it showed the discounted price so i clicked process payment. Upon checking my account I was charged 100% full price. I wrote to Zoosk customer support 4 days ago ..i had an email 24 hrs later asking me if i would either like a part refund on the 50% discount or a 25% discount code for future use. I replied I would like the 50% overcharge to be refunded and now 4 days later I dtill have no refund nor any more contact from Zoosk. On top of this I am unable to reply to messages or send any whilst it shows my account is active and paid. I have had no response to the 5 emails sent regarding this. Ive been a member before and never had issues like this. I am utterly appalled and its taking crazy amount of time waiting hopefully for a response whike those who have messaged me must think im ignoring them...not great 1st impression. I hope someone from zoosk gets back to me or ill have to report this to my bank.

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Posted by Anonymous

Hello my account has been blocked by zoosk administration I've tryed to open new accounts and keep getting same thing blocked by zoosk administration when I try to subscribe is there anyway this can be fixed as i have learnt my lesson as I'm still learning can u help thx

Posted by Anonymous

Why have you taken money out my account £25 for this month when I olny want last month I didn't say u can take this month out .

Posted by DerekB

I had a problem with my account where Paypal had advised Zoosk that I was disputing the payment. This was not true as I had been contacted by Paypal and assured them the payment was legitimate.
I phoned the above number (after sending several emails) and got through to a lady in Zoosk customer service. She was very helpful and my account was reinstated after a short investigation... so there is hope if you persist, Derek (UK)

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