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ZoneAlarm customer service is ranked #716 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates ZoneAlarm customer service and customer support as Terrible.


27 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 25.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 27 negative comments (100.00%)
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Devin

I have tried to get in touch with customer service and chatted many different numbers but no one seems to be able to help. I thought I needed to have ZoneAlarm renewed but my Spectrum has given me a free program and I can't seem to get yours off my internet. I need to cancel it. I don't care about a refund only need to have it taken off my computer.

Posted by ZA Sucks

Had a weird gif appear on my screen, and "lock" & "unlock" gif that took around 45 seconds to run, took video of it, contacted ZA, after some "Weird" questions (which i thought AI) they stressed they could only accept .png + files and no video, and was promptly booted for calling the AI "Stoopit", after i felt the issues was a serious breech, i re-contacted them, got the same (indian - american) agent, we talked, they stated, reload ZA, restart, and good luck, HOLY CRAP!!! that is scary, on sooooo many levels, considering, YOU have not seen the video, that i TRIED to give to them, but ZA rejected....ya.....

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to get in touch with customer service and called many different numbers but no one seems to be able to help. I thought I needed to have Zone Alarm renewed but my Comcast has given me a free program and I can't seem to get yours off my internet. I need to cancel it. I don't care about a refund only need to have it taken off my computer.

Posted by Steve Smith

I was having issues with zonealarn error was keep on popping up firewall is detecting a problem i followed a video and got the problem fixed you might follow it the same if you are having similar kind of issue with zonealarm

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to contact this company with problems with my zonealarm to which I received no response. I have asked for a refund to which I keep getting the runaround.The support numbers I have tried to contact and both the numbers are not connected. What a great way to run a business!!!!!

Posted by Peter Hallmark

I used to like the previous version of Zone Alarm -- from about 3-4 years ago. I just never got around to telling you this until now, because after years of the current version, Zone Alarm has really really really become annoying.

With the previous version, "Remember This Setting" box was not checked off by default. It used to be that I had to check this box each time to allow software to get past Zone Alarm. But once checked (if that's what I wanted), I wouldn't see the program request again because that firewall setting was remembered for that program.

If you're like me, however -- and many people are -- I prefer to give firewall permission to run the program each time it requests it, and I don't want to have to uncheck the box every single time! Every single time!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

Again, I really liked when Zone Alarm would ask me each time to allow a program to run without the annoying "Remember This Setting Box" always being checked off by default. Now I have to manually uncheck this box each time. Ad nauseam.

With the previous version, keep in mind that if someone didn't want to see the "Remember This Setting" firewall warning come up for a program, one simply had to check the box. That's also true of the current version. But if you want to have more control of what your firewall allows, you want to be able to give it permission each time without having to uncheck the "Remember This Setting Box" each and every time.

Posted by Anonymous

Impossible to contact by phone. Extremely difficult to cancel and remove from computer. Portions are hidden as Kaspersky. Months after cancellation and removal, ZoneAlarm has the nerve to renew subscription using a two year old credit card!

Posted by Anonymous

My esperience with zoneAlarm is terrible. They are useless. They don't answer questions. They don't reply to emails. They don't continue with started tickets. I want to Change the Company and get Software from other sources.
All I want is a fast refund of all the Money they charged me.

Posted by Anonymous

Got email saying subscription is to renew in 2 weeks. Do no renew. I want ut cancelled. This has not been on my computer for a very long time.

Posted by Anonymous

After purchasing a 2-year extension to my Extreme Security contract, I ordered the cd-rom backup & used it to install the program on my second computer, a laptop. The laptop has Windows 10 & refused the installation. Two techs & hours later & the old Zone Alarm security was finally uninstalled & the new one Windows 10 compatible download was installed. My beef: Zone Alarm sent me a cd-rom backup they knew would not work with Windows 10. When it didn't, the techs refused to give me a refund, but gave me extra days, which was recognized on my tower computer, but not the laptop. I am very angry with this company right now.

Posted by Anonymous

I was given detailed instructions to remove my 4 month old outdated version of Zone alarm and the link I was given to reinstall the download will not work, Pc says PAGE NOT FOUND!! Of course there is absolutely no way I have found to talk to a live person so I am abandoning Zone Alarm!! I will also be sure and pass this on!!

Posted by Kathy-Lee

After the passing of my father, I tried to renew the zone alarm on his computer for my Mum, except after purchasing it, it said I had to uninstall the previous version. I am unable to do so because i don't know my father's password. I have emailed twice to zone alarm asking for a refund and/or help. I have also tried calling them on numerous occassions within my 30 days policy return limit to request a refund, but everytime I call it says that they are closed and to call back between 6am and 10pm central time.....problem is I am calling between 6am and 10pm central time. If this was in Australia i could call the ACCC.....but it is in the US and so I have absolutely know idea what else to do. ZONE ALARM ANSWER YOUR EMAILS!!!! Not happy!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had my credited card debited 4 times today though your web site says there is an error. There is no one I can call as the site just loops me round in circles.

Posted by lady p

I have Zone Alarm Pro. I have never managed to update it. I tried customer support three times but they were unhelpful. I've spent hours and hours on this and will now give up

Posted by Anonymous

No email to customer services was ever answered. Online support staff was consistently polite. "Help" was offered on a routine path, despite the ticket information and despite my request to skip the routine and move to the problem. Refund was equally deflected by making false claims about my account. To sum up: my impression is that ZoneAlarm support is an automatic service with human voices. It will run along the principle, "keep support going irrespective of whether you can give support or not. Avoid the company having to pay out a refund."

Posted by Mr Jimbojet2you

Today the 19 of juli 2014, I contacted zonealarm about a update matter. Mr Trent did not no where he was talking about so the conversation went a little mixed up. What was going on, Mr trent ( if it is his real name ) said to me that version 131.211.000 was the latest version but I installed version 132.015.000. Zonealarm did not update my paid version so I did not have the latest stable version.This was his answer: I am sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately not all versions are pushed through Update. but like I stated in our last chat version is the latest full download we have ( WRONG ). So mister Trent is wrong and is working in the wrong place! I quit using Zonealarm right now! What a waste of service and program ( guess i'm going back to Comodo ).this was the last he said: Trent M.: Is there anything else I can assist you with today? What a way to stand by a consumer!Trent M.: All right, ***, have a great day!
Trent M.: Thank you for chatting with me. We welcome your feedback: please CLICK HERE to complete our Exit Survey or click the Exit Chat button.

So goodbye to you Zonealarm and that thanks to mister M Trent you have a good day too.

Posted by Anonymous

today is Monday 14 july 2014 when I started using zone alarm my email address was but that has been cancelled five or six years ago and I have not used your product and although I no longer exist as barryharris 6 you still take $70.00 or more a year from my credit card I want you to stop and send me notification that you have stopped taking it from me my current email address is I thank you for stopping taking my money of me barry harris.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to let you know I am, after over 10 years, no longer a customer of yours because of the horrible, browser hijacking, obnoxious experience I had trying to update my version of ZoneAlerm. The only version I could download was the free version, I have a license for zone alarm security suite for another year, but your crappy free edition is so invasive that I want nothing to do with your company ever again. . You should be ashamed.

Posted by Ravidlow

Just bought the latest version of ZoneAlarm (May 2014). Prior to the purchase I read their User Manual. I ran into some problems using their 'Expert Rules' and decided to use their chat support. On my first attempt I didn't get any real answers, so I tried again. I took great care to explain that I needed help with Expert Rules. The agent decided to answer a question about using a VPN. After two more attempts and answers about the VPN, I responded (in CAPITAL letters) that I had no interest in the VPN support and wanted to ask - yet again - about 'Expert Rules'. I was then told that "we don't support "Expert Rules" (?!#@). Egads. Expert Rules are an important part of the product and are NOT SUPPORTED?? I escalated my request to a so-called expert and was again told that "Expert Rules are NOT SUPPORTED".

In the course of all this, two agents basically "hung up" on me by abruptly terminating the chat session.

Time to ask for my money back.

Posted by Anonymous

Zonealarm does not have a live person to talk to. Horrible billing support experience for refunds.

Posted by Moonwynd

You can not talk to a live tech support person. My fingers are tired for all the typing I had to do to try to get my problem solved, which it wasn't. I gave the web address of the suspicious site of my question which said that I had 3 severe threats to my computer. This has popped up before recently, but I ignored cuz after running scans ZA said all OK. In Chat, as that is the only way to get help, I was given a huge technical computer code looking set of directions, which I said I didn't understand, and then I'm supposed to pick out suspicious looking programs and delete them. WHAT!!! How do I know what is suspicious & isn't that what I bought this program to do for me. I told him I did not understand and would end up taking it in to a repair shop & paying for someone to check my computer. He commented that I had an "older version" of ZA software, which I responded I just bought a few months ago. He ended chat saying good luck & there was nothing else he could do for me. Although I like the way their program lets me customize things so much I risked trying them again, after having a problem a few years ago, I will be searching for another company as I won't buy from them again. Something changed, cuz several years ago they had a good product with good support, but last few years they've gone downhill fast. They used to have a top rating from PC mag's website several years ago, but not even on the list the last few, and now I know why.

Posted by rach3

zone alarm asks me t download and update, which i did, but it won't install and THERE IS NO WAY shown on their website how to contact anyone about it. the tech page 'submit' question doesn't work, there is no number to call, no chat function, no one to email. they used to be good, now they are less than that.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like a file remove tool for Free Anti Virus Firewall file under check point

and since you deal with Tech Wiki of which I had a bad experience some time ago I don't want to be involved with them at all. The name of the file that I can't remove is: ZA Privacy Service and with that file still on my computer I am not able to download any kind of virus protection. When I downloaded windows 8.! Pro I got a message that the Free Virus and Firewall was not compatible. I removed it with the except of the above mentioned file. I have gotten from Zone Alarm in the past a removal or cleanup tool free of charge!!! Please email a link for a free clean up tool.


How is it possible for you to take money from my bank account without my authority or consent. Just because I did this last year did not mean I wanted you to automatically do it again. I had already noticed a discount that I was going to use when I saw on my present bank statement dated July 1, 2013 for $69.95 that you guys had already helped yourself to money that is not yours. When I tried everything to reach you, I thought maybe through customer service since I am due to renew. But guess what, some how you guys were not available. I am reporting this to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and my bank since this seems very much like a scam, some of us call it double billing. I could not and would not okay anything because there was no warning, or email telling, informing or letting me know what was going on. My name is Evelyn Fowler, email address is I would truly appreciate a email telling me that my zone alarm is back up or something that I can download after all I have paid for something that I did not ask for. email me please:

my name is Evelyn Fowler, you should be able to find it easily since you already have been paid.

Posted by john 11715

was doubled billed Jan and Feb, cancelled one in feb, Credit on my copy shows 69.95 on Card copy show 74.32. ONe month you add tax Feb. one month you dontJan NOT Fair,, Called to speak to Manager, John said no help will have to disconnect.. or release this call. can NOT help you... so hung up...john 11715....not a very helpful person at all .. will never. ever want to deal with a rep like him.. Also asked for manager and was told they only Email????

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