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Posted by James

12/11/2014 at approx 0830 hours I called customer service with a problem. The person that came on the line was not very helpful. First she did not know the product I had (Zenith Mdl # SBV342. She says I should a lens cleaner to solve the problem. My problem is the machine is stuck in Progressive Scan Mode which means the picture does not come up. The sound works. It would be helpful to speak to a rep that one could understand so I could fix my problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Have a zenith Model "L17W36.L23W36". Lost a power cord.
Spent much time working with your helpers and received a power cord which did not work on
this TV.
Spent much time with other personal giving my problem and have yet to reached a solution??
Need to return the bad cord and hope receive the proper one.
Will return the old but need someone who can fix the proper cord.

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Posted by Anonymous

I have nothing but praise for my Zenith products. I have a console dry sink with tv in it, It is over 40 years old and still working in our gym room. Also have another one that is 33 years old and still operating in our living room. It is about time we updated to HD etc, flat screen and larger screen. Now that I read that Zentih sold out to Korea based plant, I'm not sure I would get the same lasting product as before. But thanks to Zenith for making such a good product.

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