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Zara customer service is ranked #296 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 39.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 20 ratings. This score rates Zara customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


18 Negative Comments out of 20 Total Comments is 90.00%.


2 Positive Comments out of 20 Total Comments is 10.00%.

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    • 39.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 18 negative comments (90.00%)
    • 2 positive comments (10.00%)
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Not just today that is 4 days after Christmas and Zara is having a sale, but ALWAYS the lines to pay and the time your customers have to wait makes for a HORRIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Zara in this location has very few registers. The store services women, kids and men. Register employees must tag, hang up and store all returned merchandise - all while there are 20+ people waiting to pay. I don’t for a second blame the hardworking employees at this store. I blame your processes and procedures that makes me, and many others I might add, not shop in your store. I unusually peek in and look at the long lines and DONT STOP IN.
Survey your customer base and see if they don’t agree w my assessment. Zara is a multi-billion company. Come on- you can do better than this!

Posted by Em

Called customer service number and spoke to Tia. I asked for her manager and she refused to transfer me. Horrible customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a coat at Zara at the Barcelona airport on 10-16-17 as I needed a warmer coat for a trip to New York this weekend. I wore the coat and the entire weekend I was losing fringe from the edges of the coat. I love the coat but am afraid after much more wear it will be "fringe free" and look awful. This should not happen. Unfortunately, when I received my VISA bill I paid it and threw away the receipt. I have a VISA bill. We were on our way out of Spain so my husband finished all the euros he had and paid only $12.54 on VISA. I have that record. Please advise what I should do. I live in Ft. Myers Florida and there is no Zara store near me. Thanks for your prompt attention.

Posted by Leela

Quite disappointed with Zara I ordered a size 8 shoes and they sent me a size 9. When I phoned customer service to complained and the french guy who answered the phone was quite rude was arguing that I ordered a size 9 when on my order confirmation it is a size 8. They need to work on their customer service and send the right order.

Posted by Bevo

Worst experience with a return. Purchased online and returned at store. Store would not issue a receipt or refund for 3 items.Then would not return the items to me, (already paid for online transaction) stating that the return process was initiated. To date no refund. Told will take 24-48 hours for refund Have called numerous times only to be told same thing Now they have taken my money, the returned items and I am left with knowing that I will never shop at Zara or Zara online again and that I am out hard earned money. If I could rate them as zero for every aspect of customer service I would.

Posted by Toni lemler

I need return label sent for jeans ordered for my son size 7 regular fit.....they were too skinny... i only have return label for my last order. .

Posted by Marie

Telephone number you advertise does not work, I bought a top from Zara blue water and need to take back I can't get there and bought on my card how can I return ? My friend had said they are going to blue water Sunday can they get s credit note if they take back on my behalf ?

Posted by F.A

Bought boots from the Zara store located in Philadelphia. A week later my purchase, one of the boot ripped. This was an on-shelf product so I assume a lot of people tried it on (which may have caused the damage). I did not have the receipt. I thought I was able to return it back to the store since I made the transaction through my credit card, however; it was not saved in their informations system. I didn't even want to return the boots, I was seeing if there was a possibility for an exchange and they completely ignored me by saying NO. I consider this as stealing because I barely got a chance to wear my new boots and they were already torn apart within a week. This is completely ridiculous. Although I did not have a receipt, I'm pretty sure there was other ways to look up my transaction (barcode, credit card). This was a lesson learned for me and I will NEVER shop or recommend anyone to shop at Zara anymore.

Posted by JC

Staffs & or Manager(s) don't bother to see long line up at the cashier. They have 4 machines but they only use 1 & sometime just 2. I love their jackets especially, however very poor service. Store: WEM Edmonton. Not very organized setting -clothes are everywhere -just like foreve xxi... Good clothes but POOR SERVICE.

Posted by Areej


I received my order today and I would like to return because the size is wrong. However, the problem is I can't use any methods nether websites because I don't have account nor link that was sent . Because I didn't receive the conformed Email what I ordered .

May you help me!



Posted by Shopalatte

I am completely disappointed by Zara's business practices. I have been shopping with them for years and spend at least $5000 a year at stores and online.

I recently purchased several items and returned 3 out of the 7. I only received credit for one. I called and was told someone would call me back with a resolution and I did not receive a call. I then sent an email and received a canned response that they did not receive the item and that no credit would be issued. I tried calling again and all the reps do is apologize and say there is nothing they can do. I asked to speak to management and they say, it has already escalated to management and they will not issue a return.
My years of shopping with them can show them I am not a scammer who is looking to pull a fast one. I literally shop with them every week. To feel that this type of thing happens will prevent me from shopping with them again. It is not good business practice and is unethical.
Beware of those who attempt to return items. Take them to a store and if there isn't a store near you, shop else ware.

Posted by Dee

I had ordered a few items online, but since they didn't fit I had to exchange in store. Since they don't do straight exchanges for online items, I had to return my items first then purchase the new ones, which I did. I was told that the funds would be credited straight to my account in approximately 2 weeks. I waited, nothing appear so I contacted customer service. They said everything was done on their end and the refund has been processed. I check my bank statements, nothing appeared. Contacted my bank, and they said to contact the merchant again. So after a few tries back and forth I am now in the process of disputing the return. It has been 2 months and I still haven't received my credit for my purchase of more than $100 spent. I have contacted Zara customer service multiple times outlining the requirements that the bank has given me in order to investigate the issue. Every time I emailed, they kept sending me the same invoice I had received previously. I believe the representative are overlooking my emails and not reading the specific details needed. It is probably my 10th time emailing again. I made sure to use size 20 font and bolded specific words... I hope this will get their attention. It is ridiculous that it has been 2 months, going on the third and I still have not received my refund. Zara customer service is worthless and has not dealt with my issue at all. They only sent automated emails and has not looked into my issue further. It is so disappointing as I was a fan of the clothing, but after this experience I will avoid the store completely.

Posted by Anonymous

Very bad customer service
Did not accept my return because I removed 1 small tag from inside of the pants. I brought it with me. Even after they refused to take it, I asked for at least a discount on the new pair that I was going to buy,and here they said no again.
Would I return!
Oh, also, I came in the morning, and their door was locked., I looked at the security guard showing him my watch that displayed 10:04 am., he just pointed to the register where the staff meeting was help. After management and staff acknowledged me, they continued their meeting,making me and already another customer wait. The door opened at 10:06... Great time standing by the doors of the store that had to be open by then

Posted by customer 1

zara USA online service is the worst that I have ever experienced. it sends wrong cloth, it did not send right order even I sent back the wrong order and UPS has the record. You have to wait to receive the returned wrong cloth before you send my real order, but too late, my order was out of the stock after more than a week waiting. You do not return my money, but sent me a gift card to bound me to your store. Each time when I called your interpretative could not find the track number..... what a shame, You do not even have a place allow customer to rate your cloth and server! so much worse then AMAZON and J. Crew.

Posted by Anonymous

Very upset I shop at this store all time !!! This is my last time bought a jacket at the cross county location tried to return its two day over the month and the manager wouldn't accept my return

Posted by Jo

I Bought Some Clothing In Spain While On Holiday And Wanted To Exchange Them On My Return To Ireland But Have Been Advised That They Don't Do Exchanges From Another Country. I Was Advised That The Prices Are Different. Prices Are Different, But I Am Only Looking For The Price I Paid. This Is A Totally Ridicilious Excuse As Other Clothing Chains Can Exchange / Refund From Other Countries.
As A Frequent Purchaser In Zara I Am Very Disappointed With Their Return Policy.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with the comment above. Zara's has no customer service. I bought a dress that was made of poor quality fabric. They wouldn't give me any type of credit, exchange etc. They sounded like the automated machines.

Posted by stdjmax

I bought 2 sweatshirts and the tear apart within 2 week of use.
I do not recommend to shop from this shop as your cloth will fall apart and they not refund or at least exchange. I recommend TK max. Always refund or exchange.
The reason of not refund, the manager she saying is not manufacturing fault, claiming that i tear them apart,

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Posted by Sys

Dear Zara. I like everything about the store, I'm shopping from Zara Canada. But if anyone reads these commented I'd like to make a time saving suggestion. Please make better hangers for the clothing. It's the only store I shop at that has a multitude of clothing articles on the floor. Staff members can't pick up fast enough. I just walked into the store and had dropped 8 articles of clothing and then spent time fiddling with it, the just throw it onto the surmounting heap of clothing that others have given up too.

Please consider making a small change to this. You will find less damaged goods and better allocated staff. I hear them grunt often when they hear another hanger fall. Happens more than it should

Posted by mxw

Excellent - five people asked if I needed assistance, as opposed to ZERO in MYER MELBOURNE!!! Keep it up Zara, I spent over $600 on Friday night and will definitely be spending all my well earned dollars with you.

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