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Zappos customer service is ranked #2 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 169.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 52 ratings. This score rates Zappos customer service and customer support as Satisfying.


11 Negative Comments out of 52 Total Comments is 21.15%.


41 Positive Comments out of 52 Total Comments is 78.85%.

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Satisfying Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Zappos

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 169.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 11 negative comments (21.15%)
    • 41 positive comments (78.85%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 8.7 Issue Resolution
    • 9.3 Reachability
    • 9.1 Cancellation
    • 9.3 Friendliness
    • 9.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by ptrusk

After ordering a pair of shoes for my 91-year old mother, we discovered that the size ordered was too small. The agent on their online chat service was very knowledgeable, very courteous, and TOTALLY solved the problem at no cost to us, and with true efficiency. These folks customer service is about the best I've seen recently!

Posted by kbennett

Zappos Rocks! I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. Returns are easy and the customer service team is awesome. Love love love!

Posted by atlanticdare

Love this company, super fast shipping. I returned a pair of shoes which I bought 9 months before, never worn but I never got around to returning them. Zappo's took them back and within 3 days I had my refund. I will continue to shop with them.

Posted by Revan Schwartz

I always thought that American Express had good customer service, however, I was blown away with the great customer service of ZAPPOS today. I had a problem with a pair of sandles that I purchased 363 days ago and they are exchnaging it for a new pair at no cost, no shipping expense, and it was at their suggestion! They can rest assured from this point forward that any purchase that I can make through them will ecrtainly be done through them!

Posted by Shoes4Me

Best service on the planet!

Posted by miamiice

They are the best. Ship both ways free, fast, easy, and when you need to call, which is very rare, they are very helpful. They are the high bar that all companies should strive for.

Posted by Ben

The customer service was very fast and friendly! I had a problem with a gift card not being accepted on the website, so I called and gave the operator my email address and she resolved the issue with no further information!

The call took 2 minutes at most, and the operator bumped my order up to first class shipping for free.

I will definitley shop at more often.

Posted by Pete

Ordered running shoes on a Monday morning with regular ground shipping in South Alabama, arrived next day, pleasantly surprised at fast delivery. But shoes too small, called the toll free return number and was immediately emailed a prepaid return address with barcode. At same time I ordered a larger size of same shoe. The replacement pair arrived the NEXT day before I had chance to drop off return package to local UPS pickup store.

Posted by cancermonk

Love Zappos! I have ordered many shoes from them (and returned many)...they never complain, EVER. The UPS man does though! In fact, instead of cutting me off (for so many returned shoes) they bumped me up to VIP status. Now I receive my orders with next day shipping! BOOYEA! Have you ever had to call them for customer service. The people that answer the phones are a riot. Upbeat, courteous, polite and FUNNY! I have been a happy customer for over 3 years and they never cease to amaze me. Customer Service is NOT dead...Look to Zappos. Trust me...I am the fussiest crab you will ever meet. Never met another company like them.

Posted by Anonymous

Zappos is awesome! They are an example of what other companies should be.

Posted by Cori

I love Zappos. The selection of styles and sizes for kids shoes is outstanding. I don't even bother going to the store anymore. After tons of great experiences with them, I had 1 bad but they fixed it right away. A $50 pair of shoes my 7 yr old had for 1 week started coming apart so I wanted a replacement. The CS rep was like but they are worn. I said, they are defective. She said well this ONE time we'll replace them but we don't do that. I was taken aback because they are known for their customer service. New shoes came, same thing happened. Defective manufacturing. Called again to return and told them about my negative experience, this rep apologized and said she was going to upgrade me to VIP status so we would always get free next day delivery AND she gave me a $50 coupon AND she said send the shoes back again for a credit. That, is why I love Zappos. Order today, get it tomorrow!

Posted by Shoesy

Zappos may be my favorite company in the world. I have ordered many shoes from them (my kids won't even go shoe shopping anymore - they find it so much easier to find what they want on Zappos).

I also like that you can read "real person" reviews of most of the shoes.

Well, this last time the shoes didn't fit. Mind you, I hit the "send" button and placed the order at 5p.m. on a Thursday and the shoes were at my doorstep before 10a.m. on Friday (how do they do that????). The return process was so easy - the shoes were gone by Friday afternoon and the refund was immediate (I asked for credit, I will 100% certainly use it).

I wish every company could be like Zappos.

Posted by Flaka

I have ordered about 3 times from Zappos. They are the best in customer service that I have EVER experienced. They have the fastest shipping ever. Standard shipping comes in two business days! Excellent job.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had nothing but good experiences with Zappos. Returns are easy, (and free!), and they are always willing to do an exchange or out and out refund. Never had a problem. They also ship waaaay faster than I expect.

Posted by rdking647

i ordered from zappos. I screwed up when i ordered,i needed next day shipping when i ordered and i forgot do do it. called zappos and the send my shoes next day air and they paid for it. Ive ordered from them several times since and have always had great experiences

Posted by Anonymous

Great CS. When I had a non-delivery they credited it immediately. Always friendly and helpful


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