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Zappos customer service is ranked #2 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 169.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 52 ratings. This score rates Zappos customer service and customer support as Satisfying.


11 Negative Comments out of 52 Total Comments is 21.15%.


41 Positive Comments out of 52 Total Comments is 78.85%.

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    • 169.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 11 negative comments (21.15%)
    • 41 positive comments (78.85%)
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    • 8.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I received an answer to my email about returning a pair of shoes about 3 weeks ago.
I still have not received the return material. When can I expect to hear from you?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair a boots for my boyfriend about a year ago and they were too big. He never wore them and are still in the. Oz. Is there any way I can return them if I don't have the original shipping slip?

Posted by KatieHabs

I bought a paid of birkenstocks in June. They are ripping where the leather is attached to the cork by the toes. Can I exchange them?

Posted by Anonymous

Zappos is probably the best shoe store on the Internet. They're 1-year return policy, excellent customer service, and free-shipping are all compelling attributes. However, I have a few "bones" to pick with them.
1. They are pricey. You are probably paying full retail unless it is a sale or clearance item. Even then, you can probably do better elsewhere either on line or brick-and-mortar;
2. They are branching out into other clothing offerings and the quality is questionable. They should just stick with high-quality shoes.
3. Their consistency with product availability is poor. I have often found my size and width "n/a". Requesting a notice when the size does come in can take a long time.

That's all.

Posted by jtamar

I used to buy shoes from Zappos all the time, found it easy. Recently, though, my printer broke and when I asked them to mail me a return label it became impossible to get one. Repeatedly they said it was mailed, never arrived. So I am sitting with these shoes for ages now, can't return them because they don't have a store and can't seem to mail a return label to a customer. Will not buy from them again; I never have this problem with, which is also a superior vendor because they offer substantial discounts to return customers. They will eventually drive Zappos out of business.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I had both a rep and manager who were totally inept at helping me. The rep could not find the product I had ordered before and the manager said the item they had didn't match what I had ordered before. As it turns out it was the exact same SKU number of my prior order so it was identical. This manager was more concerned with being right than admitting he had made a mistake. This call took up my entire work break and I feel neither one of these Zappos employees should be helping customers with this non customer service approach. Very frustrated and angry this manager kept trying to prove me wrong when he was wrong! Still fuming.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't begin to tell you how much I love your customer service policies. I don't want to buy anything online unless I can get it from Zappos! I found the perfect shoes for my daughter's wedding and ordered them five months in advance. My broken foot is still healing and can't yet fit into my regular size. Because I got the shoes from Zappos, I don't need to worry if I need to go up in size to fit my foot if still doesn't fit by the wedding. I may even keep these and also get a larger size just to wear one of each. Only because it's Zappos do I not mind spending more money, because I know I will be getting great deals and service from them for the rest of my life.

Posted by zapped by zappos

It is a shame that Zappos service has gone down hill. Good luck if UPS looses your package. Neither Zappos or UPS really want to help.

Posted by gwsample

I had a problem with a recent order from zappos, I have tried calling them 3 days in a row but just get a recording. Their online chat doesn't work either. I finally emailed them today, but so far I have been unable to make any progress getting a hold of their customer support. So much for the 24/7 1-800 number listed on their main page claiming they are available 24/7 to server their customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Why does Zappo's have 'canned' comment to customers who request the return shipping label be sent by regular 'snail' mail?

My printer is currently not working and a message appeared that implied I was too cheap to buy toner!!!!

I think this means they are too cheap to supply a written label. If it was meant to be funny, it wasn't.

Posted by tdinac

Today I discovered two unauthorized payments to Zappos on my bank statement, one dated July 19 for $624. The other for $39.95. I called Zappo's customer service. They confirmed that both were unauthorized. However, because the $664 shipment was delivered (only they know where), despite the fact that they made the mistake, they will not return my money until I process the dispute through the bank which will take another 2-3 weeks. Unbelievable! I asked many times to speak with a supervisor and was denied. I am confident I will get my money back in another month or so.

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Posted by DD

Zappos customer service is mind blowing!! I bought a pretty expensive purse from them about a year ago, and it already started falling apart. I had no idea they had a 1 year return policy, but thought I would ask if I could get 50% store credit or anything. I just wanted to give the purse back. They were willing to give me a full refund. I opted for an exchange, as I just wanted a quality purse. I was left speechless with how quickly everything was processed & taken care of. Zappos is the best company I have ever shopped with.

Posted by FG

Treats employees well. Great customer service. I am now a sold-out-zappos-only-shoe-buyer!!

Posted by Anonymous

I LOVE Zappos. They truly have the best representatives. I want to give a special shout out to Bianca with whom I spoke to yesterday when placing my order. She was delightful, friendly and efficient. I understand she is relatively new @ Zappos as we were talking a bit about Thanksgiving and how I have to work. She mentioned working for Zappos this year she will have the day off. A great addition to your staff.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a pair of shoes for my spouse and I and neither fit. Zappos customer service was super friendly and had the correct sizes in the mail the next day. They also paid for my return shipping.

Posted by Mahagoneyman

Easy peazy. Good website. Decent prices. No sales tax. Quick, accurate and friendly customer service for returns.

Posted by hAPPY IN fLORIDA

What's not to like about Zappos? They have it all; however, I seldom buy unless on sale...

Posted by madmit

I had shoes in my cart at a particular price, and less than 10 hours later, i went to purchase them and they were $40 higher, so i chatted online with a CSR and was told they would honor the price and when i called Zappos, i was told the shoes were never at my stated price.

Posted by Anonymous

Always easy and a pleasure to work with. Best return policy in the industry.

Posted by Zappo fan

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Zappos - they rock consistently in every way. Never ever had an issue, they are fun to deal with, products are great, and they know what they are doing professionally.

Posted by Some Guy from NH

Zappos sent me the wrong item. I ordered men's jeans and somehow got a $60 women's knit hat. So, I called them. What fantastic and friendly customer service! They sent my jeans out immediately and told me to keep the hat for my troubles. So, I got my jeans and a sweet present for the wife for winter!

Posted by Anonymous

This company is THE best! Give free ups upgrade shipping. I had to return a pair of shoes..called them and they immediately sent me another pair without waiting for my return..and get this...the replacement shoes were sent 2nd day air ups, which was also no charge! have dealt with them for years and they are the best!

Posted by Anonymous

Zappos has phenomenal customer service, including rapid free delivery. It is my go to site for my son's shoes and specialized adult footwear.

The only thing I would do to improve the site is to add high-end designer clearance items at prices that are competitive with sites like bluefly or smartbargains. Implementing that change might compromise the extremely generous return period, which is more important to me.

Posted by bhe2212

Love this company. Although the prices are a bit too high (in some cases), Zappos is reliable, efficient, and super friendly that I always enjoy purchasing from them.

Posted by bansley

I just had the best customer service experience I have ever had and I am 70 years old.

Posted by Anonymous

They are awesome. The easiest return ever

Posted by Anonymous

They are the nicest people in earth and have spoiled me for all other customer service experiences!

Posted by vidclickr

The absolute model for best-level customer service, from a fantastically easy and attractive website through easy ordering and blindingly fast shipping. Returns couldn't be easier, and they're free. Who could ask for better?

Posted by LMD

Always there, always helpful, always fabulous!

Posted by Anonymous

They have the best service i've ever experienced online.


Zappos is great.They respond quickly and do the best they can to help you.I had accidently ordered the wrong size and they changed the size for me,I never thought it was so fast and easy. If you are looking for good customer service than I strongly reccomend Zappos.

Posted by Odette Grazina

I just called Zappos in reference to a problem with a pair of Ugg boots.I spoke to someone by the name of Barbara who was wonderful,she took care of my problem immediatley .This is what you call customer service,I will make it a point to use Zappos in the future when I need to order on line.Great service A+A+A+
Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

We have been very happy with their shipping and exchange policies. One of the best. If only all online shopping worked this way!

Posted by wyhes

ZAPPO'S is an amazing company with outstanding customer service. I have ordered shoes at ten o'clock in the evening to have them arrive the next day. And returning is a breeze. LOVE this company.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not surprised this company is rated one of the best. I've been purchasing shoes from them since 2004. For the longest time they sent them to me Overnight Express free of charge. Anytime I've needed to return anything, they provided a postage paid shipping label and the refunds would be processed in about 3-5 days. I don't really know any other companies that work so efficiently.

Posted by smetivier

LOVE LOVE LOVE this company.

Talk about a company who strives on customer satisfaction. They go out of their way to make things right.

As long as they continue this way I will not buy my shoes anywhere else. In fact I try to buy everything I can through them... they rock!

EXCELLENT return policy! A+ :-)

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