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Younkers customer service is ranked #452 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.16 out of a possible 200 based upon 18 ratings. This score rates Younkers customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


17 Negative Comments out of 18 Total Comments is 94.44%.


1 Positive Comment out of 18 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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    • 33.16 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 17 negative comments (94.44%)
    • 1 positive comments (5.56%)
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Posted by JJ

I received a set of sheets from my sister in the mail, she ordered them online. They were such poor quality and defective because the king sheets were way too big for my bed. I had to pay 9.95 shipping which now I do not get back. When I called Younkers to inquire how I return them the woman on the phone was so rude. I asked about shipping costs and her reply was so curt and abrupt. Seems to me no one cares about customer service any more. I have been a Younkers customer for 30 yrs, in great standing but Younkers doesn't care . Do not buy the living quarters brand of sheets btw, awful quality .

Posted by Dissatisfied and Confused

Had a horrible experience with returns. When returning items at store with original receipt, a notice came from the register that I was forbidden to return any items and if I had questions to call the 800 number for Retail Equation, which I did. Was told that I could not return anything for 180 days yet no one could explain why this was the case when I have been a Younkers charge customer since 1980, my account was in perfect standing, had always had my receipt and tags, and now a couple of weeks before Christmas I was forbidden to return or exchange anything. No reason given, but said that I could appeal in writing, which I did. A couple of weeks later received a letter back stating that was their policy, but no other reasoning. I have called the corporate office as well as asked to speak with supervisors and have sat on hold only to be disconnected. Now I hear the store is closing and I am very upset to think I have been a loyal customer all these years and feel like there is no excuse for what I am going through. I wish there was someone who could give me some direction on this. I feel like I have tried everything.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered two outside decorations on line and had to return both. They shipped something I didn't order (item # was one digit different) and the other item was broken when I opened the packaging. Return instructions say I will be charged postage on each large pkg even though neither problem was my fault. Younkers would not ship the correct items until return processing was complete on their end (possibly a couple of weeks)and my credit card was already charged for both items. No Younkers store in my rural area.


Your employee Trey Chandler is probably one of the rudest I have ever met in my life. I don't understand how someone like him can work at your store. You have lost a customer as long as people like that is who you are employing. Have standards of the way your employees treat your customers!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had to pay the $8.65 on my return. It said just drop your package in any mail box. I did that next day there was a envelope in my mail box that I owed the $8.65 for package on my return. So am paying the $8.65 on the return. Do I get that back.? THANK YOU. I am returning some shower curtains. order

Posted by [email protected]

Drove across town to Younkers on my lunch to get a pair of sun glasses that
were in the weekly ad only to be told that they at seasonal item and they do
not have any now. Seasonal is unusual as people travel to sunny destinations
and also even thought we have snow we do have sun which is even brighter
with the reflection. Please pass this on to your buyers and stores. Thanks,

Posted by Extremely unhappy customer

I shopped on July 17 and was treated with the worst service ever by a manager named Mary. I will NEVER shop the Plover store again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom this may concern
I would like you to know how I was treated at your Midland Michigan store today. One of your associates treated me like rubbish and stared at me the whole time I was there and I had to ask another where the section was I was looking for, at no time did I get help, so I left . My feelings were hurt and you can believe I will let my friends and relatives know about my in store visit. It's not like I had no money for the large purchase I was going to make . Thought you would like to know if it happened to me how many others did this happen to.

Posted by Elroy

Regarding the store manager at Younkers Appleton WI
Cory Sarazin:
Lacks ability to take responsibility for his own management decisions.
Unable to see the whole picture, focuses on the immediate.
Does not treat employees with respect.
Is unable to see talent and puts all in the same box, limiting the ability to achieve and meet top standards.
Encourages an environment of hostel/negative employee relationships with management.
Focuses on the negative never the positive.
Is condescending to most employees.

Posted by G-Girl

I ordered some Christmas gifts on 12/6/15 ... all of which were in stock and shipped the next day. As of 12/21/15, I received 4 of the 11 items and tracking states Fed Ex dropped the items off at a post office 150 miles away. Since Christmas is only 3 days away, I'm heading to the mall. Younkers online shipping is not reliable.

Posted by Anonymous

I had thought I placed an order this morning for a Michael Kors and some clinique eyeshadow. However, I haven't received a confirmation email back stating it was received. I tried to put in the free ship code of FREESHIP75, but I'm not sure if that took either. Could you please check and see if an order for Debra Sturm was received from today, and if so, could you apply the free shipping on that? If not, I will place the order again - but I do not want to duplicate. My name is Debra Sturm Thank you for your help

Posted by Anonymous

I had a credit card and called to ask what the balance was on it. They replied that it was closed because I hadn't used it for awhile. They said they had sent a letter saying it would be closed since I hadn't used it for awhile. I never received a letter. I will never shop there again.

Posted by JackWalsh

When I went to purchase a tie from Younkers I simply went there out of a necessity. The selection was poor and over-priced, but I needed one for the job I had been offered and bit the bullet and simply got one. There was a tie on sale for an alright amount, and it was even in silk, it looked rather nice. That was the last positive thought I had about Younkers.

This negative review is for a terrible product and terrible customer service that fringes on straight up robbery.

When I went to purchase, the customer service representative in charge stirred up such a story about how great a Younkers reward card would be. This is not a rewards card, it is a credit card. They do not explain that to you, but you are signing up for a credit line and I can only assume my credit score is hit because of these crooks. I now have to pay double what the tie was while also, not having a tie.

I do not have a tie, because two weeks after purchasing it, the stitching undid itself and it fell apart. It was lousy, and even if it was made from good material, the craftsmanship was poor.

My family will never be going back to Younkers and my friends are outraged by this scheme they pull.

Posted by Bad customer service!

Wife bought me a watch for fathers day, I didnt like it didnt wear it, she brought it back to Younkers at the meridian mal in Okemos, michigan, with the reciept,original box, and tags, the lady was rude, and said could not be returned because two of the links where taken out! Yes, I took the links out to try it on, I put the original links back in when my wife tryed to return the watch.No one said you cant do that and no one there offered to fit the watch for me. Our family has spent thousands of dollars over the years, we will not step foot into the store again, and we are telling all of our friends and family about the terrible customeer service, and they all had there own terrible experiences. The customer is never right at Younkers!! Hang on I dont see the store staying much longer anyways there are very few shoppers in the store...

Posted by Seriously!?

HIRE MORE ASSOCIATES!! I waited in line for 20 minutes in the women's department and even walked around the store and there were no registers open and no one to check me out!

Posted by Anonymous

Today two of us were shopping and purchased several items. Upon check-out, we
learned that we could not use any of our coupons for these items. One coupon
stated "25% off any purchase", we had $20 rewards cards, etc., etc., and could
use none of our coupons or cards because the items we were purchasing were considered to be "incredible values". This is totally unfair! You send us the coupons in the mail, then we can't use them! Why send them to us in the first place? We will be doing a lot more shopping at Macy's!!!!!!

Posted by Very Upset

I went with my daughter today to buy jeans and sweaters. The bill was over $200.00 and there was only one item that you could use the 25% off. The $50.00 off $100.00 could not be used because it was either an incredible value (ha) or bonus buy (ha). I am so sick of Younkers that I swear I will not enter the store again. From now on I will go to Kohl's where, if they have 30% off, it can be used on anything. Besides, I wish I would have kept track of how long we were in line. There is not enough help. Your store must be in bad financial state since you can't even have extra help at Christmas. The items she purchased will definitely be returned since there were better prices at Kohl's. I will be returning my charge card, since I won't be using it again.

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Posted by LORI HUTCH

I Would Like To Comment About The Customer Service Today I Had At The "lakes Mall" Was The Best Cs I Have Had In Any Store. The Cs Person That Helped Me Again, Her Name Is Michelle She Was Awesome, Answered All My Questions, Helped Me With My Items, This Is The 2nd Time She Has Helped Me, She Is Great. Its Hard To Find Cs Any More, I Worked In Retail For 11 1/2 Years For Jcp, And You Have Them Beat By A Mile In Cs, And The Quality Of Clothing. I Have Never Had To Return Anything I Have Bought In-store Or On-line.

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