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Yamaha customer service is ranked #284 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 40.28 out of a possible 200 based upon 81 ratings. This score rates Yamaha customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


73 Negative Comments out of 81 Total Comments is 90.12%.


8 Positive Comments out of 81 Total Comments is 9.88%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Yamaha

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 40.28 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 73 negative comments (90.12%)
    • 8 positive comments (9.88%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.9 Reachability
    • 3.1 Cancellation
    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 3.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by ron

my father have this experience at yamaha candon branch last march 07 2018, my go to yamaha candon to buy sniper 150, but the staff told him that they cannot enter the data of the motorcycle in your system. that's why they told to my father that they're going to txt him after lunch that day. because hours passes by after lunch that day my father didn't recieve a txt then my father call U-EXCEL candon if they have that sniper 150 available. but because they don't have the stock they refer my dad to there branch at narvacan...to make story short my father bought his sniper 150 at U-EXCEL for cash not installment...
my point now is, why there reason at yamaha candon branch is about data of the unit that they cannot enter into your system? the fact that my father told to them that his going to buy it for cash...

Posted by alan

Im from Philippines and i having difficulty in sending feedback to yamaha Philippines. Im hoping that you an forward my concern to proper yamaha authorities who address my concern.

I called Yzone Philippines Sales after I saw the news about the lunching of Yamaha xmax 300 during the dealers conference and to my surprise that the sale agent told me that the product has not yet been lunch and that the available unit is only two for display. If that is true how come its already available outside sold from other dealers and in fact posted already in the facebook. Plus unauthorized individual who are selling Xmax at the Facebook at over price from 275K to 300K. You may check by searching "yamaha xmax 300" find out yourself.

My question is yamaha allowing unauthorized selling at over price to take advantage ?

You may email me

If you plan to call me please send SMS before you call so I can unblock your number.

Sent from Samsung A8

Posted by Darlene

Worst ever customer service ever experienced. Admit that the 2009 Grizzly had a faulty part installed by manufacturers. If you left the key on display panel went out. We never left the key on for 9 years owning it but in 2018 it happened. Now Yamaha will not replace it. I called and called and wrote letters and all I received was a survey about customer "no service". I told them I will protest outside Yamaha dealers and was told "don't threaten my company" and "good luck with that". We have a Yamaha snowmobile and atv and will never buy or recommend any product to any one. They are to big of a corporation to care about the little guy ( their customers ) who paid almost $7000 for an atv back in 2009. The part cost to them is only $170!! I can't believe that they are ranked 277 out of 939 should be ranked much lower for customer service!!! p.s. wish me luck protesting at dealers in southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois. I know their loss of sales will be more than the $170 it would have cost to just send us the part so we could have it installed!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had worst customer service experience when I booked Fascino on 20th May 2017 from their dealer & they didn't handover vehicle even after 1 month. Also they didn't return my 66k rupees after cancellation of booking. Reasons to write this review:
1) I had logged a complaint from Yamaha's website against dealer & they first sent me an acknowledgement email with complaint details. When I called customer care to ask the status of my complaint, they said it is a request & not a complaint which took them around 8 days to identify. Pathetic system.
2) I was following up with them almost every week & they said this has been escalated to their higher authorities. But i felt like no one has an ability to resolve my complaint.
3) when I called them on 2nd Aug they said we have registered your complaint & our team will resolve this issue within 6 working days. But no one called me to give status update & no update on email also.
4) still following up with Dealer & customer care as dealer not returned my money yet.
5) Yamaha just added form on website to show we also handle complaints regarding dealership but doesn't look like they have ability to resolve such complaints.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer support is pretty sad. Left message Sunday and they just do not respond. Have attempted to chat numerous times. Keep transferring never resolved. Poor support of their products

Posted by sandra

I can't get through anybody, and after half an hour, had to listen both times to nonstop loud advertisements. I am very upset.

Posted by abhishek pandey

Poor & pathetic service in setco yamaha cervice centre mahipalpur
Which are never had in my life...
In any of the yamaha service center
& The way of talking is very bad.

Posted by glojay

Just unable to find any phone #s or emails for Yamaha YES warranty.
tried all day to reach someone who can tell me how to transfer YES warranty which is in effect until July, 2018

gloria jenkins

bought bennington pontoon with 70 HP engine fromHarry O'Brien in Elkhorn, WI in July

Posted by Anonymous

I m not satisfy with Yamaha service center of surat city N.J.yamaha.I can't give a single marks for service of my R15.Their is not a single person to take a care of good service. After service of my R15 the bike is like monster. No use of service in Yamaha service center.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi there
Im very unhappy with Yamaha in Santiago de Chile. I brought my xt1200z to a full service and now after one week, my motorbike is worst than ever. Leaking oil from front suspension, doing some weird noise and the worst, my rear wheel was swinging on the same day i took it from Yamaha, had to get it fixed in Mendoza. It`s a shame that Yamaha can`t keep a high standard, i love Yamaha motorbikes, with no doubts they have he best motorbikes but should also have the best service. After this, im considering to buy a GS1200 as i have friends who have said BMW have a great service and always look after the customer. Now i have to bring my motorbike again to service after 2000KM and spend money again.

Posted by bliz

the worst customer service ever. I bought a ux16 usb midi cord. It stopped working. I emailed to ask about it. They didnt give me any answers and then told me that since i bought the product on amazon that they had no obligation to help me, which is completely unfair. I will be going around in different shops in toronto and destroying these products with water and cutting wires while employees arent looking. \Seriously. Screw yamaha for life.

Posted by Anonymous

My son's keyboard is not working properly and he's going to send it back for repairs it is under warranty i would like to know will it be possible for you to download the music he has on there and send the downloaded music to me? If that's possible how much would that cost me,keeping in mind my son is [email protected] mahanoy.I would appreciate a call or Thank you for your help.

Posted by ?

On 17 Aug 2015 I gave my Yamaha RX-V767 Amplifier to Western Cape TV Services (WCTV), the Yamaha Agents in Cape Town, for repair. They advised me that neither they nor the national agents had the spares required !! So we have to sit and wait for them to come over the sea from Japan (no air freight ?) On Monday 28 September I phone WCTV. The technician tells me he is waiting for another spare that, it seems, he forgot to order the first time! Another 6 weeks ? He promised to phone back to tell me how long I would have to wait but so far there's just been silence...

Posted by redrooster

I asked for the specs for a horn tweeter from Yamaha customer service Australia but because I mentioned that the S250X pro speaker the tweeter was from had been modified they wouldnt give them to me saying they dont have them??? Very childish attitude.

Posted by Toby Pridgen

Absolutely, hands down the worse customer service experience(s). I called for 3 weeks trying to resolve a service issue and NEVER received a call back. Even on the last call the lady (Leonna) promised me that she would return my call the next day but of course I am still waiting for that call. She also told me that Randy Crawfor would be calling me but I never received that call either. I still have not resolved my issue with the boat and the dealership in which I purchased it from. I am simply at a loss for words. I will do everything within my power to make certain everybody knows of my situation and experience. You have lost a customer and I cannot wait to sell my Yamaha boat...

On a side note, even the service manager at the Yamaha dealership told me "good luck" when I said that I was contacting Yamaha. After all of my experience, I called him and was met with a laugh and "I told you so". What a joke of a company!

Posted by ???????????

Little knowledge of yzfr1. Would not clean before delivery. Refused any gas to deliver. Would not give a legal state insp. Prior to delivery. Totally uncooperative throughout sale process.

Posted by Don

I bought a new $13,000 motorcycle less than 3 weeks ago. I also purchased $1500 in accessories to go on a trip in the next week. I ordered saddlebags, saddlebag mount, the additional hardware, backrest, luggage rack, backrest pad, engine guard, backpack, etc..all official Yamaha products. So far, the only items I got in is the engine guard, the saddlebag mount, and the saddlebag hardware. I called customer service and everything is now on backorder until OCTOBER.. I bought this bike and accessories and paid for everything up front. I have my trip planned and vacation set. But I cant go now. Why?? Because customer service refused to find me my parts from a different dealer and ship them to me. She says their warehouses are all showing out of stock for ALL those items. Then tells me that there is nothing she can do. Basically, I got a Thanks for paying us $15,000.00 but since I got your money, I dont care what we said we would get you, you and your plans. You are going to have to wait .... I am so pissed off that as much as I like my bike, I will NEVER deal with YAMAHA again. My dealer is great, YAMAHA customer service sucks. I have to cancely trip now..I should have kept my Harley Davidson. I would have been going on my vacation at least.

Posted by Anonymous

Keep on waiting to get avail of repretative call.. But no luck as of now. Call will automatically disconnects saying technical issue after some time.

Even for mail also no reply.

I believe there is no customer care for yamaha.

Posted by Anonymous

my vehicle is almost 2 months under repair and still it not confirm when it will be operative.

Posted by Yamaha fz helmet local

ut thy Were asking Yamaha onl this type helmet only.I'm working in toyota .plzz give me a answer, what's the company quality n customers ratification.I'm very pity for that..any company provide company things,but how did change helmet bcme local..why do did type of activities...

Posted by Mike

Yamaha has an obvious parts supply and distribution problem. Purchased a bike and Yamaha saddle bags on May 10th 2015, got the bike and bags but the hardware (locks and lower mount) are on back order. Today June 30th I was told by Brad of Yamaha customer relations that the parts were expected to arrive at the warehouse July 30th. I have made two calls to Yamaha customer relations and found their staff to be courteous and good listeners but it is obvious they do not have the ability to affect a solution. I would say that the customer relations staff is there just to placate the customer. Question; does Dennis McNeal have oversight of this and is he working on a solution or what?

Posted by Anonymous

I own Yamaha FZS

1) Worst Engine (Misfiring)

2) Worst Back tyre (Prone to maximum punctures)

3) Worst customer service.

4) Air leakage between Tyre and Rim

5) No reply to complain lodged to

Please dont go for Yamaha as they take customers for granted.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased my 3rd Yamaha gas golf cart, because of my previous experiences. However with that said, I am extremely disappointed with my 2012 cart, due to the new clutch Yamaha is using instead of the Team clutch they use to use. I am now on my 3rd clutch and it still slams into gear at every take off. My dealer says to replace it with the Team clutch, it will cost me $250.00. Not what I want to hear, being this problem is the result of a Yamaha decision and not your customers. If I cannot get this resolved to my satisfaction, I seriously doubt I will be looking at Yamaha when I purchase my new cart next year. Thank you.

Roger Hall

Posted by Anonymous

Need help have a 10 month old Yamaha receiver RX-V677

It is now not working on Rhaposy channel

Rhapsody says it needs an up date form Yamaha

Please help

Posted by karthick

Hi Yamaha,

Very worst customer services and i am feed up with your service because your employee gave a fresh registration number when i bought the vehicle but now after few months when i went to collect my RC book they are providing another number this activity is terrible and totally cheating the customer and making the customer fool.


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Posted by PRASANNA

very good customer service at yamaha(alagendran madurai) hats off to senior mechanics,best service than yamaha(solaimalai yamaha madurai).

Posted by hope u listen

I do not know if this will mean anything to you but in my opinion. You ruined the vmax with the gen.2 machine it has no cruiser appeal. To me its another version of a crotch rocket. PLEASE yamaha bring back what you built. A REAL VMAX. One that appeals to the american soul like a 1969 camaro with throaty pipes and loppy cams and horsepower to run redlight to redlight. We do not give a crap if it handles. We want hold on and tighten your butt cheeks scortching performance in a straight line and a bike that has curves like a cruiser. A traditional cruiser. Make the old one with the 1200 and more hosre power, throw in wider forks, bigger headlight and scoops that actually work and shazaam. you will be a best seller again. Americans love muscle in a straight line not a roadcourse racer. Think about it we love classic cars with loud exhaust that rumble and when we get in town we want everyone to know our hot rod is bad ***! you can not race a roadcourse in the city. But you can go fast as he!! from red light to redlight. Bring back that beast that is lean loud and mean and make it more cruiser bike than Bat Man crap. I own a Gen 1 vmax and a Four wheeler both Yamaha. I have always owned Yamahas even as a kid. Yamaha yz 80, enduro 250,Banshee and ofcourse the 4x4 and the Best (my vmax).Please just widen the forks,go over that awsome 1200 and perk it up and make the scoops work and make the rear tire fatter and make it more cruiser like (old school). You will sell a ton of them over this thing you call the new vmax. "YUCK"

Posted by Anonymous

I just had a question on the operation of my reciever, I called Tech Support and my Question was answered in minutes. I couldn,t be happier with my equipment or your courteous people.

Posted by NEYMS

Hi Team,
Iam using YAMAHA LIBERO bike from the year 2003,im very caring for my bike,iam very satisfied but later on i use to go to make service for my bike outside.know a days im irritating to make service of my bike outside also,the thing is that im not satisfied anywhere..the problem im facing with my bike is oil leakage at head,front shocks,handling,and suffering lot from mileage problem..
Please my bike as it before and satisfied..
Hope for ur response....


Posted by allyjays

very good service salesmen very knowlledable

Posted by Peter

Hi there,
I had my Yamaha T Max serviced last week at High Wycombe (UK) by POWERBIKING Ltd. on the third time since I had it. Timing and contacting me was good as previously but this time there was no cleaning at all on the bike. It is probably not a big thing but because I had it before on the other two services I was expecting that this time as well. Is it a sign of the recession now or just a simple mistake?
Thanks for your answer,
Yours sincerely,
Peter Olah

Posted by Customer service.

My YBR 250 recently underwent a second recall during which the whole of the swinging arm was changed for a modified version. It is known to be a fact that another Japanese motorcycle manufacturer had frames breaking and denied responsibility until it was aired on T/V ... not so with Yamaha.
My trust in Yamaha motorcycle management has just doubled. The cost borne by Yamaha must have been quite high. I would just like to say thank you, for possibly saving my life.

Posted by Madman


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