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Yahoo customer service is ranked #839 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 3459 ratings. This score rates Yahoo customer service and customer support as Terrible.


3,373 Negative Comments out of 3,459 Total Comments is 97.51%.


86 Positive Comments out of 3,459 Total Comments is 2.49%.

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  • Yahoo

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    • 20.69 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 3,373 negative comments (97.51%)
    • 86 positive comments (2.49%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 1.5 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 2.5 Friendliness
    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I recently changed my password to my email account but cannot remember it. I need to retrieve my emails but cannot get it without my password. How can I recover my password.

Posted by Celina

Hey someone hacked my account and changed my settings so that the email isn't right so i cant get back on and i need to get on to get my passwords back from my phone that got stolen

Posted by Bonita46

I'm trying to get into my yahoo mail I have change my phone number I don't Renner the number they want me to verify I need to get in it for my daughter's financial papers for collage

Posted by [email protected]

I don't have 5$ for an expert. I need my yahoo account connected to my new phone number so I can get my mail.

I'm disabled collecting SSDI

I was in a horrific car accident which left me with a brain injury and both physically and mentally disabled would appreciate some help here I'm 52yrs old and not that good with phones but know my doctors and lawyers need to be able to reach me. Please help Thank you for your time. Ronda k Jones Wilson

Posted by Anonymous

I am having an email I�d with yahoo

Which I have been using since last almost ten years now I have moved to Canada and don�t have Acess to indian phone number assigned to it for recovery. I have forgotten the password.

Please help me in recovering by email as it is having lot of memories attached with it.

My Canadian phone no.

Please help


Amit Tripathi

Posted by [email protected]

Hello, my name is Rene Lake. I have a yahoo account under screen name I have knot had access to it for a couple of years it seems like. My dilemma is that I want to access the many photo and memories I shared. I have lost family members and the only pictures I have were put there for safekeeping. . please let me know how to access account. I keep it active by sending emails to it or using for source email . Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

My emails come in to my email address but named addressed to my husband. We find this to be unconscionable and a cause of embarrassment to me. Please correct it or tell me how to correct it. Please respond immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

the new version of yahoo .in is very poor. While sign-in email, its getting more time to open email box. The new version is totally more time to take the email as well as to open attachment also. Pl improve immediately to smooth operating personnel email id's.

Posted by Anonymous

I've had a stroke and accidentally hit the deactivate button the link you sent to reactivate won't down load please help

Posted by Anonymous

to whom it may concern,

i am.witing to you regarding my e mail log in problem, my i am in china now, the mobile phone i have registered on yahoo is dubai mobile, and the e mail is google e mail, i am.afraid i can not get access on neitherof them, please, i would like to use my e mail for looking for jobs

Posted by MormonBlade

I have been unable to access my yahoo email not because I have the wrong login name or password, but because it detects unusual activity. It prompts me to enter a code that got sent to an email that I have never even seen before. I tried to get the issue resolved through the help section but after answering some of the questions it basically said to f off and make a new email. I have never had such a terrible customer support experience ever. I have been unable to talk to a representative directly cause they have to number or help section that covers this type of issue.

Posted by Anonymous

Someone have hacked my yahoo account so Im trying to regain access back to my account the hacker changed my originals cell number that was linked to my account to their number (international number) so therefore i can�¢ï¿½ï¿½t verify my account my account was linked to my fAcebook and they now have full access to my personal Facebook page! I�¢ï¿½ï¿½m trying to regain access back to my Facebook page but having them to send me a 6 digit code ths linked to my account which is my yahoo account (guttaboi2007) but being that i don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t know the password and the hacker have edit the settings i cant retrieve my Facebook please me to regain full access back to my accounts by helping me with finding out what�¢ï¿½ï¿½s the password to my first account that i had made with you all here

Posted by GTJudge

Call Yahoo Customer support this morning because I am trying setup my yahoo email on my new phone number, which require an account key and I no longer have access to my old phone. The representative first told me I am lockout and seems like someone else try to access my account and try to sell me the "more secure account" along with a new email address. I asked him if I will get all my emails if I do so, he say "NO" I asked him to unlock my current account and he kept blaming that the server locks it out and he can't do anything about it. Then he told me that I have call back the next day to see "if they can unlock it", which requires a technician to do with a fee of $70 USD. He made it sounds like a huge deal to unlock the account where I think all it need is to change the Lock code from "Y" to "N". When I told him that it doesn't make sense for them to charge a fee, he began to get frustrated and said I am not accepting his solution (well, of course not). I then tried to explain to him my reasoning where he kept cutting me off and said we are going in circle. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he told me the supervisors are busy right now. When I asked the process to file a compliant, he said this has to be done through customer service and he is technical support. (Isn't customer support the same as customer service?) When I asked for the Customer Service number, he said he doesn't have it. (Really? isn't Customer Service the most basic number that everyone should have access to?) Asked him to check, he told me I can search on the internet myself (WOW!!) When I voiced my satisfactions with his service, he simply said he can't help me anymore and disconnect the call Even when I disregard his condescending, non-empathetic, a little insult tones and verbiage, the content of the conversation itself is horrible. I think the only thing he could of have done to make it worst is to use profanity.

Posted by Pre paid value for rejected ad d

I have signup for a ads services on Yahoo Gemini, I had to pre deposit R$ 60 before submit any advertise. After I deposit and submit the advertise, I have been notified my ads has been regected. So far so good. but I've already sent at least a 6 email requesting the refund the money in this period since the beginning the only thing they respond to me is that they are working to get send my money back.
They have no problem receiving the money but to refund it is practically impossible.

Posted by [email protected]

I need help and I cant any help from yahoo how can I contact them

Posted by Anonymous

You people are getting insane! You are making it imposdible for people to get into their mail! You think you're protecting us but your just making your service useless! I havent been able to access my accounts in so long someyou say no longer exist when I finally was able to try & now with all your nonsence I can't get in at all.I have hated computers from the start they sadly cause more problems then good.

Posted by [email protected]

After having Yahoo for almost 20 years I can't even access my own account. Goodbye Yahoo. Sincerely. My accounts bank etc are tied into

Posted by yahooservice

Any issues which are related to yahoo and you are unable to solve it. Why worry? Just visit website Our experts will guide you.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get into my yahoo account and I enter the correct information. When I enter the correct answer to the recovery question I still can not enter my account. My account name and I have not read some message in awhile,but some information was sent to that account I Really need to have now.Please do something for me. My number has changed and I can correct that once I edit a couple other things. Thank you.

Posted by bbbbbbb

Just played the customer support "game" choose I am not a robot pictures, link to page of articles to read that do not apply, click customer contact link....rinse and repeat...vicious circle that does not even give you a way to leave real feedback. TERRIBLE way to treat customers. Largely my problem is another endless circle of trying to log in, being presented with a page offering to add an account or log out. Log in again and same page. Eventually (and out of desperation, possibly by accident, you click your own email address...not a box, not highlighted to indicate a link...) and you find your email, what kind of nonsense is that? Now they hide the links for fun, amusement, ...? Not happy and not impressed!!!!!!!

Posted by [email protected]

I'm wanting to go into my own personal accounts of which I created for my own self on my phone and I'm having trouble because some one has intruded into my phone can you fix the problem and I have had to go to customer service with other of my accounts over intrusion.

Posted by Nlouj

Suddenly doesn't recognize password. Won't let you reset password. Says can't do it must go to help. At help won't accept user name, phone number, email address or other email address, complete dead end. Finally found phone number. After half hour wait, service rep got on. He couldn't hear me so called back. Told me to go to computer and close all programs. I said wait a minute while I do that, will be right back. When I got back, had been "disconnected". He didn't call me back, I gave up. My only problem is I need to sign in to access a yahoo group I belong to. I don't care about the mail any more since long ago I switched to one of the better email providers. It is really odd that one can't reset password simply as is the case with every other site I have ever encountered. Yahoo is the worst technically of anything I have ever encountered - amazing they still exist!

Posted by anonymous

Customer Service? How about Yahoo itself? How they have any customers left is beyond imagination. Of the many things wrong with Yahoo here are just two: Does anyone enjoy the "whack-a-mole" stupid way they provide to log out? Maybe the button comes up, maybe not. Maybe you can hit it in time, maybe not. Silly.
Second, I know a few people who have quit Yahoo because of their snake fetish. Every freaking week there is some snake story. Who wants to see that?

Posted by Anonymous

Yahoo asks for a security key. I give a cell number to which the security key should be sent. Yahoo never sends it or the phone never gets it. I try to have it sent to an E-mail address, same problem. I cannot get into my Yahoo account. The forums do not answer the questions, there is not one you can call. Yahoo is so secure that even you cannot get your data, and there is no risk of getting service with Yahoo. Yahoo will fade away if they are to lousy...

Posted by Yahoo

So unprofessional, lacking common technical knowledge and rude. They start to yell at the customer and when told to lower their voice, start to argue with the customer and educate the customer - "Listen, don't underestimate any customer service person." That's what that one guy told me :) Well, that about topped the customer service experience I had.

Don't think they are afraid of being reported, because they are not, as the 'supervisor' is just as bad! It is obvious that they do not even have the interest of improving their service or training their customer service personnel properly.

Add your review!

Posted by Jana

I read news about hackers so I wanted to check my email. I couldn't sign in. I looked for help through Customer Service and I want to say THANK YOU to Edgardo who was on duty. He was very patient with checking me, and asked me a lot of questions about my email-post, till he was sure, that I am really the owner of my account. It took some time, but I understand, he had to do it in such a way. GOOD WORK! THANKS! Jana

Posted by Aruna

My experience with yshoo has been excellent till 2012 when my yahoo account was hacked. I had opened the account almost fifteen years ago and the password for my second Id where yshoo could send me my password was fotrgotton by me and so was my ifdentificstion question. Now I am in a mess. I need to reach thst account of mine because I have a lot of imp. Matter saved in there. Yshoo please help. Am really desperate. Right now my email

Posted by Carl

Hi costumer service
Plssss help me rregading my problem about my yahoomail. My fb account is cannot open because i forgot my password when it will send it to my yahoomail its say that i need to contact costumer plsss helpp me.

Big thanks

This is my email had problem [email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

30TH JUNE, 2015.

Dear Sir, i wish to inform you about a compromise in my email address which was compromised on the 29th of June,2015. I have tried to log in with my password ( rh16pj) but to no avail and the hackers have been using my mail to send spam messages soliciting for money on my behalf. Kindly reset my password to the previous password as stated above to enable me access my email URGENTLY and change the password with addition security option.

I hereby wish to refer to my facebook account which uses same userID and password to further ascertain the genuineness of my ownership of this email account.


Posted by Anonymous

Hi I Am Benzetta Kamel I Hade An Accont Yahoo From Years I Regularty Open It Evry Day Or Two I Have All My Friends E Mails An Also Some Of My Personal Pics Why Did You Close It, i Am A Respectable Person I Wish I Will Have An Ansewer For That Please At Leased Will You Just Open It For Me A Day Or Two So I Can Take My Friends Addreses Thank Can. Send Mail Me At

Posted by Anonymous

Good day

Please can you help me with a link through my phone for resetting my password: with phone number for resetting the password. All efforts to reset it through a computer system have failed and as such I cannot get to my email or even send.


Posted by Ceejay

I am unable to log into my account After changing my password which I thought was compromized. my college friend whom I have lost contact with owns the alternate email address that I used.

I have forgotten the answer to security question I used then.

But the good thing is that I still recieve mails from this my yahoo account which is on my mobile since I synchronised it and have not signed out since this incident.

I therefore request from yahoo to send my password to my email which is [email protected]

Thanks in anticipation of a favourable quick response.


Ogili Kenneth Chijioke

Posted by val brazier

Iwant to know why my friend emails comes to me like 4times but the same message and also as she is in Thailand her email address is this [email protected] and my email address is so why is she having all this problem with yahoo all the time sometimes she cannot even get on it as its pays up very badly so I wold like to know how or what you can do with this situation and please can you resolve it thank you

Posted by Giora

I phone Yahoo customer service and in less than 20 seconds they responded. The woman responding was very helpful and solved my problem. Thanks and great service.

Posted by Anonymous

I Had Ya Hoo As Long As I Had My Computers...i Did Not Need To Go To Customer Service Until The Other Day. The Women On The Other End Who Should Be Professional Was Very Cool To Me...i Could Not Get Into The Ya Hoo Pass Word I Had For Years To Start Up My Email...she Asked The Name Of My Oldest Cousin And We Had Nothing To Do With My Cousins Then Asked Where We Vacationed As Children...i Said The Name Of A Near By Beach And She Said Sorry Wrong And Just Hung Up...i Was So Tired Of This I Had A Pounding Headache And Was Ready To Give Up When The Phone Rang And It Was My Amazon People And I Told Them To Put Me On Google And They Said Sure, So I Have Nothing To Do With Yahoo Anymore...mrs Ann Bonetti

Posted by [email protected]

Terrible....directed to several different numbers and not one number was reachable...I highly recommend live chat support and a slew of security options...and another way to access your account if hacked or locked out.

Posted by ptaj1966

many time i request yahoo customer care about my lost spam mail,, how to re-load it but no any favour action from their side

Posted by reagan

i am reagan apenteng with yahoo.address i have forgotten my yahoo password and wish to get it back. my previou password was asdfgh12 but was prompted by yahoo to changed the password. unfortunately, i can not remember my password.if you could send it to my alternative email [email protected] so i can access my mail again

Posted by Afterdarktattoos

I recently had an issue with my account and called in to yahoo! customer care the center was located in Texas the customer care rep was so respectful and nice and walked me through the entire account and gave me the information that I needed to work my new yahoo! account. In my opinion the new yahoo! is good and one just needs to take the time and navigate through it and learn the new system. Thank you Yahoo! Customer care BRownsville Texas.

Posted by milicent

I have been repeatedly critical of yahoo. Actually, constructive comments really. Must admit though, yahoo is mostly cool with me. Yahooo-oooo! So this is a thumbs up for a primarily good service.

Posted by ginny_knarr

Here I am again asking once again for my old e-mail format. This new one sucks big time. You changed it back once a couple weeks ago & now messed with it again. WHY??

This new one is not working well - not user friendly. I see that a lot of people think as I do. Please change me back yesterday! ASAP as thins is driving me nutso! AOL is looking better & better all the time! Why mess with something when it works & many are happy with the old?

Posted by shirley

I have been with yahoo for many years. I am now considering changing due to all changes you have made in the last few weeks.

To read an email, I hide the advertisement and then cannot properly scroll through the email. You have changed the contact listing when I wanted it otherwise. To add, delete, or edit and address is not time efficient. I am sure you have had many complaints regarding these "improvements". I think you should rethink a lot of the changes you have done in the past few weeks. I get used to one change and you change it again.

Posted by [email protected]

I've noted your changes in your mail system with reservation. Your promo tells me how you are working hard and making it better. Sorry, that is incorrect. Your new system has massed e-mails together for me, without my asking and adds some of my outbox to my messages. It's harder to navigate and confusing. If I wanted confusing, I would go to gmail.

Here's a comment from another Yahoo mail user that I received this morning:


" Who ever is in charge of redesigning Yahoo has been making a mess of it!

"A year ago, the web page was re-done to make it look like two pages overlapping each other.

"A couple of months ago, the sport page turned to black background, making it difficult for the eyes and harder still to find links to articles.

"Right now, during emailing, I'm not sure whether if I'm deleting or not, whether if I'm sending or not, and not even knowing if I'm writing or not! Over two years ago, I could chat on the mail page. Now I can't or I don't know how. Yet Yahoo keeps telling us its 'exciting' progress. I think these guys are really out of touch! Someone is dragging a really good brand down to new lows!"


I know that one user has little effect on change, and that you seem to stall resolving problems, from what I read, but I would like to see Yahoo stay on top.

J Ginsburg

Posted by Anonymous

I phoned Yahoo and sent one email, because
I do not receive my Yahoo emails and many
times they show up only for seconds in my
Yahoo account. ... Yahoo did not contact me
at all. I waited 3 weeks and then decided to
open an email account with Gmail. Fortunately no more problems with my emails.

Posted by h_ramsdel

After seeing all the negative reviews and already having been on hold for over an hour my hopes were not high for receiving quality service. I ended up waiting about 90 minutes (had my phone on speaker and did other things) I DID reach a live person. Though I was annoyed at having had to wait so long, the woman I spoke with was very polite and extremely helpful. She walked me through the process of changing my password and received my code for me as my alternate email had changed. When all was said and done she even sent me a free movie ticket for my troubles. I asked her about the $100.00 fee for resetting the account and she told me that other companies pretending to be yahoo will use phony numbers to make them look bad.

VERY happy with the service I received, thank you very much!

Posted by Matti96

I reached then about after 20 mins of waiting time. Which I think is a good time for a free service. They guy that I talked to was very helpful and waited with me on the line till the problem was solved with no problems. All in all I am very happy with the service

Posted by boyshighfootball

Hi Customer Service,

Thank you so much for your help. I am now able to sign in to my e-mail. YAHOO! I am soooo glad I was able to get through to you guys. However, it was a little headache but nevertheless I was able to connect to a LIVE person.

Thanks again!

Posted by Happy subscriber

I got through to a service representative within 18 minutes. She was very helpful in guiding me through the possess of regaining my e-mail account. I was expecting the worse after reading the comments on this site. Didn't happen and am satisfied that I could use the same phone number and get the same results.

Posted by greenfossil

WOW-shockingly I actually did get some real help from a real person. I've been locked out of one of my yahoo accounts since it was hacked and even though i changed the password multiple times, i could not gain access. At this point i just wanted to terminate the account, and since i was unable to do this online, i took my chances and called Yahoo. Surprisingly my mission was accomplished. I'm still switching to gmail, though!

Posted by shainwhitt

Hey Fellas and Fella-ettes,

I likesies the new look, it has been great so far with minimal problems, keep it up and you may take over the number 1 slot on my browser.

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Posted by YAHOO!

Hi Guys,

I am one of the tech support from yahoo and I really do apologize for the problems everyone is facing.

We are trying our best to update our systems and make it more user friendly so that you dont face this issue in future.

Please be calm and need some more time




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