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Xfinity customer service is ranked #423 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.16 out of a possible 200 based upon 411 ratings. This score rates Xfinity customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


375 Negative Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 91.24%.


36 Positive Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 8.76%.

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    • 34.16 Overall Rating
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    • 375 negative comments (91.24%)
    • 36 positive comments (8.76%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Xfinity x1 mad a big deal about you tube being available. It only worked for about a week. For me it hasn't worked since. The service personell don't listen to what you tell them. Just fix the problem with you tube please.

Posted by axelrod17

I've stated this time and time again; but this internet service is as bad as it can get.
Whatever you do; don't sign on for anything from these creeps. Today; I have lost internet connection 4 (four) times, and the ability to get "what you want when you want it" is terrible.
Xfinity and Comcast are (by far) the worst internet services available

Posted by DougTelford99

Internet service: Good if you don't have to deal with customer service. The company is a good example of how Monopoly power corrupts. If you suddenly can't connect to the internet, all they know is how to reset your modem. If that doesn't work, they will schedule a technician to show up in about 5 days. They can't tell if their own equipment is bad. In every case of an internet problem that I have had over the last 8 years, it has turned out to be an Xfinity problem. If you call outside of daylight hours, you get a bad connection to the Phillipines, someone with marginal English that follows a very limited script. Fortunately their hardware reliability is improving, so you shouldn't have to deal with customer service too often.

Posted by BK

If anyone is wondering, Xfinty is actually worse than Uverse. Poor customer service. I had an appt set for today, but overnight received an email overnight saying they changed the appt per my request. After speaking with over 8 people form 8 am - 1130 am, I was finally told the technician cancelled and rescheduled without my knowledge. I am out a days pay and they refuse to come today on the day that I was promised. No reimbursement from the service that is not working, no reimbursement for the day off work. I'm supposed to just suck it up. Will be leaving xfinity. Don't trust anything they say, since they are obviously allowed to make up anything they want to get you off the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never expeirenced a more inefficient customer service call. All I needed to do was set up internet service, which over 1 hour (about 40 minutes of which was spent on hold). Every time I asked a question or the customer service agent needed information, I was put on hold for another 10 minutes for him to figure it out. Looking back, I should have hung up and found a different service provider for my internet.

Posted by Anonymous

New name (Xfinity) same service (Comcast)

These people just don't have customer service in their dna

Making calls to the service center is (1) difficult to navigate and (2) frustrating because the folks on the other end of the phone just don't care. They are absolutely motivated to just sell additional services.

Posted by SP

I can't believe this...I ordered new service 3 days ago, was given a day and time slot and was told that I would receive a call 30 min. prior to arrival. I took off work, had my Dish network disconnected and removed the equipment to make it easy on them and now I'm being told that my install actually wasn't available for the date given to me and that there are no available dates for the next 5+ weeks!!!! What is going on over there? My first interaction and this is what happens. They told me they would call me in the future when a date comes open...I may not want their service by then as I may be in another contract with someone else by that time; I'm looking for another today.

Posted by Anonymous

Called comcast several times about a billing problem. Put on hold 20-25 minutes every time I called. Plus two disconnects (hang ups) This went on for months. Each time I was told problem was handled and pay my regular monthly payment. Next month no changes the charges still there and i'm now getting late charges and finally a shut off notice. Decided to go to Xfinity store on Hall rd. Worked with a women there who gave excellant service, and was especially nice about it. Followed up with me to tell me problem had been solved. Will never call again!! Get much better treatment at the store. WHEN FILLING OUT THE RATINGS I AM REFERRING TO PHONE SERVICE WITH COMCAST. My RATINGS FOR SERVICE AT XFINITY STORE WOULD ALL BE EXCELLANT!!!

Posted by LJ

I recently moved out of state to an apt complex and Xfinity is the only choice of internet options that is used here, other than a satellite. I have been trying to get my internet/cable set up for the past 3 days, it's been scheduled for 3 separate dates. The installation technician has NEVER shown up. Each day my appointment gets changed without notifying me. I only find out by calling or checking online. Today was the final straw. I was supposed to get my internet/cable installed between 1-3pm. It is now 6:33pm and I still have not heard anything from them. I just called and my appointment was once again changed to another date. Now it is next week. This is very unacceptable and unprofessional behavior. I will NOT be doing business with this company. They have unprofessional behavior and do not value their customers. I will be taking my business elsewhere where my time and money is valued.

Posted by DM

Worst service, they've put me on hold for around 40mins and then they couldn't provide the solution worst!!!!!


Look Out For Xfinity Charges. A Bundle Advertised As $79.99 For 140+ Channels And Internet Ended Up Costing $210!!!! They Had A $6.50 Fee For Broadcast Tv - Although Those Channels Are Already Included In That Package, A $9.00 Fee For Regional Sports, Other Ridiculous Charges. Plus They Charged Me For Stuff I Didn't Order! Look Out Before You Order Anything From Them. Their Advertised Prices Are Lies!

Posted by Anonymous

We have been a Comcast customer for 41 year. the cable has went up to over $200 basic cable with upper channels and Internet. I called customer service they got me a package for 129.99 a month. I paid that one time and after that the bill kept going up until it is now 190. I called customer service but they hung up on me 2 times I called back and told them not to hang up and I could hear people laughing in the background from customer service. It wasn't my package that went up it was all of the equipment that went up to now my bill is $190 again. Comcast is a rip-off basic cable and internet $200 a month what a rip off

Posted by X-Xfinity

Internet problems have been going on for several months now. It has gotten to the point that the internet service is off for two to three hours at a time. Multiple calls to Xfinity and no resolve.

Posted by tee28

xfinity sucks! all they do is rip people off. They care more about money instead of the customer. The service sucks and the customer service reps are rude and not helpful. Plz dont even waste your time!everything about them is disgusting.

Posted by Xfinity sucks

Xfinity is lame for these reasons:
1. Service outages (weekly)
2. Free on demand selection sucks.
3. Watching on demand is irritating because of the repetitive commercials each break.
4. The commercial volume increases by 5 decibels. (Very irritating)
5. Changing your brand from Comcast to Xfinity because of your low approval rate. (Didn't work)

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to sign up for cable and DVR was quoted a great great price but ran into a problem. They needed proof that I was not the person who lived here before when I provided them with a copy of my ID 3 bills from Pingree a copy of the lease and whatever else they ask for
They was supposed to give me a ticket numbrt as proof I was trying to get cable
I was never given a ticket only promised no one ever return any calls I called several times when I was finally given a ticket number I was ill ended up in emergency and they told me they could no longer work with me to get cable because I miss the deadline

Posted by Customer Disappointed

Terrible, rude and poor customer service and manager. We needed to go twice at the same day to make an appointment for technical support and this appointment didn't happen. Nobody came in our house. We are without Xfinity TV and Internet since Saturday, November 19th 2016. Today is Tuesday, November 2nd 2016. Nobody called us, nobody is attending us, we are completely without any service. We are customer about 10 years and we always pay all the bills on time. They didn't give any attention for our problem.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst cable company in North America. Your bill will never be the same; it will increase each month. The cable updates daily, which your channel will freeze for 30 minutes to several hours. Customer service is a robot sounding person from Mexico. When your cable or internet starts messing up; which it will....they charge you 70.00 for a technician to come out to do a half job.

Posted by Anonymous

The "info" category accessed by the remote is embarrassingly inadequte. Fios and Time Warner have you terribly outgunned. Not only is there there a consistent myriad of actors NOT identified in the "cast and crew" section but the photos chosen to single out each "actor" are purposeless. Old/Young? Make up your mind! You lose on this one

Posted by Anonymous

We are very disappointed that we are charged so much a month, but always same shows on and never have many options to choose from on any channel's. Basic cable is costly for what you charge and need more and less money monthly, even through hurricane matthew with cable off a week there was still nothing you guys offered extra. Alot of people go with different satellite companies just to have more channels to look at and not channels not looked at which is over half of what you offer.

Posted by bselders34287

Let me start by saying I have had an absolutly horrible customer service experience. I was told self install would work, which it did not. Then I was told it would take 10 days to get a tech out AFTER I CANCELLED MY OTHER SERVICE!!!! I spoke to 7 different people in reference to my issue with NO HELP WHATSOEVER!!! I will never recommend your company.

Posted by Lilia

Terrible service. Couldn't solve the problem with internet. Told me that I have to live with that, because they don't know how to fix it. They recommended to use Outlook. Can't forward any e-mails by using the address book. Change to my settings came without previous notification, and there is no way back to the previous version of software. They transferred my call somewhere overseas, where I couldn't understand customer service representative.
Very disappointed and mad about struggle with service

Posted by Teresa

I went without Xfinity for 3 weeks they had to keep coming in and fixing on the the equipment then I was told I was going to get a $20 discount when I got my bill of course it was no $20 discount on there and then they acting like I was making up when everything should have been in my file but of course some of the stuff wasn't in the file because whoever answered their phones and do what they supposed to do don't do what they're supposed to do I'm so tired of Xfinity is that BS Xfinity has bad customer service all the way around. So I'm looking for something better and when they say they going to do something they do it.

Posted by anon

worst customer service ever. Called 3 times with no progress on them fixing my issue. I tell them about the issue and they are acting like this is a personal issue yet i've seen other people post forums about them also not being able to use xfinity to go other than ESPN. The first kid had no idea what to do so he transferred me to someone else who told me they would have engineers look into it and it would be all set within 24 hours. The next person told me by setting up an account under the main account would fix the issue. Also didnt work. Now i tried calling and I was transferred to a line and was on hold for 15 minutes before talking to anyone. Its been a week and this is getting really frustrating.

Posted by Lucinda

Ive been a Comcast customer for 10+ years. I upgraded to the new modem, box, and the talk into remote. For over a month I didn't have t.v. or Internet. Ive been calling 1x a week. Today I call again and Im told no one has ever put in any notes!! Mind you when they were supposed to do a service call, no one showed up. When i called they told me the problem was fixed outside..NOT! The very 1st phone call I made the woman on the phone gave me a ticket #. When I asked the supervisor about crediting my account for a month, she says I can only credit you for today, 6$. Im like wait a minute, I have this ticket with the numbers on it from when I initially started calling. She said since no one had put in any notes 6$ was the BEST they could do.Mind you,I did not have WiFi either. Im going to start looking for an alternative to Comcast/ Infinity asap

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Posted by Anonymous

Just moved to Elkton Maryland in 200 West Creek Village Dr apt A1 5/4/17 had Comcast boxes mailed to me. No connection service guy came out found out wires were cut inside walls. Took him 2 hours to fix outlets in every room. Tacked wire around my door and made sure everything was working changed my network id and password. Thank you so much for a awesome job and being professional to my wife.

Posted by badass14

I had to go elsewhere after contract was up,the price got to high but cable is great,I called to cancel and the guy I got,Ed,that's all he gave me,was really rude he acted like he ran thing's,but comity is good I give a 4/5

Posted by Anonymous

Wish to commend your employee by the name of Raul Jacobo, who works at the Colorado Springs, CO University square store. Today we visited your store to take care of some unsettling business resulting in the loss of my daughter, one of your customers. Raul was extremely helpful, courteous, and compassionate in our situation and made this transaction so much easier.
This visit was as a result of trying to settle the account over the telephone with customer and given incomplete information. I hope that you will make sure that Raul is promptly recognized for his commendable customer service skills. Thank you, Raul.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to compliment Xfinity and their choice of employees. I am a 72 year old female who has lived alone for over 27 years and have no technical ability what so ever. I called Xfinity and had some changes made to my account which brings up the first outstanding experience on 10-18-16. The young man who helped me was outstanding, understood my situation and went beyond the normal scope of explaining what we were doing. The confirmation number he gave me was 92527. The second outstanding experience was with the young many who was sent to my home to make the changes on 10/25/2016 by the name of Nelson Serrano. He was understanding of my lack of knowledge and took time to explain what we needed to do to make my system work. He also took the time to show me how to configure the TV and my computers and made sure all my systems were up and running correctly. He never once made me feel as if I were taking his time away from his next appointment or that I was a bother. I am an Associate Broker/Owner of a Real Estate Company, a service business and I was totally impressed by both of these Xfinity employees. If these are the type of employees you hire, you are making excellent customer decisions.

Thank you,

Kathleen Burnett

Posted by matthew name is matt..and am a xfinity simply saying...i want the xfinity go have the same live tv channel line the xfinity tv in my home..and on my cable box...adleast..give me alittle more and more of a selection..of live channels..on that xfinity go once am away from my home..then i can enjoy..just as much on my xfinity go if i was back at all am a long time to just please..throw me a bone...i pay alot of money..for my X-1 xfinity box...per all i want to to get what am paying for...and that also includes the xfinity go app..thankyou for reading this...and i hope to see the changes..real soon..take care

Posted by Anonymous

It would be great if you made the GUI in your on demand trailer/preview screen smaller it takes up a 1/3 to 1/4 of the bottom of the screen and blocks the view and come on its a preview I should be able to see the whole thing and for just 2 buttons that big of a GUI windows is just a little overkill

Posted by Anonymous

I have xfinity services and I truly love it far better than ATT signed up with a Door to door guy he was so professional services have been amazing

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank Gregory employee number 9694 for the awesome help I received today. He not only fixed the issues I was having with my internet and cable but showed professional and curtious manors. He did not rush the job just took his time making sure all was working properly. Thus far from all the representatives I have dealt with he is far the best. He honestly made me feel good about my products through xfinity. If not for him I was considering leaving xfinity. Very pleasant, kind, and sociable! You really need to have more customer service representatives like him.

Posted by daubeedeb

Hi xfinity comcast.. My name is deborah. I was wondering when.. You guys.. Were going to add the smithonian channel.. Bet centric.. Mtv2 teen toons.. Fuse channel equire channel plus. Some local channel like cbs. Fox. The cw.. Abc.. Nbc. Pbs.. To your xfinity go app.. As a comcast customer.. I would love to see those channels.. On your xfinity go app live tv line up.. They often say.. The customers.. Always right.. Well.. I have a good feeling.. That you can make this happend.. If not all the channel ive mentioned.. Then adleast.. Some of them.. Thankyou.. Xfinity.. For hearing my opinion. And customer thoughts.. Take care

Posted by Anonymous

I was helped in the Comcast Ctr. yesterday by Sarah Thompson. She was very friendly and helpful. She explained about my current service and helped to lower the mo. cost and also to take advantage of some new things. She took time to answer my questions so that I could understand. All in all-------a positive experience.
M. Alexander

Posted by daubeedeb

Hi. My name is deborah. And i am writing.. To ask about my orinal situation.. Far as asking you. Comcast xfinity.. If theirs any way.. To add.. Channels.. Like cbs.. Fox.. Cw.. Nbc.. Abc.. Fuse.. Pop channel.. Pbs.. Bet centric.. And the smithsonian.. To your xfinity go.. Line up.. I. As a comcast xfinity customer.. Want to thankyou.. For adding.. Those channels.. That i requested.. In the past.. But now.. The channels.. Ive just wrote about.. I would just love.. To see those.. On your xfiniy go. Line up.. As well.. As a customer.. I pay my bills on time.. And i would like to have alot of diffrent.. Variaty. On the xfinity go app.. So thankyou.. For reading my wishes.. And i do enjoy.. My comcast service.. Take care

Posted by daubeedeb

I just want to thankyou for adding those extra channels. On your xfinity go. Live tv line up. So. To me. If you added those. Then. You might have well add. Channels like cbs. Nbc. Fox. The cw. Abc. Pbs. And the smithsonian channel. But i really do apreciate. What you have done for your xfinity customers. So far.. But if you could. I would love to have those channels. That i just mentioned. Added.. As well.. Thankyou xfinity. And you take care

Posted by daubeedeb

Hi.. My name is deborah fritchie. And i am a xfinity customer. I thankyou for adding those extra channels.. On the xfinity go app.. I wrote to you. And in return. Youve added. On behalf of your customers. Now.. Also.. Without sounding to to greedy.. If you also can add the channels... Animal planet.. Fuse.. Vh1 soul.. And bet centric. Also mtv 2.. It would be very nice... That.. To me... Would be the icing on the cake.... For xfinity go... Again.. I thankyou for what you have done so far... And if its any way to add those channels. Ive mention. Then i would really apreciate. It. And thankyou. For reading my adrees is at thankyou. And take care

Posted by MickiMouse

I know that Xfinity gets terrible reviews, but I would've never known that based off of my last call. The representative was helpful and extremely polite. He helped fix our problem and credit us back for a bugged movie rental with ease and it didn't take long at all. He even got to striking up a conversation while our box reset about the movie we needed. Props to you, Xfinity.

Posted by Anonymous

On April 14, 2015 a technician named "Alex" was sent here to 6464 tanner Ln to fix my cable TV bad connection (picture, sound and channel loss) problems. The scheduler said it would be less than $ 100.00 and I haven't gotten the bill yet, but the technician was punctual, very skilled at his work and unusually polite, fast and efficient.
Steven Graff

Posted by shelly

If you have a local office I would suggest going there. The girls at our local office are wonderful.

Posted by Mamma-of-Mia

I had a wonderful conversation with a young lady from Phoenix named Tiana. She was very helpful in getting my services transferred, gave me year long promotions to bring my bill down, and filled the waiting time with great conversation. Not once was I put on hold, which is a huge relief. I've been on hold with Comcast long enough to throw up a little every time I hear that song... Anyway! I really hope Tiana gets the appraisal she deserves from her coworkers and other customers. If you're lucky enough to talk to her, she'll definitely brighten up your day. I couldn't have picked a better task to start my day off with! (:

Posted by Anonymous

had a question about my bill and was treated very professional bill was adjusted in about three minutes. Thank you customer service

Posted by no name

my neighbors unsecured internet that I use when my xfinity internet service is doing what it dose more often than not is TWICE as good. I am sorry that they can not provide a quality service. if I ran a business the way xfinity dose I would hang my head in shame. Also it took me three times to write this message, because my service kept kicking me off. Thank you and have a wonderful day. GOD BLESS

Posted by Anonymous

Hello Sir,
We had xfinity package with four boxes. The installation was completed early September and since it was installed we have not been able to sit down and enjoy a good program. We had four technicans to come out and declare the problem was resolved. It appears that the installation has a problem. Of the four boxes only one tends to be installed correctly. This one is tied into the computer and telephone. We called for another technican to come out
tomorrow. If this problem is not fix we must try another customer. We been very pacient Its been a month and no TV.

Posted by Bonnie

South Texas office,Great supervisor Rudy,for having great support team member Hector osrpjp!I have been having problems w/not having sound on one of my boxes for last 2 and 1/2 weeks,called 6 times and were told to make sure cable wires tighten,signals were sent and box rebooted and still did not work so I called 9:30 eastern time on 5/7/2013!Hector answered my call explain to Hector our problem and Hector told me to press the language button and after all these times of having other support help not solving the problem!Hector solved it w/the first thing he told me to,whatever he was taught he listened and is an excellent support team member I have ever talked to and I am calling his supervisor Rudy out too,because every great student has an excellent teacher!Thank you both!:)

Posted by Carol

Hi, I would just like to say overall I love xfinity. The only complaint I have is the calendar and reminder service. I wish there was a way you could make it more like American Greetings Reminders or even google. Make it more fun and easier to use. More color, icons, and things like that. I think more people would use the calendar. Thank you. Otherwise, good job!

Posted by alexnanu

very happy with the service that chris provided for me, fast and spoke very good english, very nice, ticket thanks again chris.

Posted by Anonymous

Jackie was so amazing! She was able to fix my problem in a timely manner. I so love comcast because of her.


Thea Alexander resolved my log-in issues with such ease! I had no problem logging in after her help. She even showed me how to add new users to my account (so that my husband could access his ESPN on his xbox!) She was great.

Your technician Abel Hernandez of Scotts Valley CA is awesome, along with his supervisor Kenneth Mclean. They made it happen (it was a complicated situation). Im not sure of her last name but Caroline in the Santa Cruz area (she has tattoo sleeves I hear, awesome) is amazing and I appreciated her help so much in starting my account.

Thank you for the positive experiences I've had with your company.

Shanae Rodriguez
Pacific Coast Property Consulting

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Posted by Hbacajol

So i had an interview on Saturday june 13th and it was the absolute worst interview ever 1 hes talked down to me the whole time 2 he kept asking me questions about why i moved and why my fiancée did get me a job where she works excuse me first off its non of you business where she works and why im not working there yes i have tattoos and earrings but it doesn't mean im trash and doesnt give you the right to talk down to me it was veary upsetting that all he could focus on is my tattoos and my kids how i wont see them if i work for xfinity all i can say is xfinity really needs to step it up and be aware of people working for them i hate to say it but it was BS and i would never use there services if people like that work for the company

Posted by effingreat

I work for XSS tech support for Internet services, and I can tell you that 90% of the customers I speak with are happy by the end of the call. You can't please everyone, and not everyone wants to be pleased.

The company only hires in USA and Canada, and most employees are from USA. You have to pay extra for the support so that the company can afford to pay Americans as opposed to outsourcing to India. I bet you complain about outsourcing of jobs and having to talk to thick accented Indians!

Seriously, a lot of your complaints could be resolved by just taking a breather before you call in. Cooperate with troubleshooting steps, stop giving your drama stories, and get down to getting the issue fixed. The only people that complain about how long it's taken to fix the issue are the people who complain about how long it takes to fix the issue! That's because you spend time complaining that could be used to actually fix the problem. Believe it or not, we DO want to fix your problem! The faster we get you off the phone satisfied, the better our metrics are, the more likely it is we are recognized for skilled work and will receive a raise!

Posted by Joshua Picus

You should know that Xfinity Customer Service as it is called here is not the same as " Xfinity Signature Support" Comcast Customer Service (Comcast Account Representatives) are horrible. The only thing worse than they are the cable jockey installers that don't ever hook up anything. Don't mention the word wireless or Comcast will hang up on your or transfer you to Xfinity Signature Support without telling you there is a fee. Xfinity Signature Support is a wonderful paid service for Comcast.


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