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Xerox customer service is ranked #527 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.55 out of a possible 200 based upon 184 ratings. This score rates Xerox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


176 Negative Comments out of 184 Total Comments is 95.65%.


8 Positive Comments out of 184 Total Comments is 4.35%.

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    • 30.55 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 176 negative comments (95.65%)
    • 8 positive comments (4.35%)
    • 6 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Frustrated

I have a Versant 80, it is on a lease, the first year I had 30 service calls on the machine, it is a lemon, and Xerox will not do anything about it. I would never use Xerox again

Posted by usrhlp

I have a Xerox Workcentre 5325 that needs the firmware upgrading to support office 365, i have asked for this to happen only to be told i am wrong and that the configuration on the printer is wrong. While she has a point, it is a bug in the current firmware that prevents the printer from accepting the correct configuration. I tell her this but still am told i am wrong. Absolutely terrible customer service, I am an IT engineer and know what i am doing and wouldn't ask for a firmware upgrade if i didn't know that's what it needed.

Posted by Bill

Xerox's customer support is horrible. I have been trying to buy an additional walk-up fax option for a newly purchased C8030. After the sale and delivery of product it seems Xerox could care less about support. I would advise all those looking for a new multi-function copier to go with a Cannon, Ricoh, or Sharp. It is ridiculous I can't get anyone to sell me the fax option. I talk to someone at a call center in the Philippines that transfers me to support which in turn hangs up on me. This has happened twice. Xerox is a huge disappointment

Posted by Missy

I purchased 5, Xerox replacement cartridge from in November of 2016. One of the cartridges that I opened is defective. One of the parts sticks out and does not allow the printer chamber to close correctly. And one of the silver rollers is loose, and causes the printer to make a terrible noise. Is it possible to exchange the cartridge?

Posted by Anonymous

After having a series of Canon printers we made the mistake of getting a Xerox Workcentre. It's inherent limitations and the frequent breakdowns are have been a serious drain on productivity and resources. On top of everything, customer service is anything but helpful. We are all counting moments towards the end of our lease and freedom from Xerox hell.

Posted by Jamie

Bought a xeron workcenter 6027. Didnt even last 1 year and the piece of crap is broke. Apparently the part to repair is worth more than the machine. Will never buy a xerox product your money and buy something else.

Posted by Temporary Xerox Expert

We got a Xerox Phaser 6600DN under a pay per page/fully maintained model. It is not fit for purpose. It's in our Engineering Sales office which was lucky as they don't mind attempting to fix it themselves (got forbid you had this in a normal office environment). While Xerox are perfectly polite when you ring them you know you will get a temporary solution at best. Problems involve:
- printer ink was meant to be automatically ordered so we don't need spares. It didn't so for the first four replacements we had to order and wait several days. Admittedly it does seem to work now.
- we ordered a mono printer, we got colour. The cost doesn't bother me (100s of test pages @10p a time) but I am sure that this is part of the problem.
- spare plastic rollers these generally only last up to three months (we have learnt to fix the problem then call up two weeks later to say it recurred so we can get spares for next time).
- must go through an imaging unit every two months.
- refuse to send out an engineer
- refuse to replace the bloody thing.

Posted by Mel

Terrible. You end up talking to Manilla and they will NEVER send someone out!!!

Posted by Dilbert

Printer U/S emailed support and they dispute that it is under warranty.

This happened with the last Xerox so this time I paid for the 3-year warranty and kept everything. So we take photos of the invoice and the warranty and email this also. Again the dispute the warranty by saying is has elapsed despite the invoice date stating clearly it is not.

Muppets. Do Not buy a Xerox.

We are now a week in and every time we email or call we get another member of the Bangalore call centre who does not have English as their first language.

No one takes ownership of the issue. Still broken.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company ever seen, you got agreement signed on the day of my meachine brokedown and not given proper details and signed in blanked copies.
Upon asking about the who u can mention effective date from feb-16 when we signed it was april-16.

The manager treatned me by saying u have signed on the agreement, you are leagaly obligued to pay me thats it.
He also said me that once the agreement signed all the people in the world say this and i am telling the same.

I dont have recorded that telephonic conversation other i would ve sued u.

U are runing the company with goons.

Posted by Atlas Ceramics

We have been giving three dates where an engineer was supposed to come in and fix our new, in warranty printer. We made a 'logged' complaint to them. Which they promised to get back on us with. That never happened. As well as this, we are fed up with talking to rude customer service phone operators who do not know how to be polite. Overall, we are disappointed and angry at the service we have been given. P.s the printer is still not fixed. A week after.

Posted by Anonymous

Xerox customer service is the worst. I spend the majority of my week on hold dealing with incompetent "customer service" reps who do everything in their power to not send a service tech out. The second our contract is up, I am switching to another company. XEROX SUCKS!

Posted by Wendy

Our order was delivered to the wrong department. A rep phoned me at the office to help determine which department received the order. The building we are in is comprised of multiple government offices and departments all with different accounting codes. She phoned me back again and said, "Okay I found out where you order is. You can contact..." I said, "No. Why don't you just reship the order so we can get what we ordered?" I was not rude, I simply asked for the mistake to be corrected. I provided the correct information when I submitted the order. There is no reason the order should not have come directly to us.

Instead of apologizing for the mistake, she became very rude and ended the call refusing to answer more of my questions. This is just not acceptable.

Posted by tommy

The Xerox "work center" doesn't!

The machine regularly gives a "start key not ready at this time!" despite having not been used recently, despite having been used recently, how can the start/copy button not be available? Or, after one copy the message indicates the machine wants to "take a coffee break" indicating one must "continue working", my gosh, fix this thing!

Posted by TY

Xerox Printer
I am a guy who use
PCs everyday, since I owned a Xerox, I feel very fustrated, you need a Phd to operated

Posted by Seltzerone

I am pretty shocked. I just purchased a new Xerox 7835 machine. I have always loved Xerox because their machines were excellent and they had excellent customer service. Not anymore, I guess. I got the machine 2 weeks ago - there is a detection issue on Tray 4 where it does not pick up the 8.5x11paper that is in this tray. I called Xerox to send out a technician and I am being told that I can fix this problem myself and I do not need a technician to come to my site!!!! Wow - pretty bad. Had the machine for 2 weeks!!

Posted by Anonymous

Xerox has the WORST customer service. I've spent 40 minutes on the phone with support asking them to send a technician out for our color printer. She told me to try out a bunch of things before they could send out someone to look at our machine. I am not a technician nor do I understand what the parts of the printer are! How hard is it to send someone out?!

We pay close $900 for service just for them to tell me to do things myself. Ridiculous. In the end she tells me they're going to have to send a technician. No sh*t! I've been trying to tell her that from the beginning!

I've worked for companies that had Ricoh and Canon printers and as soon as I called for service they send someone over in an instant. Those technicians arrive, figure out the problem, call for parts and come back to install them when they receive them. Xerox, however, prefer not to have a technician come to your office until you troubleshoot several things and send you parts that they assume will resolve the issue only to tell them that none of it worked.

Don't waste your time or your money with Xerox.

Posted by FREDDIE


We have a xerox in our shop, we pay a load of money each month for xerox to provide me a service, my team has been logging calls

for a tech guy to come out and fix our machine, there is a piece of plastic that needs to be replaced when your tech guy was here previously

he took glue and glued it on like a Chinese, it was working for a while and came of again we have a load of paper jams and i need to pay my clicks

of you close my account!!! But for what do i pay clicks for Service like this, i then have to take it into my own hands call the call centre and then have

a one and only Hester LAUGHING at me when i tell her you need to employ people that can do the work properly. We have been waiting for a week for our machine to be fixed and they say the tech guy will only be here NEXT week are you people out of your mind???

do i need to tell my client to wait two weeks for a machine to get fixed???

I can clearly see what type of people work at bytes as the tech guy in Swakopmund can't to a job properly and staff at the call centre laugh at clients.
Please get a Tech guy here to sort our machine out in the next 2 hours.

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service center in Raleigh for Apple support you would think they worked for the Apple Corporation direct. They are arrogant and try to make you feel you do not know your product. Give me Apple support I am not using a Xerox based product again.

Posted by Network Analyst

I applied for a job. It took almost 30 days for an email to come through with a response to the application. In addition, I was given 7 hours to reply then got another email THE SAME DAY indicating the job was closed after they indicated they were actively interviewing. Their excuse for the short notification was their email server had a delay. However, i kept getting notified of other job openings. Xerox was established in 1906. Review and response time is blamed on their own technology. Maybe that is why Xerox service scores are extremely low. I have had co workers with much less experience get hired. I am a network specialist with 10 years experience and worked for the government for 5 years. I contacted HR and the person on the phone had a hard time speaking English.

Posted by Xerox Tech

How this company stays in business amazing me. Every week we are going out to service the P.O.S machines. If it's not one thing it's another from constantly jamming; skewing pages; finisher problems; adf scanning issues; controller boards; the list goes on. Every part on the machine is made the cheapest way feasible. All of the plastic components are cheap and break if you look at them wrong. The software controlling the machine is crap and looks like a teenager wrote it in terms of functionality. How can you even justify selling these to customers for say $10,000 base model then every week make them pay $1000-1500 in parts plus labor charges. You can't even use off brand paper with xerox machines without some sort of problem developing. I most certainly will never buy one of these for my company and will never recommend them to anyone unless they want an expensive paper weight. At least with HP they work 90% of the time and require mostly no major repairs, simple maintenance kits or toner and they run without issues. Stay Away from xerox! If you value your money or you companies money Stay Away from Xerox! Don't trust the salesmen they are there to sell them they don't deal with the problems and don't see them constantly on a day to day basis. Go with any other brand other than xerox and you will save money!

Posted by Private

I have never in my life received such poor service from such a "big company" continuously lying about my orders that i had waited 3 weeks for. Seriously how can a company be without a printer for 3 weeks? Ive had numerous amounts of excuses for example; the driver has had a crash and lost my parcel? They have not got the item in stock and do not know when it will be in stock. Interesting isnt it. How much this company can fail. fail. fail.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the sequel to the previous comment, regarding the nightmare of trying to order staples from the miserable Xerox woman over the phone.

Got my order in. She intentionally spelled my name wrong (it's in the system!) and also sent me the WRONG STAPLES. That's right folks, after all that, and blatantly just telling her "I want the 'corner staple', the regular kind", the moron sent me booklet staples.

How shall I escalate this? She doesn't deserve a job.

Posted by Anonymous

I never thought I would have to anonymously complain about Xerox.

I work in IT and therefore am dealing with Xerox a lot. I call their technicians in, and once in a while order non-metered supplies over the phone.

Now, 99% of the time I get good people. Every single field technician who has come in, and I've requested many, are very knowledgeable and very friendly.

And over the phone, when I can understand them, they're very friendly.

Except today, in fact, minutes ago, I had the worst person on the other line. Too bad I didn't remember her name, if she answered the phone with it. This was at ~11:25am on Monday, March 16th 2015. This stood out SO much because this is literally the first time in my 2.5 years of ordering that I had someone rude. Makes me want to reconsider who I order from. I was ready to file a complaint only to see that they only have a phone option, and no online complaint form. Really not worth my time to phone in and I feel uncomfortable doing so over the phone.


I told her I wanted staples for a machine, but didn't know the sku number for them, but I knew my machine.

Her: "What's the number"

Me: "I don't know the sku number, only the machine's serial number"

(Great attitude in her voice already. I know you need the serial. You asked me for a number right after I told you that I don't have a SKU number.)

Me: (serial number)

Her: "Which staples would you like to order?"

Me: "I'm sorry, I didn't know there were
several kinds, what are they?"

Her: "There's the kind for corners and the kind for booklets."


Me: "I didn't know they were different, what's the difference between the two staples physically?"

Her: "One is for corners and one is for booklets"

Me: "Could you define what you mean by 'for booklets'?"

Her: (sighing rudely) "If you put 2 or 3 staples in a booklet"

Me, still confused: "But that's just an option when creating a print job, I thought they were the same, are there two areas where cartridges are loaded?"

(long pause, she doesn't acknowledge)

Me: "They both just look like normal 'stapler-staples' to me, both the 'corner ones' and the ones that get used in booklets, are they the same physically? I thought they pulled from the same cartridge?"

Her: "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE, that's not happening. You need to ask someone which ones you need."
(attitude increases, implying that I'm some sort of dummy who needs to ask someone higher up what I'm doing)

(Cute, I'm in IT and nobody else here knows)

It went on like this for another minute. She wasn't saying anything without being prompted to, just cross-eyed and drooling and mouth-breathing on the other end, waiting for her next moment to snap at and confuse me.

It was painful, you could hear from her voice alone that she had no enthusiasm, no patience, ZERO passion for what she did, and wanted to get off the phone as fast a possible. Curt to the point of being extremely rude.

I told her I wanted the "corner-kind". It took 3 variations on my question for her to understand that I was asking if this kind came in boxes or as singles (never ordered for this machine before).

"4 to a box".

(long pause)

"O...ok, I'll order one box please."

"I have a confirmation number for you."
(talking fast and without emotion)


She gives me the number. I write it down. I repeat it just to double check.


....just "yes". I wait. Long pause. Even longer pause. It gets too long.

I ask, "Do I need to do anything else?"


Just no. Long pause. Longer pause.

"...Okay thank you?"

"BYE" (she hangs up)

Seriously, what?

I may very well be wrong, but I'd like to assume I'm a reasonably intelligent person, and I was still having trouble understanding her because of how curt and annoyed she sounded.

Posted by not happy

Their website is horrible to navigate and they use so many different departments to do things, no one seems to know what to do or where to go. When you call, they are not very nice and "somehow" our office info was shared with another company that tried to scam us. Ordering supplies is not easy and user friendly-would not recommend them to anyone.

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Posted by XEROXCLK1 IP

We had a technician come and fix our Xerox Workcenter 5735 on 6/12/17. He was very, very helpful. He showed me how I could replace rollers on the document feeder myself. He suggested we order new rollers to have on hand because we use the document feed a lot. So, please order for us . That would save us a service call in the future.

He also suggested we keep a fuser on hand as well. We already have a spare drum on hand so please order a Fuser R3 as well.

Our workcenter 5735

Posted by of technical advisor - MJ

I had a number of queries regarding new Xerox 6605 set up including wi-fi scanning. I was called back as promised the previous day by Xerox in the Philippines. I was fortunate to speak to and have the specialist skills of 'MJ" who very efficiently dealt with and resolved all the issues. I was very impressed with his personality, experience and skill, knowledge and sense of humour. A most pleasant experience. Thank you MJ

Posted by anna

The service rep was very knowledgable and the machine was super. It would do a good job of reproduction of colour and detail. Very few calls for maintenance. Was a good workhorse, loved colour and loved working with graphic design. Photography was exceptional. Miss it.

Posted by Anonymous

Have had excellent support since going with Xerox. The technician is fast and friendly and keeps our equipment running great.

Posted by Paul

Xerox have been great to work with. We have had some small issues, but Xerox support has been timely and effective. The multiple layers of support have allowed us to key in on some specific issues and we have been very happy.

We have a Xerox 700 and it has outshined the KM machine we used to have and is much better than the Digitex service we had with our Canon

Posted by darth vader

this service was quite exceptional!!!!

Posted by karolinakev

Called with questions about an out of warranty MFP and was given great care and attention--solved my problem with no charge. Short wait time.

Posted by flip

Perfect service!

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Posted by Anonymous

This is one of the worst companies to work for. Xerox services Humana in Madison, Mississippi . The supervisors are unprofessional the agents are always giving out wrong information. The people that are above the company they dont monitor the company close enough. Everyone is under-paid and overworked. The Operation manager does not know how to talk to anyone and regular agents are trained an are becoming supervisors. Some of the supervisors need to be tested. This is the most hood place to work.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee at Xerox in Anderson, IN. I wrote a complaint earlier this week and I was told by Lead, Jennifer, that she did hear about the complaint. It did help. They were much better and professional.

Now, my concern is my surveys. Everybody in the class of 27 people was talking about all their surveys. I am the only person in the entire class that did not get a survey. One told me that she still had the other trainers name on her name and they fixed it last Tuesday. I asked my supervisor Corey why didn't I have any surveys, he stated he found out that I had the other trainers name on mine and he fix it with a serious smirk on his face.

At the end of the day 14, everybody stated at the end of the day that they got two to six more and I still had none. My customers love me. They tell me over the phone when the survey come I'm going to rank you high.

I go up to Corey in a very low voice and ask if I am being single out. He screams and stops the entire training class and says I don't want to hear that. I was shock I said you don't want to hear that, I was walking away. He starts shouting saying I think he don't notice but he see how when I raise my hand and see Jennifer coming I will put my hand down. I told him because I found the answer. I told him I don't have a problem with Jennifer she had one with me. He stated that is not what I am hearing. She had a problem with me. He say I be watching and I stated and you be ignoring me as well. I said I really don't appreciate you screaming telling the class everything we are talking about. He, the supervisor, stayed he didn't appreciate me asking if I was single out he started screaming she had two and she had one and she had six. And one coworker stated she didn't start getting one until this week. I told him I didn't want this to be a class discussion.
I went to my desk.

At the end of the day, I told my Lead Jennifer that my time sheet was messed up. She stated I had to tell Corey. I said so he can scream at me. I went up and told him and told him that I didn't want to be yelled at. He said I yell at everybody. I told him he needed some supervisor classes because I did not comw to work at 46 to be scream at by nobody or be disrespected. He said I didn't like it when you come up to me and ask are you being single out. I ask the question very low and you are my supervisor. He said everybody said you had a problem with them. I said I know Michael and Rich didn't say that. I said wverybody see how you and Jennifer ignire my hand. On three occassion, this one girl scream saying Sharon hand is up. People see it and thwy also see that I don't chat. I just do my work and my customers love me. When you ignore me when my hand is up, you are ONLY hurting that paying Verizon customer.

He then told me I have been held back in class because I didn't get any surveys. I asked wasn't it his job to make sure I was getting surveys he said it was his boss fault that the he had me in the wrong class. I have to fail a class because you had me in the wrong class. He said take that up wirh your boss.

When he did my coaching, I was the very last one because they had to find one that I mad a mistake on. I seen they had several people going thru them to name a mistake. They thought they found one. A lady call in to activate her phone and she was on it. I had to call her back at her house number. He thought I didn't. I showed him my notes that I did. I was suppose to put her on hold and call her back so the phone will still record. No one had told me that. He said you was doing it wrong. I told him this was the first time I heard of it. I told him that we didn't train on the phones. He said he know Ben and Anthony and he know they did. I told him remember she stated in front of the class that we didn't train on the phones because it was dummy accounts and we couldn't transfer. He put in the notes that I didn't know about the hold.

I don't know what kind of people Xerox finds to supervise but no one goes to work to be disrespected. This is the same supervisor that took a supervisor call and got so mad at the PAID CUSTOMER that he jumped up out of his seat and scream while slapping the table so so loud that we jumped and yelled that I will not take you talking to me like that. A SUPERVISOR? REALLY!!!!! He is really setting an example for 27 people.

Why am I the only person who didn't get a survey? Did they know that I will get great ratings because everybody told me they flunk a few. To not make me shine as I feel on every call except one, I make sure I do everything I am suppose to do on a call. I do my job and being treated with so much hate. I guess its could be the way I act at 46. I dress with some class as if I getting paid by someone instead of coming in like the supervisor with wrinkle and yeterday cloths on.

Posted by Fightback27

If you are a Verizon employee having issues with Xerox's management of your pension you are not alone. You need to take a few steps don't give up. I have had to escalate my case through HR, at Verizon. So far Xerox has not solved my problem. I have in writing from Hewitt past pension estimates and Xerox is about $124,000. different. In the mean time I have contacted the Federal Labor department that has agreed to get to the bottom of this problem. Xerox should stick to copiers I think they are using an abacus to make their calculations.

Posted by Cobaltace

I am a Field Service Representative and believe it or not, I want you to have a good experience with your equipment. I truly believe in my equipment and in my skills in diagnostics and repair. I am judged by my ability to repair correctly the first time so, yes, I want to fix it right the first time. The information I recieve for your call is limited and that is why I will ask you alot of questions to make sure I diagnose your machine correctly. I will do my best to repair, clean and test your machine. I will ask you to test it out to not only test it under your conditions, but make sure you physically verify that your machine is working. I can not carry every part needed to fix every problem for every machine and I do appologize for the inconvienience and will order the needed part but I am then limited to the delivery companys timeline. In most circumstances, I might be able to find the part in a nearby technicians inventory and drive to get it but if that is not possible, I will get you the part as soon as I can.
Although I have many years experience, I can not know everything possible and will use many types of resources including other technicians, looking up tips on my computer and looking at my service manuals which Xerox has painstakingly downloaded onto my computer to make my job a little easier. I may not be able to fix your machine in the first visit and I appologize again. I am judged harshly if I can not repair your machine properly the first time, so again, it is in my best interest to fix your machine correctly. I do not discount you or your concerns as I concider myself a silent partner in your business' success.
Please, do not take your aggressions out on me. I know that I am probably the only person you will see in person. I value our relationship. If you tell me the problems you are experiencing, I will do my best to help you. Again, I personally value our relationship and benefit in a long and lasting relationship with you. It does me no good to have you dissatisfied with me or my company and I know that. I thank you for your trust in me and for giving me the opportunity to serve your needs.
Like you, I am a person. I promise to treat you like I want to be treated. Please reciprocate. I understand that when your machine is not functioning properly, your business is effected. I do not like to leave your business location without your machine working properly but have to sometimes. Again, I and my collegues do our best for you. Again, I believe in my machines and believe that they can be a valuable tool in your business.
Thank you
Your Senior Field Service Technician and hopefully friend

Posted by xerox rep

I work in the xerox service group and I have to say, itís terrible, not only do they refuse to hire anyone they canít seem to understand the process and systems they use donít work.

When customer calls all in a huff because they canít print, we literally have NO access to contact information of the tech we dispatch, all we are physically able to do is create a ticket and send it off.
So when you call without your serial number and get all flustered cause we donít know what device it is. Maybe rather than just DEMANDING we send someone give us the info we need so we can make sure no mistakes are made.
Do you call your cell phone company and get upset because they ask you for your phone number? talking to you people is like talking to children; spoiled angry little children that donít even know what they want. Maybe when you call relax and listen rather freak out and yell and maybe service will go more smoothly!

Posted by eunuch39

I am a xerox technician and am NOT going to try and tell any of you that you are wrong. I can only try and explain from my side when we get the service call we ( or at least most of us) try our best to resolve the issue that you called with as well as look at overall performance of the machine. we are limited by a number of factors
1. we dont use the machine on a daily basis so if you have a concern TRY and talk to us to help fix it.
2. we are tasked by our managers to reduce costs and yes that means repair rather than replace some parts.
3. we usually have a big area and alot of machines and thus your machine cannot always be number one priority we get to the in order we recieved the calls
4. we ARE NOT THE CALL CENTER when you place a call you usually speak to someone else and we get the information second or third hand and in short message so when we call and talk to you the more detailed you can get the easier for us to have right parts.
5. we do not carry every possible part for every machine we have bare minimums of parts because carrying every part is impossible.
6. we are almost as frustrated as you when a machine breaks


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