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Xbox customer service is ranked #174 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.88 out of a possible 200 based upon 479 ratings. This score rates Xbox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


401 Negative Comments out of 479 Total Comments is 83.72%.


78 Positive Comments out of 479 Total Comments is 16.28%.

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    • 48.88 Overall Rating
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    • 401 negative comments (83.72%)
    • 78 positive comments (16.28%)
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Posted by Bon fortuna 76

First I want a refund on kotor 2 . I bought for $10 and it's unplayable!! At least twice I put 8 or more hour in this game save it then go to get back on next day or two and nothing I did the last day saved !! That's like 16 hours of game play lost !! The game is unplayable don't want to go do 16 hours of the same stuff again .. that I just did ..and I'm sure never gonna try and play it again cause I don't wanna waste my time .. if game is not gonna save .. not to mention all the times it freezes !!

Also im probably gonna take my Xbox one x back .. I have loved Xbox since original console.. it made me give up on PlayStation cause it was a better system same as 360 .. and I had Xbox one when it first came out . Never had problems with it !! But since I upgraded nothing but trouble !! I'm always getting kicked of internet and it's not my internet !! Cause my phone, tv, iPad, and everything else works fine all the time !! It's just the x box one x .. my son still has a regular x box one and it works fine also .. I get on with support and they tell me I need to hard shut it down . But why ?? Never had to hard shut down my other x box one !!! I come home from long day of work it takes me 10 minutes to turn on Xbox find out I'm not connected. Then I have to hard shut down system wait for it to turn back on .. pain ... and yes I tried network check .. it says I'm connected to internet but not to Xbox live .. nothing will work until I unplug Xbox and plug it back in ..

Posted by Anonymous

My son just bought vc's 130.00dollars worth how in the world can i canel this transaction!!!!

Posted by Lil bro flexing 0

I know this is not the first time this has happened,I'm in one city my son is in another being that you don't give but one options with our credit cards that is making them accessable to the controller of the system my son has spent money he shouldn't have how do I redeem my money back on my card my email is )his info is down below

Posted by maya

Most complaints here are simple fixes,
First, I'm sorry but turn-off auto renew (it will tell you your next charge date if you haven't turned it off)

Second, a mom said her baby accidently made a purchase, LIAR!, your screen would have to be right on the buy button (it's a couple of clicks to even get to the buy button)

Third, parents when in doubt pay for the subscription (3 months or 6 months in advance rather than one month at a time this way you can remove your credit details immediately after purchase)

PUT PASSWORD ON !! I have password for every transaction on the xbox, or account changes.

Lastly, check your xbox settings AND COMPTUER (xbox site, ya for some reason it doesn't turn off on both)

NOTE: WHY AS PARENTS ARE YOU EVEN LETTING YOUR KIDS PLAY ONLINE! heck I couldn't even play m rated game until I literally turned 18! Parents, adults take responsibility and learn what your buying for you kids, and understand that they do state refund policy, and digital game refund policy, (THEIR CORPORATION, THE DETAILS ARE IS SMALL WRITING HIDDEN NOTHING NEW!!)

Posted by Eevee

I love my Xbox one. Best console ive owned since the Xbox 360. As a person who games a whole lot, I can say ive owned pretty much every console. I enjoyed them all, my personal favorites being the PS2 and the Game Cube. However, I cant say that I havent enjoyed my Xbox one. Overall the best console ive owned, performance wise. Ive met some awesome people on there and play some awesome games. Never get tired of it. Looking forward to buying a whole lot of upcoming games. For example, Anthem; cant wait. Thanks - Eve �¢ï¿½�¥

Posted by iEnergizedL

I went into my checking account to see 50 dollars missing! I called and apparently it was for rainbow six siege. I don't even own that game. Could I please get some help?

Posted by ace

bought a xbox nov 1 2017 last xbox i had was a 360 back in 2013 my account was hacked sometime between there and i didnt know this after i put 100 on my new Xbox 1 only to use 20 of it before it was all spent after a 1hour of waiting Xbox nonsupport tells me well because the money used was from your Microsoft account instead of your credit card we cant help you so i bought a PlayStation and burn my Xbox

Posted by Semin0les6

Got charged for a Xbox Renewal I didn't want to renew

Posted by rosemore

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Posted by puzzeling bloom

I was charged 2x for madden football download. Also my 5 year old kid was playing minecraft and somehow was allowed to rack up multiple charges of around $200. I tried to fix issue online, there was no way to get a refund, so I called, sat on hold for 45 min, finally spoke to someone in bangalore, once I told him the charges were made by a child who was not old enough to consent he asked me to stay on hold. About 1/2 hour later he hung up on me. I now am forced to cancel my credit card and report it as unauthorized charges.

Posted by Nukacola907

I got charged from auto renewal from xbox game pass. I did not want to renew it.

Posted by toooldtoold1984

i bought mortal kombat x and im unhappy with the tower and story mode i was wanting my money refunded.i have high hopes of useing the refund to buy friday the 13th

Posted by Squishy62588

I see that another person posted the same issue a couple of months ago. I received and e-mail stating that my purchase of GTA 5 had gone through...EXCEPT I NEVER PURCHASED THE GAME. I wasn't even home or on my system the time the purchase took place.

Posted by Anonymous

Son made 70 dollar purchase 4 times in a row without my consent for coins for a game he has on the Xbox. The credit card was removed previously to avoid this from happening but did not know that when you log in from a different device to purchase something from the Xbox store the system automatically pulls your credit card info and stores it to the device. Called the help desk and they basically said "no" the policy is they only give one refund a year. So now my family is out over 200 dollars for some coins on a video game.

Posted by Daniel Cazares

My nephew bought this game as dlc with my debit card without my consent and I would like a refund, I need that money for my education.

Posted by Pissed off mom

My son made purchases using my debit card would like my money back I work to Damm hard for that money . I have seen a lot of parents on here with the same problem now I have to cancel my checking account and open a new one .. Think we need to contact a lawyer ..

Posted by Don't have one

I am 45 yrs old I do not have kids..for the past 6 months I am being charged a fee of 9.99 EVERY month from your company.. I never look at my bank statement because I keep track of what I spend...well at least I thought I did, I went to the bank and asked for a six month statement because I'm buying a new car...and what do know there it was 9.99 taken out of my account EVERY month..please I need this fix ASAP THANK YOU

Posted by Sammy28

Need help . Money taken for a gfa 5 game I never bought through xbox account . Money taken yesterday and I don't know how to get a refund for a game I never bought

Posted by Cloud

If you own an Xbox One and have Xbox gift cards, do not expect to use it to buy Xbox 360 games through Xbox Live. I discussed the problem with customer support. They didn't know that was an issue and had to check with their support team.

If you want to purchase Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One, the only option is through a credit card. It is a disappointment to get ripped off by this type of limitation.

Posted by Dean

I hate Xbox as a company. I've had nothing but problems when needing to access customer service, and many problems, particularly with the Xbox One. I am not buying another Microsoft gaming product after my latest experience. My current one is trying to play xbox live with a guest account. I've been on the phone with 'support'; I have apostrophes around support because i don't feel the call centre operators are actually support. They're useless offshore workers who only know a few things they're told. After 2 hours on the phone they're still trying to figure out why my Xbox Live free 14 day trial subscription is not working properly. After an hour and a half I asked them to just give me another one rather than waste both our time. The reply: "we cannot do that". If this was another company they would apologise profusely for wasting such a large amount of my time and rectify my poor experience with something additional. I don't even want that (I can only use three days of the trial anyway as i return to work).

I also hate that it's tremendously easy to subscribe to Xbox Live, but conversely it is excruciatingly difficult to cancel the renewal. They even have an option where you cancel the whole service rather than the charges haha. Finding a complaint area online is near difficulty; the google search option location has been moved. Xbox does not care about it's customers.

The Xbox One is riddled with problems and is not user friendly.

You can't use old controllers.

I've been hung up on twice and not called back. They've tried palming the issue off with incorrect reasons too.

Xbox gaming is the worst company I've had dealings with.

Posted by Jacqui

My son took my debit card without my consent and has spent £2100, I would like a refund, you did not check that there was unusual activity and purchases happening (up to £600 in £100 transactions in one day)

Posted by Chokolate monroe

Hello my son had recently purchased games using my credit card to my Xbox 360 without my consent, I would like a refund

Posted by tehsplinn

Yes my little brother bought the game Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 for around 40 dollars. This really annoyed my parents and wasted their money which isn't cool. If it is possible can I or one of you guys be able to refund this. Thank you!

Posted by Pon 3

I want a refund on fallout 4 i didn't mean to buy it

Posted by dp812

Over the years, I've had to contact customer support several times. The first was when my 360 redringed. I called Xbox, told them I live in Japan and they said I would need to pay for the console to be repaired, something like $100. I said fine and they said they would arrange for a pick-up. I gave them my contact information, they charged my card, and told me to be at my home on a specified date and time. I said okay. Pick-up day came...but no one arrived to take the unit. I contacted Xbox again and a different agent told me, "oh sorry, you have to deal with the Japanese support line."

So despite telling the first agent that I live in Japan and he said that was fine, he still apparently thought I was living in America despite giving him a Japanese address? It took weeks of calling and chatting with Xbox support before I was finally able to get them to refund my money.

Oh, and when I did call the Japanese support? They sent someone immediately to pick up the console and they repaired it FOR FREE. I got the console back while Xbox America was still trying to dodge my calls about getting a refund for the fraudulent repair they charged me for.

In another instance, I received an email from Xbox saying that my gamertag was "inappropriate" because it was the initials of my name, pcp, and that was considered a "drug reference." Without even consulting me or giving me the opportunity to change the tag myself, Xbox changed it for me. I contacted Xbox support to complain (I'd had that gamertag for YEARS with no problem). They refused to let me change it to something else without paying credits for a gamertag change. It took weeks of complaints before they finally issued me a credit to change the name myself. And now it looks like they changed it back to the undesired gamertag without my consent.

The latest incident is Microsoft advertised a game for free on their website. I tried to download it to my console, but it kept asking me for my billing information. For security reasons, I prefer to use prepaid gift cards for purchases. I contacted support and the support agent told me that the game was only available free to Gold members. NOWHERE on the product page was there any mention of Gold membership being a prerequisite for the game and the friend who directed me to the game said he didn't have Gold membership but was able to purchase it without problem. When I asked for contact information to reach someone else, the agent just kept explaining the benefits of Gold membership.

Every experience I've had with Xbox support has been a byzantine maze of frustration.

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Posted by Stephano

I am very happy with xbox support.
I bought Far cry 5 and it had performance issues on my xbox one X, after trying every troubleshooting step to solve it with
ubisoft and microsoft with no success, i called miceosoft, asked for a refund on my credit card and in 10 minutes they gave my money back

Posted by Rooney

I experienced a problem on my Xbox one when I downloaded Microsoft points and it didn't appear on my account, but it appeared on my brother's account. I called customer services and talked to a young lady named jesha, she was very helpful and did everything she could to help my problem and resolved it. Very satisfied with Xbox customer service member jesha for helping me out

Posted by Hydraxel757

Awesome !!! My Netflix account wouldn't work and we talked with a guy named Michael from the support team and he was so patient and nice ! Helped us and we solved the issue ! Their support team is amazing and I really can't express my gratitude in words . Patience level=100%. Thank you again !

Posted by PoshHIllbilly

I loved the guy I was working with, he was very helpful and patient

Posted by TheMidnightBell

A man named Jason helped me today and was the most helpful, happy, cheerful respondents I'd ever had. I loved every second of working with him to fix a problem even though it took nearly an hour, he stuck it through and had a cheery, helpful attitude. He told me jokes while waiting for systems to restart and other things of the like. the man deserves a pay raise.

Posted by devin

Tristan was awesome! had a heck of a conversation with him about all sorts of stuff.

Posted by Snowmask23

Xbox Support chat connected instantly and a rep was able to confirm my game code from Ubisoft had already been redeemed on a different account. This was all within 10 minutes. Fast and friendly service which I appreciate.

Posted by ISoldMyXboxForBO3

I talked to a guy named James and he was perfect. Went above and beyond and got me my money back plus an extra 10.69 that made me so happy. And i was only on hold for maybe 2 mimutes which is nothing. JAMES IS AWESOME!

Posted by Jmcgowan5

I talked to Sharita trying to fix a downloading problem and it was honestly one of the best customer service experiences I've had. Although I could not resolve my problem she was as personable as you could get and an all around great employee.

Posted by [email protected]

I spoke with Brittany from Miami. Before we tried endlessly to fix the log in issues and finally decided to just cancel payment before contacting Brittany. Most recently (before Brittany) we spoke with sean and Tyrese who were not only rude by hanging up, but extremely unhelpful. Thanks to Brittany we can now log into and use our xbox live account. Brittany you saved a customer today from switching to Playstation. You deserve to be a manager. You handled stress and demand amazingly Thank you so much for your time and effort. You are the best contact we've had with xbox live in over a year. You handle customers, demand, and stress, perfectly. Chive on girl!

Posted by Zealousfishy99

VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE 10/10. This company has a great customer service it helped me fix 12/13 of my problems (red ring being the 13th) but i think that this company should NOT have a bad review.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the best customer service experience with the online chat troubleshooting. Enrique was phenomenal and fixed the issues right away!

Posted by germanone93

Every time I have contacted the Xbox Support team, they were friendly and fast to speak to. I love the different methods of contacting them. They have the most responsive twitter feed, a fast to reach chat and nice phone employees.

I once got my xbox 360 replaced. This whole process ended up being very fast and without any problems.

One of the best customer service lines there is.

Posted by infrasignal

Call went through fine. Spoke with a human within 2 minutes. Thank you for this site.

Posted by Gr8Graham02

Susan is the freaking man. I spent 2 hours on the phone with her, and she solved the problem after going through so many troubles. Thank you Susan!

Posted by FreeAbyss9595

i have been using xbox for about a year now, and i have had my fair share of issues, system crashing, not being able to sign into xbox live, card not being authorized, and a few others. these are issues that come up with every electronic i have had (computer, tablet, phone, wifi, cable, you name it) and i understand that tachnology is not perfect. i am writing this review, because when i was reading all the reviews about xbox, there are too many negetive reviews on the customer service aspect. when i call any company, cell phone, internet, any delivery service, i feel like the rep is just trying to get through the day and isnt really concerned about my issues, and tries to get off the phone as quick as possible. bad service. every single time i have had to call xbox customer service, the representitive has always been cheerful, friendly, and just very positive in general. the people writing all of the negetive reviews, are more than likely the type of people who feel everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. the only reason why any rep would hang up on someone is because the customer cant seem to keep his/her temper. thats it. not the reps fault you are an a$$. remember, they probably dont get paid enough to take your sh!t. if your issue has been escalated, it is because the rep has done everything that they have been trained to do, and still cant find out how to fix the problem. there is nothing that the standard phone rep can do. this is a standard process for any csr.

xbox has always given me the best and most friendly service i have ever recieved. i feel like they are very under-appriceated, and deserve better. the service i have received from xbox is if anything the main reason i keep my xbox, and i will stay a xbox live member for this.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone with Xbox support his name was Brandon it took 5mins do so fast

Posted by snipersanders

im writeing this becuase i was wronngly charged 10 dallors to my xbox live for a month so i called customer service and the man i spoke to was pleasant and fun to talk to he told me what happen and the itwould take awhile for my moneey to be refunded but for customer service it was a fast and easy process and i didnt have to wait long at all on phone

Posted by Death1628

Amaaaaaaazing. I had this weird problem with power outages from my console and it was fixed completely. Representative stayed polite and patient throughout the 1.5 hours and was overall extremely helpful. Thanks Xbox Support!

Posted by Anonymous

Xbox customer support was awesome! Hector was a very nice guy. I only had to wait 11 minutes; very good.

Posted by Anonymous

Just talked to a customer service person was one of the nicest guys ever figured out my problem in no time and told me what to do in the future if it doesn't work again.

Posted by CuddleFish09

I just got off the phone with someone who was really kind and understanding. He did nothing but help me with problems he has never seen before and when nothing else worked he got the manger to ok an exchange on my xbox one controller even tho my warranty is up. There are good people there. I personally have never had a problem every time I call I get people who answer and who are very friendly but I never start the conversation with "Why the (content deleted) isn't my stuff working!!" and I have all my stuff ready and there because it asks for most of it in the preliminary call.

Posted by Srtoakes

I went through a program that get microsoft to call you back it was free, easy and worked. I can't remember the website name but all you have to do is enter the number you want called, they do the rest for you. I was done in under 10 minutes. Also my rep was super nice and helpful.

Posted by playman

I don't have a xbox but I did have a problem with my card being used by someone for Xbox live. When I contacted xbox support they were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent guys and gals. Makes me wanna get a xbox over my Playstation.

Posted by ihateurflop

Just on the phone with Xbox representative and she was extremely knowledgeable and helped me get everything on right track with two gamer tags that somehow merged together. she was extremely professional and helped redeem my year subscription off one account put it onto another delete the other account and also deleting all my personal information such as debit cards off the old account and had everything fixed within no time at all. thank your for everything Natasha great work.

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Posted by Anonymous

Very helpful! Thank you for this number i spoke to a really nice guy!

Posted by Anonymels

You have to understand that they are there to help you guys, they are not the bad guys! ask nicely and when i say NICE i mean it, these people are also humans. How about if we put is this way, how you on their position, what would you do? What would you feel?

Posted by Needdles

When you call, dont be an jerk. It is as simple is that. Treat others the way you want to be treated. They are there to make money to keep there jobs. Everyone complains that call centers outsource and America looses jobs. Well heres a prime example of jobs staying in the US. The reps wont take your crap.

Posted by Anon

protip ; Call the UK number

Also please have your gamertag/serial number etc ready.

I just finished a call there where I asked a customer what his internet service provider was, and he responded with "oh Windows XP".

Please try to appreciate the amount of idiots and soccer moms we have to deal with on a constant basis.

We're also open ridiculous hours, where most centers close much earlier in the day, we work weekends uptil 8.00 and weekdays uptil 10.00

Posted by Anonymous

You guys should all realize what microsoft is doing to make a better customer service experience...Bringing all the support for America, back here to AMERICA. We have some really good support agents that are from the west coast and speak english as a first language! And the training is extensive so none of the agents should be unfamiliar with the console. And one thing that might help, just supe up if the agent is not understanding/resolving your issue...Just ask to talk to their supervisor and you will get someone who has a little more power to get things done for you. Its still in the process of being transferred, so that's why all the indian ones seem so pissed off and spiteful, because we "TOOK THEIR JOBS!!!", so just hang in there and see what we've got in store for you, the xbox customer


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