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XM Radio customer service is ranked #534 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 30.25 out of a possible 200 based upon 1871 ratings. This score rates XM Radio customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,769 Negative Comments out of 1,871 Total Comments is 94.55%.


102 Positive Comments out of 1,871 Total Comments is 5.45%.

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  • XM Radio

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.25 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,769 negative comments (94.55%)
    • 102 positive comments (5.45%)
    • 16 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

It just took 45 min to stop my xm radio on my due date I tried to get a lower rate for my service that was going up just about 2.00 a month for the next year. After 10 plus years going from 3 radios to one each taking over HOURS to cancel . They still do not know what customer service is all about and after today still don't Make American Great Again.

Posted by Irritated

I bought my mom and dad a system that was XM back in 2008. Then Sirius bought out XM they continued to be loyal customers. My dad passed away my mom kept the system her system went down. She called Sirius they said she was available for an upgrade and no charge. They sent her a home system but she did not have access 2 a South window. She calls to try to get a mobile unit. The woman that she could not hardly understand cancelled her account then tried to charge her to set up a new account. Plus she wanted to charge 4 activating and the unit all together it was over $100. Which she would not pay which I don't blame her. I I'm just so disappointed that you all had a loyal 8 year customer leave because of greed. There was not going to be any charges when they first send out the unit that would not work for her. Also the woman was telling her that the unit that we originally had was a generic and was not XM unit because it was bought at Walmart. It had XM on the unit it had XM on the screen I did not say Walmart it said XM. I am also a Sirius XM customer that and seriously considering cancelling my own service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have factory sirius radio on my 2012 Toyota Sienna Van. The signal went out about a week ago. I have called 4 times since it went out. I had the radio checked at the Toyota Dealership. My radio is fine. The sirius radio is the problem. What can I do if the signal does not happen after 4 tries? I really really enjoy sirius radio and want to get it again. What else can I do? Anne Burke

Posted by mishade79

I called to cancel my service. It took an hour and I finally lost it and yelled at her to stop offering me stuff and just cancel my service because I don't use it. She finally agrees to cancel and then I start getting renewal bills. I called in again and it took 20 minutes to get a person on the phone who tells me my last call was marked as disconnected. So instead of cancelling my service she marked it has a disconnected call because it would have messed up her customer save bonus for the month.

Posted by Tony Kona

I purchased a used Jeep in 2014 and insisted the dealer Not activate Sirius. No problem until May 2016 when I get a notice from XM saying they have activated my radio for a "free 3 month trial" after which they send a "Welcome kit", I suspect probably with a bill. I just spent well over 40 minutes talking to people overseas telling them to terminate this 'free trial' and block any future 'trials' permanently. For them to activate service w/out my permission or knowledge is beyond corrupt business practice. I've dealt with XM before with a different vehicle, and their automatic billing at the end of subscription, plus worst customer service ever, plus worsening station options all lead me to terminate any contracts with them. At that time, I told them I will not ever again subscribe to their deceitful contract or use their crappy service and to permanently block any dealings with me, by name, address, phone, etc. XM is the WORST company I've ever dealt with.

Posted by Anonymous

This morning 5/16, at 8:30, while listening to Mike Shannon on Heart and Soul, he referred to Donald Trump as an "Orange Oangutan." How reckless and unprofessional this is.Then he made reference to a comedian whom he claims also said this and then he laughed. I do not support Mr Trump or his beliefs and also why I deleted Heart and Soul from my Favorites list. Each of us can and, I feel, is obligated to tackle hate, bigotry, and discriminatory statements and actions as they occur any way we can.

Posted by Educated and Intelligent

Paid for a subscription renewal, yet my radio was deactivated at the end of the current subscription. Called customer service, and although I made it clear the payment had cleared my credit card account, I was accused of not paying because they had no record of the payment on my SiriusXM account. I stressed again, the subscription price has cleared my account. They finally did a search on the card number I had used, saw that I had, in fact, paid, and sent an activation signal to my car (after 30 minutes on the phone with so-called "customer service"). There was no apology for the misunderstanding - very poor service, in my opinion.

Posted by THX1138

I Was Told I Would Get All Channels From Oct 2015 To Oct 2016 And I Was Turned Offoct 16 For Some Reason.. I Have Been Calling For 4 Days And I Have Been Transferred And Put On Hold So Many Times I Will Be Turning Your Corporation In To The Bbb !!!terrible Customer Service !!!

Posted by Mikeythebiker

Sirius just made my Tabletop radio inoperable due to "Software Update" after 3-4 hours of frustrating "Help" from non-English speaking robots,I have decided to smash this horrible thing and cancel my subscription, along with contacting Consumer affairs and the BBB. but it wont do any good. This is by far the worst customer support I have ever seen, and they dont care unless you owe them money.

Posted by Anonymous

As soon as i said i wanted to cancel my service i was transferred to the " Customer Care Department" AKA, we know your going to cancel so we'l put on on hold forever hoping you give up and allow the Credit card transaction

Posted by EasytoGetAlong

X'M Radio does not work in Anchorage, Alaska. I bought the Sirius XM Plus Radio. The Rep said that it would work there because it is satellite, but everyone in Anchorage, Alaska says it does not work there. I have another vehicle there that I want to install this in. Professional installation places say they will do it for me, including the Jeep dealership there will, but they have already told me it won't work. So pay the money get it installed right because I have a stock radio instead & hope & pray it works as I pay for the X'M service every month. Or just take it as a loss on top of the rude service I have already mentioned. Thank you X'M Radio, you know what you can do.

Posted by EasytoGetAlong

I have been an X'M customer for a solid year 1/2, I pay for the service out of my own pocket not a free subscription of any kind. I have the ALL Access Plan. I know people that just purchased a vehicle & get the X'M free for a few months on a try out basis. Every time I have ever called to cancel, they would convince me to hang on another 6 months, & then 'another' 6 months. So I did. 'Because I like the radio service'. Absolutely love the 'Radio Service'. I will say that as a positive note. The CUSTOMER Service is a COMPLETE Whole Another Department! I even called & ordered a SiriusXM Onyx Plus Radio for a second vehicle I have. That was the worst thing I could of done. The worst. They doubled charged me because the radio that the Rep picked out was the wrong one, after me getting the e-mail confim of the purchase. So I called back to get it changed to what I wanted, not what the Rep wanted. That was where the horrible experience started. And it wasn't like I was down sizing, I was upgrading to one of their top accessories their trying to sale right now. Unbelievable. Because the account is in my boyfriend's name, all the sudden they didn't want to talk to me. And I wasn't rude. But the credit card they have been getting their payments off of for the past year & 1/2 is in my name, & including the payment I just gave them recently for buying the Onyx Plus Radio, that card was in my name alone. I have always dealt with them, my boyfriend has never called on the account once. I've repeadly asked if I needed my boyfriend to call to put me on the acct that wasn't a problem to get him to do that. They just continue with the call each time, so I'd forget about it as well. Even the e-mails are all in my name. Were both on my vehicle, but they show the account in his name alone. I always have to re-introduce myself every single call, & say who I am. I verify all the info. Every single thing they ask. I mean who get's married anymore. And now all the sudden when I wanted to cancel; they didn't want to tell me about the account or nothing, or even when my Onyx Plus radio was going to show. So fine. I went to my bank, & now they don't have to worry about getting another payment from I or my boyfriend. Not a problem. I will be unhappy without Satelite Radio, but I was dealing with their customer service for a total of 3 hours. Now I am just done. Time for another Satellite Competor to come out!! Their attitude will change then.

Posted by bozoedagain

Well the new channels they added today all suck...cant believe they took away the only XM Americana channel and left us with Outlaw Country. Old outlaw era songs and a few select Americana bands. And they moved The Village to online streaming. Im a truckdriver and cant stream down the road. Must be 20 classic R&R stations and Sirius cant find room for these 2. Is 40s and Classic Radio really more important? When theres a better solution in future SiriusXM is toast.

Posted by Anonymous

I called to cancel (they billed me more than $500 for two devices) and spoke to "Bob." Bob had a thick foreign accent and after countless attempts on his part to keep me at a reduced price, I finally canceled. Make sure to get the cancellation numbers for each device. Oh yeah, I've been a customer x 12 years and I have a feeling this service will disappear in a year or two.

Posted by Ticked off in MD

I had a lifetime subscription with XM ( or so I thought) now they are cancelling. After 2 separate hours on the phone they are still going to cancel me because "the computer" doesn't tell them I have a lifetime subscription. Instead they tell me that I've had a one year free demo for the last 4 years. I didn't even talk to them 4 years ago it was 7 years ago I did the deal. Customer service reps leave you on hold so you will hang up or they disconnect you. You have to argue to talk to a supervisor who is no help whatsoever. Essentially they call you a liar without saying it directly. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!

Posted by Will

worst customer service. They put you on hold all the time, while not knowing anything. And when they transfer you they likely hang up on you to avoid conflict resolution

Posted by Cshell08

XM Radio charged my card over a year ago, thus renewing my service without my consent. I was not able to receive service and was not aware that I was still paying for it. Not only was I charged in error, but they refused to reimburse me. XM Radio had to audacity to call asking if I would like to renew service that HAD JUST terminated a month ago! The only reason I even received this call was b/c my card was not going through (I recently changed addresses). They were going to charge me a 3rd time! It is illegal for them, anyway, to make additional charges beyond the initial consent!

Posted by Anonymous

I was an XM customer for over 10 years until today, customer service SUCKS and they continue to renew subscriptions with out your authorization.

Posted by jason

I called for a client to get her setup with xm radio for the free trial period to see if she liked it to go into a 1 to 5 year contract and I was very rudely
talked too and if it was me I would not do xm radio just because of the service

Posted by customer

sirius customer service reps are given bonuses for "saves". a save is anytime a rep can convince you not to cancel your account, that is why it is near impossible to cancel your account!! if you call and want one year of service only the rep will not tell you that you must call near the end of that year or your subscription will automatically renew!! once they have your credit card information you'll have to cancel it or they will max it out!!! once you cancel your card they will send you paper invoices for even more money and if you don't also pay those they will forward them to a collection agency and ruin your credit!!! if you use a debit card or pay by check they will drain your checking and savings accounts!!! i think these comments illustrate just how fraudulent and disgusting this company really is!!! don't make the mistake of calling this company for satillite service or you will regret it for the rest of your life!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have got a phone call everday from XM from the time I canceled service 3 weeks ago. I have told I do not want their services, stop calling and harassing me.They still have not stopped.

Posted by Rocky

Unable to understand the rep. I could not make her understand that my radio was not functioning at all and it was impossible to obtain the radio ID#. I told her no less than 4 times that this was a home system and she kept asking for the vehicle VIN #. Impossible people to deal with

Posted by silvercreek

I've been listening to Sirius/XM almost from the day it went into service. One thing I've notice over time is that the channel lineup gets changed more often than it use to. The other thing I've noticed is that there seems to be a lot more talk show period on some channels that is supposed to be nothing but music. If I didn't know any better I would think it appears that we may need to prepare ourselves for commercial advertising in the future. After having bought some stock a few years ago it looks as though it isn't doing very well at all.

Posted by anybody

Just read their customer agreement.
You can't say anything about them online
You will be billed automatically every 6 months or every year at their current price with out knowing how much it will cost. And on and on on and on ad nauseum.
You will obey all of their rules or else.
Sounds like Nazi Germany.

Posted by Anonymous

I. Playing the same songs, over, over and again over. Geeze...really.
2. I cancelled my subscription two years ago and have been receiving multiple phone calls from Sirius radio in an effort to obtain my credit card number that I changed. I have cancelled three times (RECORDED)and they can't seem to find my cancellation. My last phone call after being transfer around the world, tell me they don't have a cancellation department. Wow you guys are the worst. The last guy hung up on me.

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Posted by mollimom

I am disabled. I have your service in all our vehicles. We now have a motor home. I called to get lifetime subscription in there along with all my vehicles. I was told you are not doing lifetime anymore?
Please reconsider this decision as I am probably one of your best customers and would like to continue that way. I know that it would certainly reverse a lot of the negative comments and feelings. Please let me purchase a lifetime subscription, I am unable to get around much and the radio brings me so much joy. Can't wait to hear from you! Thanks

Posted by r-fig

I just called and had a great experience. I was on hold for less than 30 seconds. The contact center sounds like Manila - which i only know because I've been to Manila several time. The accent was light and very pleasant. He took care of my problems in no time.

Posted by none

The cancellation number got me to a real person quickly, and she seemed helpful in canceling my account. We'll see in the next few days if it really happened or not. But so far so good.

Posted by Jerry

Gee, I just got help from XM and I had no problums with them.

Official company reply

Hi Jerry -

Happy to hear that! If you ever need any assistance, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to reach out.

SiriusXM Digital Care Team

SIRIUS XM Help 10/29/12 1:28PM

Posted by PaulNolan

I added a radio for our RV in the summer. I cancelled it tonight successfully with Alma. It was a positive experience--except--I should have been able to do this online. I was told the reason I couldn't was because it would challenge the bandwidth. Hello! The real reason is XM wants to offer me other services, products... In other words, a sales pitch. Then, when you add how long you have to wait to get a person, it is a negative. Come on XM!

Posted by DiamondInTheRaw2

So far, I have not had a problem. I have paid $14.+ for over a year now with no problem. They take the money out like clockwork. I just called and added a skydock for my Iphone in my truck. $30.+ bucks that had to be paid today, and then $23.+ every month after. The only thing that I will suggest, is that you simply make the customer aware of the three available plans that Siriusxm offers and how it will save more money to go the "1-payment route", but not try so hard and push the "One payment" option. It is better to do this towards the beginning of the year (income tax returns) or holiday (being given as a gift). If a person is already set up on a monthly plan, the odds are that they would like to continue with this same plan. I am a somewhat happy customer and simply just want to stay that way.

Posted by SGunn

I have never had any problems with my radio. I also get the online service, and when I try to log into my account a different persons name and email shows up as the account holder. I called today to cancel my subscription because it has become too expensive (114 for 6 months) and money is tight.

I am sooo glad I didn't have all the problems with customer service that the other reviewers did. I started today by googling a number to call. First # was 888-635-5142 and I was on hold for 36 mins then gave up. Checked for another number and actually read a number from a negative review on here and called 866-635-4070. I took the phone into the kitchen to make lunch (expecting a long hold time) however, my call was answered almost immediately by a representative named Rax. Though foreign, she spoke perfect English. I spoke with her for a few mins, explained about the incorrect online log in and that I wanted to cancel. She asked me for my username and password so she could log into my account and I refused. I told her I just want to cancel and she transferred me to the dept to cancel my subscription.

Once transferred I spoke with Jenna. This representative was very polite, helpful and expedient. My total call took 20 mins including the time I spoke with the first person. I explained all the same issues with Jenna and she offered me a year at half price ($94.43). I love my Sirius radio so I agreed to the offer. Then she canceled my internet radio to help reduce my bill, placed me on invoice and removed the automatic billing, and reset my username and password so I could register online. I am completely pleased and satisfied with my service today. I thanked Jenna and comment on how happy I was that she was so helpful, especially since I had read so many reviews. She told me they have been listening to the reviews and trying to correct the problem by hiring more people.

Posted by Anonymous

Just called to cancel my subscription due to selling a car, buying a new one already loaded with XM/Sirius and had no problems. Phone call took about 5 minutes and now a check is "in the mail". So far, so good.

Posted by steelpen

It took me about 5 minutes on hold so not bad. I was ending a 6 month subscription which I only paid $25.00 for, also - not bad. We just didn't listen enough. The only complaint is the lady (who spoke perfect English)offered me about 7 things before she finally cancelled. This was kind of annoying and I just kept cutting her off with a polite, "no thank you". I am sure I will get some more offers in the mail but I can throw them away like all the other crap I get. It does suck and is a little ridiculous in this day in age that you can't just do this on their website. Usually a telling sign that a company is struggling and feels the need to make you call in to BEG you to stay with a bunch of offers.

Posted by Happy

After reading all the comments here I was not looking forward to cancelling my subscription on my old vehicle and transferring to my new one. However, when I called I did not have any wait time on the phone. It was immediately answered by a very nice and professional young lady who was by all accounts an American who spoke perfect english, promptly answered my questions, and switched my service. No problems at all. I'm happy, their happy and the whole world is smiling.......

Posted by Luckie

I have been an XM customer since 2004, at times carrying as many as 5 radios on my account. I recently traded in my minivan for a car, and I was slightly annoyed to discover a radio change over could not be done online.

I called last night at 9 pm CST, and the automated machine estimated a wait time of 5 minutes. Twenty minutes later, I was connected with a very pleasant young lady. We had an issue or two communicating due to her heavy accent, but she was kind, patient, and not pushy at all. We had my radios swapped and all the details complete in less time than I was on hold. I know customer service depends all on the representative, and after reading the stories from other posters, I will count myself in a lucky minority.

Posted by Anonymous

Just called the 800-998-7900 number to cancel my XM service. I held for less than 1 minute and then spoke to Marie who spoke perfect English. I had my service cancelled in 3 minutes. I made sure to record the conversation on my voice recorder and also let Marie know that my next call was to my credit card company's fraud dept. to let them know that we had agreed to discontinue service. After speaking with my credit card company, they now know that any XM charges from this point forward are unauthorized by me.
If XM tries to charge my account, etc., I will re-post! Good luck to everyone else!!

Posted by anonymous

I'm sorry so many of you have had a bad experience with XM. I bought a new car 2 years ago and let my free trial run out. They did incessantly contact me to renew, but the offers were so good it was hard to refuse. After a year, the cost did increase. Eventually, I decided to cancel (Most of the time I end up listening to my ipod.), but when I did they offered me an excellent 6-month deal. Each successive time I've called to cancel (once the price goes back up), they are able to give me a similar break. As long as they do this, I have no problem. I suppose if you don't want the hassle of having to call and deal with customer service every few months, it's better just to avoid them though.

Posted by Anonymous

Other than being on hold for 15 minutes the two ladies I spoke with were very helpful.

Posted by Trajan

I had a fairly compicated issue and received prompt and very polite service. Issue was dealt with no problem. I'd give them a 10 out of 10.

Posted by Anonymous

After reading all of the complaints of the customer service I was a bit worried about my upcoming cancellation of the service. I called the customer service number expecting a long wait but immediately got a customer service representative that was very pleasant, accomadating and spoke very good english (he was canadian). I was so impressed that I extended my service another 5 months for a very reasonable rate.

Posted by REDi

I was getting ready to order this service but after reading over 120 bad reviews consecutivly I opted not to do so. Instead I wired a 3.5mm cable into your shi--y xm lines and now have aux in my SS. Thanx for suckin balls.

Posted by satisfied well

excellent service switching from one radio to another. immediate pickup by representative. took 15 min because I had to go out tjo my car to get my radio no. even corrected a vin no that was recorded incorrectly by the license bureau. called at 10 pm friday noght

Posted by Anonymous

Called to cancell subscription, less than 30 second wait time, very courteous representative. Thank you.

Posted by jessica

Other than the ridiculous wait time on hold and the internal structure, the customer service is ok. They are nice and helpful. I don't agree with the way they do things overall, they do not have an efficient system to take care of issues. A lot of bureaucracy, like the Government. I hope to see another company emerge to compete so they have to change.

Posted by Anonymous

Changed service from one Tahoe to another. Had a little trouble understanding the lady I talked to, had to have her repeat and speek up but otherwise, I have three XM radios and have good service, have good quoperation when I contact customer service. If I had to complain, I get too many emails fron XM.

Posted by Anonymous

Sounds like I'm the only one having a great time with their service:
I bought my car new in 2004, paid for two years and haven't had to pay since. I haven't paid since 2004 and I still get all the channels.. Woo Hoo

Posted by Anonymous

Just cancelled an unused radio. Called the number listed here. 2 minutes to navigate the voice phone tree. Live rep was immediately available. Cancelled the radio with no muss no fuss. Easy Easy.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment one of you customer representatives--after spending about 4 hours trying to re-activate my radio signal and getting nowhere, I got "Annie" on the phone--she was most helpful and called me back on my cel phone so I could be in my car while she activated my signal.

She was most helpful and considerate to a frustrated consumer.

Kudos to "Annie"

Posted by Anonymous

After years of non use, I cancelled my subscription today and received excellent service and corteous treatment from a rep named Daniel! I was given options to renew and was treated nicely when I declined. It was an excellent experience that took a total of 10 minutes.

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Posted by Anonymous

I currently work in the customer satisfaction department (aka as the 'cancelation' department) for SiriusXM. I would personally suggest to be transferred to csat whether you want to cancel or not. So you save yourself the time and frustration. As for promotions, those constantly change. First of all, DO NOT call and ask for a promotion. The answer will ALWAYS be NO. Sadly, you have to threaten to cancel your subscription unless you could get a better rate. It's considered a retention department and our job is to save you as a subscriber. The SELECT promos are currently:
Year for $95 plus fees & taxes
Year for $86 plus fees & taxes (if there's no tax in your state, the total is $96.75)
Six months half off $43.47 plus fees & taxes (again, if there is no tax in your state, the total is $48.90)
Five months for $24.99 (if there's no tax in your state, $28.11)
We No longer offer the 6 for $25, so please don't waste your time insisting on the extra month. At that point, we just think you're cheap and will just cancel your subscription because we cannot set up the 6 for $25 and we need to move on to the next customer. Plain and simple. Keep in mind ALL SERVICES AUTOMATICALLY RENEW UNLESS YOU CALL IN TO CANCEL. You are NOT required to leave a credit/debit card on file, UNLESS you have a refund being issued. Then you must leave it on file for 3-5 business days otherwise your refund will be delayed. However, Your other option is INVOICE billing. Which means you receive an invoice in the mail NOT email. You can remove your card and have refund sent in the form of a check which takes 7-10 business days to be issued. There is a $2 invoice administration fee added to each bill except where prohibited. Such as NY. There is no $2 invoice fee there. If you have a LIFETIME plan which was purchased AFTER September of 2007 and you purchased it on a vehicle (OEM meaning its not portable or aftermarket), all you have to say is that your vehicle was TOTALED and we will transfer it for $75!I hope this helps for next time you call in if there's a next time. Maybe you'll get lucky and reach the Iowa center and get me =) I may even throw in some free SXIR if you're nice. Have a great day!

Posted by Anonymous call center worker

I work for a company that is outsourced by sxm to do their customer service. I recently got 3 calls about the activaton fees charged for no reason. They were right I brought it to the attention if my managers so far no one seemed to Care sxm has 22milliom subscribers so if they hit just a fraction of accounts with that fee it would add up to alot more than the $9/hr I get paid. I bet most people won't notice.

Posted by MeetTheRobinsons

im currently working as csr for this company and i apologize for any bad experiences that u encountered dealing with siriusxm.

1st and foremost rudeness of a csr towards the customer is unforgivable with the company and our calls are being monitored by the quality team to make sure the we provide excellent customer service to our clients. rest assured we are polite to our customers even you are irate and frustrated. keep that in mind we are here to help :)

i would just like to inform you that siriusxm subscription automatically renew and bill on a recurring basis until you call us in to cancel... we inform our customers about this policy in several ways via our website under the customer agreement page and invoices

if your card is on file with us and you subscribe on a annual service, we provide notification via email address 45 days from the date of the renewal and we always ask for verbal authorization if we can keep the card on file for automatic payment so kindly listen to our verbatim every time u process a payment.

if you dont want to put the card on file, we can process one-time payment so we can remove the card on file to avoid recurring charges on your cc and we can send you billing statement everytime your account renews.

regarding the cancellation, if your subscription already renewed and you wish to cancel the subscription, we only CHARGE you for the used time of the service.

and for the promo the u have for half off price a year or $25 for 6 months, those promo is a one time courtesy promo and we usually advice the customer that once promo ends it will go back to our regular rate which u can check in our website.

so im really sorry to those who were not informed by the csr regarding the policy that we have. lets just move forward and smile :)


for the past year I've worked for an outsourcing company, and I just wanted to apologize for the bad customer service, it's not right what they do to customers at all. Here are some tips so you don't get screwed over or have to deal with customer service.

1. Make sure you actively listen, if you don't that's usually when problems occur.

2. ALL PLANS AUTOMATICALLY RENEW, if you don't want it to make sure you ask for them to set a future deactivation date.

3. I honestly suggest getting "invoiced" instead of using a credit or debit card, if you use a cc or a dc and don't want to be automatically charged...say "process this a one time cc or dc payment," that guarantees that your card won't be kept on file.

4. Make sure you ask the rep. to give you your radio id number and account number, if you forget to, you can find your radio id number on channel zero.


6. If you want an awesome deal here they are...

1 yr at 95 dollars, with fees and taxes it will come out to be 85.32


5 mo at 24.99, with fees and taxes it will come out to be 29.99

However the prices could be more due to you local City, State, and County Tax....Also make sure you tell them to waive the 15 dollar reactivation fee.

I hope my tips are useful and I look forward to speaking with you,
Sincerely Paul Bird

Posted by anonymous

I work for siriusxm radio . Service and billing department, well i understand how could be the customer frustrated from a bad experience he had before . but common give the new guy a chance . be nice with him, showing him/her hell it's not gonna solve the problem agents are ppl who also have feelings . if your being nice he will do his best to help you, coz it feels real good if make a customer happy .another thing some customer are kinda racist, wanted to speak some one in america, even some times i fix every thing for him or her and he is satisfied the customer says i just want to speak to an american . and also think that agent has limited authority, he isn't a magician or the siriusxm corp manager . so if the agent telling you i need to transfer you to another department to cancel, please be on the line until you get to the cancellation coz that's the right procedure and he doesn't have the option to cancel, also agents has nothing to do with prices and they can go against the policy . some times what the customer asking for might get the agent fired . so you are talking about in order for you to save some money for a service get another one fired from his job coz he is cheating the policy or the system . be reasonable and remember "don't shoot the messenger"

Posted by Mack

Hi every one, I am one of Siriusxm customer care reps. after I have read the the reviews of customers and how upset they are with the issues they had with the the company or the reps, I felt very sorry, If this is how it is I would fell the same if I were in there shoe, and actually some of the comments are totally right, but some others are a bit unrealistic, because some times customers get confused between a complemintary prommotion they get 1 time only and a regular rate thinking that they are beeing over charged however the prices are right there on the web site, and beside that one more issue we experience on daily basis is that customer misunderstand the policy thinking if they let their subscription expire by not paying the bill or even without to call to cancel that will be it, actually the service never get canceled unless it is done verbally over the phone following the proper procedures just like any other subscription commitment. So what I realy recommend you to do to avoid any issue like that is to listen actively to what the rep says and get the bottom of it, also siriusxm generate an online account center for every subscriber, make sure to check on it on monthly basis to make sure that every think is going the way you want it to be, some times I get calls like that, "Hi I am xxx, cancel my service, OK, cancel my service, I don't want you guys any more, and don't call me, did you hear that, don't call me, bye, tchik" you know what? nothing happens, late fee applies, balance goes where it should go, just because people are pactient enough to do it right. Even in every single call representatives ask customers to go to siriusxm.com to read the customer agreement, which explains ever important term, but guess what? very few who read it. I think it is a matter of understanding.

Posted by xm woo

First off let me say I work in the sales department in a call center in Virginia one of 3 in the united states. First off I will say that we do worry a lot about sales (which upsets a lot of customers) however this problem would totally be avoided by a customer taking 3 seconds to make sure there calling the right department. Also people complaining about :they never told me it didn't auto renew i want my money back" is bull crap... Every call we have is graded strictly.. believe me you guess fussed at for 8 seconds of dead airtime. reach-ability for the customer is great. its most the time instant. although people complain about it being forever. and the reason everyone complains about not getting a supervisor to the phone is just because they will not come to the phone for a stupid reason.. they do have a job to do.

Posted by PaulB

My name is Paul B. for the past year I've worked for an outsourcing company in NW Iowa that sells XM, and I just wanted to apologize for the bad customer service, it's not right what they do to customers at all. Here are some tips so you don't get screwed over or have to deal with customer service.

1. Make sure you actively listen, if you don't that's usually when problems occur.

2. ALL PLANS AUTOMATICALLY RENEW, if you don't want it to make sure you ask for them to set a future deactivation date.

3. I honestly suggest getting "invoiced" instead of using a credit or debit card, if you use a cc or a dc and don't want to be automatically charged...say "process this a one time cc or dc payment," that guarantees that your card won't be kept on file.

4. Make sure you ask the rep. to give you your radio id number and account number, if you forget to, you can find your radio id number on channel zero.

5. If you want an awesome deal here they are...

1 yr at 77 dollars, with fees and taxes it will come out to be 85.32

5 mo at 24.99, with fees and taxes it will come out to be 27.69

3 mo at 12.95, with fees and taxes it will come out to be 14.35

However the prices could be more due to you local City, State, and County Tax....Also make sure you tell them to waive the 15 dollar reactivation fee.

I hope my tips are useful and I look forward to speaking with you,
Sincerely Paul Bird

Posted by AtomicDog

I work for a call center in NJ that does the renewals for SiriusXM and I hear these same complaints all day long. We do not work for SiriusXm but are employees of DialAmerica(Telemarketing co.) in Mahwah, NJ so complaints about the rep that sold you service are pointless if you call SiriusXM corporate offices. They are pointless if you call DialAmerica because the life span of reps is about 2 months. They hire 10 to 20 new reps every week, mostly 18 to 25 year olds.
Listen carefully to what the Representative is telling you in the disclosures, do not rush off the phone. When you pay by credit card or invoice you are read an authorization to charge your card now and on a recurring basis, you are giving verbal permission to charge your debit/credit card for auto-renewal. Your call is recorded and if you dispute the charge this transcript is sent to your card company as proof of authorization.
You are told that the plan will renew at the same term at then current rates meaning that if you renewed for a one year promo for 77.00 plus taxes and fees you will be auto-renewed for 1 year at the full rate of 155.00/year plus taxes and fees.
Make sure you have all the ESN's or radio ID"S of every receiver you have now or have owned in the past to make sure that old radios are closed and no longer being billed.
Choose invoice billing and suck up the $2.00 administration fee it will save you heartache in the future. I am always amazed how people will choose to put a debit card on their account because the do not want to pay the 2.00 fee. Yes you will be auto renewed on invoice billing but at least if you forget to cancel your Credit Card/Debit card is not charged. If you cancel your service on invoice billing after the renewal date you will be responsible for the prorated amount due at the time of cancellation.
We tell you to go online and read the customer agreement, READ IT! The terms and conditions are spelled out to you.
The Reps and Supervisors have no authority to offer you deals beyond the promos SiriusXM have authorized for you and we can not cancel accounts or issue refunds.
Every time you lease or buy a new car with a free SiriusXm trial you end up with a new account and unfortunately Car Dealers do not send complete info( missing correctly spelled client names, make and/or model of car etc)making it difficult to determine what car you may be calling about.*see keeping record of all ESN's above

Posted by None

Hi everyone, as a current person working at SiriusXM in the cancellation department, I will say that I now understand who people truly are in just a 5 minute call. Put it to you this way, if your mom, grandmother, or boss were to listen to your call would you be pleased with hearing what you said to the representative? No, you would probably be fired. Personally, I agree with a lot of you that you would rather listen to the FM radio.

Also, understand that we have to make offers. We can get a "performance improvement notice" or terminated. The turnover is so high. I'm surprised were still in business. The business model is old as well.

Plus, I agree with what everyone else has had to say...read your terms and conditions. We say to you over the phone and we do have every call recorded when we say, "Your subscription is governed by the SiriusXM customer agreement which you can find on our website. Please be sure to read it." It's 14 pages I believe. It's not a novel or anything. I think the language is pretty clear as well. Also please take an extra look at part F section 2...Yeah, exactly. That should solve a couple of calls.

I'm just glad I'm only doing this for the summer. I've truly learned I need to finish my degree this year so I never have to work in a place like this again.

Posted by happy07

i know we are not americans but we can speak better ENGLISH dont you know that we are always here to help you out.. resolve your issues.. dont you know that we work here at 11pm until morning??

do you think we work here just to cheat and get charge your credit cards?

first of we always remind you people about the terms and condition before putting your credit card on file ..

we even ask for your authorization before charging your credit card..

you must understand people that we alway millions of calls every day, and after you hung up another customer called in just to say profanity or whatever.

Posted by PxJx

I Work at an XM call center for billing. And yes we do have to transfer you to another department if you are canceling, and it's their job to try and keep you as a customer. The only reason hold times are so long is because we have MILLIONS of ppl calling all the time and it's not like we can sit there and get to every person right when they call in. We don't have that much man power. My call center is suppose to have 255 ppl in it. We probably don't have 100. You can't yell, cuss, or get fustrated with us when we say we can't do something. If we aren't allowed, we aren't going to. Because we are graded on calls and we will get in trouble for doing things. So you need to think about how hard we have it as a rep versus what you think. You need to see what its like before you go around saying things like that. And yes there are alot of us who don't do our job, but it's because of the customers.

Posted by anon

Former employee of XM Radio's Tips:

1) DO read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. When you get XM Radio the T&C is sent to you by mail or email. It is in a welcome packet that most people throw away because they think it is junk mail. IT IS NOT. If you lost your copy, go to the XM website to read it there. I know a lot of complaints are valid but about 90% of my day was people screaming at me about the autorenewal and how I charged their card without their permission. IT'S ALL IN THE T&C. And when you give XM your card number to add it to you account, there is a statement read to you that goes something like: "you will continue to be charged on a regular basis depending on your plan... do you allow XM to charge your card?" Many people do not pay attention to this stuff and say "yes" without thinking. Saying "yes" to that statement with the same statement on the T&C you got sent to you leaves you s**t out of luck. All calls are recorded. Nobody can beat XM Radio because of this, this is they have the T&C and bigwig lawyers.

2) GETTING BILLED BY INVOICE DOES NOT MEAN YOU WON'T GET AUTORENEWED. It's in the same T&C, and a statement about invoice that sounds the same as the CC one is read to you by phone. You will still get autorenewed, even if it comes by paper.

3) MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE CANCELLATIONS LINE AND TALKING TO SOMEONE IN CANCELLATIONS IF YOU WANT TO CANCEL. Telling one of the people who call you at home trying to get you on a promo offer or collections people that you "won't renew" will get you nowhere. YOU HAVE TO CALL IN AND GET IN TOUCH WITH CANCELLATIONS!

4) YOU MUST CALL TO CANCEL AND YOU MUST STAY ON THE LINE UNTIL THEY ARE FINSIHED CANCELLING THE RADIO AND CONFIRM THIS WITH YOU. If you get to a cancel person, say "cancel my radio" and hang-up, nothing will be done. STAY ON THE LINE AND GET A CONFIRMATION NUMBER, the person's first name, location, and any refund amount or final bill amount. This will protect you if there are any discrepancies.

5) ANY PROMO RATES YOU GET ALL ROLL OVER ONTO THE REGULAR PRICE. Once again, there is a statement read to you that you agree to explaining this.

6) BE A RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER AND CHECK YOUR CREDIT, DEBIT, BANK STATEMENTS, AND BILLS WEEKLY. I have taken too many calls about people saying they haven't had or used the radio for 3 years and have just noticed XM has been billing them since--but you never cancelled it, you thought it just "ran out". You will not get your money back, the T&C is in effect.

7) STAY CALM. Even though it can be understandable that one is upset about unexpected charges or bills, if you scream at the person you are talking to or call them names they not only will be less than willing to try and either explain the issue or resolve it, they will probably hang up on you because people are told they do not have to allow personal abuse or attacks from people. You would not like anyone calling you stupid, a b*tch, etc. when you are trying to help them.

Good luck.

Posted by The Ghost

Hey everyone I am a former employee of XM and I would hear complaints like yours everyday... promises of call backs, refunds, messed up billing... you name it Ive heard it.
I've realized a few truths about xm...
1) The center in the Philippines/India is horrible beyond words. If you've spoken to them chances are you've been charged for something you just didnt want. The reason is that ALL of xms csrs work on commission.
When I first started working at XM a supervisor said to me "I know you thought you were here for customer service but you're actually here for sales". I never understood what he meant until a month into the job, there is immense pressure in the call centers to sell as much as you can to subscribers, whether its an unwanted radio or 3yr subscription... our jobs are to convince you that you want it. The more you sell the more money you make.
Alot of times I notice India will charge radios to subscribers credit cards because they're desperate for sales... At one point for each radio sold at xm one would get $5 commission, now its down to $1, so the workers especially in India are desperate now more than ever to SELL!!
Trust me I know this because I would spend alot of time cleaning up the mess they'd make.
If you want your billing issue addressed by someone in India promise them that you'll buy 2 radios when they have it dealt with... you're issue will be cleared up in a jiffy! If they realise you're not going to purchase something from them they'll either leave your account the way it is, transfer you to another person or just leave you on hold until you hang up.
2) Nothing is ever confirmed with xm... no receipt, no confirmation of anything... its all verbal. Because of that its hard to prove anything at all. Id advise everyone to just suck up the invoice fee and have a bill mailed to them
3) The person you talk to today more than likely wont be there tomorrow. Taking someones Name and id # makes no difference because they fire/hire employees so much that you referring to something that "Alex" who is employee "#00008" told you, means nothing to anyone there.
4) Threatening to sue xm or report xm to the BBB if your issue isnt dealt with means nothing to someone in Philippines or any of the representatives there. You're probably the 18th person to say that in the last 3 hours.
5) As for supervisors - The reason it is almost impossible to get a sup is because they are almost impossible to find. They're always busy and many of them get annoyed when you as a csr ask them for assistance and tend to brush you off because they have 56 other csrs asking them for assistance. Alot of times we will just tell our supervisors the situation and they will tell us what to do. So talking to a supervisor is almost redundant because you will get the same solution the rep gave you.
If Xm has your money, good luck. Theyre protected by so much legal mumbo jumbo crap that they have their bases covered.
OH! Im pretty sure the corporate offices dont even exist!! An email does no good either because youll just get a long letter which just asks you to call the CSRs so they can try to sell you something else!

Posted by CHRIS28645


Posted by chris28645

Listen I worked for xm radio center in duffield VA until they closed it down on aug,17 to take overseas. let me tel you about how they work with billing and etc. let the truth come out a bit. When you speak to someone in the states you usually get satisfied but thats hard to do anymore i think theres 1 center in usa now. they sell radio to anyone and don't care if it'll work they make $5 for each radio they sell. also the billing system they use is messed up it;ll over bill easy. always check your bill and make sure. they have terms and conditions so itl be hard to sue so always read that 1st. check everything xm will screw you over. AND DON'T GIVE THELM A CREDIT CARD NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE TO GIVE YOU SERVICE EVEN WITHOUT IT. and if you waqnt a better rate tell thelm you want to cancell and they sent you to retention and offer you a good deal tell thelm you want 1 yr for 62.16


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