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Posted by Disappointed Kevin Sorbo

Purchased XFX P1-1050-BEFX 1050 watt power supply. The supply went dead and was well within warranty. I contacted customer service and went through the steps they requested of me to ensure it was the power supply. They have since kept me waiting for 2 weeks to replace the unit and I still haven't received confirmation. They asked for proof of purchase and nothing else has been done. I need a working desktop and they seem to have no interest in moving the issue forward at a reasonable speed. Would not buy from again.

Posted by Deadwe1ght

I won an XFX 390x at a LAN and its has died. The XFX rep has tole me I will need to pay taxes and postage for them to send it to china and back. Could be up to 100 euros, all because I dont have a retailer... What is the point of a warranty if they're not going to stand behind it??

Posted by 0909331094

I have waited a long time for XFX's reply for my requests about returning PAC code, there is nothing but wasting my time.

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Posted by Anonymous

Good Customer Service. Have my issue fix right away.

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