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Worx customer service is ranked #148 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 51.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 61 ratings. This score rates Worx customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


53 Negative Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 86.89%.


8 Positive Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 13.11%.

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    • 51.11 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 53 negative comments (86.89%)
    • 8 positive comments (13.11%)
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    • 3.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Wife (Jackie) just bought 2 WG921s.

Pleased with them, have a WORX 24v trimmer, which has a hanger.

Built 2 hangers for trimmers, blowers have built-in hangers.

Thought simple hanger could incorporate a "holster " for

carrying extra battery while working...just a simple slotted affair...what do you think?

Posted by larryXcop

After a tedious wait and enduring long infomercials and biased (glowing) reviews, they finally offer a call-back option. Such should be provided at the beginning of this ALWAYS long wait time! I merely sought instructions, (not provided with purchase of this $4.00 part, on a replacement of the dispensing collar that the string reel sits in; (the push button dispenser was broken).
The ridiculous response was that it's "Not their policy " to provide such an they outright refused to provide one. Obviously wanting repeat/good customers like myself to foster to cost of replacing, (unnecessarily), the entire trimmer! Such GREED and corporate mean-spirited behavior is inane an unacceptable; NO other company, upon a legitimate, nominal request, would nor should ever refuse such a request; it's appalling and I will NEVER buy anything WORX has to offer pursuant to this experience; "Penny wise, pound foolish" certainly comes to mind!

Posted by Tara N Thorson

I have been calling every week day for a week and still have yet to get anyone. The save your place in line call back doesn't work!

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased the 13" cordless grass trimmer, 56V max Li-lon, 90 min. charger, wheeled edging.

We received it, the part that is missing is the wheel connecting to the trimmer. The connector is missing. I called and spoke to Dee Ann, according to her missing part will be shipped. Its 3-4 weeks without receiving missing part.

When will it finally arrive? It not trimmer will be sent back.

Frustrated customer!!!!!!!

Posted by gnierman

Where is my order? I called the customer service number and was told that it shipped on 5/19/17. Where is it? Confidence Please follow up and let me know where my paid for battery order is. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to call but got no answer then the phone went dead

Posted by kats

Trying to inquire on the 20 L Battery and charger on how to purchase on line, my Battery and charger that I purchase is broken. Please respond to my email Thank you.

Ed Aflague

Posted by Anonymous

I had recently ordered the worx yard leaf blower for $ 74.97 and was told if I got the plastic leaf blower I could get it for 49.99 and the 3Rd took would be free witch was a bag holder they billed me $74.97 99.97 and 39.99 which came to $204.95 plus shipping which total my bill to $ 238.68 I feel when I ordered this off the tv they gave me false advertisement for what I owed for the worst yard the holder was suppose to be free if I bought the first leaf blower for 74.97 and the second leaf blower for 49.99 I am now paying and then taking payments out for the 238.68 I'm really upset and they never sent me a invoice which I have her sending it to me now ! Never again they really suckered me into this false advertisement that I didn't have that much money for thanks words yardt!!!

Posted by Michael

Member wife was injured by Worx Trimmer and member name is Michael Haley his phone number to call is 208-562-6286 Please call customer as soon as possible, He wants the trimmer replace for gas Trimmer. $199.99 at sears.

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased our daughter a battery operated lawn mower for her small yard apprx 1.5yrs ago. She used it the 1st summer we bought it, it sat from Fall 2015 to Spring of 2016 and once charged it worked again. She let it sit for 3 wks and now wont start. We took battery to be checked and it was fully charged. We checked her charger and green light illuminates as if battery is charged. When battery is placed in mower and power test done, only 1 of the 3 lights illuminates and wont crank using starter key and following instructions. Please help. This mower should last more than 15-16months. You may call or email me with a resolution asap.

Gigi Metzger

Posted by Anonymous

I just spent 15' print out my problem and then you asked me to check off all matching images NONE of which fully matched. Then my comment/ inquiry is lost which is very frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

Have Cordless Trimmer Think Battery I Bad But Read That The Charger Could Be The Problem But No Way To Test ??? Need Advce Charger Wa3728 And 18v Batt.

Posted by Anonymous

Order and received the Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly, I was VERY disappointed in the size, especially for the money. I could not get more than one 2 cubic bag of potting soil in it. When put together I actually thought it was a child's toy. This past weekend I saw the same Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly at Home Depot for approx $30 less which added to my disappointment. Received my return authorization and shipping back today.

Posted by NorthstarLou

I ordered the Worx Cart on Mothers Day, May 8, as a gift for my wife. Credit Card was immediately debited,and notice sent that a tracking number was issued (FedEx) with delivery scheduled for May 12th. Here it is now May 23rd. The response to my contact was that a "specialist" would answer me in 1-2 business days. On the second day another notice was sent that my contact had been received - no explanation for delay in delivery. I am going to cancel the order from this third rate company --- enough already!!!!

Posted by Free spool for life

2nd class postage costs £1.54 via Royal Mail. Worx wanted to send me "FREE" spools but charge me £5.99 postage cost. Who has done the maths? You also need to call a 0845 number which is chargeable that they get commission from the phone operators from too. They refused to send me free spools for the going postage rate or send it FREE as a gesture of goodwill. Im sure the papers will like this story.

Posted by Anonymous

had the trimmer 10 days. battey won't charge properly,when i took it out of the box i plugged in the battery and it flashed green light. i used it once time,using both batteries. i just went to use it again,it runs 1 minute and stop,start again 1 minuete. went to charge it,and the green light flashes. even though it's drained of power,i plug it in and it never shows the"red"light for charge!! all the reviews i just read advise of other owners with a BATTERY problem. it's useless to me,i would like to return the unit. why? a couple of customers in the reviews advised they got new batterys from you and they didnt work any better?

Posted by Anonymous

Placed ordef my card was billed. But order status is on hold. Customer service message just keeps repeting

Posted by KJW

I have a model WG157.1 cordless grass trimmer. The debris guard has broken. I need to replace it, but can't find the model on your website to order the guard.
Any suggestions?

Posted by Anonymous

I did not place an order for a trimmer but my card was charged $184.67 I called and the recording asked the phone # of the order. Though I did not place an order I gave them my # and the recording said they can't find an order matching that phone #. I want that money put back on my card. My email address

Posted by Patty

Yes dear Worx I bought mine 3 years ago. When it's time to use it again the batterie does charge, but when you put the battery in it it gives you no charge. I bought a battery every year. So this time I WILL not buy another one. Will store it. Will will use my electric weedeater. Very disappointment. Will never buy your product again. Thank you. Patty Richard.

Posted by [email protected]

I am trying very hard to correct an order i tried to place online friday. I have called three times and the result is that my order is not showing. I have the charge pending on my account. My name is tammy arial. I just moved and i believe that my order for a trimmer and blower combo pack are being sent to the old address. It should be sent to 35218 date ave. Yucaipa california. 92399. Please please call me on monday so it does not go to the new home owner instead of me. Thank you so very much for your help. Happy holidays.

Posted by Anonymous

U guys sent a new one and bag and never got it. It said one was sent and other pending. Something is going on. Rosa Christoffer

Posted by Anonymous

your service seems to be cranky today. I need to know whether you have processed my order yet. I purchased on line a week or so ago and I hoped you had a tracking service . I just seem to have all the bad luck today. I've tried customer service twice and get no response Im getting anxious now as this is a Christmas present and yet I've not get any kind of response from your company. PLEASE call me and ease my mind. I can't let my son in law be left out. thank you, carole struthers phone is

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I just received my works gt505 mulcher your advertisement is deceiving I did not think this was electrical I didn't want one that was not cordless when you're doing your commercial it does not show anyone pulling a cord behind them please contact me

Posted by Anonymous

Please if anybody out their wants to purchase a worx drill or strimmer or anything come to that I urge you to have a rethink,these tools can only be described as rubbish,nobody can contact the company because trust me they will break if you're lucky you may get 8to 10 usages out of them but that's being optimistic,so I urge all the people who are thinking about buying these tools DONT and buy something different. G

Add your review!

Posted by Daniel

I recently purchased a worxs 10 in blade pole saw model wg309. Had difficulty discharging oil to the saw. I disassembled the saw and found that the filter that the oil passes through was to large. It would not allow oil to pass. So i removed filter and now the chain gets the oil it needs to run. And it runs great!

Posted by briley

Their customer service folks are TOPS. Questions about product, problems with product, all are answered in the most helpful way. Other companies cdould learn a lot from these folks about CSI

Posted by penn yan

i bought the 56 volt leaf blower, LOVE IT works great, i use to blow snow off the car in the winter cleaned off 10 inch snow was amazed, also bought gutter cleaner attachment i find that blower needs shoulder strap its heavy after while and the gutter cleaner pipe need adjustable handle ---over all very pleased

Posted by brookkamalx5

I absolutely LOVE all my Worx products! They are easy to put together and so easy to use. I have always had Great customer service also. We are always looking to see what is new that we don't have yet that we need to get. I am constantly telling our 7 children that they need to buy them. I especially love my trimmer and everytime I am working in my yard and the neighbors are out working on theirs i show off how light my trimmer is compared to their heavy trimmers! lol


I Bought My Husband A 18v Hammer Drill For A Present.he Used It To Do A Decking Job In Our Garden.he Put Aprox 400 Screws In All.it Did Not Relent.that Was 2 Years Ago And Use For Other Jobs Thereafter.the Chuck Got Stuck And Would Not Release. I Phone Up Worx.a Nice Young Lady Told Me What To Do To Send It Back. I Followed Her Instructions.the Courer Came On Time To Pick It Up.10 Days Later A Parcel Arrived,a New Drill.we Are Over The Noon With The Service.the Whole Replacement Never Cost A Bean.wonderful Good Old Fashion Service.highly Recommend The Drill And The Firm, Will Buy From Them Again And Again.

Posted by altom

Had trouble with battery on a 150.1 trimmer after a short while. The customer service rep, Ray, was extremely helpful and I'm getting a new battery, no questions asked.

Posted by ladeebug

I have the power trimmer and 2 battery packs. the problem is the difficulty to change the packs to the charger. It is made so that your hand has to fit around the battery while trying to press the 2 side to side buttons. YOu say that women can manuver however i strongly doubt that. I difficulty wrapping my hands while pressing the buttons for detachment. It is too big. why isnt there a separate button designed the pop up the battery for detatchment. As of now it is total humbug and hassle to take off. You should have a design that can accommodate all sizes of hands and a better design of less effort and more ingenuity.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Worx cordless electric lawnmower last summer through Amazon. I used it twice and then the battery wouldn't take a charge. I called Worx. The service menu had a separate choice for battery problems. The operator didn't ask for any explanation, but had a new battery sent out which arrived within a week. When this battery also failed to hold a charge, I called again. This time they sent me out another new battery and a new charger and a return label to send back one charger and one battery. With the new charger everything worked well. I sent back the failed charger and battery and have had no problems since. The people I dealt with were unfailingly polite, pleasant and helpful.

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