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Wix customer service is ranked #916 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 16.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 26 ratings. This score rates Wix customer service and customer support as Terrible.


26 Negative Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 16.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (100.00%)
    • 0 positive comments (0.00%)
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    • 1.1 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Andy

Worst Customer Service For Website Development Company I Have Ever Experienced.
They Are Up There With Facebook And Google...
Just Spent A Week Building A 42 Page Website And Now I Cannot Publish It...
Go To Customer Service And There Is None... It Is Just Questions And Answers, So If If Doesn't Sort The Problem You Are Expected To Just Go Around In Circles...
So I Will Take My Money Back To Shopify....

Posted by JmR

I called to clarify questions I had regarding my domain name (I purchased it from one company and synced it up with my wix website). Wix sent a message saying I would be paying through them and I wanted to make sure that was correct so that I wouldn't lose service or my domain name because of a mix-up.
The customer service agent laughed at me because he thought my question was stupid, because "I'd already been paying for a year". He laughed at my questions twice, but not in a "ha ha, this is a fun conversation" but more like a laugh that mocks my question because I obviously should know this but I don't.
How arrogant and obnoxious. Definitely never going to recommend wix.

Posted by Eloise Beauty Products

My Domain will not connect .. I�ve transferred it from vista print 2 weeks ago paid the transfer fee.. was given a code which Wix has accepted but have not transfer domaine it�s been 5 days.. I I don�t get resolved in next few days I will cancel my monthly subscription .. wiz had terrible customer service

Denise Peterson

Posted by Anonymous

Their Wix web site does not list a contact number. Had to google it. Found the number, called the number and it told me to go to the website. WTF! Anyways, had to go back to contact website wix.com/contact and requested a call back. Within a minute, the phone rang (from WIX of course), but it put me in the "on-hold" for a good 35 mins before I decided to hang up. What kind of customer service is this? A call back means a call when you ready to talk to clients, not put them on hold. Will never do business with them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't get ahold of you! My website is down! I have not heard from you!

Posted by karenspuppies.com

Cannot Get Support With My Website!! Just Gives The Run Around.........and Phone Number Is No Good At All!!! Can't Even Email My Question??? Terrible!

Please Contact Me Asap.........need Help With Website!!

Posted by Anonymous

This is unacceptable that you cannot reach anyone at the this company to resolve an issue
Money is being taken out of my account and cannot reach anyone to explain anything..
TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE...The number posted to call is useless

Posted by ekleen

This is unbelievable!!! The wix.com/contact page won't allow you to click on anything accept "Hire a Designer" and the phone number tell you to go to the contact page. I guess they figure once they have your money they don't have to support you. Well, joke is on you Wix, I was interested in signing up for a 1-yr subscription but based on this experience have decided to use Wordpress instead. Way to go!!!

Posted by sabnazzy

absolutelt worst customer service,can't reach them by phone even though it's within there operating hours,shocking and appaling

Posted by [email protected]

This company is a complete ripoff. Do not use their service. They are located in Isreal. No way to contact them by phone, no address. The worst experience. And, if they have your credit card information they will just continue to charge you even if you don't want to renew. Keep your business in the US or you will have regrets.

Posted by patweist

Absolutely unacceptable behavior, NO LIVE PERSON CONTACT AVAILABLE!!! There is no way to resolve a billing issue. I will never use this company again. You people are rude to have a phone number with a recording to go to the website, and no way to speak to anyone either by voice or chat. I will be filing a complaint wit the authorities.

Posted by Lady K

This wasn't a good experience on Wix because I tried to contact customer service. When you contact customer service on their 1800-# The number tell you to go the customer page. The only thing is I was there first. I haven't been able to submit a ticket for help. Wasted a day trying to find help. My problem was once I published my website i couldn't find it. It's a sad thing when you call customer service and there is no service. I was so disappointed. I really like the website creation but can't use it.

Posted by goldmanpaints.com

I have no idea if Wix reads this but the inability for me to get a payment issue resolved quickly on the phone is getting me to think your company is lousy with customer service and there are plenty others to change too. Seems like many feel the same

Posted by Heart Cherished

I have been trying to reach Wix Sales Department for a very long time, in order to let them know, that the email I had used for wix is no longer availble and that I cannot sign in to prolong my contract or update my website. Everytime i call i get a message to call back, i have followed work hours call back times correctly and never get a live person, it has been over 2 years and still no contacts.

I have public going on Wix looking at my outdated information, from well over a year and a half if not more..something needs to be done.very frustrated.

My company is well in public and celebrity eye, this making me look as if i can't conduct business.

Please contact:

Pamela Pettway

So that I, we may resolve this important matter.

Posted by cochranguitars.com

What are you closed for??? I called at 11:49 a.m on a Friday and your closed??? Why????

Posted by Frosaf

My three year paid premium subscription was somehow canceled and my website has been pulled down. I have tried to contact wix via the 800 number, and have been directed to the website. There is no contact page on the site either.

Posted by Hairgazym

I need help with my website and stat counter, can you please have someone call me back to discuss the matter. Also you need to do better as a company and hire a crew to answer the phone when we have a question or concern. Thats bad for business!!!

Posted by Don't have one

Wix.com has debited my account 5 times in 3 days for 14.95 each and I'm not sure why because I'm not looking for a website please call me I do not want your services nor have I requested such services and I feel I'm being harassed

Posted by Anonymous

I think wix.com has the worst customer support I have EVER seen! Look, I entered my bank account information with you and now it is gone...where did you put it!!!!!

No one with your company wants to talk...all you get when you call is a recording and then a text with a stupid little droid thing that is supposed to help you. All I know is if I see any missing $ from my account, there will be some answers to be had.

Posted by christaemrick

I am very disappointed in the service. having to wait 7 days for a return call is unacceptable. I have client to report to. What makes me really angry is that I just convinced two of them to switch to WIX..........somewhere I read that you offer 24/7 Support.....I must have dreamt it.

Am holding for 2:33:04 hours since the time before where we were disconnected after a 15 min wait.

Also, the notices of help are not updated, or I received an old version, i.e. freeze the header.?????????

I have a good mind to cancel my services.

Posted by Anonymous

This company have bad service. I can't even find out the 800 number to call .. I have to search at google to find out your contact number. Not all people are computer savvy. Bad service, Bad computer support. No where to find the 800 at your site.

Posted by Anonymous

I hate your customer service. You guys had no problem taking my money but i cant get anyine to explain why my website is not live

Posted by ourdreamparty

Wix.com has the worst customer service, will not respond to your question or responded with a standard robotic customer service. Don't use this company. Never deal with worse in the USA, hell even Chinese company don't operate this way.

Posted by alaskanpolarbear

My comment is on the stupidity of requiring a person to "log in" to get "support" when the issue, which the site says was fixed on 9-7-14, is still alive and kicking today, 9-21-14. I forgot my password and tried using the "password reset" option that was emailed to me. It allowed me to reset my password by taking me to the appropriate screen and then it still kept giving me the message that the password entered was "invalid". I repeated the "reset" one more time and got a message that the change was successful and was redirected automatically to the login screen. Rejected again, I decided to submit a comment to the ticket that had the same problem they claim to have fixed and it took me to the login screen again. I then tried to use the support center and was once again rejected when I tried to login to send a ticket to let them know the problem was still active. What kind of sense does it make to base all help and contact on logging in when you can't log in. I then had to go online to find this page and a phone number to contact them on since everything on their site is "password protected". This really SUCKS!!!!! I will attempt to call them in the morning. See what you have to go through to get something "free" in this life!!

Posted by petex

Their web development package is pretty nice. Their customer service is basically non-existent. I have a simple question which is not found on their self-help section. It's March 6, and the soonest I can get a "call back" is March 11. SERIOUSLY????? This is worse then the federal government. I wonder if they are the one's who built frickin

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