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    • 68 negative comments (90.67%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I'm tell you this right now don't use them ever never ever ever ever. They don't do anything to help you at all.. They're been holding my payment for 2days now and I have no service waiting for them.

Posted by [email protected]

Trying to get help with service I purchased from wirefly.com no updated phone numbers. Wondering if I made a mistake buying a phone from you guys plz return my call. Thx

Posted by dragonfly_thirtyseven

I am beyond frustrated with Wireflys order verification process. I have lived at the same address for 20 years. I have had Vzw for over a year. I had gone through the process when I purchaced my existing phones. The issue: I recived an eamil to confirm my information and asked to call the call center for support.
Fist the call center is not it the US. The verified all my info. Stated that VzW had approved my order. But they could not verify my shipping address. I gave it to them 3x. They said it didnt exist. I even told them that I ordered from them before. All they would say is that they could not ship the order. I was told to call VzW and have them correct my billing addres. WHICH WAS CORRECT!!! I offered to fax my VzW bill, bank statement and DL was told no. Yet the payment for the phones was taken out of my checking account when I placed my order on line. The rep wouldnt even to a 3 way call with VzW. Just proceeded to read the predesigned script!!!!
I got VzW to call them with me on the phone and they confirmed that my address was correxct. But still not sure I will get my phones.
So yes the prices are good but be prepaird to pull your hair out, spend hours on the phone and wish you just went to the local store and paid a little more.

Posted by Bad Taste

Wirefly failed to honor their end of a deal. They quoted very attractive prices for a new smartphone, assured compatability and preservation of my current plan and prices, and then FAILED TO HONOR THEIR COMMITTMENTS. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

Posted by ncpd25

Wirefly intentionally hoodwinks people into thinking they are going to get a discount or other "bonus" when using a coupon code yet, they don't work. Then you try to reach one of the boneheads at Wirefly and you get a different person everytime with a scripted response or they tell you. We sent you message to the CEO. He'll respond shortly. Yeah right! That clown doesn't care about anything but the revenue generated by tricking people into buying from him. Don't buy from these cretinous yahoos. I tried for over a month to get a response to a question and got nowhere.

Posted by MIRFAN


Posted by Flagal

Wirefly cancelled our phone coverage plan for our 3 phones after our credit card was stolen and canceled. As they could not automatically deduct the monthly fee, we were canceled immediately. We had one other company in the same situation, but they sent us an e-mail and we sent them the new credit card number as soon as we had received it. We called Wirefly and explained our situation (we have a perfect credit rating) and they basically told us, "Too bad". I would NEVER use them again. Really, really, lousy customer service.

Posted by nattiedred

So many of us have the same complaints, it is weird that the company doesn't address this. I have ordered phones three times from the company. I liked one phone, had protection plans for two lines, which were fine, up until i called for the upgrade, the rep didn't understand me, nor did she care, she then placed the order, but then checked my email and it was saying it was cancelled, the rep actually did a new line of service on my plan. What is moron. I was so upset, called back again, had to wait, asked to speak with a supervisor, she tells me I would like to know the reason why. I explained because of a order which was placed, there is a problem, she said well for me to transfer i have to know the reason, explained again, just want to speak witha supervisor because of the order placed, something is wrong. She then huffed a little, placed me on hold, then didn't get back to me at all. I waited and waited, then decided to hang up. Hung up the next rep was a normal speaking person, he assisted, but then said would transfer but that didn't work either, they have this automated line that if you don't respond with the right info, it hangs up on you. I got even more mad. Got the calling again, got another rep that spoke normal english, he assisted and was fine. The order is processing, but wow. All of that just to upgrade, they really make you work for a free phone. These are services that our carriers are missing out on, they would make a killing if they offered new phones when it is time for upgrades, but they choose for us to deal with these people and get frustrated, they are doing their jobs for them, unreal.

Posted by jay

Customer service is defiently terrible. I order and paid 20.00 for the galaxy s2 and them bastards 1sent me out the wrong phones the lg viber. was told by a rep when i called in to complain about it that she would waive the amount they had charged me for the phones and ship it free of charge. never received a confirmation saying the order was processed so when i called back the supervisor told me that the representive could not authorize such things and that couldn't authorize the refund of my money for the phones. I would defiently advise people not to use this company at all!

Posted by Liasa123

Wirefy online is terible customer services all the way up to president office. They don't know what to do and knowing their system. They went thru with me to place an order the galaxy 3s for over 1.5 hrs with the saleman that don't really speaking english and asked me all kind the verication informations and he said everything is approved then asked for my credit card then it was approved with the reference number, but after that he said the system is canceled without stated the reason then he tranfered me to the answer machine to instructed me how to get online to get the answer why the order get cancel; THAT IS SO STUPID!!! I called them back to ask for the manager then the upper management office, but they were all terrible service and don't know the reason why the order was canceled. They just only can tell that the system was canceled the order and can't reinstated it and it takes 180 days to reorder it after I was on the phone with them about 3 hours. THAT IS SO TERRIBLE AND STUPID!!!

Posted by RoThatBoat

I was recently told to ship a phone manual to the Return Department or Distribution Center as a part of my exchange for a phone that would NOT GET DATA CONNECTION. I sent the manual vis USPS in a 3 by 6 envelope AS ADVISED TO. The manual was sent 4 days ago and still has "not been received". Therefore I am left with no phone unless I want to GIVE Wirefly $50.00 for the manual they cannot find because they told me an envelope was sufficient but apparently is not. Customer Service is no help with their repetitive, generalized answers. .hoping to get assistance w/a man I spoke w/in Escalations Dept. If not, I stand by this comment.

Posted by Anonymous

One of the worst companies I have dealt with in a long time. Tried to scam me and say I needed a 100 dollar deposit and spending limit on an existing Sprint account with NO spending limit of deposit. And the reps were very very rude and only understand ENGRISH

Posted by sadlleback

Worst experience I have ever had.

Day 1

Made an order 10 days ago over the phone with wirefly.

What should have taken 10 minutes took 20 minutes as the rep tried to sell me features and accessories I did not need.

Once order was placed and I was off the phone with the rep – I immediately received 2 emails stating my order was cancelled and that my card would not be charged.

Day 2

I went into Verizon the next day to purchase the phone directly. Verizon told me my upgrade had been used and that Wirefly had applied.

I called Wirefly customer support and provided my order number to their automated system. Message said my order was being processed(?!). I tried to speak to a live person but could not get one on the phone tree. The message pointed to me to the internet to get customer service. By this time I was on the road and would be for 2 hours.

I called Wirefly sales to get to the order cancelled to allow me to get the phone through Verizon. They said they could not handle that and I should contact their customer service number. I said I can’t talk to a live person. They said “that is because your order shows as cancelled sir.” I said “that is why I need to talk to them – I need to really be cancelled so I can get a new phone.” They said to go to the internet. I said I was driving. They transferred me to the customer service number where no one answered.

Verizon says wait a few days – then retry upgrade at Verizon

Day 4

New phone from Wirefly is waiting for me when I get home. I call customer service. No one answers (7pm pacific time).

Day 5

My phone (old phone) wont work. Wirefly has activated the phone sitting in the box at home.

Day 8

Can’t activate new phone. When I reactivated old phone through Verizon customer support if retired sim card. I tell Wirefly I will handle with Verizon “Please, Please, Please stop screwing up my phone – go away!”. Verizon gets me a new SIM card, reactivates my new phone.

Day 10

New phone wont work again. Wirefly sent me a new SIM card and deactivated the one in my phone.

BTW - resellerratings.com is controlled by them. Don't believe that site.

Posted by yourgaelness

i ordered 3 phones on wirefly. i have 3 issues that are unresolved even after sending an email and speaking with a supervisor.

1. i signed up for unlimited texting but whatever they sent to verizon said 1000 minutes. i was charged $127 in overage fees my first month.

2. all three phones on the wirefly site were listed as "free activation" but verizon billed me $35 per line. verizon said i need to go through wirefly. wirefly first said they dont offer free activation, but another rep said they used to . now they have a $35 prepaid visa card for each eligible line. robert at wirefly said he could see that when i signed up they did have the free activation in place but that verizon is responsible for that. he said wirefly doesnt just offer things like that to get customers. so i asked who isoffering or paying for the giftcards they now give and he said wirefly. this one cost me $105 . i placed my order through "alvin" using the chat window. i copy and pasted the conversation into an email and sent it to myself. alvin clearly answered "yes, activation is free" on the chat.

3. i wanted a good phone for my daughter, but didnt need a data package. alvin directed me to the LG enlighten. i bought it. i signed up for the data plan on the other two phones, but not hers. turned out it does require a data plan, so what they sent to verizon had her signed up for the corporate package, at $45 per month, $15 more than the regular package. i was able to change that to a $30 package which i am locked in to for 2 years. $45 the first month, $30 for 23 months.

in total i am out over $900 due to wireflys errors.

i got nowhere with 2 phone calls, an email, and another call to a supervisor.

i still have the copy of my conversation with alvin in the chat window.

Posted by sarat

DO NOT use Wirefly.com for any reason whatsoever. They are underhanded and do not use good business practices. I ordered an LG Revolution from them, and BEFORE MAILING ME THE PHONE, they activated it, leaving me without a working phone for TWO DAYS. Now they are charging me the full $300 pricetag, saying I breached the contract when I had service restored to my other phone in the interim. The "customer service" representative stated that I should be MORE THAN happy to not have a phone for two days in order to receive the discounted price of the phone, and that SHE could do without for two days. Now they are reporting me as refusing to pay and sending it to collections and it will affect my credit rating. They are blaming anyone but themselves for sending me a pre-activated phone, saying it's my fault and Verizon's fault and they have done their job and are a good company. They are not. Do not let the low prices draw you in, because it is all a scam.

Posted by ScrewYouWirefly

I ordered a phone from them, and didn't like it, so i returned it to get a replacement. They said I had to pay the bill up to date BEFORE they could send me out my replacement phone. So I did! They then sent my phone to Alamaba. I live in South Carolina!! When I contacted them through chat, I was connected to someone in India, who said basically I had the the wrong mailing address, that my order was cancelled, and that there was nothing they could do to correct it.

What I don't understand, is HOW my address got changed, when I have to verify my account with my social security number when I call?? I don't know anyone in Alabama, and I don't understand why they would send a South Carolina cell phone number to ALABAMA!!!

I tried the chat option twice. I then resorted to emailing... twice. The replies I got through email didn't answer ANY of my questions, and ended with "we regret to lose you as a customer at this time." Basically I felt discarded.

Today, I called customer support. The man who answered talked over me the whole time, like he didn't want to hear what I had to say. He they told me that I owed them money, and that was why my account was cancelled. Which isn't true. That was dealt with long before this phone call. I do NOT recommend anyone EVER buy through wirefly. The say they are Americas Trusted Source for cell phones?? Their customer service is the WORST I have EVER dealt with in my life. Good luck!

Posted by DeeDee

Their customer service is THE WORST I have ever encountered. Their rep's grasp of English is atrocious and inexcusable, and they can only converse from a script. If they tell you they understand what you're saying, don't believe it. Get the name of the person you talk to and note the details of EVERYTHING you discuss - you'll need it when something goes wrong, and it will. They're only available via phone for about 6 hours a day, and there is no phone number for submitting an insurance claim (surprise!). You have to submit it online which gives you no chance to explain anything. The insurance that I paid a year in advance for does not cover water damage (apparently Wirefly does not consider water to be "accidental damage", which they said they do cover), so not only do I not have a phone but they have the payment of a full year of insurance, so I can't even cancel the policy. They offer home electronic protection at $5.00/month but charged me $10/month, and basically called me a liar when I spoke to them about the discrepancy. My experience has been a nightmare. DO NOT deal with this company if you don't have to! There is an email address for "customer service" ([email protected]), but I'm still waiting for a reply to the email I sent. This company is a HUGE rip-off and wins the prize for 'most insulting customer service' ever!!

Posted by ryangroth5

Wirefly opened a line on an existing line of service instead of upgrade a line then refused to close the line. Filipino call center miskeyed email and phone number and generally did not understand the issue. They hung up on me twice. The entire experience cost 15 hours and $150.

Posted by Ashutoshsharma

i ordered Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone(Verizon) from wirefly on 31st Dec 2011. They never told me that they are going to activate it on 31st Dec 2011. And in fact they were not even knowing that they will activate this 4G/LTE device the moment they put the SIM card in the phone and power it up. I received this phone on 5th Jan 2012 and then i need to get it activated as it was not working. In the meanwhile during 31st Dec 2012 to 5th Jan 2012-my area code got changed from 609 to 732. 732 is the right area code and not 609. In fact i have verizon phone at home and the area code is 732 for that.
Unfortunately it seems Verizon is charging me for those 5 days(prior to 5th Jan 2012) for the 609 number which i never used it as the phone never reached me before 5th Jan 2012. this is unfair and the charges should be removed from my account. Verizon infact charged me for change of mobile number which Wirefly customer service never told me. I was told by Wirefly not to contact Verizon otherwise i will loose all my discounts from them and moreover i need to pay penalties also.
I have to spend close to 4 hours to do follow ups with Wirefly and then Verizon to get the mobile phone number fees being waived off.
Is it reasonable to activate the phone on customer's behalf and should the customer be charged when the phone is being shipped to them??
I saw clear lack of interest from Customer service from Wirefly during follow ups. The attitude was more like we have sold the phone-we are 3rd party and we can't do anything. It's frustrating and waste of time dealing with them. I bought the very first phone with them during 2005. Now i will never recommend them to anybody nor i will return back. Yes they have discounts over Verizon store but lots of headache-in the long run-it's going to cost more.
Moreover they activated my phone 5 days in advance before it can reach to me-so i couldn't get a chance to return this phone to verizon as i should have done it in the very first 14 days. The first phone was faulty and then i need to get it exchanged also-wasted good amount of time. Galaxy nexus is a good phone-but it has two major issues-very bad battery life(doesn't last more than 4 hours) and signal is also an issue. If Wirefly won't have screwed me up-i could have returned this phone back to verizon.
Really very bad experience with Wirefly.

I have no idea why very first time when they sent the phone-they kept the SIM Card inside the phone and powered it off while
second time they didn't put the SIM card inside. Problem with Verizon 4G/LTE phones is that they get activated
the moment you put the SIM card inside the phone and charge it up. Probably Wirefly doesn't know this or they wanted to see
how this new phone works with my order.

Posted by nbr

I wasn't pleased with the service. The rep was horrible, Talked over me, she wasn't listening to what I wanted, just a mess. I did get a hold of a manager, when I asked her for a manager, she said may I ask why, I said, I just want to speak to one. She was okay. I think the people working there are not of the right decent.

Posted by MaanThisBlows

Just received phone and its a used phone. Damaged, no return label, and SIM card is missing. Have to wait 4 to 5 days for return label to be shipped. Although received with missing items and being told that there is a fee for items that are missing. Ask to speak with manager and there is no managers or any boss on premise. Stay tuned! more headache to come.

Posted by Brandon

My wife tried to order two Sprint phones and port our current numbers to those phones. That order was cancelled and she was told that they couldn't port the numbers and it did not pass internal verification and the order was cancelled. I then tried to place a separate order for the same two phones and two new numbers. We received a message from them wanting me to contact them to verify. The rep then had me verify all of my information and proceeded to telling me that we were approved through Sprint for the phone with no deposit. She then said that I did not pass their internal verification and said that the order was cancelled.

Posted by Anonymous

Wirefly is the WORST thing you could ever get into. dont waste your time trying to buy from them. their customer service reps seemed like foreign robots that hardly spoke english, and it takes them around 10 minutes to answer with a simple one line answer, the robots or people i couldn't tell the difference that you would have to live chat with seemed like they chose from a wide variety of 10 possible answers to give to you. after my horrible 5 days of trying to get my phone to ship i finally cancelled my order because of the terrible service. DONT BUY FROM WIREFLY.

Posted by Anonymous

No customer support help ever. I tried their service and chat line to no avail.if you have issues with your order, there is not help at all... i strongly suggest new buyers to boycott this site

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 2 Samsung Charges via a Verizon upgrade from non-data phones, the transaction included $100 gift cards, 1 per phone. Got the phones, activation and transfer worked great… but hmmmm no gift cards and no details on how to redeem them…. So after a few days I made my 1st call to support - "escalated to my manager" wait 12 hours, you will get a text or an email of details (I’m thinking wow that’s awesome) – but nothing happened…. So I made a 2nd call and was told no I needed to wait 14 days - you will get a text or email of details – again nothing, 3rd call – oh no you need to call Verizon (this pissed me off - waited so many days and told all I needed to do was call someone else), so I called Verizon who told me no, I needed to work this through Wirefly. So I called Wirefly back a 4th time, oh those do come from us not Verizon, I have escalated this with my manger you will get an email, text and they will call you, but please wait 48 hours - I also heard "stop calling this will be taken care of" ( I was already pissed but this really made me mad) – and still nothing, 5th time I called Wirefly, same story told to wait 24 hours – and nothing, so I again called Wirefly for the 6th time and again told to wait 24 hours...and nothing… what a joke – Wirefly customer support, with regards to gift cards, seems to be the reality version of the Capital 1 credit card, TV commercials…I don’t recall if Peggy answered the line or not…but it sounded like it… it’s so very obvious the heavy accented individuals on other side are reading from a script, their approach is to keep talking (need to read their script ) not letting you get a word in, they seem to want to tire you out until you give up. They even reply back as if they listen and really care, but come on after 6 times and almost 4 weeks later with no action or follow up. Hey all I was doing was my part… I called back when you told me to…I've never dealt with a company like this... I do love my phones but the deal included the gift cards. I chose Wirefly because of this, it appears I chose poorly. I still have the original receipt – yep there it is 2, $100 gift cards... I’ve never received any instructions on how to collect them, no text back as "promised", no call back as "promised", no emails "as promised"... nothing…. if this occurred where I work heads would not only roll, they would be removed – the entire department would be removed, unless of course that is how you intended on conducting business. This is really simple, If you say you’re going to do something, do it... and if any Wirefly support person replies to this asking for my contact info… go research your records, your escalations, your call back actions … I would expect my attempts should be easy to find, you have my name, my cell number, my home phone, my email address, you have it all…

Add your review!

Posted by dvrjon

Verizon provides service...Wirefly provides PRODUCT. I bought 4 Droid Bionics with a net savings of $320 over Verizon pricing. Worked the purchase over the internet without staff interference. It's important to read EVERYTHING on the site two or three times to fully understand the consumer's responsibilities. These phones were upgrading from 3G to 4G and were not activated by Wirefly. Howwever, Wirefly did initiate the change over with Verizon to take place on the day after projected delivery. Essentially, they don't get paid until the contract takes effect, so that's how they register the "sale" with the carrier. However, I didn't want the changeover that soon, and spoke with representatives twice to ensure my understanding and try to get them to change it. Staff were courteous, but unknowledgeable--responses were script-fed from an off-shore facility. They said they could not change the transition date. I went to Verizon and had them delay it ;-).
Overall, I saved a large chunk of cash in exchange for pro-forma unhelpful staff work. Profit is paid for acceptance of risk; however, I suspect most consumers will not have a positive experience with these guys.

Posted by macdubh

Received 3 phones from wirefly for a family plan. My Evo 4G's screen went black after 31 days use as I was ending a call. It had to be sent to HTC for repair as Wirefly only covers their phones for 30 days. I received a note from HTC telling me my phone is being shipped back to me, and it may or may not have been repaired. My daughter's Evo 4G now is not working properly, cutting out, texting not working, etc. 45 days, so they won't cover it. My girlfriend's Samsung Vera hangs up while speaking to someone. That's 3 out of 3 bad phones from Wirefly. Wouldn't advise anyone to deal with them. Should have went right to Sprint from the start. They've been helpful throughout.

Posted by Dude

Looks like you guys are just dumb consumers. I ordered through Wirefly and had no problems. Several of my family members have ordered phones with no problem too.

If they ask you for a deposit it because you are a MORON with BAD CREDIT that does not pay YOUR BILLS on time. Furthermore, they asked me for my Social Security Number when I placed the order (over a secure connection, btw) and I had no problem entering that info. Why would you enter your SSN when you place the order over the internet and then get your panties in a bunch when you are asked to confirm your SSN on the phone???

You guys are basically a bunch of typical American idiots that sit around all day, asking for handouts and whining when you dont get exactly what you want immediately.


Posted by wanderama

This is the 3rd time I have ordered from Wirefly, and once again I am completely happy with their service and their prices. They do all the work for you including activating your phone, so when you receive it, its ready to go. I HIGHLY recommend them for your cell needs. You always find awsome fantastic deals through them. I got the Blackbery Curve - Purple by the way, and I love it. Im going to be a blackberry user from this time forward, I love all you can do on it. Only down fall is that the batteries could last a bit longer, but other than that awsome phone,especially for those of us *wink* who forget things, it keeps track for you with a downloaded app.

Posted by T-Mobile customer

Was very helpful in explaining what I was purchasing. Thoroughly explained terms and very helpful in making sure I got exactly what I wanted. Now I'm enjoying my purchase and have already told dozens of people that this is the best place to get a phone. There were no hidden charges and I definitely would purchase from them again.

Posted by JillaryC

This was my third order from them and the first time I had to use their customer service (I changed my mind on the phone I picked -- didn't like the keyboard). I called to request a return and it was as easy as could be. I just wrote the # they gave me on the shipping label and dropped the package at UPS. No charge!

It sounds like you could have problems if the carrier doesn't approve your order, but I have good credit and have never had and issue. I would never buy from the store again.

Posted by DarkOneX

My wife and I have used Wirefly for our last 3 renewals and so far so good, no complaints. Only one time we had an issue and really the issue was simply that the Samsung phone I chose was a piece of junk so I called them and they let me pick a different phone and shipped it and I shipped the old one back, no hassle. Also the 2nd time we renewed the phone I picked I decided I wanted a different color before it shipped so I emailed them and they changed the color no problem.

This last renewal was just a few weeks ago and I got a Blackberry Bold 9700 and my wife a Pantech Impact for free w/ free activation (no rebates required) and no complaints with either one, great phones and great service so far. I really think with any company you are always going to have some people who have horrible service, that's just a fact of life, and unfortunately most of the time these are the ones you see posting about them, but hey I've been there too.

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