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Windstream customer service is ranked #428 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.95 out of a possible 200 based upon 595 ratings. This score rates Windstream customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


556 Negative Comments out of 595 Total Comments is 93.45%.


39 Positive Comments out of 595 Total Comments is 6.55%.

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    • 556 negative comments (93.45%)
    • 39 positive comments (6.55%)
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Posted by CRooster

I just hung up the phone after two hours while being put on hold yet again after being transferred six times and explaining my situation the same amount of times. I asked for a supervisor twice but never allowed to speak to one.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been having problems with our fax line since Tuesday this week and the problem is still not fixed. Your tech, Sandra Woosley and another person whose name I did not get came to check things out yesterday. We were in clinic and had several patients in the office. They were non professional with very loud voices and hollering to each other in the office. It was not appreciated by the staff or the doctor who was in clinic. They should be more aware of their surrounding when they are in a doctors office.


What a huge waste of time calling you - after 10 minutes Josh answered, didn't care, tech out in 2 days I have elder parents here oldest 78 and no cell phone - transferred me to customer complaint department, spoke with Antonio, and after advising him of my disappointment, and wanted to speak with a supv or manager and the dip put me back to customer service, again so now I am on for another 10 minutes waste of time and money this company is worthless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer: Advanced Dermatology and Skin Cancer Associates

This is addressed to anyone that has the authority or expertise to resolve a long standing issue:

We are a small business in Germantown, Tennessee. We are a medical practice and our phone lines are the livelihood of our business. It is how our patient�s reach us and it is how our referring physicians reach her to make referrals. We have had so many issues the past 18 months that we have lost business and worse the respect of the medical community to be able to adequately take care of business. We have had multiple postings on social media from patients regarding issues with our phone systems. Our referrals for new patients as well as our patient satisfaction has declined greatly in the past 18 months due to the problems with our phones. I take this very personally as this has happened on my watch and I have not been able to get it resolved. I am a very professional business woman and I have been in the healthcare administration field for 30 years. I have worked for very small practice and I have worked for very large practices and I have NEVER had issues with any vendor that I have not been able to get resolved in a timely and pleasant manner. However, this is my first experience with Windstream. I have gone from being patient and tolerant to outraged. While, I realize being outraged is not appropriate, I feel this issue has left me with no other recourse. This is no longer just a negative reflection on your company and your support tam but also on me personally. I can assure you I do not take that lightly. Worst of all, this calls negative attention to our clinic and that is absolutely not acceptable and ridiculous.

In November we hired a call center to answer the calls automatically if the phones went down because this was happening daily. If the phone system went down, calls were routed to the call center. This was also utilized if our phone operators were on other calls. The calls were to be routed to the call center to catch for us. This service cost our clinic an additional 1000.00 per month. Unfortunately, the past 2 weeks these calls are not being routed properly and we are paying for their service that we cannot fully utilize.

I received an email yesterday from Windstream support Trouble Ticket#: INC000031522573 that we were maxing out our bandwidth and it was felt this was our issue. I do not agree this is the problem as it has happened on weekends also when there is minimal to no activity. Also when these issue started about 2 years ago, we upgraded and were assured that we would NEVER max out our usage with the volume and size of our clinic.

I do not expect miracles but I do expect a resolution. I cannot understand how this has been allowed to be a problem for so long.

Posted by jdt376

Windstream internet is horrible overpriced for the joke of a service it is. My internet is constantly slowing down or non-existant. When I call them they tell me my internet is at 3 megs and everything is ok. They are telling me this when it is taking a minute or longer to load yahoo. Forget about the kids using an xbox all it does is lag so badly it is unplayable. Just up the road about a mile as the crow flies they internet is 12 megs. Customer service are friendly, but their product is horrible

Posted by Anonymous

I am completely disappointed with Windstream Internet service. For three years we have had very slow or no internet. It is a weekly issue where it slows down to almost not working or stops altogether. There is a way for Windstream to improve this in our area by repairing a damaged line close to us and they chose to not do it. The line we are currently on is full because of this. Its like they believe we should be happy we have any internet. Apparently their customers in our area are just not important. Why not fix the problem so we can get what we pay for. This is rediculous.

Posted by Acartrette

We've been waiting since last Wednesday (5 days) for Windstream to come fix the internet at our house. I drove 30 minutes to be there by 10am, and a Windstream truck was at our neighbors house. I'm thinking, "Great! We're next!" Waiting, waiting...I finally look out the window and the truck is gone but still no internet (which also means no TV for us and my son is home schooled). I called customer service and apparently the tech closed our ticket because he couldn't gain access or get me on the phone. #1 Go to the right house (house number is on my house); #2 my cell phone never rang and my Windstream phone # is just Internet NOT PHONE; #3 don't close a job order until you've done your job! I've already been on hold longer, and more times, with 6 months of Windstream then 15 years of Time Warner. This is the worst service I've ever had!
The first time they had to come fix it, it took 12 days for someone to show up, and the tech accused my child or me of setting up an additional WiFi link. When I tried to explain to the tech that from the first day it was installed we had WIN_2243 and WIN5_2243 he called me a liar and said we set up the additional one. If I knew how to do that why would I need you to fix it?? I'm rating the tech below. Support people are always courteous, but I'm often on hold an hour before someone answers.

Posted by obarnes

customer service for corrections and repair is a joke - a lot of promises but no follow thru - if you have a second choice for service - use it -- do not use Windstream

Posted by FedUp

Have had Windstream phone and internet service for years.Have had issue with lagging internet from time to time during the years. But now we cant even browse the internet at all I've called and was told something about copper wiring by one lady I talked to, the next one said she shouldn't have mentioned that to me. They sent a new modem and guess what?? Same issues. I am paying month after month after month for something I cant use. They can get away with this in my area because we have no other options for providers. WINDTREAM is a rip off!!!

Posted by Windstream Fails Again

Another day of not being able to contact Tech Help via computer or telephone. Another day of waiting 15 minutes just for the address box to download to even get anywhere. Another day of not being able to do any work because of excess adware that was supposed to be taken off. Another day of trying to deal with Windstreams bimbo robo girl. Another day of having just an lower case "i" in a circle instead of secure browsing. Another day looking for a different internet provider. Another day of knowing Windstream does not care about customers and will do nothing to fix the problems.

Posted by Unsatisfied Customer

I have been having issues for months. I pay for Tech Help but cannot log on. I call on the phone and get switched around for 45 minutes and still get no human to talk to. If by chance I get a human after many calls they say they will fix the computer but I get more adware than I had before. Instead of the padlock for secure browsing I get a lower case i in a circle and nothing will download. I cannot even download Windstream email. I pay $94.00 a month and cannot use the internet. I do get ads to upgrade for a faster speed for more money. Windstream needs to be bought out. Most horrible company in the United States!!

Posted by Anonymous

For months I have had unreliable service. I have had to techs to my house. Each one tells me something different. I pay for tech help but just get an error code when I try to use it. I try to call and spend at least 30 minutes trying to get ahold of a live person. I pay a lot of money for poor service. I lots of adware, malware and no service for a large bill. Windstream is out of service everyday in my town. This is a poor company. I have tried everything and pay for everything and windstream does not help me. We are stuck this this lousy company because we have no other option. The CEO's are greedy and do not care about the customers. I wish someone would buy them out!!

Posted by dh5347

I needed service on my modem, I called Windstream told mw a technician would be out on Sat 10/8 btween 815AM and 1215PM. As of 4:37PM on 10/8 I am writing this and the technician still has not arrived. I made three calls to customer service and after the prompts and waiting no one could give an answer other than, "the technician is in your area". Asked to speak with a supervisor and was told "supervisors don't speak to customers".

Posted by Anonymous

I been waiting for a tech to come since 9-29.Today is Oct.4. Everyday I get call changing my tech time. Do you not have enough techs in Lucas County? Maybe you need to hire more people.It's just silly that this has taken this long.

Posted by [email protected]

My internet is down & cannot get through to talk to somebody
Half hour wait two Times & did not get through
Still no service or word of Windstream working to Fix the issue

Posted by Disappointed customer

I have not had phone oe Internet service for 4 days. I have called each day and repair continues to tell me they will be there tomorrow. Guess what, no one showed up. So I call again and get told the same thing again. No show. Windstream is very unreliable and their service I rate a 0. Do not get this if you do not have to. You will regret it.

Posted by what a nightmare

Windstream is HORRIBLE! What a NIGHTMARE! A tech is in town & nobody at the city level or at Windstream knows why from any department at windstream, from Billing, installation, local building, Repair, Maintenance, to Tech Support. All 25 incompetent people have the very same answers,"I don't know". This company is a complete joke. Some Windsteam tech cut my landline and left it hanging bare wires off the side of my house. And NOBODY at Windstream cares or will help. Repair line is completely worthless. I've been trying to get an answer from them for 2 days straight. They even hung up on me. I wouldn't recommend Windstream to anyone. The FCC should shut them down. They don't have have any idea on what they are doing. Steer clear of this company, turn around and run away! Only way I can get any answers is to track down a Windstream Tech someday to find out why they cut my landline phone cable out of the blue for no apparent reason. What???????????????????? FCC needs to get on this company. WHAT A RIP OFF! Don't do business with them. The following aren't even legit Phone numbers to {Windstream, 1-855-446-1939, this number is along this website} other one is along with a phone . Windstream didn't care to know about them at all.

Here is a list of Windstream that is the local building number. Nobody here could answer questions or get me any help. What a complete joke, That is putting it lightly. I did come across this address to send complaints to Windstream board of directors, so here it is. Report Complaints or your concerns to the Windstream Board of Directors at the following address;


I hope this helps someone out with their problems with this Windstream Company. Otherwise I would complain to the Better Business Bureau, BBB, or to the FCC. Something needs to be done with this HORRIBLE COMPANY.

Posted by Anonymous

It seems no matter how much I pay, my internet service via windstream is terrible! The repair people are great, but the service itself sucks. There is no option, but if there were, I would ditch windstream immediately!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with out phone service for more than 3 months. I have contacted winstream several times I have had field reps to my home. A subcontractors who were hiried by windstream that said its " and we are not getting paid enough to do this job". I currently am still waiting for a phone line to be installed from the road to my home. I continue to pay my monthly bill that windstream continues to send me for my home service and MCI my long distance carrier in hopes they will soon have me connected. If I could choose another provider i would have along time ago. Customer service is absurdly horriable. I am currently starting my 4th month with NO ground line. This is a huge inconvenience and is affecting my job and business. When I call customer service it is nothing to be on hold for 30-45 min each time just to be transfered and the problem unresolved. Please please please tell me when this issue will be resolve still with out service!!! Going on 4 months......why?

Posted by Water 60

There was an electrical storm in my town on 7.19.16, and it fried my computer, monitor, and modem, etc. I was then without wi-fi. I called Windstream to report it. I got my new computer and got it hooked up and there is something wrong with my phone line. I called them on 8.6.16, and they said it would be September 1st before they could get someone out to look at it. This is very poor service! I am currently in a leg cast and need another source of getting help if I need it besides my cell phone! COME ON!!!!

Posted by Zander

The worst customer service ever. Incorrect billing amount and they are not willing to correct it. Waited on hold for TWO hours. Anyone who considers this company is crazy.

Posted by Anonymous

My 88 yr old mother couldn't get her phone service started . After several attempts we got Darryl Reddich,Jr. He worked with us and straightened everything out perfectly. Wanted to let you know how he went way beyond the call of duty to help us. His attitude was cheerful, even when we had to contract him several times.
Just wanted to share our experience with Daryl. Before we very connected with Daryl we were very upset and frustrated.
Thanks Daryl.

Sharon Root

Posted by Anonymous

We have been a customer for eighteen years and can't get anyone to fix our phone for three days. What if there is an emergency?

Posted by Allison

This is my 3rd email with zero response!!!!! Needless to say we are not happy,satisfied customers. Our internet has been a problem for awhile now. It constantly cuts off through out the day never mind trying to get on it during the evening. It's impossible to watch Netflix, play Xbox or just do simple things such as Facebook. I can only imagine how difficult it will be in a couple weeks when school starts back and my kids try to complete assignments online. Immediate action is required!!!

Posted by Ticked off

I hate this Internet company. They are over priced and the service sucks. I would get something else but these idiots have this area and I can't get anything decent here. I'd rather have dial up again. It worked better than this.

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Posted by Anonymous

This is to rate my experience with customer service at the Espanola office, Leanne has always given excellent service, pleasant person with awesome people skills. She is an definite asset the Windstream. Thank you for the tremendous service from her.

Posted by Rebecca Littleton

The Lion is roaring.I had a problem with their equipment failure {primary coil failure in the 120 V A.C to 12V D.C.} power cord. The customer service folks worked with me on the problem although they had no idea what I was getting at....They sent a tech. out and the problem was resolved in about 10 minutes.
So all in all I will continue to deal with them. The customer service folks are doing the best they can, but the upper management needs to listen what us customers have to say....

Posted by Robert Bussell....London Kentuck

When a Lion roars that sound can be heard for many miles. The Windstream folks are going to know where I'm comming from. On Friday June 26 2015, I ran into a problem with Windstream because of a minor failure of a piece of their equipment {Modem Power Cord failure in the transformers primary coil}...Transformer power supply to the modem broke down. I called C.S. @ Windstream and told them what had happened things went from bad to B.S. I was informened they would replace the modem for an additional $6.99 per month. But I will give them credit after a little fussing, and getting up the food chain as far as a customer can get they sent a tech. and fixed the problem. Only took him about 10 minutes. So all in all in my opinion is stand your ground but give them a chance to get it right....The Lion has roared.

Posted by Thomas

service was great. linda had positive attitude and made sure my concerns were the customer service

Posted by Anonymous

I was having trouble with my internet connection and have a netgear router. They were of NO HELP! :( I couldn't understand what they were saying. I called Windstream and spoke to a very determined and rockstar customer service rep. I think her name was Monica. THANK YOU!!!!! for helping me get reconnected. Awesome customer service!

Posted by GladTheIssueIsResolved

ONLY POSITIVE SINCE ISSUE WAS RESOLVED--Recently posted a negative feedback comment about a billing/pricing issue we'd been misquoted on and then were being charged $20-$30 more per month than agreed upon. After multiple calls and emails the issue has been resolved.

I will say the process has not been easy, and I will say this shouldn't have happened in the first place--but after management saw our documentation of conversations we'd had with Windstream where we'd been misquoted on pricing, they did correct the issue.

Not sure if it was out of realizing they'd made an error or to get us off their back since I was emailing them every other day.

Not satisfied with how Windstream keeps conversation records. Recorded phone conversations are only held for a month (and we'd been told a month into it to wait until next month to have the issue resolved if it reoccurred) and online chat conversations aren't even kept. Thankfully I had kept those online conversations.

Just watch your back on what you are quoted and what they will charge you. Understand what they quote you does not include surcharges and taxes (which is like an extra $20 a month), but this does not cover charging an extra $20 per month on things outside of taxes and surcharges. Just be careful!!!

Posted by Peekaboo

I would like to thank three people who assisted in my quest to attain Internet service in a timely manner. I spoke with eight CSRs, but the following exemplified extraordinary customer service to correct the issues:

--Denisha (Ft Lauderdale, FL) - very patient, kind, helpful, and followed through.
--Felicia (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Escalated ticket order so that I would receive service promptly.
--Larry (Sugar Land, TX) He went above and beyond call of duty to retrieve the ticket and came out the next day.

I would appreciate it if HR could inform these three individuals about how grateful I am for their perseverance in resolving the problem in a timely manner.

Thank you,
B. Lee

Posted by lynn Caskey

Call in for repair, the auto system prompt you to leave a contact ph no. after leaving your contact phone number the auto system don't knowiedge your call for service.

Posted by Anonymous

The technician from Louisiana that helped me for quite a while over the phone was very polite & tried his best to help me. He would not give up until he resolved my problem! Thanks very much!

Posted by SavvySassySixty

Just spoke with a customer service rep and a technician at Windstream. I have been shopping for another provider because of the slow speeds. After being brought to tears trying to understand the accents of Time Warner customer service I can only say thanks Windstream for providing customer service reps in this country and without heavy accents and condescending attitudes when I ask a question. I am 65 years old and may not be savvy to all the latest and greatest but I deserve the respect that I find at Windstream.

Posted by MJM & MMM

If this is the only company that provides you will internet in your area make sure you sign up for rapid repair. If you run into difficulty call the support center. Let them know you have rapid repaid - and to send someone asap. The technicians that come to your home are very knowledgeable, courteous and appreciate you as a customer.

The people at the Call Centers should just not be allowed near a phone! IE: They tried to tell me I had 3 - yes three - defective computers for none of the 5 people I talked to could get the sagemcomm 1704 up and running. Wyatt come out to the house (we usually see him every 6 months for either phone or internet) and he was done in under 15 minutes. He then proceeded to 'teach' us how to properly set up the modem/router.

Wyatt, you are the best and you deserve a raise buddy!

M & M

Posted by Anonymous

We had to get a new computer and when we installed the new computer we were unable to get into our email account. I tried various things and finally gave up and decided to call for help. Usually that means hours waiting and listening to elevator music until someone answers and usually isn't very friendly. To my surprise and appreciation, I had Debra pick up my call and within 10 minutes, I had my email up and running and was very pleased with the customer service I received. Debra's employee number is N9933520. I will never hesitate to call for help to Windstream from now on. Thanks again, Debra, for outstanding customer service!!!!!

Posted by Firefly

Zip 74014, Internet slow. We have 12 mbit service and it's running between .21 and 3mbit. Often the upload speed is faster than down. Each time I have called tech support (866-445-0978) I get right through.

They said last week that they were replacing some hardware. Now it's slower. Speed tests bounce back and forth quickly - very strange (never seen that). Today (9/27) they say there is some congestion and that they are trying to "divide the customers up." I imagine this means they are doing some load balancing.

They said, when it's back to normal, to call 800-347-1991 and ask for billing credit for the length of the outage (14 days so far).

Posted by serja59

I just can't say enough regarding Casey Jackson's personality and style in solving my Email problem. His low key and professional approach to the problem helped me understand that he had things in control. After I explained what the issue was with my Email, he took control of the situation and discovered what was causing access to my Email to crash Mozilla and Explorer. This is the second time I needed to call Windstream Customer Service and each time I have been given excellent advise from wonderful agents.

Joe Seremak

Posted by Anonymous

I am so glad the CSR Nicholas Ballard was able to patiently resolve a 3-day issue that had put me into a maze and leaving me beeing bounced around from CS to Billing to Repair. He also suggested a product to consider. He made my Monday 04/16/2012 my day. Thanks Nicholas.

Posted by Tentrees

I've used Windstream since they took over from NuVox who took over from NewSouth.

I have a hard time understanding why there are so many negative comments and experiences with them. Maybe it's areas other than mine (SE). I've never met an inept technician, a discourteous rep or encountered any significant delays.

If you don't like their service see how well you like your local cable company or (puke) AT&T.


Posted by blubrd11

Okay, phone out yet again. This is really getting old. I live in an area where cell phone service is non-existent so we rely on our phones in cases of emergencies, but that doesn't seem to phase Windstream one bit. They know there is no cell service in our area, yet they don't worry about fixing the phones in a timely manner.

Then they keep saying we're going to get an update on our internet service, but that hasn't happened either. At least when the phone goes out we could use skype or another VOIP to call for help if my husband has another stroke. Constant dropped signals and days without internet, as well.

Sad, sad situation. And the saddest part about it all is there is no other cable service we can go with since we are out in the woods.

Posted by Wayne Estell

10-22-11 I received a new wireless router today. I had a problem in getting online. I called tech support and talked to Norman employee 3N9935230. He was very helpful. He was patient and very knowledgable. He had me online in a short time. He also went out of his way to help me increase my speed from .5 to 1.5. This will be very helpful when I use my webcam to see my new grandchild.

I just wanted Norman's supervisor to know what a good employee he is.

Wayne Estell

Posted by Walt Chandler

I had occassion to be helped with a modem installation, under date of 8/23/11, by your tech advisors Prince (in S.Fla) & Debbie (in Oregon). Both were very professional, patient & reassuring with this 74 year old computor illiterate individual. The problem I had was resolved & the entire procedure was a pleasure with the utmost courtesy extended. Kudos to those two.

Posted by Anonymous

While I was away on vacation, I tried a hook up for wifi in Virginia which did not work. It cost me $6.00 for two days which I never got to use.

However, when I got home my computer was over- taken with SpeedStream, I could not have access to my computer, etc.

I called Windstream Technical Support and a fellow by the name of Steven corrected the problem.

I want everyone at Windstream to know what a gem he is. I am 74 years old and he walked me through to correct this problem. My name is Dorothy and I am sure Steven will remember me. I would like him to know how much I appreciate his help. He is a fine gentleman. Thanks, Dorothy Fox

Posted by Scott

This new email service is a joke. Guess it was managements way of trying to get extra revenue by incorporating it in their homepage so your exposed to the ads.

I can't log on most of the time, system is unavailable and when you do get into the new email page, the email titles do not even fit the screen. I would think it would have been throughly tested before being released.

I see its so bad that a video was even made about how you "easily" can log on in the future. Simply terrible and frustrating. Management should be ashamed for releasing something with so many bugs. Whose responsible for this mess? At least put out a statement acknowledging your working on it...what a joke!

Posted by Anonymous

I don't like the new log in for the webmail I can't use my short cut with out going to the home page.and I don't like the home page to much going on and can't open most of the things on the page.make it simple.

Posted by Anonymous

I just had a Windstream repairman here to fix my phone/internet problem. I must say he was kind a patient throughout repair. Answered all my questions.
Very respectful. His name is Eugene, don't have a last name. This repair was done out of Ephrata, PA on 7/27/11. Give this man an A+ for service.
Thanks for responding quickly for us. We're back in business.
R. Brugger

Posted by tbug

3.0 Is the fastest download speed that windstream offers in my area. It takes forever for anything to load. It's frustrating that I pay for Netflix but the feed is so bad due to windstreams terrible speed. I will be the first in line to get a new service provider when it comes available. I hope that COX COMMUNICATIONS will eventually service my area. I had them when I lived in Norman,OK. I was extremely pleased with them.

Posted by Anonymous

We would like to thank the young man for his assistance with our internet service problem. We appreciate his friendliness and ease to talk with about our problem. It was very nice to reach someone with customer service who knows his job well. Our internet service now works properly. Hoorah. CONGRATULATIONS to Windstream for hiring this fine man. He will go far. The weather is still hot in Arkansas. 06/14/11
Thank you again,
The Rankins

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Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for the call center for windstream. I can assure you that we do our very best to solve every problem. Sometimes we can fix the problem and sometimes we can't.

Posted by AC

donlamb, if you load and click on the email link in the upper right hand corner, it will take you to the old version of windstream webmail. Take that url (it's rather long) and create a shortcut for it. That way you don't have to wait for the windstream homepage to load graphics.

LYOUNG_123: Did you ever call broadband support and ask what speed you're actually provisioned for? In many areas, 1.5mbps and 3mbps are the same price. (Btw, I think you got your download/upload results backwards in your post). As for the dropping connection, there are many causes of intermittent connection issues--lines not being filtered/filters needing replacement is the biggest one. A technician should be dispatched ONLY after completing ALL preliminary inside troubleshooting steps, not just because you want one sent to your home. Once a tech is dispatched, they check the line to the nid (network interface device), aka the box on the side of your house. If margins are good to the nid, then it's usually an inside problem that requires work to be done, i.e., rewiring jack(s), addressing line static, etc.

Sandra Jones "Joneys": Ethernet has pretty much become an industry standard at this point in time. If your computer does not have an ethernet port, it must be very, very, old. You can purchase a nic (network interface card) for probably around ten bucks, but you would need to know how to install it which most people don't. You'd be better off just purchasing a new computer. Also, if you have been completely out of service and it IS DOCUMENTED in the account notes, you can call the business office to get a credit adjustment.

rabbitman: Do you or someone you know have a cell phone? Sounds like the automated message you are receiving is pretty self-explanatory, but I would contact phone repair to get service status updates and more information on why the service in your area is down, when it will be restored, etc.

Bonnie and June N., unfortunately misogyny still exists, but the last place I'd expect to encounter it is from women themselves. I am a female broadband support tech and believe me, I know as much, if not more than many of my male counterparts. I find your comments insulting.


Posted by windstreamCSR

I am a tier 1 tech who works for Windstream. I will say that as a growing company, we are working to expand our network and provide the best DSL service in a competitive environment. We understand there have been some recent issues with the Windstream service (such as overutilization on certain DSLAMs for 12mbps customers), but our different departments are working to upgrade the system and make Windstream DSL internet more reliable and widely available. As a technician here at the office, I can say firsthand that many of us have background experience with computers, internet, and other technical areas in general. We do our best to combine superb technical help with excellent customer service.


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