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White Castle customer service is ranked #446 out of the 947 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 33.48 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates White Castle customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


105 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 92.92%.


8 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 7.08%.

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  • White Castle

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    • 33.48 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 105 negative comments (92.92%)
    • 8 positive comments (7.08%)
    • 2 employee comments
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Posted by Black Ronin

Went to the White Castle near where I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.I was coming home from work and decided to get something to eat. I go in and get in line. There are three older people ahead of me placing their orders. Each customer ahead of me was greeted by the cashier, Shanty, with smiles and cheery talk. I thought that was really nice...until it came time for her to take my order.

I walked up expecting to hear "Hi, how are you today? Can I take your order?" No, instead she just stared at me like I had a booger on my face. A few more seconds went by and I asked how she was doing. Silence and staring. I thought, what the hell is this?! She just has an attitude with me for nothing? So I place my order, pay and step aside. Immediately, the customers behind me are greeted by her like I wasn't even there.

I was a little upset because there was absolutely no reason for this. The girl didn't know me and acted like I owed her money. The next time I go there, I will request someone else take my order. She was just nasty.

Posted by Nanny

I was recently at the 700 West Broadway location I purchased 6 cheeseburgers and a medium big red with light ice. The big red was not good it taste like pure seltzer. I tried to call the restaurant to let them know, I got the answering machine.

Posted by Anonymous

New circle rd lexington ky
upon entering stood at counter for 5 min without even being acknowledge not one word clear site of every team member we left and went across the street to Hardee's

Posted by Bobby

I went through Rene drive through in Bayside Ny. The person said to wait 1 minute. I waited 4 minutes and she never came back. I went to the pickup window to see what was going on. She looked at me and said âI told you to hold on.â I was amazed that she had that much attitude and no apologies.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the slowest White Castle I have ever seen and the help has an attitude I have better things to do with 20 minutes then site in the drive thru

Posted by Anonymous

Stopped at store #020052 with my husband on 10/25/17 for sandwiches to go. As we were traveling, we.went down the road and stopped at rest area to eat. Imagine my surprise and disgust when I took my cheeseburger out of package and discovered that someone had taken a bite out of it then put it in my package. We have eaten at many white castles and never had any issues. I did take a picture of it and if you can tell me how to send it I will.

Posted by Elaine

Every single time I get coffee from White Castle during the day, they never give me a cup sleeve! So I carry a burning hot cup of coffee as I walk to my car! When my husband goes to White Castle during the evening hours, he always gets sleeves on the coffee cups! So today I got coffee, asked for a cup sleeve, the employee pointed to where the soda lids are, and there were no coffee cup sleeves there! Do they actually run out of coffee cup sleeves every day? So I got a bunch of napkins to hold around the cup. When I put the cup in the cup holder in my car, the cup slipped, spilling coffee on my hand! It was painful! I suppose I have to buy a coffee cup sleeve elsewhere? I shouldn't have to do that!

Not only that, but every time I have a coupon, I'm charged too much! Today I had a coupon for a $2.99 breakfast combo that consists of a breakfast slider, small hash browns, and a small coffee. The cashier rings the order as three separate items, and charges me for a soda instead of coffee, and handed me a soda cup. I said I ordered coffee, not soda. Then when I got home, it gets worse. Instead of bacon that I ordered on my slider, I was given sausage, and I can't stand sausage! I ordered hash browns, but was given French fries!

The coupon read $2.99 for a breakfast combo (plus tax) and I was charged $3.68. This has happened a few other times. This is what my receipt reads after giving my $2.99 breakfast combo coupon to the cashier:

The coupons is what gives me the incentive to go to White Castle. But if I'm charged too much each time, that defeats the purpose of the coupons. I have another coupon for a future use for $3 off a $10 purchase. But I feel I'm going to get overcharged again, and burn my hand again if I order coffee! I feel there is no reason for me to ever come back to White Castle again!

Posted by Anonymous

On 8/15/17 I bought 20 castle 2 onion chips everything was awful grease was old buns was different meat looked day old upset stomach all around terrible my sister actually got sick said her burger was sour

Posted by ap2324

white castle on west Jefferson st Joliet Illinois has the worst and I mean worst service especially drive thru in the night. ive been going sometimes at night around 1 am to get a simple order of 4 sliders w jalapeno cheese and NO ONIONS. usually they mess up the order and leave onions on there anyways even after repeating it 3 times to make sure and them repeating back they don't come with onions. So this happens a lot and today they pissed me off I went to drive thru and there girl that took my order took it after 4mins of straight waiting, then I tell her specifically NO ONIONS the first time she repeats my order but does say no onions so before she can say move up to the first window I say no onion and she says they don't come with onions which is weird but anyways I pay up in the window and the girl is there talking to some guy and his sitting on the counter grabbing it with his hand smiling like he did something to the food. so I move into the parking lot and check the bag because I know they suck a making orders and lo and behold there onions on the burger I look back through the windows and the guy is laughing with the girl and I think they purposely did it. So I check to see if there is a lot of people in line and there was so I drive home because my mother was already tired so I figured ill just call corperate tomorrow it was 1am so I waited till the next day

Posted by Anonymous

I am a healthcare worker my client enjoy the breakfast sliders the location is St. Louis Mo. South kingshighway @ Devonshire, this is the slowest store ever not some times all the time you can be the only car and still you wait need management. I also call and give good feed back on stores and associates like my U City store employee page memorable. Most of your stores are FANTASTIC

Posted by Jaime murphy

I paid 30.64 for my food and it was cold and incomplete I didn't get any of my fries and I was told there was no honey mustard by one cashier but returned to the counter and was given honey mustard by another employee. also the cashier had a horrible attitude and the floors where beyond sticky Sitting in the lobby was a man sleeping with no shoes on and vomit all over his clothes. We had to wait and additional 15 for our food to be replaced because it was cold.

Posted by Amanda

White castle is horrible there employees and there so called corporate I swear my six yr old daughter has better customer service then they do I think they hire any one. I've been harassed insulted threatened by there employees cuz I asked to remake food waited for four burgers n waiting 20 mins employees comment said I wasn't important that they meet me outside at 2 am. Gm said she fund me 25 dollar gift card that was blank by ordering number 8 I had to pay with my own money which ticked me off which got shorted 10 burgers and i also asked for cheese didn't get it hair in my burgers y'all should be sued lied customer service Corp. Waited seven mins they didn't do not nor answer my question made me wait ten more mins for there boss which didn't even know how many burger came with a number 8 told me to hold on I want to know who on the hell hires these ppl this is pathetic. I want to talk to someone that can help me. I wish undercover boss can read this and help me because no one else is. Help they should take customer service classes seriously!!!! U should be happy u have a job

Posted by bad food end of shift

on Friday nite aprox 930 pm I was at the 11050 halsted white castle in Chicago. I ordered 1 small onion ring and 4 white sliders no cheese xtra pickle. thru the drive thru befor I left the drive thru I smelled fries which I did not order they were fresh is how I noticed. told the woman at the window that I orderd an onion ring and I gave her the whole bag back she then gave me the onion rings.while in rout to home Im trying to eat and my onion rings are col and the burgers are cold and dry.I bring everything back and ask for re fund.this never happens to me thru the week befor nine but on Friday 03/10/17 at around 9:15 it did.when I returnd I was offerd fresher food I wanted my money back only and they did and I gave them back my recipt and the nasty food they gave me. im disappointed that I cant get quality food unless its a different shift or day I spent 5.56 glad I didn't spend more,quality should be good all the time not some of the time.

Posted by [email protected]

Just saw the Undercover Boss of White Castle and wanted to say this. Dave Rife worth 100mill and all those family CEO's around the table basking in the wealth. You drive the workers up to corporate in stretch limos then proceed to do next to nothing for then. A couple you give nothing to and one a membership to a wellness program and another $5k scholarship? Your company is a joke, no wonder people just think it's a job and that's it. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. I bet the founders would be embarrassed, but Dave you'll get your new corvette every year. Unbelievable. Ann Gordon

Posted by Tawanda

I have been sitting waiting on my food for over 20mins this is unacceptable and the manager act like she don't give a DAMN I will never shop here again

Posted by [email protected]

I went to White Castle today to get some shrimp nibblers, they took my order and when I got to the window to pay they told me that they were out of shrimp. I was mad because this is an advertisement "New" then why are they out. I also added a crabcake slider and it wasn't in my bag so I sat there until the guy came back to the window. I told him that I didn't get it, oh I'm sorry I have it back here. I was very dissapointed with the service.

Posted by 16grannies

After visiting your White castle in Florissant mo off of Lindbergh and patterson I must say I was VERY disappointed with the quality of my food two double cheese burgers they top patty ws dry as the desert breeze bun hard around the edges and stale fries they were hot and a watered down dr pepper.if you want your business to prosper you got to give quality food and service,I'm so disappointed it changes my views wanting to ever eat whitecastlenear again I called the manager he said I'll speak with the crew nd do you want to comw.back I said no I live to far bit just fix food as you would eat

Posted by Anonymous

After extremely poor service at the White Castles in Oswego Illinois, I will never return to White Castles, ever! I am going to tell everybody I know about the extremely poor service I have gotten from both the restaurant and the corporate office. I called to complain on Thursday of last week it's Sunday, I haven't heard back from anybody. I sat outside of the restaurant for 20 minutes at a drive-thru, while nobody was in the restaurant, waiting for service. I tried to call the restaurant three times, and they did not answer their phone. I sat there and watched through the window as employees texted on their phone but refuse to answer the store phone. Got to the window after placing my order and waited an additional 15 minutes, with no response from anybody at the window. That is unbelievable. When calling the corporate office, and explaining to them what I had just dealt with it there at their store I was told somebody would get back to me the next day and have heard nothing. This is an example of the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life, and will never be a customer to White Castles again.

Posted by Janice stolz

I just went through white castle in ft wright ky. I ordered a small coffee and it rang up at 1.07. I asked the girl why it was 1.07 since sales tax is 6% I was informed it went up last week. I work at Walmart and I knew it didn't go up. Not worried over my penny but it is the principle that matters. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I'm from Waterbury ct and is impossible the long travel to nj or NY to get those delicious mini hamberguers my all family are addicted to white castle for years and still you don't have no even a white castle near my town I know with one customer you won't hear or dismiss one complaint but please take on mind that is millions of people thinking the same thing please take this complaint in mind I miss eating this delicious meal near Waterbury it will be the best going back to my white castle thank you iris DeLeon from Waterbury,ct

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I just went to the white Castle on Roosevelt rd in Maywood at about 11pm. Jan. 30, 2017. Our food was burnt, the buns were hard,onion rings were smashed together, and the onions on the burgers were old and black. The young boy that was taking orders at the window was very rude, Hetc was acting like he did not have time for the buying customer which, was me. I never noticed it until I got home. I am very upset, and agitated. I spent a whole $8.00. Something needs to be done about this subject type of treatment. I will never return to that store again

Posted by suffolkconsumer

On January 24th 2017 my wife and I visited the White Castle in Deer Park.
We ordered our meals at the counter and paid for them. We received them and took them to an available booth. Before we ate anything we wanted to wash up but we now noticed that each had an "Out of Order' sign upon the door.

The staff then informed us that the restrooms were closed. Well, we could see that now but no-one bothered or thought to inform us of that previous to purchasing our meals. So with our food on the table of the booth we had to take turns going across the road and one block away to the funeral home to find a restroom to use to wash up.

First my wife went and when she returned I went.

Needless to say our food was no longer hot and not even warm because on January 24th when the outside temperature was in the mid 30's they had the air-conditioning on.

I filed a complaint on the toll-free telephone number and today I received a call from the store manager. He called to tell me why the restrooms were closed. Do I really care WHY they were closed? NO! I care about the lousy COLD food we were left with to finish! We dumped the COLD food and left the place!

The store manager did NOT offer to replace our COLD food. He just kept repeating that the restrooms were closed because they were flooded. A lot of good this did us! I think that White Castle is NO LONGER a place that we will ever visit again!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm disappointed in your company. You had a White Castle five miles from my home at the Dayton Mall in Miami Township, Ohio. You closed it and all others in Dayton as well. How can I crave White Castles when they aren't in the Dayton area? What a way to run a business. Please bring back White Castle to the Dayton Mall as well as other Dayton locations.

Posted by Anonymous

I have seen our show on tv about your chain of restutant have u ever been to lancaster ohio well u should cause customer service does not exist food does not happen as I'm sending this I have been waiting at drive through for 30 minutes why u ask cause they got my money I have watched 8 cats pull out and leave with no food

Posted by Anonymous

Looking for open restaurant on holiday (1/2/2017). Decided to drive through Dent Ohio location. Craving a couple of fresh cheeseburgers. I ordered four with a medium coke to complement the meal. Quite disappointed with my choice. Buns were very stale. Onions were under cooked. Meat was cold. Soft drink (med coke) was too syrupy with little carbonation. All in all an unpleasant experience. Threw burgers away and dumped the drink. Thought you might like to know.

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Posted by Anonymous

White Castle, Centereach, Long Island, N.Y.
We made our annual Valentine/ Anniversary visit to the Castle. Once again, we were greeted with smiling faces and hugs. Our server, Kaylay treated us like VIP's. She was so gracious and attentive. We also meet Anna, the district manager, who was very warm and kind. The place was decorated beautifully. You can tell every detail was done with love. All the staff and the kitchen angels, who prepared our food were so welcoming. It is truly like a family there. Thank you again for a wonderful experience and making us feel so special. Lovingly, Eugene and Madeleine Jamison

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to.thank Mr Steven we licka the GM of the chicago region 42. He was very concerned and professional in taking care of a product issue.

Posted by Anonymous

I like white castle alot but the Hopkins MN store surprised me I got hurt on November 10,2016 and one of the women there took 4 pictures of my leg gave me gauge and tape and a also aspirin and some kind of wipes to clean it and took down my information and said that I'd be called up and today is December 2nd and I still haven't been called and my leg still isn't healed all the way and what happened under the pop machine that board fell on my left leg and my right big toe and thank you for your time

Posted by Antonio

I went in yesterday at the one on Hebert and north Florissant.The young lady name was tiara who took my order,she was working front and drive thru as well.Ms.Tiara was really sweet and even thanked me for coming to white castle.Best customer service there in years.

Posted by Anonymous

White Castle Greorgesville Square Columbus - Best service in town, always friendly and professional -someone is doing something right, possibly good management :)

Posted by Mitz

You people could make millions. My hubby would come everyday if you all had fish nibblers and mac bites year round. Mc Donalds stoled yaws fish nibblers are making millions on them year round. Please keep all yaws ð delicious nibblers year round. All of them.
Grsndms In Obdy.....

Posted by Anonymous

White Castle #060025.Went thru.Order 18 castles and 1 small fry.I had to pull up some and wait for my order.They brought it out to me about 5 minutes later.drive home it had 18 white castles with no small fry.$1.49 for a fry that I did not get.If I had to pull up to wait for my order.Dont you think they get it right?

Posted by Anonymous

Kudos to the recently opened White Castle in Jennings MO. To the young staff, and the people who had a part in training them. It is always a pleasure to see young people working like they want to be there. Keep up the good work!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

Good afternoon,im informing that i have not recieved my W2 from white castle and wondering why.

Posted by Anonymous

Love the cheese sliders. The fries leave a lot to be desired. Salt on them would go a long way to making them palatable as opposed to the salt less fries you serve.


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