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Westjet customer service is ranked #99 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 57.77 out of a possible 200 based upon 666 ratings. This score rates Westjet customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


525 Negative Comments out of 666 Total Comments is 78.83%.


141 Positive Comments out of 666 Total Comments is 21.17%.

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    • 525 negative comments (78.83%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I would like to bring to corporate attention that on Dec 1 2017,, on the second leg of my flight to Halifax Nova Scotia I helped as an R. N. with a sick and unruly patient from Los Angeles to Calgary . With the help of of 2 other R.N�¢â?¬â?¢s and your great flight attendants we work with this passsenger for almost two hours. My name and e mail were taken but I have not heard a thank you from anyone. Now I was happy to help but I was very distressed as I was on my way to my sister funeral. . When I tell people my story they are appalled and have made me write this letter. My flight originated in Sacramento to Halifax. I did not keep ant flight information but you should have it on record. I left Sacramento at 1.10 pm Dec 1st and arrived in Halifax Dec.2nd. 7.30 am

Posted by Janet Shaw

April 16, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

My girlfriend and myself have been long time customers of WestJet, whether to travel afar or across Canada. When we both travel, we choose the Plus seat, for the few extras you get...This week I have travelled from Edmonton @1:15 am WS 842, 2A to Toronto once again. I was very upset, when I asked for something to eat, cheese tray, Croissant...and the flight had nothing. I had to settle for a kitkat and a coffee. I feel, that If I pay for the extra services, I maybe should get something, besides an extra sized seat. I'm a resident of Alberta and my girlfriend is a resident of Ontario, so we travel frequently back and forth or to a Caribbean country for a winter vacation as well, flying WestJet. I have a return flight back to Edmonton in a few weeks and will be looking into a better means of travel or service.


Blair Jans
R.R. #1
New Norway, Alberta

Posted by TAYLOR10

I am lost for words.. I have flown with West jet on regular bases for the last twelve years.. I take at least two holidays each year and have been flying with them for awhile. I need to voice my opinion as I see fit. First of all I need to inform west jet of the hotel and resort we stayed at.. It was pretty unbearable.. Not sure if I lodge this complaint here but will wait for the 30 day response from the other email i sent about the hotel review. First and foremost I think the staff are doing a great job with what they have to work with. I do need to voice my concerns however with the lack of food that is provided to the passengers,,, to be very honest i am tired of hearing pre order your food on line. That is just an excuse,,, We paid 40 dollars each to sit in the emergency exit so we could help our fellow passengers if the need be. This flight was 5 hours and 48 minutes from Varedaro, Cuba to Calgary, Alberta. The passenger sitting next to me had an eleven hour flight and she was very hungry so I left her my fine chocolates so she at least had something more than pretzels and cookies. I cannot believe this situation at all. I take medication and NEED to eat as I become ill.....Sweets and salt are not good for me. When I did get off the plane I felt so hungry. What possible excuse could West jet have to NOT offer even a sandwich or what was on the menu.. I was told because of where we were seating on the plane actually ROW 15E and 15F that front and back got fed first.. Wow what a disapointment This information came from our flight attendant.. I have been in the customer service industry for over 35 years and felt he was doing everything possible to deal with the situation.. I expect to obtain a full refund for my payment of $80.00 to compensate for something I paid for and did not get the service.. I really need to stress at this point how dissapointed I am with the lack of food.. I am speaking for others as well.

Posted by Anonymous

WestJet has such poor service that multiplies costs to passengers.
WestJet canceled a flight out of Halifax die to a maintenance being incomplete at the time of departure. WestJet at last possible minute cancelled the flight. I have a flight out of Ottawa two hours after WestJet is supposed to land there. They offer to get me to Ottawa at 2:45pm.
The Flight I am supposed to be connecting to is with Air North which flies twice a week to Ottawa.
The 2:45 doesn't work.
WestJet doesn't acknowledge they have a responsibility for my second flight because they cancelled my flight with them.
They advise me to see if Air North can do anything for me? At 2:30 in the morning Air North offices are not open.
WestJet states their responsibility is only to get me to Ottawa.
They advise that Air North has a flight to my destination leaving Calgary at 9:30 pm, if I purchased a ticket on Air North from Calgary they have a flight leaving in 45 minutes, they would get me on that.
I needed to get to my destination by the next day, so I purchased the ticket on line and took WestJet's offer to Calgary. I have an additional cost of $350 and an extra 8 hour layover.
I am thinking Why am I paying more? I had a complete flight plan that got changed due to the lack of planning or maintenance by WestJet.
I am paying a high cost to fly WestJet!

I talked to a WestJet supervisor in Calgary, she asked if I thought that WestJet should have flown an unsafe plane? Then she suggested they should have left me in Halifax because I was insistent that WestJet should pay for the flight from Calgary on Air North. She ad used me to call WestJet and raise my concerns with them as there was nothing she was prepared to do for me.

I called WestJet, they restated their responsibility was to get me to Ottawa

I called WestJet when Calgary and talked to a supervisor, she restated their responsibility was to get me to Ottawa.
She offers me a $200 voucher to fly WestJet on another time.

IT COST ME $350.

Yeah! like I would take the voucher so the next time they can cost me even more?

I posted on another person's site who was having a similar problem with WestJet, they never were covered for additional costs they had due to WestJet mistakes either.
A WestJet employee posted and send a message that they are sorry for my inconvenience, and would get back to me.

Never happened!

So if you fly WestJet, have deep pockets, they will make you dig into them if they make a mistake or cancel for reasons within their control and reasons out of their control, such as weather, WestJet laughs all the way to the bank
With your money.

Should you have a choice, don't fly WestJet.

Posted by Dany

Recently, my family took a 3 hour flight from Calgary to Palm Springs. We were seated across the 13th row. It was 6pm. To my surprise, they had run out of all sandwiches!!! When I asked how this could be possible during a meal-time flight, the attendant had no explanation. It is disappointing that corporate greed has crept into WestJet culture. I would have been contented with paying an extra 10 dollars and being assured of being able to eat on a flight. Of course, if I chose to sit at my computer prior to a WestJet flight, I could pre-order my meal but the principle of having to do so disgusts me. What's next, will I be asked to load my luggage?
I would strongly recommend that people bring their own food, particularly if they are traveling with young children or an appetite. I thought WestJet was better. I certainly would not take a WestJet flight longer than 3 hours especially if I'm traveling with my family. There are enough choices out there..........

Posted by Kapuna

Hallo ! We Have just Returned from a westjet vacation from the Mayan Reviera Paradisus La Perla ! We had to pay 85.00 US $ per Day more just to get a Decent Room ! What I would like to know is ? What Rooms is Westjet Reserving when we pay for an all Inclusive Vacation ? Basement Rooms ??

Posted by Anonymous

Me and my daughter were traveling today, Dec24th from Saskatoon to Honolulu with layovers in Calgary and Vancouver. First flight we were trapped on the board for almost an hour and could not get off in Calgary because the gates were not ready which resulted us being late for the next flight but, this time we could not leave Calgary airport for 1hour 30 min because of "deicing" which again left us no time to go through customs in Vancouver and added unnecessary stress on this holiday. Then not just we landed later( that created a conflict with my car rental as I was an hour late) our luggage was lost!!! Seriously? On Christmas Eve! How convenient! All we could get was flip flops for my daughter as everything was closing early. And now on Christmas Day we are stuck with no clothing, no swimsuits and all shops closed for holidays. I'm very disappointed with our service and flight today. I'm a single mother that worked hard all year so we can afford this trip and now what?
I would like to receive compensation for going through all of this. I think 50% of our ticket price to be refunded would be fair and of course, the luggage, hope it will be found soon.


Olena Gaivoronska

Posted by SDavis

I was supposed to fly to London Gatwick last night, arrive in the morning and catch another flight to Amsterdam to reunite with my finace, having our room booked and all and guess where I am? Still in Canada. At the time the gate to the plane was supposed to be opened, we were announced that our flight had been delayed due to maintenance. Sure, I'm relieved they found the problems to fix before we got into the air, but I thought they would have sorted themselves out by now. I'd read reviews on their service, about all the delays and cancelations, but isn't it about you fix your problems and not leave hundreds of people to delay their carefully planned trips to 24 hours and have them reconfigure all their wasted plans, consuming energy and money, with so much as a couple of apologies and unwanted vouchers. I thought my first flight was bad enough when I was stuck in the middle seat beside a couple of obnoxious men and had to pay to "rent" a tablet, when I had to pay for headphones and if I wanted to eat something on a nine hour flight. I thought that was all basic. I was annoyed about how stingy they have become but I was enraged and bewildered when my flight was canceled. In the 50 something flights I've had in my my short lifetime, all these event were the first I've ever experienced.
Never again. I will never again fly with Westjet and warn others of their unreliability and lack of organization.

Posted by Anonymous

Waiting on hold for 30 minutes seems excessive to change a flight. Particularly ironic hearing how easy changes are while waiting. Punctuated by a ridiculous charge to simply eliminate a leg of my trip. Very disappointing.

Posted by Alan

Arrived, after a 9 hour flight,in Vancouver at approx. 11:30 local time (1:30 my time) and waited almost 25 minutes and no baggage, for anyone, arrived at the carousel. When I asked about the delay I was told they were experiencing problems and that it would be another 20-25 minutes. After this time elapsed and nothing was happening I asked again and was told they didn't have a proper crew size to unload the aircraft. and that it would be another 15-20 minutes. When I complained I was informed, with some attitude, that they had been dealing with this problem all day long with all their arrivals. When I suggested Management was not doing their job and staffing things properly they suddenly agreed to take my info and deliver the luggage first thing the next morning.

Surprise.....it didn't arrive and the online information, from this Customer Oriented Company, does not work and phone calls are put on hold as they are experiencing "unusual call volumes" and when I did finally get a human to talk to I was told the luggage would arrive at my home within 3 hours......it didn't. More calls and waiting put us in touch with another Rep ( I use the term loosely) who tried and was unable to contact anyone in arrivals in Vancouver.

So here I sit 12 hours after arrival with no luggage and no idea of when it might come.

This from an airline that prides itself on Customer Service.............I think more training and better Management are needed. Fly at your own peril..........you have been warned.

Posted by Not Happy

Just flew home from westjet flight 1497 to edmonton. My husband and I had the plus seats and when we boarded in Las Vegas, there was no water waiting in our seats (no big deal) so I asked the for one, so my husband could take his medication...they were bothered by this, very rude response was given..Then a gentleman was late boarding, he asked the attendant where his seat was, and she told him to pick an empty one! Yeesh..no help at all! They were very late coming around with beverages 1.25 hrs into the flight. Was NEVER offered seconds. They were all visiting at the front of the plane and were VERY LOUD!!!! I also noticed before we left that one of the attendants looked in the bathroom before take off and had a disturbing look on her face and quickly closed the door...I was the first one to use it after the seat belt sign came off, and it was disgusting!!!! Coffee (I hope it was coffee) was spilt all over the toilet seat. I had to yet clean that up!! We are very digusted with the service....They need to do their job and not visit!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Vinney

Worst experience of my life
Going to uk with westjet
From Vancouver they flew me to Toronto then Toronto to st John's after sitting at airport 12 hrs the flight gets cancelled and issued hotel voucher at 2am used only for 3 hrs so awake already 24hrs traveling solo
From St John's they flew me back to Toronto at 5:40 am and after another layover they fly me to NEW YORK
From new York 6 hrs more lay over the flight gets delayed 3 hrs
On way back they changed my flight without even telling me and delayed
I complained to westjet at counter did not swear threaten shout etc but voiced my opinion concerns after finding out flight changed without told and flight delayed 4hrs

I voiced my concerns at 9:30am and requested supervisor not a single supervisor showed up and as the plane boarding I was removed from flight and banned for life
All because one westjet employee thought I was rude to him when I voiced my concerns to other westjet travellers about my experience and he shouted at me to shut up
They waited 4 hrs to tell me I am being removed from flight and banned and they would not fly me home
I flew back home with Air Transat

Horrible experience

Booking ref number available

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in recent trip to puerta plata.paid $25.per checked bag (2bags)on departure.then had to pay same at puerta plata airport when returning to Canada. $100.extra expense to add to my trip.thanks a lot west jet.will be using a different airline in future.we do travel frequently as we are retired.

Posted by Very dissatisfied. Sarcastic age

I became ill and had to cancel my reservations. They are keeping my money, they give me a credit that disappears by 2017. They are literally stealing almost $1000. Never again.

Posted by Eileen

WestJet has failed me 2 times in a month. On my flight from Deer Lake Newfoundland to Toronto, my flight was delayed for 10 hours and the only compensation that was given was a $15 voucher for lunch. Now on my return flight that was leaving at 9:25, I arrived at Toronto Pearson at 8:38 am due to traffic on the 401, and the WestJet customer service told me that I couldn't get on the flight now. They didn't even check with the gate to see if I could still make my flight. I paid for a direct flight, but now I have to transfer in Halifax and had to pay another $86. This is ridiculous. I think that WestJet should be compensating their customers with much more than a $15 voucher. I believe that I should have gotten at the least half of my flight costs returned. I will be sure to let all of my family and friends know how I was treated by the WestJet staff.


Posted by O. V.

On August 11, 2016 my two children, my wife and I flew WESTJET, Flight No. 2683, from Cancun Mexico to Toronto Canada. Upon arrival in Toronto, my family and I were last ones to leave the plane since our seats were at the very back (21F, 21E, 22F, 22E). Shortly after disembarking the plane we reached the customs. It was at this point that I realized I had left my brand new Samsung S2 Tablet in the magazine pouch at the back of seat 20E. ( In case WESTJET you are interested, I can provide you with a copy of my BestBuy receipt). I asked a customs agent if I could return to the plane to retrieve my tablet. I was informed that I had to clear customs first and then I could proceed to the WESTJET customer service kiosk for assistance. Within 15 to 20 minutes of leaving the plane I was at the WESTJET CSR kiosk. A WESTJET agent actually went up to the plane and checked our seats, however, nothing was found. My Tablet was stolen within 15 to 20 minutes of us leaving the plane. It was conveyed to me that since my device was not checked in such as a piece of luggage, it was not traceable. Consequently, I was out of luck. Thank you WESTJET for a great customer service. All future WESTJET passengers beware, if you forget your valuables on board of a WESTJET plane, it is certain as death and taxes that your valuables will be stolen because they are not traceable. This is the third time I have flown with WESTJET. Needless to say, I will not fly with WESTJET again, nor will I recommend this company to anyone I know.

Dissatisfied Customer
O. V.

Posted by Anonymous

hola. just had the worse westjet flight with all the years i have used westjet.
flight2289 from san jose cabo to vancouver bc. starts off with half hour delay
because no flight plans. well waiting fuel spill in airport. results everyone leave plane.hour and half later back on plane. if would had flight plan nothing would have
happened. how can this happen. people who were east indians didnt no what to do. took forever to depart from plane flight attendents seemed lost on what to do.could have
been dead by time got off plane from spill. total screw up.on your behalf. train people better.makes me want to change airlines. i am now laid up from bad back from extra time in airports . thanks to calgary employees i made connecting flt.

Posted by whitney

Terrible customer service experience on booking line. AFter waiting ages to speak to someone, because they are always "experiencing a high volume of calls", a rude agent treated me terribly and when I asked her name and employee #, she put me on hold and NEVER returned, after 20 minutes on hold, dead air changed to dial tone. Unbelievable!!! there was a time when WestJet employees were wonderful, no longer!

Posted by Shelah Chapman

Recent flight on Thursday Aug 18 from St. Johns to Ottawa, Westjet flight 25 at 2:45 pm, sitting in aisle seat 20C across from a young somali boy about 8-9 years old, he on the aisle seat, his sister in middle and grandma at window, Behind him his mother and 2 others. The boy was standing in his seat, jumping around constantly, constantly kicking the seat ahead of him, throwing his drinking cups and bits of cookies on aisle floor peering at me constantly with a look of amusement on his face, terrible terrible flight for me. His mother and grandmother were sleeping as soon as they hit the seats, he was basically on his own, flight attendants aware but said or did nothing. On descent picked up his under seat bag and put on his shoulder, attendant removed twice but never said anything to him. Right on touchdown removed his seat belt stood in his chair to look out window stayed standing for another 5-10 minutes until plane came to a complete stop, no one stopped him. On descent his grandma took out a big perfume bottle and sprayed boyh the girl and the boy, went over top of seat on small child sitting in front of them, mother of child turned around but said nothing. It seems to me even West Jet does not apply the same regulations to them as they do to me and others. His backpack was never stowed under the seat ahead, just under his feet, the attendant saw and said nothing but told me to make sure my purse was stowed under seat in front of me. I will truly think about taking another WJ flight in the future, horrendous flight as no one was telling the boy anything, he just did whatever he wanted.

Posted by Dossapointed

I flew direct from Halifax to Vancouver on August 13 2016 on flight 385. I must say this is by far the worst experience flying I he ever had.First off the flight was delayed nearly an hour, the tv was broken so 6.5 hours of flying with nothing to keep me occupied was dissapointing to say the least, I had a child sitting behind me who decided she would occupy her time by opening and slamming the tray closed on the back of my seat for the whole flight when I approached the stewardess to address my concern she was so rude to me she told me to deal with it and talk to the mother which I did the mothers reponse was she a child deal with it. I asked the stewardess for water I was told to wait for service which by the way was a full hour before she came around and completely skipped by our row of seating. All in all the time spent on this flight was pure hell. For the amount of money it cost to fly these days I expect much better service or at least a thank you or have a nive day when exiting the plain.

Posted by customerservice

took a round trip from toronto-calgary from july27th-august11th.returning to pearson on 11th I had a rather disturbing experience with the assisted help that I had.On arrival on
flghtws0674 at 11p.m.I was taken 1 floor down to await a car who took me to another area, told to wait (quite an isolated area at this time )after more than 10 mins no one shows up.
A westjet personal "happened " to walk by took me 1 floor down he took me to someone else she then took me to the baggage claim area At this time all passengers had left luckily my luggage was still on the carousal. It was a relieve to see my son still waiting. As a senior at 80 this was upsetting like no one cared, i appreciated those who helped me but unfortunately I did not get their names . I have been travelling with WJ the last 6 years to calgary to visit my son& family ( he has cancer) plus there is a 7yr old gr,son
Would appreciate it by looking into this matter and look forward to a reply.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear administration:I was passenger on bored and almost work 50 years as Nurse it happen that someone become sick in air line required OX and bleeding from his are short of-breath and require care Date 27/Jul 16 West Jet#1698 from Vancouver to Los Angeles they announce 4 time if there is passenger in medical profession i wonder why no one responded I spend frothy minutes of the flight with sick gentleman I Was expected at list to get Email to see how the patent have done, if not even thank you from west Jet. sincerely

Posted by Anonymous

Flying Vancouver-Toronto-NYC-Columbia (July 26) my wife and I feel we were treated very badly by WJ. Our flight out of Toronto was delayed, and twice we went to the WJ counter in Toronto, and said we wouldn't make the connecting flight in LaGurardia, but WJ kept telling us, no problem, you'll make it. Sure enough, we landed in LaGuradia 30 minutes late after the connecting flight had taken off. WJ said the reason our flight was late was bad weather--somewhere and this had caused the delay! It was a nightmare getting Delta to write us a boarding pass for the next day and WJ did very little to help with that, and absolutely nothing to help us find a hotel--let alone pay for it. It was pretty late by this time, and we had to find a hotel on our own, plus cancel appointments for the next day in Columbia, SC. My wife was incredibly upset, and what bothered us both the most, was that WJ agents did not give us the impression they cared about us at all. I have flown quite a bit for the last 40 years but this was the worst experience ever.

Posted by Anonymous

Flew westjet roundtrip to Vancover B.C. . One of our suit cases was cracked on the side and 0ne wheel was so badly broken it was barely attached. I just wonder how they could destroy a suit case so badly. It was the second time we used that case. They must have dropped it from the second story, maybe it is time to have someone more responsible in charge. Shame on west jet.

Posted by Gene

I was yelled at by a Westjet baggage official because I arrived to pick up my dog
late, due to being misdirected by a baggage handler. I was not familiar with where to pick up the dog as I have not traveled this way before. The woman yelled at me, and when I said "Can I explain?" she yelled at me more and claimed I had gone to take a cigarette break (I don't smoke), and she practically threw my dog at me. She worked at the baggage claim area for Westjet.

Canada is much too tolerant of violent and aggressive women. If I did this in a public place as a man, people would rightly report it to the police. It is horrible customer service and since Westjet is virtually unreachable by phone
I will tell them about this in person, and in the future,when I have to go through that airport again. My dog was also treated badly as I had to give her eyedrops after the plane flight due to infected/inflamed eyes.

I will be flying on other airlines whenever possible, and my dog will not be flying again after such awful service and treatment.

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Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank and commend the pilot and crews if westjet 307 6:20 am flight today january 19 2017. They tried so hard to find my passport. Thank you so much!

Debbie from winnipeg

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I flew to Victoria on Nov.22/16 to attend a family bereavement service on Nov.23/16 with the intention of returning to Edmonton later in the PM of the same day. We were inadvertantly delayed by unforseen circumstances and missed our previously booked Westjet flight. Upon arrival at the airport we immediately went to the Westjet service desk and explained our situation to an agent named 'Rebecca' who was most understanding. She re-booked us on a later, same day flight at no extra charge. We would request that she should be recognized for her outstanding service. Our thanks to Westjet as well, for the great service and for having employees of this caliber.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently flew from Vancouver to Calgary and back. I've had foot surgery and needed wheel chair assistance, everyone was great from start to finish on both ends.
I would like to thank everyone.
Eileen Winn

Posted by Anonymous

Impeccable. impeccable, impeccable CUSTOMER service. Congratulation West Jet on a superb job. My wife and I recently took a trip to Vegas and unfortunately our luggage got lost. If it wasn't for the Customer Service we received from West Jet the trip would have been a nightmare. From your ticket agents, on the ground personnel, the flight attendants I don't know what my wife would have done. I only have one name and that is Kelly a ticket agent in Vegas. I sincerely thank all of you and commend your staff for going above and beyond. JOB WELL DONE. A happy wife is a happy life. Flight WS 1460 and WS 1461. THANK YOU, your the best. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Tysowski.

Posted by Anonymous

I took a flight from Toronto Pearson to Vancouver on 9th 2016. I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond for me. I lost my wallet at the airport prior to my flight. I first noticed it missing when I went through security. Alexi was very thorough in trying to track it down when it was lost. He inquired with others and checked to see if it was seen on the cameras. Many of the staff were also concerned and and asked how I made out when they saw me later on. I was not able to find it but it was eventually returned to me after me trip. I very much appreciated the efforts of the security staff on duty and wish to let you know of the personal attention that was given to me. THANK YOU

Posted by Barbara

My question is why West Jet charges twice for a seat when the customer is forced to go through Calgary to get their destination. I have booked a flight from Vancouver to London Ont. I purchased a seat which I assumed would be the cost of travelling from Vancouver to London, Ont. But no, I had to pay for the one leg of trip to Calgary(where I didn't want to go anyway) and then another fee for Calgary to London, Ont. because there are NO direct flights.
Interestingly, in the summer West Jet does have a direct flight between Vancouver -London. That seat cost $21.00 total. I'm paying $10.50 to Calgary (because there is no choice) and then ANOTHER $21.00 from Calgary to London. That is NOT the consumer's choice to go through Calgary- IT is West Jet sending all of their flights from Vancouver to London through their hub in Calgary. For that total inconvenience, we pay more! Why ???

Posted by Cyeomans

I was under stress, leaving for a funeral and missed the cut off for baggage. The clerk, Jamie Bawtinheimer was extremely empathetic and worked hard at providing me with another solution. Carey Cote also helped him and they were able to get me settled into the next flight. Although people can be compassionate, it's rare to have someone who is empathetic. I totally appreciate Jamie's help and concern. He took customer service to another level.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to praise the following people on a West Jet Flight I took from Toronto to Vancouver. They are # 1 in my books.

Posted by Allyn

I have flown Westjet several times in the past year and have been completely satisfied each time. I like to book with an agent and I know I can be challenging but I have been treated courteously and with humour. I love the humour.
I always fly plus. One drawback is if you are in the first row you often have people standing in front of you (not in the aisle). Since I like an aisle seat this is a very small annoyance, no one's fault. I resolved this by choosing the second row and I actually like it better as I can put my small carry-on under the front seat.
I recently returned from Nanaimo. Because the plane I was on had not been completely retrofitted there was a charge to watch movies. I decided to pay for and watch a movie which started in the middle. I commented to the flight attendant, Marjorie, who was sympathetic and brought me a tablet. I am still out the price of the movie.
In spite of this, which is a small thing I love Westjet. I think the service is great!

Posted by Anonymous

I was late for my flight, on my way to a funeral. I was late because of dealing with all the phone calls that kept coming in before I left. I was stressed when I arrived, and then became more stressed when I realized I had missed the 15 minutes cut off for baggage. Both Jamie Bawtinheimer and Carey Cote were extremely helpful Specifically, Jamie was extremely compassion and empathetic which was extremely helpful for the way I was feeling. It's rare to find such empathy in customer service and I hope that this note somehow finds it's way to their supervisors. Another reason why I always fly WestJet.

Posted by Carolyn

I just wanted to again thank Egette (probably not spelled correctly) from the West jet service desk at the Halifax International Airport for her great assistance today with a rescue dog that we are attempting to foster. She kept her eye on the dog before we arrived because the lady traveling with her left her in the baggage area alone. She also tracked down some tools to open the crate and then helped me to disassemble it so it would fit in my car.
This is not very common these days and it was going above and beyond her line of duty. She obviously loved animals. Thanks again.

Posted by Anonymous

I booked flights for my grandchildren to come and visit. The agent (Cindy) was very helpful as the departure flight and return flight were not from the same airport. I used my Westjet $ towards the flights and she was very helpful in sorting this out. Thank you Westjet you are still number 1 in my books!

Posted by Anonymous

Would like to leave a compliment for an employee. Checked in today at about 11:45 at edmonton international. Had a wonderful check in agent named Richard! So friendly helpful and very funny. Just had to recognize him. Hope it gets back to him. Lorri and Harold Jesse

Posted by Anonymous

First of all I must say, the service overall was top notch. We're always very impressed with all the employees and how polite and helpful they were. Our complaint is in regards to the carry on luggage situation. We are rule abiding travelers and respect that there is a charge for checking luggage. My husband and I were charged $25 each for our checked bags. As a result of this charge, many travelers carry on their luggage instead of checking it to avoid the charge. Many of these bags are much larger than what is allowed in your luggage size regulations. This causes all kinds of frustrations. It takes much longer to board and de-board, there is no room left for people with proper sized carry on luggage who have paid the fee, so we get stuck with our carry on at our feet or in an overhead bin that is so far from our seat that it could easily be stolen during de-boarding. They actually ran out of room in the overhead bins and two larger "carry-on" bags had to be checked, but those travelers now have their luggage checked at no charge! We feel that if you are going to charge for checking bags there needs to be strict enforcement of your carry on luggage rules to deter people from doing this and inconveniencing the rule abiding travelers. I feel that we were unfairly charged for our checked luggage when so many others didn't pay and inconvenienced us. Either charge everybody or nobody because there is nothing stopping people from just taking their luggage with them as carry on and if the room runs out their bag will be checked at no charge. Very unfair!

Posted by Sandra

WE flew On Thursday the 11th of February at 9:55 am we had a great flight and sensational service!! The flight was great! Would recommend you to anyone!!! We will never fly any other airline again!! Wow! They were awesome! Thank you for such amazing service. Even waiting at LaGuardia airport, once landing they made the wait pleasant. We flew from Toronto- New York City!! Thank you! Flying home United! Wish it was with you! WE will know better next time!! Booking for LA in March! Will be flying Westjet! See you soon!

Posted by Anonymous

Hope Fulton in your asc dept. was more than helpful, she sent me in a taxi to the hotel after I had to get off the plane because I was sick. I had to stop the taxi 3 times to throw up and so I really appreciated her doing that, she was also very patient with my husband who was being unreasonable because of the situation. She is an asset in that Dept.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank you for the great flight we had from Toronto to Merida on December 29. The staff at the Airport and on the plane were so nice and helpful. We were so impressed. Their upbeat attitude and helpfulness made our flight one of the most pleasant flights and we want to compliment them. We will definately use West Jet again.
Thank you West Jest.

Posted by Anonymous

On Dec.10 2015. I flew from Montreal Ont. to St Maarten via Toronto. On arriving in St Maarten I went to retrieve my luggage. The luggage was there but the strap I had it wrapped in was ripped in half and laying in the center where the luggage was coming out. I pick my luggage off the luggage carousel. The front pocket of my luggage was pretty well ripped off. Thank goodness I didn't have any small items in there or they would have been lost. I had some paperwork in there so it was still there. Luggage is expensive. Maybe a little more care can be used when handling your customers luggage. My name is FredsPepper. St Marrteen. All said I have to purchase new luggage and am requesting to be reinburst in some way . Thankyou. Freda Pepper

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service. Quick boarding ...no hassle. I travel with a wheelchair person and everyone was so helpful on our last trip.
Attendants on flight were awesome. Quick with a joke. ..many times they made the whole plane laugh. Always had a smile. You guys are great.

Posted by BJK

We were scheduled to fly with WestJet for our flight to Puerto Vallarta on Oct. 24,2015 the day the class 5 hurricane threatened to hit. We anxiously listened to the predictions of devastation and decided that we needed to cancel our holiday plans. I spoke with a WestJet representative and she was VERY understanding and friendly. WestJet had not yet cancelled their flights to Puerto Vallarta, so she didn't have to give a refund at that time. However, she gave us a full credit(no cancellation fees at all) to use towards any other WestJet flights. Well, we ended up booking a flight to Cancun with another airlines going and got a phenomenal price on a return flight from Cancun with WestJet.
Oh yes.. Our American Airlines flights to Cancun was horrible - no legroom, couldn't tilt the seats and no movies. Our return flight for 1/3 the cost on WestJet was great! Lots of legroom, watched 3 new release movies AND didn't have to pay for our baggage either.
We're planning on WestJet for our next flight to PVR.

Posted by myrna

Oct31/15 Flt 2208 to Mazatlán was a full flight with 5 dogs. One seated in 9A
barked ALOT thro our 6 hrs on the plane. When we landed not only did I have a headache and earache, so did most the passengers. Since my husband & I paid TOP $$$ 1300 for 2 - 1 way fares, we are considering flying with another carrier. We have flown 2 round trips the past 6 years to Mazatlán, and DO NOT WISH to encounter another DOG ISSUE like this. We have flts booked with WJ Dec 19, Jan 6 and April 23/16.
I realize you are a PET FRIENDLY airline --- BUT what about your regular passengers!!!!!
Maybe you might consider your pets ALL travel at the back of the plane. Also
problem dogs should be addressed.
We have a West Jet Visa & travel your airline a lot ----but will not sit near a dog again. We were in seats 9B 9C beside one dog and behind the problem barker. On a full flight it is impossible to move as you know.
Compensation on our costly airfare which was booked 6 months pier would be appreciated.

Posted by Anonymous

A HUGE thank-you to Michelle in booking for making our much needed getaway happen!! I stared yesterday trying to book what to me was a complicated transaction using WJ miles and flight credits. My 1st call to a gentleman (didn't write down his name) was very helpful and gave me all the options. I made the mistake of not booking and consult with my husband. When I called back the price had almost doubled. The new member stated if I had the name of the original person I had spoken to she would email him to check to see if he had the information. She was also wonderful to deal with but by then I was a little rattled and wondered if the universe was trying to get me to stay home. This morning I decided to give it one more shot. Michelle ( I finally wrote down a name) worked with me, tweaking all flights and package options. We are able to stay at the hotel we wanted at a great price. I am very sorry I didn't get the names of the members that helped me yesterday, they were patient and helpful to deal with too. Thanks again, Linda

Posted by Jack

September 20, 2015 at 7:49 pm
Flight WS 225 Halifax to Edmonton. Sept 20. Not to be a jerk but this is second complaint this trip. Why am I paying $86.25 to store baggage down below when my children and I could of brought it on board like everyone else. Same thing both ways. Very frustrating being told no and following the rules and I see bag after bag come on board. NOT FAIR! At least the staff on this trip or fabulous. The staff at the boarding desk on my trip to Halifax from Edmonton a week ago was sarcastic and extremely rude to me in front of my 7 and 9 year old. We had ten minutes to transfer or I would of asked for the supervisor. I love west jet. Always great trip therefore I felt the right to complain even though I'm not sure if it falls on open ears or not.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment your staff at Maui, Hawaii Airport. On the evening of August 04, 2015 we were checking in to fly to Vancouver, Canada and I had an incident right at the check-in counter, I fainted. Your staff was so professional and helpful, especially a young fellow by the name of DREW and of course the Paramedics were called. West Jet would not allow me to fly that evening and I went to the Maui Hospital where I stayed for one night and arrangements were made for us to fly the next evening, Ausust 05th. Arrangements were also made for my husband to stay in a nearby Hotel for the night. We returned the next evening, with my permission to fly in hand, and DREW took over. He escorted us through the check-in routine etc. and actually kept in contact with us until we boarded. I hope this message somehow will reach DREW and let him know of our appreciation for handling this situation. We certainly are very grateful to him. Thanks so much.

Posted by Laura

August 9, 2015

I was very surprised to read all the negative comments about Westjet, as my experience(s) have always been positive. I am not one to take the time to write reviews good or bad, but one particular Flight attendant made such a difference that she deserves to be acknowledged. I flew from Fort St. John on the 10:45 am flight to Calgary. I am one who only flies as a last resort as I am absolutely petrified to get on a plane. When I boarded the plane the first person I saw was STACEY, the flight attendant. Her genuine smile and perky sense of humour was a delight. She asked how I was doing today, and I replied not so well because I had to take this flight today. She assured me everything was going to be ok. Long story short throughout the entire flight Stacey would come to me and check to see how I was, she offered to hold my hand, she made funny joked to ease my tension, and the list goes on. She went over and above anything required of her, but she also went over and above any level of empathy and compassion for the way I was feeling and how terrified I was. When we landed in Calgary she gave me a big hug and said I did great!! I had a layover and was to fly from Calgary to abbotsford at 4pm. As I was getting ready to board the plane out of no where Stacey was in front of me again. She was so surprised to see me, as I think she thought my destination was Calgary, She asked how I was doing and of course I had been sitting in the airport for a couple hours anticipating the next flight, so needless to say my anxiety was thru the roof. She told me she was headed to Abbotsford as well, although not officially working on this flight to Abbotsford, she would be aboard. I felt some relief knowing this for some reason. She gave me a hug and said she would see me on the plane. I sat in my seat in the first row and watched everyone board the plane, shaking and nervous I felt so sick..I know it sounds so dramatic, but I guess if you are not petrified to fly you wouldn't understand. I saw Stacey and the other flight attendant from our first flight board, as they were both headed to Abbotsford. I saw Stacey poke her head into the cock pit for a moment and than she came and sat beside me. (There was an empty seat between myself and the other passenger) I have no idea is she some how switched things around, or if it was just luck. Needless to say she was the sweetest girl ever. She held my hand throughout the flight when needed, she talked to me to and distracted me when she could see my anxiety levels rise etc. Needless to say it is people like Stacey who make a difference in peoples lives, and I thank her for making both of my flights the best they could be. I have flown different airlines before, and never received any customer service to this level, Stacey treated me like a friend, and not just another paranoid passenger, and because of Stacey, Westjet will always be my first choice of airlines. I hope Stacey gets the recognition from her Employer that she deserves because she went over and above her job expectations. Thank you Stacey.

Laura-Mission, BC

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