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Posted by Laughable Experience

Five days ago, I purchased a 42" Westinghouse TV (model WE42UX3200). The sound quality is horrible but that's a whole other discussion.

The packaging was missing the six screws to attach the base to the TV. I tore the packaging apart looking for them and there's no way I missed them had they been there. They simply were not there.

I went to Westinghouse's website and submitted a request to their CS Dept for the screws. Twenty-four hours later, I received a reply requesting a picture of the sticker on the back of the TV (that details the TV's specs), and a picture of my receipt.

Really, guys? For six screws? I played along anyway and sent the pictures they requested. A day later, I received a reply informing me that based on my receipt, it appears that my TV is on layaway and that I should submit my request for the screws to the retailer.

Why would I be requesting screws for a TV I don't have in my possession? Layaway? The store I bought it from DOESN'T EVEN OFFER LAYAWAY.

Why am I being treated as a criminal when my biggest crime is buying this POS TV to begin with?

I replied by telling them to close my case because I'm returning the TV for a refund. Surprisingly, I received a reply to my reply, saying they were "sorry" and "only following warranty procedure." WHAT warranty procedure? My TV came factory-sealed and incomplete! That's not a warranty issue; that's a incompetent production issue!

I predict this company will be bankrupt or bought out in the next several years. The funniest part is that they'll be wondering where they went wrong.

Anyway, welcome to my boycott list, Westinghouse. Have a seat over there next to Samsung. Jerks.

Posted by LC in Milwaukee

I purchased a 4G Big Screen Westinghouse TV that showed sign of problems about 3 months later. Customer service had me do the same thing several times that did not work. Then weeks later they sent me a new remote...that did not solve the problem either. Now they want me to pay to have the defective TV sent back to them. Then they informed me it could take weeks for them to send me another TV or a refund. After reading the reviews it doesn't look like I will get either. Their customer service people can only repeat the same thing over and over again like a script that can't say anything else. I am feed up and I hope these complaints goes viral on social media as a warning to others not to purchase Westinghouse products for many reasons.

Posted by Jay

Purchased a Westinghouse WH7500E generator that required some assembly. Service cord was not included. A $65.00 item that I had to purchase.

Called Westinghouse customer service. Was advised by MWE Investments agent, this company handles the warranty, to transport generator to their authorized warranty repair shop in my area. My cost for transporting to and from the shop was $40.00. Generator could not be repaired. MWE agent advised I would need to palletize for return at my expense and labor, which was considerable. In addition, I had to locate and transport a palate, then strap the generator to the palate and move the generator to roadside, twice, for loading.

Now, here is where the going gets stressful. Agent advised he was emailing the Bill of Lading to me. I suggested he send this document to the carrier contracted to transport the generator. He refused to do so. I never received the BoL. The carrier came by for the generator, but did not accept because I did not have the BoL. Once again, I suggested agent fax BoL to carrier.

Two days later he advised he had complied and the carrier would come back the next day. Next day carrier did not show. Called carrier and was advise no BoL received. Requested carrier agent contact MWE agent and work this out. By this time we are into the 2nd month of getting nothing accomplished except my expense, labor, stress and aggravation.
Two days later the carrier came by and accepted the generator for transport.

All this time and aggravation could have been avoided had the agent dealt directly with the carrier in the beginning.

Warranty indicates customer is responsible for delivering or shipping unit to WH Authorized Service Dealer. This is unacceptable. I was not aware of this inclusion until after delivery.
Read the warranty shortly after unit was assembled.
Had I been aware of this requirement, would not have purchased. The unit failed due to no fault of mine. MWE should cover all related expenses.

MWE owes me $165.00 for expenses and labor, which the company refuses to pay..

Posted by dmn

I purchased a 42" Smart TV two months ago. TV won't turn on. Contacted Customer Service and was told it was probably a defect but I need to send pictures and my receipt back at my expense. Totally unacceptable. Why should I have to pay for their mistake? The rep told me it is in the warranty. I am livid. NEVER buying a Westinghouse product again. I am still pursuing this and am a not sure how a legitimate company cannot be accountable for their mistakes.

Posted by Jay

I have called about my TV being damaged they gave me a case number told me to submit evidence of my TV being damaged and along with my proof of purchase I have done so but now they're asking me to ship my TV back on my own expense I have requested for upper management to contact me as of Wednesday June 14 I have yet to receive a call from anyone in corporate I have been speaking to someone overseas each time I call and the communication is completely horrible my request has not been filled for someone to call me

Posted by Jim

Purchased a Westinghouse WH7500E portable generator. Arrived unassembled with no power service cord. This is not mentioned in the description or on the box. What is mentioned, "Includes Everything to Get Started Right Out of the Box". I consider power service cord part of the "Get Started" package.

By comparison, the Honeywell I have came assembled with power service cord.

During startup for no-load testing, white smoke began pouring from the alternator. Called customer service, was advised this is normal. Might be normal for Westinghouse, but not for me. Have used only once. Therefore, Cannot comment on dependability.

Sent email to customer service. The reply was unsympathetic. Stating this is the way it is. Not assembled, no cable.

I am down $65.00 for a power service cable.

Posted by Samerkamel

Good day,

We bought a Westinghouse TV ($238) from Wal-Mart in Brossard, Quebec, Canada on the 16th of July 2016, less than a month and half later it wouldn't work, all we are seeing is the Westinghouse symbol. After hours on the phone, we were allowed to ship the TV back (we paid for shipping $19.18). We shipped it on the 17th of October 2016; the TV was delivered on the 19th of October at 12:26 to the Westinghouse.

Today the 3rd of December 2016 we haven't received the refund cheque yet, we called daily, we spoke to customer service agents in the Philippines, agents such as Angel #6034 on the 16th of October 2016, Honey #6033, supervisor #6002, and multiple others. They all said the same we apologize, we understand, corporate office will contact you, or will send the cheque, both statements are lies; no one contacted us, no cheque was issued.

This is the worst company we have ever dealt with both in customer service regard, and quality of products. Buyers be aware, no matter how inexpensive their product is, I highly suggest you don't buy it, if you do, ensure you buy the store insurance as you will have to deal with time wasting, script reading customer service agents who are not even in Canada and couldn't care less about your business.


Samer Kamel

Posted by Ron anderson

Same runaround as all the other reviews----take pictures. Send TV at my cost which makes it prohibitive to do so-------this warranty sucks and impossible to deal with-------will Never buy a Westinghouse product again and will join in on the class action lawsuit from Marathon, Florida

Posted by Piss off

Piece of junk tv s from Westinghouse company .. Will never buy anything with your name on it ever again . bought a 32 inch smart TV for my son and after 5 months the tv don't work . won't turn on or anything . They want me to ship it to them and it will cost me around 200 dollars .. They have a policy and they know people won't send it back because it costs a fortune . If it's Westinghouse leave it where it's at .

Posted by Anonymous

I recently contacted the NY State Attorney General to file a complaint. I suggest we all file complaints as it is under each states attorney generals province to investigate consumer fraud. I know the Attorney General in NY is a beast!!! We will see what transpires and I will update the website. I also have an issue with a defective TV (40 in) that went out after 11 months. I refuse to pay another $200.00 dollars to ship it to CA for a refurbished product with a 90 day warranty.

Posted by Anonymous

Our stainless Westinghouse (Electrolux owns the brand) steel double door side by side fridge/freezer with Icemaker has developed 2 cracks inside the freezer wall it is a plastic wall the freezer had 2 years Warranty plus we purchased an Extra 3 years warranty.

It is now 5 years and 4 months old and these cracks have developed and they want us to PAY $135 for an Accessor to come and inspect the damage and tell us what are our options which will be paying for all parts or if not fixable deduct $135 of the price of a $3.000 fridge/freezer

Who pays for an accessor to inspect Electrolux you are living in another world.

Has anyone had any trouble like this with Electrolux

Our Reference number is

If i knew you had service like this i would have never bought your product

Posted by jpowlas

55" TV. What a piece of Junk. Called and they expect for me to pay to have it shipped back to them. She acknowledged that the power board are defective and are causing the TV to no come on. Will never buy another Westinghouse product of any kind

You get what you pay for $400.00 only lasted three (3) months.

Posted by VR-6090Z

I bought a TV model VR-6090Z at K-Mart in Puerto Rico less than a year ago. The warranty information says that, for US AND Puerto Rico, there is on-site service for TV's 46" or larger.

I just talk to customer service and was asked to mail my TV for service. I explained that it is a 60" TV and the service should be on-site. The person told me that the rules changed this year. How is it possible to change the warranty after the TV is bought???? How can we trust anything that Westinghouse offer if they can change the rules afterwards?? I will advise NOT to buy Westinghouse because they cannot be trusted.

Posted by ned222

Westinghouse took a week to send somebody to check the fridge, once checked they identified a part to be replaced, which required the fridge to be taken to their workshop for repair. They then didn't arrange pick up, we called again and they then arranged a pick up, only to say they would need the fridge for a week. we have to pay for a loan fridge in the meantime, which will be delivered 24 hours after they take away the broken fridge (although the freezer is cold enough to work as a fridge. Their customer service people on the phone have no idea, are not willing to help. I would never buy one of their products again.

Posted by John

I recently had to make an appointment for a Westinghouse technician to look at the door not closing properly on my oven. No surprise that I was able to get through and book it without any hassle given technician call outs incur ridiculous fees.

I advised the customer service operator what the issue was, with clear concise description of the issue I was having with the oven door, she offered no assistance but proceeded top book a technician. The technician came out and when I greeted him he immediately said "I know what the issue is its quite common", walked into my place pulled out a little tool with a handle and took approximately (and I DO mean APPROXIMATELY) 2 mins 28 seconds to bend these 2 aluminium pieces back into place where the door hinges are, with a smile. The door then closed perfectly. Once he put his little tool back into his little pouch then then pulled out his nifty little mobile Eftpos unit and typed in $150 and asked for my card. Highway robbery, exploitation, whatever you want to call it. What a bunch of thieves and scoundrels this company is, clearly a known issue and not even the slightest hint of offering some advice to the customer on how they can do it themselves, and save themselves the cash. I wont ever buy anything from this company again, and will turn away as many people as I know from buying anything from these criminals.

Posted by ann

You are the HARDEST Company I have tried to contact. I would like to talk to a REAL PERSON

Posted by KK

I have called Westinghouse numerous times which resulted in no answer on their end and being put into voice mail. Iíve left numerous messages and to date NO ONE has returned my call. I would think a company as large and worldwide as Westinghouse would be more customer focused and their customers their number one priority. I have bought Westinghouse merchandise from appliances to solar light for around my home and all I needed was a simple return call to find out how I can get replacement stakes and stems for my solar lights outside. I will no longer purchase Westinghouse merchandise again, not because I do not like their merchandise but because they do not value their customers. They seem to forget it's the customers that made their name what it is now.

Posted by princeeric

Horrible support from Westinghouse Electronics.

I recently purchased a Westinghouse Electronics 32Ē TV. My intention was to only watch DVD movies using the TV. I hooked up the TV to my DVD player using a HDMI cable. While the TV showed that it was getting a 1080p signal, I did not receive video or audio to the TV.
I called Westinghouse Electronics support. They told me I had to setup the device by scanning for channels. I explained that I only have digital cable, and could only connect my digital box to the TV via HDMI and that the TV would be unable to scan for channels. The support person, told me that it must scan for channels (and find some) in order to complete the setup. They told me to use the digital coax cable connected to the TV, which of course didnít work. They told me my other alternative was to hook up an antennae to the TV so it could scan for channels. I told them that I only had digital service, and that I only wanted a DVD hooked up. They insisted that I mist scan for channels.

Here is where it gets crazy. The customer service person told me to take my TV to my neighborís house and use their cable. I explained that my whole neighborhood used digital cable. Then he suggested that I take it to a friendís house outside my neighborhood. Are you kidding? Finally, the craziest suggestion of all was to take it to the store where I purchased it and hook it to their cable. Really? I am going to take it to the store where I purchased it, and Iíll leave that store with a different brand TV. Westinghouse Electronics, your support is horrible!

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased a case of 04423 50T4Q/E11 halogen bulbs made by Westinghouse. The new bulbs have contacts that are about 2 mm shorter than the original Westinghouse bulbs of the exact same specification we are trying to replace. Therefore, these new bulbs are unable to make proper contact with the sockets of our light fixtures and are useless. We contacted Westinghouse customer service twice over the course of the last two weeks, trying to find out what could be done to rectify this situation, but we have been completely ignored by Westinghouse Customer Support. Complete radio silence.

The online store, on the other hand, where we purchased the bulbs, communicated with us frequently on this issue and tried to make suggestions for a work-around, but the wiring in the fixtures could not be changed to force the sockets to make contact with the faulty Westinghouse bulbs. Westinghouse apparently changed the design of these halogen light bulbs, according to the online store.

Posted by tv tech george

HAVING TROUBLE getting your tv fixed under warranty? hello my name is george, i also have been in the same incompetent and possible fraudulent practices that westinghouse is pulling on hundreds of consumers! but i have found an attorney that hates this kind of stuff. he assures me that their is a good case here for torts lawyers who love to crush companies that treat the consumer in such manner!!! were talking a class action suite that will cost Westinghouse many thousands of dollars and not cost us anything!!! possible to get a large sum of money in the suite! if your having trouble like me then write to Franklin Greenman attorney at law / care of george hickcox P0 box 501614 marathon florida 33050 - explain the situation and include info on how you can be reached ph # if possible! were going to put a stop to this unethical and possible fraudulent practices!!!! LETS GET ER DONE!

Posted by george

HAVING TROUBLE with westinghouse getting your tv repaired? helo my name is george and have found a lawyer who is going to look into a class action suite having to do with possible consumer fraud practices concerning the warranty repair practices of Westinghouse tv,s my attorney assures me that torts lawyers love to crush companies that do what Westinghouse does ! i have a great case against them if you have been given the run around or told your tv was received damaged or they have told you anythings that are just unacceptable and this treatment just goes on and on - please write Franklin Greenman attorney at law/ care of george hickcox po box 501614 marathon florida 33050 please give statement of the problems you have had with trying to get your tv fixed and getting it back to you! please give info on how you can be reached and ph # if possible! were going to do our best to put a stop to unethical and possible fraudulent consumer ripoffs!

Posted by tom

after two hours on line i just hung up after reading other comments i see this is the norm

Posted by george h

same as mr zhiba puled the damaged tv scam now i must contact ups also needs to be a serious class suit for millions

Posted by Zhiba

I think I can even top all of those complaints. My TV had a panel issue about 8 months after purchase. After I sent it in, they notified me, that the TV was damaged in shipping, so I put in a claim with UPS. Long story short, after several months UPS finally got a hold of the TV for inspection and lo and behold NO DAMAGE! UPS sent me a picture of what clearly was my TV and it did not have a cracked screen at all. Westinghouse is running a scam, UPS told me they are familiar with them doing this. Now my property is back in the hands of Westinghouse and they will neither repair, replace nor return it. I even wrote to the CEO, with no response. I really do think they deserve a class action law suit

Posted by Rachel

Really not happy, freezer has broke over the weekend and I've spent the time trying to contact you guys, still haven't got through to anyone, piss poor performance..

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