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Western Union customer service is ranked #861 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 19.66 out of a possible 200 based upon 94 ratings. This score rates Western Union customer service and customer support as Terrible.


93 Negative Comments out of 94 Total Comments is 98.94%.


1 Positive Comment out of 94 Total Comments is 1.06%.

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  • Western Union

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    • 19.66 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 93 negative comments (98.94%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.06%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
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    • 1.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Art F

Their phone system seems to be programmed to hang up on you (with a chirpy, infuriating, "Goodbye!") if it detects you are trying to reach a live person. Unlike pretty much every corporation where I've tried to reach a human, instead of putting a representative on when it can't figure out what you want, it just hangs up. This company clearly doesn't give a crap about customer service.

Posted by Kelly

I am in an emergency situation in Azle Texas, with an elderly couple who accidentally threw away their entire money order for rent to their government housing apartments. I have been on the phone with Wu no less than 15 times. I have been hung up on, given numbers and extensions that don't exist and put on hold for a total of hours. I am simply trying to get a stop payment for this disabled couple who are at high risk of getting evicted!! I have never dealt with a company like this in my life. This could be a life or death situation and I can not find anyone in this corporate giant to talk to. This company is a disgrace. I'm contacting Fox 4 New in Dallas to investigate. Maybe they can get an answer.

Posted by Teriss

I would like to be able to speak to a Live technical support person to help me solve a problem that I'm having with Western Union basically when the store is not working for Western Union how are you able to receive your money at that store do you have AK number RQ number for that machine is at Rite Aid on Broadway Everett Mass if I'm able to call Western Union and verify my information I could at least get my money without having to travel further send that I'm a senior citizen I would like an answer to this email address

Posted by Indian woman

Its very very unprifessional service. I have waiting for long and out of sudden the counter said to queue again from the back. I asked why? She just simply said u just have to queue!. What kind of services when its our turn then u can cancelled anytime. Anyway im so pissed off an walked away. It happened Today (24th January 2017) around 1.30pm in Sunway Pyramid branch Malaysia.

Posted by Katshadow

Western Union customer service SUCKS. I have been trying for over 2 hours to get a typographical error fixed.. no luck on line and all customer service numbers go to a canned response with no way to reach a real person!

Posted by Anonymous

I sent $3000 to my son Peter Lowney in Valdez AK. The money went to Carrs Safeway in Valdez AK.I called them to make sure everything was OK.Told them it was a emergency transfer,the Western Union Rep at Safeway was very rude and and not helpful. The following day when Peter when to pick up the money. They would not give it to him.I had told the WU rep that it was an emergency.I called WU [via Walgreens in Newton Ma ]They were helpful.]They finally said they would give him the money.That was after he had driven back home several hours away.I would hope you will replace that employee or perhaps find another venue in Valdez AK.Thank you so much Bruce Lowney

Posted by Anonymous

what a piece of crap company..reachability yea just try and you will see you cant reach anyone ..there automated service sucks..and if you do talk to a live person they cant talk English and sure as hell don't know English,over 3hours wasted and still got no where.. had to leave the place and go home and try and get in touch with anyone .that's fifty extra miles for me ..western union if you cant help people fold up your doors and leave..and you want a fee for all this bull ..you should pay me ...the scale doesn't go low enough to rate you

Posted by NAN

I am extremely angry about one of their male staffs at Lucky Plaza branch today, who treated me like a criminal. Besides piles of questions, he questioned me the reason of money sending and even requested me to present the receiver's passport copy!!! And he explained it is by law in Singapore. I have never encountered such situation. I believe there is no such law in SG requested to present the receiver's sensitive private information when transferring money. I had no choice but to give up money transfer there, while my friend was waiting to receive them. The transfer fee in Western Union is not cheap, but their service is.

Posted by Worst Experience Ever

I have a complaint against the two female indian customer service at Klang Lotus Group next to MyDin two days ago my relative send money as I am travelling back to my country in a weeks time she send me a picture of the western union receipt with all information and MTCN number I stand in the queue for 45mins before being served once I get to the counter the lady tells me to fill the forms they have no forms on display on arrival so after I fill the form I have to wait again then the indian lady check my passport talk to her colleague says this the last time I can receive money because I don't have a permit. I am a foreigner here on a social visa, it is part of their policy, after all that she says there is no money in the MTCN given I call the sender for her to confirm with the place she sent the money from they say its in the system I advise the indian lady customer service she tells the sender all Malaysia system down I see all the people before me are able to send & receive money if system is down why is the store full of customers and money exchanged if the system is down I walk out frustrated so I wait after one day maybe something wrong with their computer I go back today and the same indian woman is working no smile she says something in her language to her colleague when i give her my form I ask her can you please recheck the MTCN she looks at the papers then she types in five numbers on her keypad and says the number is wrong the MTCN number is 10 digits I doubt she checked, before she said no money in the MTCN given now she says the number is not working all the other branches in the area are closed I am never going back there rude customer service I have ever come across I am always travelling I've used this western union service for many years I've never had any problems in Singapore, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland branches only this one In Lotus Group, Klang, Malaysia i hope she gets fired. Misreating foreigners the way you did, customers are always right! I hope you receive unsatisfactory customer service you gave me with that rude attitude especially saying who knows what in your language.Why work for an international financial service if you don't like dealing with foreigners. There was No Hello how may I help? Just a loud voice of how much you want to receive in front of everyone. How you got hired and your rude approach to customers raises questions of the rest of your staff if the other branches were opened I wouldn't have bothered to try your service again disgusting attitude I'll make sure your video of how you treated me goes viral online for your despicable service. Money in minutes think again!
Not worth it.

Posted by Jant

NEVER USE. My experience has been horrendous. WU has refused to honour the transactions and as a result have left relatives without money over seas. Numerous phone calls could not offer any clues as to why they sent the money back.......we are no talking large sums here but three small transactions. Bizarre and very insulting. Was given the run around and asked to speak to the people who decided on these "business decisions" but surprise...no one could say why it was rejected......never again. All responses read off a card....didn't think an organisation could ever operate like this. I appreciate the need for security but this is indescribablely stressful, unnecessary and completely unprofessional.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible experience... I transferred money and shared my MTCN number with my mom.. when she checked in the western union branch, the person said that the MTCN number is not valid.. I checked with western union customer service representatives and they informed that it was on hold for verification. I don't understand how the person will came to know if the transaction is on hold or not.. If they need details for verification they should contact the person sending money and should complete it as soon as possible.. it's totally unfair if they are holding the transfer and atleast in the branch they should have a proper system to know the exact status of the MTCN.. It is such a bad experience for me.. Service is too bad..

Posted by Anonymous

If a customer calls to obtain an amount sent due to sender forgot to mention, receiver should have the right to know, after all, sender's name, tel number and tracking number has been. Receiver has also provided their name. After all this should be provided when WU charges a FEE !!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been told by WU that I can no longer use WU,because My name is similar to a person who is no longer allowed to use WU. I have contacted WU about the matter. They say I have to prove I am me. I am a hold card member. !! First they said to Go to an agent location to send . I did but they still refused to let me send money.Then I was told I need to fill out verification form .My internet devices will let me read the form not fill it out online. So I call them and get the run around.

Posted by Anonymous

Western union is supposed to be one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the U.S. iI recently had the unfortunate experience of having a money order stolen from me it was completely filled out and unfortunately the crook somehow erased my information and replaced theirs Alicia Thornton in Englewood corporate office lied and said the money order was not altered and the case is closed. I am pursuing this matter and dont appreciate being ripped off twice!! They ought to be ashamed of the treatment of customers and I will continue to fight for my hard earned money!!!!

Posted by Alicianot understand this

Hello I am Alicia Tollan I am asking for help and answers I sent money to my friend over in Ghana I am asking why did it get declined please tell me why and how am I going to get money to my son please tell me thankyou

Posted by anne

My friend send me money from UAE and these is the second time he will send money to me but when i come to westetn union i waited for 40 mins and come to think of it im the first customer and then they told me to verify the control number to the sender because its invalid. How could that be?! But still i yold my friend to check and verify it again but they told him that the money had been paid already then i come back again in the wu but they keep avoiding me! And telling me that its invalid how will the company deal with this ?! Is this western union train there employee regarding this? Getting the money of others ! Please fix this that money belongs to somebody

Posted by Daiz

Hi i am Daisy from philippines and been a valued costumer of western union since 2004 without any problem till 2014.Last year before 2015 ends i send money to my fiance's friend in nigeria working in a shipping companyto arrange some of my fiance's important document because my bf cant face to do things because of his job.The 1st one i send is ok but then when i send the second time to the same name was been denied and it says no money match found when my receiver went to WU to collect it and he called me to go back to the place where i send the money and i went there to ask and they told me the money has been collected already by the receiver so i fight with the staff because they insist that the money is already pick up.si i went home disappointed.after a week i have to send again to nigeria i went to another petnet wu agent to send and luckily the money was been collected by my reciever.then the next i send 3rd was again denied and same case from rhe other branch.that time i decided to email the costumer service because i want to refund.and the CS said they will contact or update me after 24 hrs. So i waited for their responce.after 24 hrs they send me email and ask what is the mtcn #,and my personal info.so i gave them and they said they will send me email again after 24 hrs. So morning before i went to work i decided to make a call to them so i call then ask about it and luckily they fixed everything.and also comolain about my 2nd transaction that was denied.and they give me reason that due to compliance the money was not send so they gave me another mtcn to refund.Now,i went to USSC and send money to my sister and i found out that they block my name,for what reason?what i know i am not a criminal or murderer or whatsoever.they said because i send money to other people that is not related to me,what the f*** is their business!as long as i am working and have monet to send to my family or friend who needs help i will send it to them its non of your business...i am not doing bad and God knows what i am doing everyday.I am paying you to send money to my love ones and i gave a trust in your company so please fixed this things.dont reason out.do your job as well.Specially we costumers are sending money for emergency.please Western Union you must also know that every country theres a lot of scammers not only nigeria so dont give me this damned reason to cover your mistakes.just fixed it and make the transaction very well and fast.We are using your money transfer agent for emergency not to give us a problem!thank you and i am hoping for a positive outcome from WU.

Posted by Angelred53

This is a marry go round of calls to people who dont know there job, people who cant speak English, they read off what to say, they lost my money order recites, and i even certified them to them what a joke they are, for the biggest money making company they should have better hired help ..

Posted by billy

They are scammers, they take your money before checking if they can process it, then hold your money and thousands of others in their bank getting lots interest, then decline it before delays in paying you back, utter scammers,

Posted by WU Scam itself

Sending money to Malaysia to my friend, whom I sent the money before 4-5 times and was rejected; they said they gonna call for interview and they didn't. They just cancelled the transfer like a b***h! I hope this Western Union company go bankrupt.

Posted by Anonymous

This has to be the worst experience I have ever had with a company, DO NOT USE WU. Cust service is a merry-go-round of employees going by a scripted line of BS, they have you waiting while they look at the same thing you can see online, I have been waiting now almost 2 weeks for a $1730 refund and I keep getting there is a five day waiting period, or it's been sent and my bank is holding it, ect. ect. and you can't get anyone in charge to actually trace the transaction.

Posted by Anonymous

Why western union take for ever to respond to any money history request,
Or transaction receipts for?

Posted by jahmumin

Hi my name is earlene mumin i have receive an email. it said that i have to wire $150 for your company release 5,000 i am not going to send or wire any money to Africa to a guy named Serbian dossec don't know if that's the right spelling .but they gave me an atm card numbe ofthe Western Union Headquarters of contonou benin republic please email me back at let me know what i should do.

Posted by Anonymous

hi my name is hyacinth for the past four years am unable to sent or receive money from wester union, I would like someone to contact me at this phone number

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Posted by the valued customer

I was surprised and saddened to read the feedback of the customers here. I am also a customer of Western Union but I am extremely happy with their services. I've been using their services for over 6 years. I've tried sending via online, over the phone and at the WU locations.They made me realize that more than completing my transactions, they wanted to protect my finances too.I was about to purchase a very expensive item online from a non legitimate company but WU put my funds on hold for screening purposes and later found out that I was about to be scammed that's why they ended up cancelling my transaction. I have known it because my friend was able to purchase the same product online and was unlucky to use the service of a different money transfer company. Aside from being secured, I was also able to take advantage of their reward program, which gives me the benefit to get a fee reduction with my transfers, avail phone time and convert my earned points to cash. I have felt valued and appreciated by Western Union that's why, i continue to use their service.

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