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Western Digital customer service is ranked #93 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 58.79 out of a possible 200 based upon 46 ratings. This score rates Western Digital customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


38 Negative Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 82.61%.


8 Positive Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 17.39%.

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  • Western Digital

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    • 58.79 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 38 negative comments (82.61%)
    • 8 positive comments (17.39%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 3.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Tom from Flintstone

WD used to have superior products. Not any more. 2 TB Blue failed in 3 months. Replaced
under warranty. I had to pay 15.00 to ship the replaced drive to WD even though it was
under warranty. The replacement 2 TB arrived and was dead upon arrival. WD is replacing
the 2nd drive with another reconditioned one. I refused to pay 15.00 to have the 2nd one
returned so they reluctantly sent me a postage paid label.

When I received the replacement for three tries I hope it works.

I have been a WD customer for years as I am 82 years old but if the 3rd one fails within
warranty period I will never buy another WD product.

Posted by Anonymous

My cloud doesnt open the photos that are HEIC, it only opens photos that are jpg,
My email is [email protected]
Please let me know how can I have these photos open on my device.
Thank you

Posted by e279

The WD Backup soft did not find my device (WD passport) even if WD discovery utility found it easily the drivers did install nicely.
I Checked the WD Web site, followed the recommendations, downloaded the last version of the backup app: still not working.
I then read that if the device is still not found I should download Acronis for WD do did I.
I ran Acronis for WD to find that the backup function is grayed out, I would have to buy the full product from WD!!! Isn't it a mafia behavior?
Now it is time to call customer service. Lost a lot time with an agent that had issue reading his script and he instruct me to reformat for an Apple computer. I am using Windows 7... Subsequently I was instructed anyway to reformat as NTFS: more than 3 hour for nothing still at square one. Then I got some trouble to get the case #. I was supposed to receive an email with more info and phone # in case the format will not work, I am still waiting.
I was and I am able to copy and erase files on the external drive but not to use the backup SW. After two unsuccessful long days I returned the drive to Best Buy: bye bye WD and welcome Seagate.

Posted by Chief

WD guarantee seems to be very generous. 2, 3, or 5 years. The 30 days on their recertified products gives me pause and questions what they define "RECERTIFIED" to mean

Posted by Sami

Western Digital Tech support doesn't even know how to turn on a computer. Always ask for level 2 tech support if you want something done. Of course, they will always blame you or your computer when you call them for problems.

Your "best case scenario" will be if they send you another device to replace the one that doesn't work, but, guess what! WILL BE A REFURBISHED ONE!, and you will be chasing your own tail until the original guaranty expires. GOOD LUCK!!!

Posted by torrem

WD customer service can be summed up in one word: useless
Whatever your issue, they just look for an excuse to blame something else: windows, your PC, etc. They offer no solutions or help whatsoever, it's just a waste of time

Posted by Leonard

I concur with earlier criticisms of WD's ideas of customer service. I bought a 3TB My Cloud at the end of September 2015. It proved to be consistently unreliable, and has never functioned with my Mac as promised by WD. In particular, it does not work with Time Machine, and continually drops out. I have spent huge amounts of time resetting and reinstalling the device, achieving only limited success before it fails again. It has now failed completely. WD's "support" service first suggested that I should make sure I had plugged it in; then sent me two links which proved to be irrelevant. I have told them that I have completely lost faith in their product, and that I want a refund. Their response has been that they are sincerely sorry for my problems, but that they deal only with technical issues, and that it is up to me to try to persuade the retailer from whom I bought the device to give my money back. I am grateful for their sympathy, but some sign of an honorurable and constructive commercial attitude would have been even more welcome

Posted by Robert lee

I have been a big fan of seagate hdds for a few years now but I thought I would give western digital a shot. Boy was that one of the worse decisions I have ever made. My 1 Tb external drive failed which is normal but their support is horrible. They made me jump through so many hoops to end up not getting it fixed. I had it for only 8 months and they wouldn't believe me. They had a hard time processing my proof of purchase. I feel like they were trying their best not to pay for it. Never again. Going back to seagate!

Posted by Hulkpool1776

customer service is so poor no help what so ever.

placed an order over a month ago for 2tb personal cloud and was in stock at the time.

still nothing received nor refund given after requesting was meant to be Christmas present but looks like I will have to source something else.

Posted by Kimmer

Since 1995 I have religiously used Western Digital hard drives in any computer I purchased because the drives are backed up by a 3 or 5 years warranty which I thought spoke to the reliability of the product. I have returned defective drives to them in the past and they have replaced the drives with simnilar items in a timely manner. Recently I returned two drives which were still under a 3 year warranty to Western Digital Canada in Toronto. While waiting for the replacement drives I moved and I asked Western Digital to send the replacements to my new address. Their support department said it was not possible to change the address because the Return Merchandise Authorization showed my old address so It was up to me to intercept the replacements when they were sent via UPS. When I asked them for a tracking number, Western Digital told me they didn't have any drives of the type to be replaced and so they had not sent anything yet. Over a month passes and a package arrives to my old address containing the old defective drives with a note saying the drive warranties were voided because of "Tampering". When I spoke to technical support at Western Digital I asked the technician what he thought constitutes "tampering" because the drives were never "tampered" with. He said tampering involves physically changing the drive to which I agreed. Then he said my old drives were tampered with according to the records there. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, another person with a heavy accent informed me that Western Digitals definition of tampering includes writing with a marker on the tiop of the drive case. I told him I had 8 hard drives, all Western Digital, and the writing corresponds with the drive letter and it does nothing to the drive itself. How does the letter effect the warranty I asked if western digital sold these returned drives to the public but couldn't do so if the drives had writing on them. He dinied the defective drives were sold but admitted they were reformatted and used as replacement warranty products. If the drives had a letter on the cover, they could be recycled as warranty replacements because it would be obvious the replacements being sent out to honour the warranty are used drives. My loyalty to Western Digital ended with that admission by the supervisor. When the Western Digital products I currently use "die" and it's lucky they last 3 years to begin with, I'll replace them with Seagate products.


I have bought quite a few western digital hard drives over the past few years... i now have a pile of 5 drives ranging from my passports to my books... all now don't work... for no reason...
If complaining worked I would do it more but I can truly say i have given up on western digital as i am fed up with wasting my money... years ago everyone said western digital drives were the most reliable... as if!! I will now be destroying my graveyard of drives that have been rapidly growing next to my computer... and thinking of all the wasted time and loss of work...

Posted by whatever

I bought a 1 TB WD passport a year ago and it's already on the fritz. Worse than that, it's virtually impossible to contact the company via email without 'registering' with them. In short, you have to trade a ton of personal info for redress on a bad product. This isn't the first WD product I've had collapse on me, so I'm not likely to get another.

Posted by RichardM333

About a year ago, I purchased 1 300 GB Raptor hard drive with a five year warranty. It failed after one year. I received two defective Hdd as replacements. I submitted a complaint and was rewarded with an upgrade to a 450 GB HDD and a paid UPS label. The 450 HDD worked fine for a year. After it died, I RMA's it and received, one at a time, five defective hard drives in a row. Two of the drives died right after a fresh install of Windows 7 before I had time to make a backup.
Data Lifeguard reports bad sectors on all five drives. Customer service was always nice, but the quality control leaves a lot to be desired.

Posted by Anonymous

The tech was so rude on the phone. He told me I had to shut off the security aspect for my WD drive to get it to work. I tried to tell him that I had the box checked to automatically unlock for the proper user, but he cut me off mid sentence. Then I tried to ask another question and he cut me off again, rudely saying "Mam, just listen to what I'm telling you to do". Finally, my patience running thin I said to him that he obviously was not going to answer my questions. He told me I was confused. I asked to speak with his manager and he replied very sarcastically SURRRRRE! I was then placed on hold for 15 minutes and ended up ending the call without speaking to a supervisor. This is the last WD product I will purchase.

Posted by Anonymous

Western Digital does not deserve the support of their products.

It's one thing to have technical problems with a product (they have lots of problems with all of their products). But it's another not to support us when they arise. Very low technical reliability and lots of variability with their devices/drives.

When we do call in, why do we have to be treated so badly? Something as verifying the spelling of an email was so deeply offensive (I'm not kidding, it was that bad) that I could hardly speak.

Ernesto (if that's your real name) ... get comfortable answering calls. You'll be there for a long time. I'd say you won't keep your job for much longer, but judging from how immediate and routine your rudeness was, it leads me to believe that it is common practice there. A supervisor telling a customer they will call back in a few hours is another strong indicator that that workplace is not in the business of serving customers.

You've succeeded in giving me so many reasons not to want to be a customer. Goodbye WD, hello Seagate.

Thank you for making me feel unappreciated and like an imposition. Yes, this is my fault. I decided to purchase your product and asked for help when it didn't perform. My fault. Sorry I bothered you with my problems.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a new WD thunderbolt drive for my Macbook Pro. Within 4 months the second disk in the drive failed. I lost a considerable amount of data. This is what I received back from WD:

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Support. We would like to apologise for the time it took for us to reply to your email.

As far as I understand, you are using the My Passport Pro and WD Diagnostics is saying that the RAID has failed on the hard drive.

To recover information stored on your My Passport Pro you will need to use data recovery services or software to recover your data. Western Digital does not provide data recovery but we have partners where you can turn to on the following link:

I recommend recovering the data before replacing the hard drive. As you are located then you will need to return the drive to the retail store where you purchased it from to see if they are willing to replace it for you. The drive does have valid warranty until 28.06.2017. Alternatively you can contact the local distributors to see if they are willing to replace the hard drive,

We hope that this information resolves your issue, if the issue is not resolved and you require further assistance, please reply.

Posted by Anonymous

worst product I have used. bought two and both conked out. crappy product. advice all my friends not buy this brand or you'll be sorry

Posted by disappointed

I ordered a WD mycloud, waited, waited, no shipment, and 8 days later called customer service, who told me that it was out of stock and 'might' get it in 3 working days. No apologies, no email to tell me it was out of stock...I was in a hurry to get it. Much faster to go to a store. Cancelled my order. Very disappointing customer service.


I bought a WD black 500 GB IDE drive last spring. About 8 months later, this drive was failing (confirmed by WD tech support). WD sent me the wrong replacement drive THREE times (downgrades to boot (ie., blue drives). Finally, after several months, I get the correct replacement drive. Upon installation this drive was having issues. I was very surprised the drive the sent me was a refurbished drive. I put the serial number into WD's warranty database to register the drive. A screen came up telling me the drive was out of warranty. Wow! this drive has a 5 year warranty. So not only refurbished but, more than 5 years old. No wonder it has problems! Very poor customer support to say the least!

Posted by Gi

Called WD for defective 6 pcs My Book Hard Drive that we purchase, WD told us that it will be replaced as 6items are under warranty. Sent them the 6pcs. with follow up calls re status. They emailed us and told us they WILL NOT replace it as it was not purchase on their authorized dealer. Requested to spoke to Supervisor, they gave us a run around and finally the Rude supervisor told us that 6pcs will not be replaced as system were modified. They find different excuses just not to replace the 6items. They are the most difficult and worst technical and customer support ever encounter. BEWARE of WD. Never purchase from them!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a My Passport May 2012. I did as instructed upon opening and my son backed up my computer. In March my computer had the blue screen. I felt I was OK because I had your backup. WRONG. They told me at the computer store there was NOTHING on my passport. I emailed as soon as I got home a note to you-- that again was March. Two days I heard from you-- this is JULY! The tech told me, 1) I didn't follow directions correctly. 2) There was nothing on the passport when I opened it and read it to him and he proceeded to tell me I had deleted the info.
3) then he told me I corrupted the hard drive and it was my fault and 4) it was not under warranty it was out of date. It wasn't in March when I contact you people.
I was so mad I rode my bike 10 miles and I was really upset with the tech -- it was all my fault your product failed. There was nothing he could do for me sorry BYE!
When I was able I told him I will NEVER recommend and never again buy your product if that is the kind of service you have and the people you have.
So we shall see if you really pay attention or if it will again be another 5 months before contact. Again, it would have been under warranty except for you. I don't swear but it really made me upset with your treatment.

Posted by Anonymous

Have a defective hard drive that was still under warranty. Called tech support and talked to 4 different representatives over a two week period and still no positive results for a replacement...all representatives were foreign...names were Rene, Luis, Hermes, and Joseph (supervisor). I give up trying to get a replacement and will purchase another brand. So much for customer service. Think twice before considering to buy anything from Western Digital. Worst service I have ever encountered!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased brand new unit arrived D.O.A. WD refused to do anything about it. Never buy WD again.

Posted by Anonymous

RE: WD caviar green 1tb HD & poor customer service / quality control:

Bought 2 of these drives at the same time from Fry's several years ago (yes, both were sealed brand new). Immediately installed one into my computer - no problems - and put the other, unopened, on my bookshelf. Just opened the 2nd one the other week - DEAD. 1 desktop and 2 laptops were unable to access it via an Aluratek HD adapter (which worked/works perfectly fine with 2 other spare WD HDs).

Contacted WD customer service who informed me that because this HD is out of warranty (IIRC warranty expired like in 07/12 or something like that), they won't do anything for me. I asked if I could send it to them so they could examine it but they stopped responding to my emails.

Lesson learned I guess - don't save your BNIB WD HDs and WD ain't all that when it comes to quality control. I had been exclusively WD for the past 6-8 years but not any more...

Posted by Frustrated Customer

I spent an inordinate amount of time with tech support in Central America for installation. Tech support did not fix the problem and I am returning the unit. Tech support in Central America needs training to be able to do its job. It is the responsibility of Corporate Office to provide tech support.

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Posted by Howdy

I have a Western Digital MyCloud and I was struggling to put stuff on it and stream. I installed all the software and i was able to access the drive from my devices, but I couldn't play. I called customer support and in less than 10 minutes I was directed to what exactly I was doing wrong and I now have no problems with the device. The man that helped me spoke clearly and was very patient.

Posted by tej

I have puchased a WD 2TB book in 2012. Few days back my hdd went into raw state windows was not even recognizing the hard disk.i have tried some methods to convert raw to other formats, instead the hard drive went into dead state,it was showing as uninitialized and offline. so i called WD CUSTOMER CARE and asked for a replacement. They have generated RMA NO. and replacement of the hard drive will be done. In my state there was no pick option for wd so i have packed(with out any cables) and shipped it to service centre.

15 days later they have send me a new hard drive with cables and even a new adaptor. it was working like a charm.
This is best service i got from any electronic manufacturer.


Posted by Virginia

I had just bought my passport ultra 1TB external hard drive, and I was having problems formatting it.
I called support and the support staff helped me format the external hard drive, and were very nice and polite.

Posted by Garyroachfreeman

I had a defective hard drive with 1tb of space. I had neglected to send it back for 6 months but I finnaly decided to send it back. The man on the phone was foreign, so he had a few troubles understanding me, but once that was sorted out they gave me a number and where to ship it. THe next few weeks they sent me back a drive. This one was 2tb. It works fine.

Posted by Anonymous

Great CS!

Posted by Gero

I had a WD passport that stoped worked working after someone in my house had dropped it on the floor.

I went online to their warranty service website, got an RMA, printed a pre-paid shipping label that i paid $6 for (which is acceptable) and shipped the HD without USB cable.

Got a recertified one with a new cable about 10 days later which is manufactured in Malaysia.

The whole process went pretty smooth and i didn't even have to talk to anyone anywhere.

Posted by Jen

I had a problem with my power cable to my 250 GB Go External Hard Drive. I phoned the Netherlands customer service on 00800 27549338 and spoke to Stefan.
The service was courteous and efficient and I will receive my replacement part within a week. They gave me a reference number to quote in case of any problems. Before I spoke to customer services I phoned the data capture people by mistake and they were equally helpful and pleasant. Happy with the service. By the way we should remember with these reviews that people who have had a bad experience are more likely to take the trouble to write one. Western Digital Customer Service was fine by me. Thanks Stefan.

Posted by David Wood

Had a problem with a Passport 500GB portable HD. It stopped working. Very simple - called them - spoke to someing in India who spoke perfect English - and he just set me up to be sent a new Hard Drive. Could not have been better.

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Posted by LadyZX6R

Helpful, I work in Tech Support for Apple. So it's all about how you talk to your rep. Trust me... call in guns blazing no one wants to help you. She hooked me up with a free replacement. Thanks mucho!


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