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Wendy's customer service is ranked #506 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 31.15 out of a possible 200 based upon 488 ratings. This score rates Wendy's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


457 Negative Comments out of 488 Total Comments is 93.65%.


31 Positive Comments out of 488 Total Comments is 6.35%.

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    • 31.15 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 457 negative comments (93.65%)
    • 31 positive comments (6.35%)
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Posted by Manuel

I have gone a few times to the Wendyâs on Elizabeth street in Pueblo, Colorado. At every instance the quality of the food has been extremely poor. Baked potato was a small whithered and disgusting, then next two visits, they were out of potatoes. The French fries were cold and wilted. I think this is one of the worst Wendyâs Iâve ever eaten at. I like Wendyâs food but I think their needs to be a quality check on this particular store.

Posted by Anonymous

You don't open at 9 you have big red signs on the front of your restaurant saying that you open at 9 new time open at 9 I went to two different Wendy's restaurants none of them were ready to work none of them we're open they were doing everything else but taking orders so with only two people in the restaurant you can't actually say you open for business cuz you're not

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the Wendy's in Upper Marlboro Maryland.when a manager push down the trash in the trash can that was overflowing .with his bear hands and then turn to where the fries section was took some fries off the table and threw them back into the french fry dispenser. This is the nastiest dirtiest thing I've ever seen anyone do in a restaurant. If someone doesn't call me I'm going to take this matter in my own hands and publicize this

Posted by Anonymous

Wendy's in Ocean Twp NJ has serious issues at drive up window between 4-530 . It is inexcusably slow. Customers are then STUCK in line and can't even leave in frustration either. If your not going to get enough good help AT LEAST take away the curb and " Let my people go!"

Posted by Anonymous

We were at the Wendy's on Hwy. 80 in Pooler, Georgia on June 10 at 6:30 pm. It must have been a very old Wendy's. The girl taking orders was very slow and rude to the people ahead of us and when we finally got to give our order, she was to busy telling my husband that she was glad she wasn't sleeping with him as he was eating onions on his chili. Someone had dumped cups and lids on the floor to put away, but no one was doing anything but walking around looking busy when they weren't. You would think someone, like the manager, would do so. The place was dirty and unkept, unlike most Wendy's. Someone had to ask twice to get the ketchup refilled, then they finally gave him some packets rather than refilling the ketchup dispenser.
We will never go to this Wendy's again.
Susan Mahfet
Pooler, Ga,

Posted by Amberlee

I WAS AT WENDY GETTING A MONZRELLA SALAD. I waited at the menu for at least a minute and a half before she said anything but I didn't mind. when I was ordering she also seems kind of rude. But yet again I didn't mind it. I get up to the window she also takes a while before she opens the window to take my car. she then open the window and she just kept saying this is so ghetto this is so ghetto. I noticed that there were two small salads that she had,and I ordered a full. she was saying this was so ghetto because they didn't have full size salad plates. she was going on and on I really thought that was rude and she was also being rude to the employee that was there. she was the manager she did not have a name tag on but she was a little heavy set and she were glasses the Wendy's location is in Galloway Ohio it's a suburb in Columbus Ohio. the wendys building is at the intersection of West Broad and Hilliard Rome

Posted by Anonymous

New River air station in Jacksonville North Carolina, The General Manager lori Morris was very rude to the employees I'm one of the customers, I see how she treated her crew members..editing there time or she said of the employees asking for break she responded the company won't believe in break so she didn't give her a break this employee was have a heart problem..how she can do that to the employee, this General Manager need to be fired..I was feeling bad I didn't even eat my food because I was watching her and listening to her..the GM is not good for this company treating bad the crew member yelling them throwing the bands or the bread in the floor while the crew picking up like a slave and she doesn't care..please NEED ATTENTION for this..

Posted by Oceanwaves8

After visiting Wendy's today at 2991 Mr . Joe white avenue in Myrtle Beach,
I will never go to another Wendy's I waited 26 minutes in drive threw then the lady was very rude when I ordered and when I finally got my order the lady shoved the bag in my face and walked off this happened at 245 pm today can't you imagine what it's like here at lunch time? I never saw so many cars leaving if I had not already been in drive threw I would have left the chicken sandwich was the worst I ever had and the fries were bad in the future train your employees better it's the customers that keep them and you in business in the future McDonald's has my business I will never visit another Wendy's and will advertise just had bad your customer service is and your food.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Bob Etu. I was visiting my daughter in Daytona Beach, Fla. While on my way there, my wife and I stopped at a Wendys between Leesburg and Daytona. while there I fell going up the steps to the soda machine. I skinned both knees and strained my back and neck. The mgr. filled out an accident report. But did not give me a copy. I'm not looking for a million dollars but would like some compensation for hurting enough to not enjoy my vacation at the condo that I rented for the weekend. This injury happened approx. 2:PM on Fri. Mar. 24th 2017 . My chiropractor says I have strained some muscles and should be OK.

I must add that the staff was very professional and assisted me . Helping me up and getting a bandaid for my knee. They showed that they really cared about my safety. The mgr. did say that they had recently remodeled and the railing by the stairs had been removed. The floor blended in with the steps which led to my stopping and falling.


My address is Robert Etu

Posted by Anonymous

I dont think you even read these comments but here goes...
March 26, 2017 at 5:45 pm pulled in to wendys on atalnta hwy in montgomery al. Ordered 2 jr. Cheeseburgers plain. And 1 single cheeseburger just catsup....the cashier at drivethrough window saod mustard and catsup..
No i said just catsup oh ok and sir do you want CHEESE ON THOSE CHEESEBURGERS ..i said of course thats why im ordering cheeseburgers because i want cheese on them
Then another person broke in and said she is asking if you want cheese on those cheeseburgers i said the first part of the word cheeseburger tells you i want cheese Otherwise I would just order a regular burger, But Sir WE NEED TO KNOW OF YOU WANT CHEESE ON YHOSE CHEESEBURGERS ...at that point I was too stunned to even know what to say
Train your people then
The stupidity meter alarm went off too loudly

Posted by Natalie Pennington 4903 Fayettev

I was in Wendy's on March 20,2017 at about 5:45 in the evening at 910 Martin Luther King Pkwy. Durham, NC. I came inside to order stood there about 4 minutes and no one acknowledge that I was there, no one ask could they help me, or even say someone would be there to help, finally a young lady said someone will help you but I am leaving for the day. I said to her thank you for at least saying something to me, as she left I was still standing there and finally I left and went to MacDonald's. I am a Customer who stay in that area, I patronize you store all the time. I was highly disappointed with that store, it takes a lot for me to complain. Disappointed Customer Natalie Pennington

Posted by Anonymous

I go to the Wendys off of 15-501 usually between 1 and 2 am in Chapel Hill because it is on my way home from work and is open later than other chains around me. However corporate should be investigating/monitoring this store more closely. The staff is horrible and always closes down early with a new excuse all the time. Last week supposedly there computer system wasn't working and they had a horribke sign on the drive-thru saying they were closed because of the issue at 12:30 am. Tonight they are closed at 1:40 am due to their hoods being worked on, however there were zero trucks or vans in the parking lot to fix this issue. As a manager myself I know that the hood cleaners do not start working on them until after closing time. In my honest opinion this store needs better management starting from the district manager on down. Why are you putting employees on if they do not care about the business and making money. They have also had an infestation of flies on previous visits that have turned me away but when your hungry and nothing else is open you dont have much of a choice if your tired and need a quick bite to eat!! First thing I would suggest is for corporate to check the sales report for the last week to see what the sales were for the last hour of business!

Posted by Donnie

Recently the remodeled Wendy's on East Hudson Blvd and Union Road in Gastonia, NC reopened. We went through the drive through today and was extremely disappointed with the order. We ordered 2 Spicy Chicken combos and one Carolina Classic (no onions) combo. Get home opened the fries were just warm and the Carolina Classic had plenty of onions. The order was taken and entered correctly, the staff apparently can't read!!! I should not have to check my order to ensure it's correct. That's why I ordered it and paid Wendy's my money to get it correct. It can't be rocket science to make my order correctly. You may reach me

Posted by Paula Smith

After getting the worst two single cheese everything. I began eating one almost immediately because I was so hungry. Bun soggy, meat barely warm and garden items not cool or even tasteful. Later attempted to eat other burger. Tasted horrible. Open it up and it looked pitiful! I'm wondering why it appeared to be old and barely dressed. Worst yet to come.........
Finally brought one into lobby today3/10/17. I asked for a credit preferably as I wasn't hungry right then. Manager said she would refund if I had my receipt. So I just accepted to take immediate replacement. I mentioned that I came through at night after work often and typically had no problems. Then she popped off with telling me to not go from 0-60 on 1st complaint and let them correct problem. It struck me wrong. But I acted rather submissive. As I drove 1.5 miles home I became angrier and angrier. I should have said, "excuse me!!!" . I already brought the damn thing inside. I said I didn't even want any money back. I should have pulled my receipt up from the credit card application on my iPhone to show her a receipt I suppose. I could only imagine her attire was maybe she thought I found the burger in garbage. I just don't know. I thought I was pleasant as I admitted to having consistantacy with good experience normally. So I'm almost 50 yrs old and I promise I've not complained ever like this in my entire lifetime! So I hope you address that woman mgr. that she needn't take a motherly tone with another mature woman! I'm surrounded by similar choices. Also please correct policy/proceedure to accommodate customers who prefer credit. Sometimes it's not convenient to turn around immediately and life keeps me busy. PS I'm tempted to show her receipt on my account. Over all I feel disrespected! Thank you

Posted by Service

I went into Wendyy's yesterday about 8:47pm to purchase some dinner and Dionne waited on me again this was my second unpleasant service. I ordered a 4 for 4 and stated on the Jr Bacon Cheese burger I didn't want any bacon or cheese just lettuce tomoato ketchup and mustard. After about 10 minutes one the the employees working behind the counter stated extra tomatos I said no, then a second person repeated the same thing I stated again no then Dionne said extra tomatos I told her this is not what I ordered she stated why are you yelling I told her I was not but I have been waiting a while and I still don't have my order I heard her then say to some of the other employees every time I come in here I have an attitude which I told her that is not true because she only waited on me twice and the first time I never said anything then she said what are you going to do about it. Then she gave me my hamburger and landed it on the counter instead of in my tray because she knew I was dining in it was none on perfect I am very disappointed in this terrible service she does not need to be working at Wendy's she is vey unprofessional loud and disruptive around the other employees who were very curteous. The manager before Called me and apologize for her terrible service the first time and would talk to her but apparently nothing has changed. I really want this addressed before I have to go further, My name is Ronda Tel I also want the district manager to be contacted Dave Herman.

Posted by Anonymous

We ate at the Wendy's in lake city fl.on main st. I felt as if I was a slab of meat in the cooler waiting to be processed. The employees behind counter were wearing winter coats. Their was only two more people eating there. Our food was cold from the counter to our seats. I have told everyone I know not to eat there it's the worst Wendy's I've ever eaten ate.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm writing concerning your store on Hwy. 25, Covington, La. There needs to be an unannounced inspection of this store. You have employees there with very big hair, who should be wearing a net. You have counters that are very unclean and employees who do not check catsup containers.

Please check this store soon.

Posted by Anonymous

On this day Feb. 6. My friend & I ate at one of your restaurants in Va. The salad I Ordered had a seeds in the dressing so I went back to counter & asked if the seeds might be sesame as I am allergic & was assured that no sesame was in the salad. I sat back down and started eating within minutes I passed out & fell to the floor. 911 was called by a store worker. I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room of the closest hospital which was in Lexington Va. there I was informed I was experiencing anaphylaxis . The Dr. Asked what I had eaten when this happened. I told her that I had salad at Wendy's, she asked if it had Humus & Said yes so she researched this & told me that humus has Finley ground sesame seeds in it. She treated me & observed me till 6:38 pm that day & released me with 4 percriptions. There will be expenses that will be difficult for me to pay as I am retired & 0n a fixed income. I would like to ask you to consider helping me with this. All of this was very frightening to me, my wife & children, one of which was named after your red headed pigtailed gal on your sign at your Restaraunt. Our first child. So I am hoping you will give this a great deal of thought. When all the bills are recievd I will get them totaled& present them to you if you are willing to help. I have never had a bill go unpaid & would not like to have that happen now. Earnest B Workman...304 663 7119. Or [email protected]

Posted by Pammy

I am reaching out to all the fast food restaurants. I believe that all fast food restaurants should have a pay it forward program. When people come in they can buy a meal or a drink and then say they want to buy another meal or a drink and pay it forward so that if you see someone struggling to pay you can offer that meal on the house because someone has already paid for it these would be meals paid in advance for someone who doesn't have the money I'm putting this out there so that all can get on board I think America could stop a lot of it's hunger by just buying one meal or one drink at a time to feed America .

Posted by Janice Fontenot

This Wendys in lake Charles LA 125 w broad st is sickening poor service I have a 30min lunch I wasted my lunch break waiting it smells like a gas leak and piss in there.. Joann the mananger is very tacky and rude she be little her employees the other manager had a hole so big in her pants by the buttocks part very distracting the guy on the grill looks drugged up he is handling raw meat no gloves at all the manager on burgers never changed her glove her nails has push its way through the gloves. I finally get my salad and wow a piece of hair . this place need to BE CLOSED DOWN

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your store located at 11744 Lake City Way NE, Seattle Washington yesterday. The women's restroom faucet is wasting about a hundred gallons or more of water a day. When the faucet is completely shut off, there's a constant flow that's as big around as a No. 2 pencil. I told the person who took my order about the water waste and he said he had told his manager months ago and nothing has been done. Is this normally how Wendy's stores are operated? This store needs to fix the problem. Maybe you can help them fix it. this does not put a very "green" light on the Wendy's Corp.

Posted by Mollysue

I order a #7. You should of seen the tomatoe slice they put on my sandwich. The very bottom of the tomato. About 1-1/2" around.I went thorough the drive thru and brought order home. I took a picture and plan to show the manager. The tomatoes are sliced so thin anyway. Cheap scapes. Disgusting. Also the sandwiches never look like the advertisement. This is the Connersville, Ind. restaurant.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the drive thru at Wendy's store #3703 in Pensacola, Florida on Fairfield Drive Saturday 1/28/17. A young man took my order which I ordered a Son of Baconator $4.19, orange/mango chill $2.39 and when finished the amount on the screen was $6.58. I drove to the window to pay he did not repeat my order, no customer service, he told me the total was $7.08 I asked how was it that amount when I ordered the price on the screen was $6.58, he did not say anything else he just turned to someone else at the window said some things to her and walked away from the window and preceeded to do something else, again no customer service to say what was happening. I waited about 5 minutes before someone came to the window and said something, her name was Tamara S. which I took to be the manager, she told me the amount and again I questioned it, she explained that the tax had not been added when the screen showed $6.58, she presented no customer service either as to apologize for what happened because how was I suppose to know that the tax had not been added. I really think that there should have been better customer service because not that the "customer is always right" I don't say that but I do believe that anytime you are serving the public there should be good customer service, that is one of the things you learn in your training of the job. I worked at Popeye's Chicken and that was one of the main things that was taught to us and was a must to give good customer service. I don't think this should be taken lightly because I'm spending my money there and I'm sure you expect to be treated as a paying customer as well.

Posted by Slc3422

Something needs to be done about the wait times in Hillsboro Ohio! It is their norm to have you waiting 35 to 45 minutes in the drive thru! Unacceptable for such a good place to eat!

Posted by Chris

I walked into the swanee wendys yesterday and my burger was not made right and the manager mercedes just laughed and she smelled strong of weed..

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Posted by Anonymous

I want to compliment a manager named Marc (I believe) who runs the Wendy's in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois on Summit/Midwest Road. His voice was kind and polite. I was having a tough day and having someone who is polite, considerate and easy to understand was very comforting. Thank you for hiring him. He should teach classes on how to greet people in the drive-up.

Thank you very much.
Lillian Almeroth

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to compliment Wendy's located at CA I-5,exit #619. Most helpful, courteous woman, genuinely interested in Customer Service. Told us how to access phone for getting 1 sandwich free. Food EXCELLENT. We all got different chicken, all hot, moist and flavorful. I would go back there in an instant. Give her a raise! Thanks Faye

Posted by Anonymous

On March 6, our small dog (Henry) jumped out of the car at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Anderson, SC. He ran through the parking lot of surrounding restaurants and hotels and up into a wooded area before reappearing in the drive-thru lot of Wendy's #5204. A staff member at Wendy's saw us trying to catch our dog and came out to help. He was soon joined by two more staffers, and after much cajoling (complete with chicken nuggets for bait), Henry was caught.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we wish to recognize AARON JAMES, MARLENE and TEDDY at Wendy's Store #5204 in Anderson, SC for their kindness and amazing patience. We offered each of them a small monitary reward for their assistance, however, they refused stating that they were all dog lovers and were happy to help. Had these three people not taken time to come to our aid, it was likely that we would have returned home to NC without our dog.

Please make it a point to share our sincere appreciation to Aaron James, Marlene and Teddy. Employees like these three are an asset to your company and to their community.

Best regards,

Mr. & Mrs. James Murrin
Graham, NC

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your restaurant at 1880 Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain, GA on February 8, 2017. A young man named Takeem helped me and the manager of the store is a young man named Daniel. Both of these young men were so gracious and nice to me. Management should know about this and this is why I am sending this to you. I can only say good things about both of them during my time in the restaurant. Maybe they will continue their climb through management in your corporation.
Thank you for taking time to read this. These young men need to be recognized for their kindness in serving not only me, but others that came after me.

Posted by Anonymous

On Saturday, January 28 we were traveling through Hellertown, PA (RT 78) near Allentown. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch around 1:15 and had to go inside since the drive thru was out of service. Once inside we found their whole computer system was down. That did not stop them for servicing the line inside QUICKLY - One person writing orders on the paper bags and yelling them into the kitchen, while people scrambled without complaining on doing things manually. Manny at store #2082 did an outstanding job! Writing the orders, adding the totals up (without looking at the menu board mind you)AND... WITHOUT using a calculator to add it up or to make change!!! KUDO's to this man! I often do not go to fast food places anymore because the young people look at you funny when you hand them dollar bills and change! Can't even say thank you or even crack a smile. Geez your job is really hard! We shook Manny's hand and thanked him for doing a great job and also said so to his team. THIS IS THE WAY it should be!

Posted by gorillaturd

my first go at an order of chili-cheese fries and shared with my wife left us on the far end of
disappointment blvd. in a cul-de-sac.the problem is not with the fries,rather that goop poured atop,the yellowish-orange stuff
what is supposed to resemble cheese sauce. it might even cheez wiz that
is flavored a little differently.
holy cow folks,does any one there ever eat this stuff or only sell it
for plumping your bottom line ? it is salty galore and worthy to earn a place in the garbage disposal.glug ! the numberone (1)
killer in america is heart disease
and should surprise no one who
consumes food such as this.NEWS

Posted by Anonymous

Just a quick email to let you know how wonderful your establishment located just off Interstate 20 in Greensboro, GA. is! Our church bus that was traveling with 20 senior adults broke down in your parking lot October 27, 2016 when we stopped for lunch. Your employees were kind and patient with us. They brewed fresh coffee and distributed at no charge. They kept checking to see if there was anything they could do for us. They were cheerful and friendly. They made a bad situation better! I hate that I did not get the managers name but just know WENDYS will definitely be our "go to" place for burgers!

Posted by Cookie

I went to the wendys in Martins ferry ohio tonight and I got a Taco salad and it was so good, they brought back the original Taco salad and it seems a little improved with the added salsa but way back in the day I only paid $2.99 these days they are $6,99 or more, I had a $2.00 off a large salad coupon and I was just waiting to get one of these original Taco salads, very good

Posted by Producer1951

Promoting the nite time manager Chris at the south troy ny store is the smartest thing u can do i cant praise this young nan enough. He is without a dought the most polite fast food worker i have ever come across in my 64 yrs of traveling the entire U.S.A.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to tell you what an excellent manager you have at the Wendy's on Victory Dr in Savannah, GA. I had a to go order and when I went to my car the battery was dead. While waiting for AAA he took my food and kept it warm for me. He offered me something to drink while I was waiting. Since then I have been back numerous times and have seen him do many, many nice things for his customers. I am sorry but I do not remember his name. Wendy's should be proud to have a young man like him.

Posted by Anonymous

So i'm hiking trails in VA and craving wendys chili for 3 days. Not a store around the backwoods. I get a screw in a tire n rush to christianburg. Across from walmart is an amazing wendys. I got my chili fix and awesome service... good comments from an indiana visitor.

Posted by Rakes Family

We go to Wendy's on Sherman Way, in Reseda California! I'm writing because you have a FABULOUS employee, an African American man by the name of James! He is so kind and efficient, that we will only go to Wendy's when James is working! When I start to place my order, he IMMEDIATELY knows NO tomato and NO ketchup, because my husband is alergic to tomatoes, and he NEVER EVER makes a mistake! He even knows I like extra Ranch with my salad! James is nothing more than a great employee, and if he ever left, we would not return to Wendy's! Please make sure that you let James know how valuable we think he is! Thank you, Mike & Faith Rakes (2 double stacks & salad extra Ranch) :)

Posted by Anonymous

I have been going to the Wendy's on fm 78 in converse tx for aye and a half. The employees are extra hard working and friendly.
New employee named Jeremy is it he best.
Knows the products well. He offers senior drink for
No cost. Np one has ever offered that before. .
He even remembers that I want 3 crackers with my chili. He is a great employee . Keep u the good work.

Posted by Christie

My husband and I loved our visit to the Wendy's in Casa Grande Arizona! The lady that served us was so friendly and fun especially for us coming so late. Thank you Toya for being so wonderful we will definitely be back!

Posted by Anonymous

Marcus who works at the Franklin road Wendy's in Franklin Kentucky is amazing and deserves something special for all his kindness

Posted by [email protected]

We go to the Latham, N.Y. Wendy's and there is a server there, who is the best! She always smiles when you come in and asks how you are. She is very polite and attentive to the customer. Her name is Iffai and she's been there a long time. She should be recognized for doing an excellent job!
Mary Ann Mahoney

Posted by Bev

I was at Wendy's in Prestonsburg Ky earlier today with an individual that I care for who is handicapped...one of the cashiers whose name is Sabrina went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of...she hurried over as we were leaving and opened the door while I assisted my client with her wheelchair. .Sabrina even offered to help me put the wheelchair in my car...I hope somehow she can get some recognition for her kindness...

Posted by Anonymous

Bianca was very helpful ln solving a problem with a smile Tom Leukemia survivor

Posted by Louis

I went to Wendy's on Irving Park road in Schiller Park Illinois. I dealt with Melissa. She was so courteous and polite to me. My order was perfect! I wish more restaurants had an employee like her. Outstanding

Posted by Robertab

I just wanted to praise one of your employees. Unfortunately I do not know her name. She works at the north blackstone store in Fresno California. She is doing a great job! She is a young Caucasian girl with brown hair. She is sweet, respectful and very courteous. She deserves an employee reward!!

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the Perth, Ontario location on Saturday February 27th and was very pleased with the service. It was quick, clean and delicious!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to pass on kudos to the manager of the Terre Haute, Indiana Wendy's on US RTE 41, specifically Bobby Jackson. Though we live in Ohio, our daughters live in St Louis and on our many trips to visit, we stop at this Wendy's to eat. On a recent trip (Jan 3rd), we stopped for dinner, and after a delicious meal, continued on our way to Ohio. We were near the Ohio border when my wife noticed her purse was missing. I called this Wendy's and Mr. Jackson assured me a customer had turned it in to them and that they would wait till we returned to pick it up. Although it took two hours, and only the drive thru was open, Mr. Jackson was there to return us the purse with all its contents. What a relief. Although I have always enjoyed Wendy's food, it is good to know that they hire managers who are not only friendly, but are honest and have integrity too. Mr. Jackson is one. Please pass this on to the appropriate levels.
Dan Paumier

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter works part time at Wendy's and just have to applaud her managers. She has a medical condition, they are understanding and sincere. Great group of people and a great experience for her.

Posted by [email protected]

I think that Centralia, Illinois needs to be recognized for their cleanliness. They have a woman, tag name Victoria who cleans everything. It has to be the cleanest Wendy anywhere. We have a group of women, (some who are picky about cleanliness, and we've all remarked about it.) We have mentioned to her but thought you hear complaints you might like to hear a compliment - a great compliment.

Posted by Annastew

I would like to say how impressed I am with the Wendy's off I20 2261 s Main at. Greensboro GA. We were coming home to Chattanooga Tennessee from a basketball tournament in Augusta. My son changed his uniform and forgot it there in the booth. We got home last night and realized. We couldn't remember which exit we stopped at so we called random Wendy's in that area. We figured we weren't going to find it. Then we contact the Wendy's we stopped at and they had it. We told them we need it right away because he is heading out again for another tournament and we would pay them if they could ship it for us. Most places don't want to do that because you never know anymore if someone is really going to pay you back and I get that. There is no time for him to get it if it's shipped to us in Tennessee. So we asked if they could ship it to the hotel he will be at. They were super friendly and went above and beyond for something that was our mistake. Helen Hunt said she is covering the shipping and for us to just pay it forward. I hope you can recognize her for this because it has saved us money and hassle. I cannot state how appreciative this has made us. Thanks so much! And we will be paying it forward.

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Posted by Anonymous

My complaint is from an employee perspective I work at the Wendy's in Mattoon Illinois. We have these 3 employees who treat other co- workers really bad! The 3 of them get together on a shift and just try to tear you down for no reason at all! Really they try to control who they work with and who they don't work with and if you go the manager about them she does nothing they control her also! So it's a loose loose situation. The employee 's are Heather Nicolas, sierra Brandenburg, Chastity price- Eskers. As young man working I just wanted to be treated with dignity and respect. A lot of us agree with me about the three of them. And it needs to stop! Not to mention chastity is a shift manager condoning this activity and joins in. If you could bring this to Melissa clines attention this would be great. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Wendy's restaurant in McMinnville, TN treats employees poorly. Specifically the nonwhite employees.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your Hogansville, GA location and observed workers who had been at work since 6:00 in the morning, who were not given a break at 2:00 in the afternoon. I am a HR director and I know that is a violation. Then the manager is so rude and very unprofessional to her staff, who told a worker I don't care if you don't get a break. I will be contacting someone about this. If you go and audit your store you will see employees working 9 hrs without a break.

Posted by Anonymous

My friend got let go just because she didn't say hi to the new manger

Posted by concern mom

I think the world has change and on these days there are so many people with bad habits
and going crazy at their jobs and in public places.
It is about time Wendy's begin the process of back ground and drug use checks.
You don't know who you are working with.
My daughter was working in the East stroudsburg, PA she was locked in the frezzer several
times by the manager himself, they will send her to clean the garbage on the bathroom floor with paper towels, she was only 17 when she began the job and as soon as she turned 18 the put her to work nights sending her to take the garbage out and locking her outside and the higher manager GEORGE told her nothing I can do SHAWN is the BIG MANAGER best FRIEND if you don't like it leave and that is what she did.
But I feel that harassement and that is illegal in The United States I know the changes will no longer help my daughter but somebody should take care of it before a big lawsuit comes your way in my case I am glad she had that experience this will teacher her how important it is to get an education and work in a better place cause
WENDY's is the first place hiring and having manager without and education.
will not help my daughter

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, i am trying to get a hold of someone about a form of discrimination. From Wendy's in saint Albans wv, i applied for a position there. and got an email saying the were interested, then found out they decided not to highrt me cause two employees said they would quit, if i was hired, i am going to get in touch with my attorney . Over the matter, that is a form of discrimination. I never thought that Wendy's was like that, they just lost a potential employee who would have made an excellent asset to your company, i have experience in customer service, management, also in lost prevention, i just wanted to let you know your founder Dave Thomas wouldn't treat people like that,


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