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Wells Fargo customer service is ranked #779 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 23.06 out of a possible 200 based upon 1351 ratings. This score rates Wells Fargo customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,315 Negative Comments out of 1,351 Total Comments is 97.34%.


36 Positive Comments out of 1,351 Total Comments is 2.66%.

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  • Wells Fargo

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    • 23.06 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,315 negative comments (97.34%)
    • 36 positive comments (2.66%)
    • 19 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by BUK

Wellsfargo Dazed Me When They Decided To Close My Checking, Savings And Credit Card Accounts For No Reason Two Months Ago. I Called But All L Got Was For Business Need. I Wonder This Kind Of Treatment After Being With Thne Bank For 7 Years Without No Bad History. I Went To Their Branches But Nothing Could Be Done. I Regretted Ever Banked With Wells Fargo And I Have Informed Friends, Family And Others To Stay Away To Avoid This Unhumane Treatment. How Can A Bank Treat A Good Customer Who Have Been With Them For 7 Years Like This. And Suprisingly Yesterday, They Were Asking Me To Come And Open Fresh Account. I Saw The Invitation Letter In My Mail Box And I Said Seriously? Please Stay Away People!!

Posted by are

I had a terrible experience with customer service representative named Stephanie through online phone conversation. She was rude and unprofessional. i have to request to speak with another person who helped out.

Posted by Glasses77

I made a stop payment the lady said I would charge me $31 To stop it. She did not say that it might not work. Well 4 days go by I'm negative so I called back and I said I want a refund since the whole point of calling was to stop the money from coming out and it still came out anyways . all he could do was refund me $7 . so I'm posse. He said they they told me when I called the first time it might not work. Well they can,rewind the audio and hear that the brod did not tell me. If I would I known I would not have called so I'm negative $40 can't get my $31 back only get $7 back. Tell me how this makes since?

Posted by Anonymous

I deposited my check and they have it on hold for 10 days and im out of town working and all they can say is sorry what a bank never again

Posted by Anonymous

The bank hides fees and will constantly rip you off, after 20 phone calls and 7 visits to the bank here in seaside park to cancel overdraft protection the bank charged me a 35 dollar fee,the bill is monthly and will be dbl the following month, I asked and was lied to about the protection and fees,the bank is horrible and after today will never be used by me again..get it in writing they lie and then tell you you must have misunderstood what was said...without ink on paper you will be robbed the bank is a joke, laughs on me this time

Posted by Anonymous

completely awful customer service and unwillingness to manage up the problem. I asked several times to speak with a supervisor as the manager did not have the authority to resolve problems.

Posted by Anonymous

Back in 2012 I was out of work and unable to make my mortgage payment. I called Wells Fargo and explained the situation to them and asked if I could make a partial payment and was told no. So to buy food for my family I skipped the payment. Before this happened I had years of never missing a payment. Anyway I made a mortgage payment the next month and have since made every payment on time to them. What I found out later was every time I made a payment they used it for the month before and hence because of that one month I have seven late payments to them. It is really hurting my credit. I talked to one of their representatives today and was told that he would do nothing to take those off my credit report. He was rather smart about it. The long and the short of it is Wells Fargo is making me pay for losing a job that I had for 18 years. It is like they have me handcuffed to them as no other lending organization wants to loan me money due to that one month that turned into seven months.

Posted by Nearbolt

Ok, so if your a single bank account holder and you write checks and use the ATM card you'll probably do alright with Wells Fargo but... lets put it in perspective - if your a power user and can't go face to face with these guys - they are the wrong people to engage with. Don't ask them to assist you with wire transfers, don't ask them to assist you with PIN's, don't ask them to assist you with... just fill in the blanks. These guys have absolutely horrible phone service with no authority to solve problems for the customer. If it doesn't flow through the problem solving tree then your out of luck.

Posted by [email protected]

went into close Safety deposit box on 5/25/2016 no one available to help waited 10 min. got up and left. went today said I owed bal. said no I had one bill sent to me paid it. Never got another bill or notice that was overdo. They want $115.00 that is more then I make off of them in 2 yrs. time. refused to pay it. well they said they can't close it. Fine nothing is in the box I have the keys.
The kicker is when I called customer service they can't find that location to give me number to call and or speak to a BANK Manager. The person could not even find the number for Sioux Falls S.D.where all notices are mailed from. I have 3 accounts there and I said well, guess money is not your concern I'll take mine else where. Do you think any body really reads these reviews to make their Banking improved. person waiting on me told me this will hurt my credit.
815 is my credit so guess I have some wiggle room and I'm 80 so not going to be
making any Large purchase's no I won't be getting $ from them and I'm taking mine out. I thought Syn ??? Bank was rude they told me I was not of legal age to open a charge card with them.

Posted by jennifer8912

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They don't listen, they aren't even pleasant to talk to and definitely not helpful. They will not do anything for you nor do they care.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible!!!!!! Wells fargo gives the run around like its on sale! No respect for customers and pay little attention or effort to solve issues. I have been calling the bank that opens at 9 am since 8:58 _9:03. With no answer they def do not go above and beyond its a bunch of slackers well dressed if u ask me

Posted by Diana

Horrible customer service! We were told that we would receive free checks when opening a checking account but the checks were never ordered. When we went in to inquire about the checks, we were told that we had to pay for them and we were told that we misunderstood. The checks were then ordered without our consent and we were charged for them. We went back to ask why the checks were order, the guy helping us was rude and condescending.

Posted by Please read

They linked a credit I had opened with them that offered a good promotional rate for me to use to transfer a balance- they "unlinked" my long time personal line of credit account for my overdraft protection to this credit card and when we had some unforeseen expenses that I did not catch in time - I was hit with major fees. I had no idea they had linked the credit card as the overdraft protection account until I saw all the fees. I told them I had never authorized this and I was told there was nothing I could do to change back. I am looking into changing banks - seriously this time. I had hesitated the last time I had a problem with them because of all our accounts with them all these which years which I had mistakenly believed saved us money. Their service is awful. They lost a large oversees wire transfer ($10k) and after weeks of the recipient and bank letting me know nothing was coming in, I asked WF to give me back my money and cancel the transaction. The "banker" was wiring it to a nonsensical account number and blamed us after for the wrong information. We received only $9,400 back and were told it was due to different conversion rate. All this for a transfer that never happened. I wrote and called and I had an attorney friend prepare a letter - nothing. Disgusting.

Posted by Lorianne2010

I have a " FREE CHECKING" account that requires I use the account 10 times a month to avoid service fees.Although I don't use this account very often I make a point to use it just enough to avoid the fee.

Last month Wells Fargo began delaying my transactions so they could charge me a fee. And when I called them they were rude and unhelpful.

I am closing my account and would urge anyone looking into a new account with WF to go elsewhere.The free checking isn't free and it isn't worth the stress.

Posted by StudentLoanDebt

Returned call today to Wells Fargo because I got a bonus from work and finally had money to pay toward my loan. My family and I have undergone some severe financial hardships over the past year: meaning, I have very little money to pay my daunting Student Loans. Knowing that it had already been about three months. I called to make a payment in August 2015. That call was stressful and annoying. It took 20 minutes, and about 4-5 different customer service reps to find out that I could not make a payment that day because my account did not have an assigned rep. Once I finally heard from the rep, a couple weeks later, I no longer had any money. Finally, in October 2015, I briefly spoke to the assigned rep, who was rude and condescending; thankfully, I could not stay on the phone with her because I was at work, waiting for a call from the court to testify. I then got a bonus in January 2016 and tried to make a payment toward it. The rep (Carrie) was rude from the start. She would not answer my questions and just kept telling me to get a loan to pay off the remaining balance (over $20K). I told her I cannot get any more loans because of my poor financial situation and credit. She then just kept repeating that I needed a loan or to pay off the +$20K some other way. I repeated that I cannot do that. She then asked if I was still unemployed and I said I have not been unemployed for over two years, and she said that I told them I was unemployed. No, I did not! Especially since Wells Fargo kept calling my work, even after telling them they were not allowed to call that number or I would get fired. She then said, "So what did you want to do today?" When I offered all the money in my bank account ($350), she said that was not enough and again spoke of the defaulted loan and balance.

She was argumentative, rude, unprofessional, callous, aggressive, oppositional, and condescending.
Do they purposely hire people like this so that you will not call back to make payments? I'm starting to get suspicious.... Anyone else?

I know I haven't made a payment in months. I know my loan has defaulted. I want to pay it all off.

Posted by Anonymous

I am behind in my payments one and a half months I've explained to them my situation and tried my best to make my payments I have called them and let them know we'll make a payment this Friday they call me 5 times and 1 week and are very rude I have never been spoken to like I haven't spoken to with customer service calling me so disrespectful

Posted by Anonymous

Worst experience with them and every time I have to deal with them it gets worse! I was on hold for forever and a day and then transferred 5 times becasue no one could answer my question as to what my payoff would be for my loan. How hard is it to look it up on the computer!!!!! I will be closing my accounts and going elewhere. Worst service ever!!!

Posted by AnnoyedCustomer28


-Came to exchange some small foreign currency bills found in my laptop bag back to USD after a trip to Asia ~2wks ago.

-A person at the door asked about my reason for visiting WellsFargo. I asked if the bank here buyback foreign currency to USD. He looks lost and then vaguely said "maybe" the teller can help. eh?! he does not know?!

-At the 1st teller, she said the teller next to her can help me out.Jessica Ledesma, lead teller said she would be able to help. After 20+ mins and rejecting one of my hkd 20 bill. She said the system kicked her out in the middle of the transaction!

-I asked to see her supervisor/manager. She said she "is" one of the supervisor! A 'Lead' teller is not your supervisor nor manager.

-I insisted again, the branch mgr, Toros Danielyan showed up and gave his card and said Jessica can take care of me. huh?! Useless manger.

- It took another 5 mins to convince Jessica that I do not want her to hold onto my foreign $ without any tracking ID/reciept.

- After getting my money back. Went to another bank across street. Transaction done in 5min!

Doesn't look like the door greeter nor teller got much training at WellsFargo.

Posted by Anonymous

Your representative did not understand my question,therefore she was very irritated. I feel that if your in customer service and answering questions you should have all your training complete or hand the phone to the manager.

Posted by Anonymous

.this is the worst bank ever, how did they manage to still be in business. Customer service reps are stupid as hell and need more training! If you got an account with this bank I advise you to take your money out and bank somewhere else.

Posted by Wahete

I really dislike wells fargo. I dont like waiting a calender day when someone sends me money because i need it!! Theres a reason i ask to transfer it now

Posted by UnWells

I just spent 30 grueling minutes on the phone with Wells.

"I'd like to know how to make a payment from an outside bank directly into my mortgage account."

Pretty straightforward, right? If I had called my credit union, or Capital One (formerly ING Direct), it would have been. They typically answer the phone on the second or third ring, are always polite, knowledgeable, and almost never (in my 15-20 years of dealing with both of them) need to put me on hold to ask someone else a question. In most cases, I am on and off the phone, happy that my questions have been answered by someone who is clearly intelligent and well-trained.

Wells, on the other hand:

1st Tier kid who sounds like he just got out of high school. He's ernest enough, but clearly doesn't have a fraction of the information he needs to do his job. Never mind that he did not listen carefully enough to understand my question without hearing it again. 5 times. When he still didn't get it, I asked for his supervisor, who was syrupy and just a bit sanctimonious.

She told me, after a couple of repetitions of my basic question, that it was impossible to make that transaction without a Bill Pay check or a wire transfer. Really?? While I was on hold waiting for her for several minutes, I poked around on the busy, poorly organized web site, and found a link that said, "Manage your outside accounts." Hm, that sounds close.... Less than one minute later, I had made my payment. Yep, in less time than it took to hear a human voice on the Wells phone line, I had solved my own problem, and made the payment. She, meanwhile, essentially told me that it was my fault that I was upset about wasting my time getting the runaround from she and her underling. I asked for her supervisor....

Close to 5 minutes later, I speak with another woman who at least had the intelligence to mostly understand my question after 2 explanations. She then told me that I had asked the question incorrectly, since "you need a routing number for an ACH transaction". I explained that I had not mentioned ACH (Automated Clearing House. These transactions take 2 days, by law. Don't let any banking weasels tell you they take longer.) I simply asked how to move money from my other bank directly to my Wells Mortgage account, which was enough to set the half-listening assumption reactions of her staff in motion. Somehow, she thinks that's my fault for not framing the question precisely enough for her minions to comprehend. Ho-ly sh*t, it's much worse than I thought!

Sad to say, this stuff comes from the top, and infects the culture of the company, and it's steadfastly upheld by many layers of Defenders of Mediocrity, from call center tho senior management. Check out this Forbes story about an a bank analyst who wanted to deposit a six-figure check and was treated poorly! http://forbes.com/sites/halahtouryalai/2012/07/24/wells-fargos-terrible-customer-service-makes-it-a-great-bank-for-investors-bove/

You'll be needing a laugh after that, so check out my good friend Foamy here:

Posted by Worse Experience of my life

This bank sucks run the other way poorest customer service ever,rude inattentive agents,very unprofessional and full of themselves,Even the supervisors and managers in the Dallas mesquite area.Wells Fargo mortgage agents quit and leave you hanging with out notice and I have had 3 different agents loan persons who have all ask for all my information again and again and again only to check my credit score multiple times running my score down from great to good.Only to stick me with a higher interest rate.Our agent Ms.Victoria (Vick)Rivas is a very useless agent.She never answers our calls only reply by email through her own convenience.And has the nerve to tell me "I have other clients i have to answer to."Ummm yeah hello I am also your client and Im giving you buisness and paying you.This snobby person has took her time on everything and she is never available to answer our calls with concerns as we are first time buyers.Will now the option period deadline hasn't been reached and we run the risk of losing our ernest money$2000,our option money$350,Our appraisal money $460,our inspection fee$350 and possibly the home we spend a year looking for.All because she didn't put the appraisal money in on time and never took the time to walk us through the process or answer our calls.She acts like it don't matter will of coarse not it aint her money on the line.She tells us tell your realtor to negotiate pretty much whipping her hands.The thing is if the appraisal doesn't appraise at value and the seller don't want to lower the price we are screwed out off all our money and the home.I asked to speak to her boss the asswipe is just repeating I know Ms.Vicky Rivas a long time it's not her fault...really if she would have been more professional at her job and returned calls and answer our concerns and put the money in for the appraisal on time we wouldn't be where we are at now would we?He was no help I guess that's where ms.Rivas spends her time kissing his ass.Sorry but I'm very unpleased and unsatisfied with Wells Fargo.I ask her boss for his boss number and he is being very rude and sarcastic and is making smurk noices proceeds to tell me bye little girl gives me the wrong number on purposeand hangs up.What kind of professional acts like that? I have never felt so disrespected the nerve of that so called boss.Wow!! I am kind of stuck if I don't proceed with the contract I lose my money and home.If I move foward and things don't appraise I lose my money and home.We are the ones affected due to Wells Fargo incompetent personnel .If I could without losing my money I would 100% switch morgage agent and bank.I will be closing our accounts and our sons accounts giving our buisness to someone that appreciates their customers.Unfortunately I'm stuck on the loan until further notice.I regret recommending our son to this bank.But due to their ways They will lose two customers.I highly suggest you run the other way with your money as this bank Sucks their staff Sucks in my opinion.It's no wonder Fannie May and Freddie Mac were in hot water a few years ago.One would think they would better themselves.

Posted by Ameadows21

Been trying to solve issues with my account for over a week. I have explained in hreat detail to over 9 people at wells fargo and nothing is being done to resolve my issue.

Posted by Anonymous

The Customer Services at The Woodlands Vanessa Tutelet bad services she don't care

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Posted by what does this mean?

i have been a wfb client for many years. i have the most wonderful personal banker: Micki Ritter in the Prescott,AZ, office.

please keep her around for many years.

Pete Kriger
Prescott, AZ

Posted by Wells Fargo Bank

My banker deserves the highest rating. Lyndsey Walters is highly knowledgable and will execute to properly solve any situation and in a timely manner.
She has earned my trust. Banking at Wells Fargo bank in Portland, Texas has been my very best banking experience.

Posted by Anonymous

This is commend the service at a local branch in Oakland -- Fruitvale & MacArthur -- where Marques Lily spent many hours with me over 3 visits untangling my late mother's accounts. He was helpful, thoughtful and pleasant to work with. So much better than trying to deal with customer service on the phone. Sometimes old school works.

Posted by Prospiracy Theorist

As a Wells Fargo customer i am surprised and slightly confused by many of the comments i see here and around the web. I can say honestly that my experience with Well's may very well not be perfect, but overall is certainly good. In 2013 when I had multiple fraudlent charges on my account,the money was reimbursed immediately.

When i call Wells and deal with the in branch employees it is mostly a positive experience. When I read about John Stumpf and the business model that Wells has adopted, I think of positive changes.

Posted by Anna

I wanted to leave a comment about an employee that is outstandingly, amazing, fantastic, and has provided me with the best customer service I have ever received (literally) from Nik P. at the University Pkwy Branch in Utah. I was basically cornered into signing up for a new credit card by another employee at a branch that was just down the road from the University Pkwy branch. Back in December (2014) this employee took complete advantage of me and was pressuring me relentlessly and would not accept anything I said. So, just to get her to leave me alone I signed up for another card even though I almost had my other card completely paid off and would have been finished with it.

To sum up a really long story, Nik completely went above and beyond my expectations to not only fix some issues with my account, but was able to get that stupid card (that I didn't even want and felt sick to my stomach for getting cornered into) closed out.

If you (Wells Fargo) are ever to acknowledge an employee for quality service and actually SHOWING a customer they are cared about and respected, Nik P. should be praised, acknowledged, and/or given a raise ;)!

Posted by Gerard Murphy

I'm writing to put in an outstanding service by one of your employee,s Walter who works out of the Tampa car loan office. If it wasn't for him and his patience in listining to my issues my dad would of had a huge problem with his car loan . But he gave us a reasonable term of paying our loan . He listened to our problems unlike a particular employee. I just want to say thank you for taking a huge burden off my dads problems. Thank you again Walter.

Posted by Happy In Rye

had to conduct banking business for a elderly relative in the Rye NewYork branch.It was a very complicated process made easy because of your staff. David Appel and Scott Edgemont provided some of the best support and assistance I have ever encountered. While I am sure you don't get many positive comments (human nature) they deserve a lot of credit.

Posted by Anonymous

Wells Fargo has always put customers first. They take customers concerns very seriously. I will say since Wells bought out Wachovia things are different. I understand it takes time for former Wachovia employees to learn all new products but it will get better. Please don't give up. Wells has to be doing something right after all they have been around since 1852.

Posted by Anonymous

I Would Like To Compliment The Service I Receive At Wells Fargo Kendall Town And Country. Nassif Redwan Is Our Personal Banker And We Have Received Excellent Service From Day 1,his Knowledge Helped My Husband And I Decide Where We Can Bank Without Any Worries. Also Latoya Jones In The Teller Area Has Excellent Customer Service.in General Everyone At This Branch Should Be Congratulated For Their Professionalism.thank You For Making Us Feel Special.

Posted by Anonymous

never put on hold for more than a few min. always there to help! they take a lot of stress out of messy situations...

Posted by cirobangs

I would like to express my gratitude & sincere appreication concerning a employer Who name I'll always be in debt too. Mr. Robert Paterno. Who works at your branch on 463 Broadway & Grand, in New York. This person is one of the most exemplary person I've have ever met,in my life. He was so helpful in getting me my temporary credit card, that day; after the bank had close for the day. I like you to know that he shown a quality I've haven't see in quite sometime. I wish there was some way you could express to him how important that made your bank feel. For doing something very special for your client. Thank you for the great service. Sincerely, Ciro Bangs

Posted by Coco

I must admit I have had some bad experience with WF customer service but it largely depends on the representative you reach.
Today I was calling WF to have my credit card charges explained to me and gotten 2 extremely pushy and arrogant people answering the phone at first. One of them insisted i pay my full credit card bill right then over the phone and after I informed him that Id rather pay on my own via my on-line account he told me a lie saying that my card won't be going through unless I pay right this second and only over the phone! I still refused and he asked me Why I did not want to pay!!! I was like, really dude?
Isn't that my own business? Plus when I tried paying with my credit card just now in starbucks it went through no problem, so he surely lied!
the second rep had no idea what she was talking about and spoke so softly i could not hear her at all! Those 2 were no help!

Finally when I called for the third time, I was greeted politely and had my answer answered!
My advise to all the customers who have bad experiences over the phone, just hang up and try calling again! Also remember the name of the reps who answer well and help them get better ratings, so all the bad ones will eventually get fired n only the professional ones will remain!:))

Posted by Hadenough

Please note that my negative comments have ONLY to do with the mortgage department. The tellers were some of the friendliest, personable and engaging folks I have ever come across.

Does anyone know of an attorney that would be interested in a discrimination suit against Wells Fargo against Asians?

Posted by max

I've banked with Wells Fargo since 1992, and I think they're really excellent. Great customer service- you can always speak to someone within a minute or two at most, I think it's a fair deal bank charge-wise, and their various online banking technologies are awesome. I like Wells Fargo, I have to say, and I'm not prone to like banks. They've never done me wrong.

Posted by Anonymous

All of the negative should be put in touch with "Ms Cindy" and her team at Wells Fargo in Neptune, NJ. She is amazing. The whole team rocks. They should be a boilerplate (as I read) for first rate satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

I have found Wells Fargo customer service and on line banking to be outstanding. I left Bank of America and went to Wells Fargo and an enormous load of frustration, helplessnes, and rage have been lifted. This experience with Wells Fargo is so wonderful with their "can do" hassle free attitude supported by the immediate results.

Posted by anonymous

A few months ago, after Wells Fargo changed the way it charges fees on checking, I went to the local branch to close one of my accounts. I specifically advised the branch manager as to why I was choosing to no longer give my business to Wells Fargo. He stated he understood, but indicated (the company line) that in his experience most dissatisfied customers simply did not have the right banking package for their situation and asked if I would be willing to speak with an account representative regarding the available packages. Even though I had reviewed the available packages online, I agreed to give them a chance.
Surprisingly, in fairly short order they identified a checking package that would meet my needs. Yes, there are a few "hoops to jump through", but none are anymore than just slightly inconvenient.
In addition, after further review of my other accounts, they were able modify the package on another of my accounts (that I was planning on closing later) to avoid any fees, and even pay some (very small) interest--beats just "free". Moreover, after making the account changes, late that afternoon, the account representative called me back to see if I had any questions (since leaving the branch) regarding the changes or any other possible services they could provide.
Finally, through the course of the accounts review they also brought to my attention their DirectPay service (a cost effective Direct Deposit service for small business). So far there have been several problems with that, but it appears they will finally be resolved soon.
Overall, based upon my personal experience, Wells Fargo redeemed itself substantially in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

What most people dont understand is the fact that Wachovia is a part of wellsfargo for a reason. There banking service to the customer might have be excellent however its due to that there business went down. I know there are numerous wachovia customers that miss the same customer service they received from them that it seems wellsfargo is not providing however, it's not always the customer rep's fault. It's due to bank policy and federal law that causes most your issues to feel fraustrated. So please try to remember next you step into your local branch that the person your talking to is doing what they are told to do and say and dont take it out on the middle man. Most people dont realize but working as a agent you dont make a lot of money but its a good and we have to greatful with the way the economy is. However we are not the ones that are taking your money!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ILQZ

Today i went wellsfargo bank & the lady behind the counter she welcomed me.she is Maurissa in irvington branch,newark,nj.she is so polite & she done an excellent service.i am satisfied

Posted by Susie

I have been banking at Wells Fargo for the business for over 25 years. Recently, I had a check from a client that was non sufficient funds. The check was also drwn off of Wells Fargo account. A young woman named Aggy offered to cover the check and bill the client. She offered this and I was amazed that someone cared enough to help with the check. I would like to make sure that her supervisor knows what a considerate and competent person she is. Thank you Aggy

Susan Redmon
Chappelle Small Animal Hospital
1601 No. US 287
Fort Collins, Co 80524
970 482-7595

Wells Fargo downtown motor bank Fort Collins Co.

Posted by Ashley

I have never had a problem with Wells Fargo, then again all I've ever had to call them for was to report a lost debit card, but all went smoothly, the customer service was respectful and polite. No complaints.

Posted by wrtprch

I've found that Wells Fargo is just like all the other banks - great when things are fine, but woe betide you if you overdraw your account, or fail to make payments.

My branch staff are very helpful and considerate, the call centre staff are helpful but bound by the rules of The Boss class. It's the Boss Class that does not care about us, and that is true of almost any Big Bank.

Overall, I like WF, but only if i can deal with them at branch level.

Posted by locdvegan

my car was financed by Wells Fargo 5 years ago and i just want to say when i decide to purchase another vehicle (i pray i'll have the cash and wont have to finance lol), the first financial institution that i'll go to WILL be Wells Fargo...i was approved for financing the day i went in to get a vehicle (CARmax rocks as well BTW!), the APR was decent for my credit rating/condition, they didn't try to talk me into a higher down payment, and after i hit a speed bump 2 years ago (full time college, part time work, late on payments a few months) and they sent for my car, they did work with me and i was able to get my car back and my account back to good standing...anytime i've spoke with anyone in CS, they've always been professional and courteous and very helpful...my only complaint would be that i wish they wouldn't call my house EVERYday, even on Sunday evenings if i'm less than 10 days past due...my last payment was (purposely) 50.00 less and they worked my last nerve until i paid it (at 17 days past due)...i have less than 1600.00 to pay on this car so they can be sure that i WILL pay this loan off :)

Posted by Anonymous

I have been banking with Wells Fargo since 1996 and have more positive experiences with them than negative. I appreciate those customer service representatives that have treated me with respect and professionalism over the years.

Posted by Johnboy

From all the folks that I have dealt with at WF, they have always been professional. I have never had a problem with any of them. i guess it's because I pay my bills on time and don't have to deal with their collectors.

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Posted by Brian

I got my paycheck late Saturday. I called around to find a bank that was open and could cash it for me. Corbin Hudson, a teller at the Canon City Co branch was given all the information about this check. He said to come in and they would cash it for me. I provided the check stub, two forms of I.D., my signature and my fingerprint. I drove 20 miles (each way) out of my way just to find out he was flat out lying to me. This leaves me with no gas $ to get to work Monday. Not that you care. I'll NEVER set foot in another Wells Fargo as long as I live. And if I ever see that lier again he's gonna wish he never lied to me. And I'm gonna make it my personal mission to let EVERYONE I know how horrible your customer service is. Especially that guy ...Corbin. Can't wait to see him again!!

Posted by fedupexemployee

I was sent through a three week training program in my first month of employment with Wells Fargo. Our trainer explained in detail what illegal gaming was and to avoid such activity. In the upcoming weeks/months, I heard complaint after complaint from customers about Bankers selling products to them without their knowledge. These customers would come in to open and a checking and savings account only, but would get home to realize they not only got a checking account, but they got two savings accounts and a debit card/credit card as well. I didnt know what to say, and I certainly couldnt give them a good explanation why this was happening. These customers were very upset and wanted to close all of their accounts. I emailed my manager about these issues, and she said she would talk with them, but nothing changed.

Several times I have overheard my co-workers falsify information to gain business from the customers. One of the bankers noticed that my customer left without opening an account. He had the audacity to walk over to my desk and told me, Sometimes you have to make up stuff to get the sale. This bothered me, so I talked with my manager about it. She said, I have already talked to him about that. Again, nothing changed after my conversation with the manager.

I had a college student wanting to apply for a credit card. She did not have steady income at the moment, but she had a part-time job coming up in a few months. I was not sure what to imput on the credit card application, so I went to get clarification from my manager. When I approached her desk, she was talking with another banker. They both told me to put in $1100, otherwise the application will not get approved. I did not feel good about falsifying the application, so I sent the customer away. I soon realized that it was regular practice in that branch to fudge numbers to get a sale.

It was also regular practice for bankers to sell product to one another to get their sales quota for the week. Many of the bankers have more than ten checking and savings accounts. They would open them up, and then close them once the quarter was over. This is ludicrous and not right!

I had my co-worker, a Business Banker, approach me about opening up a business account. I told her that I was not interested and have no use for one. She went on to tell me that she needed one more business account or she wont meet her quota and our boss would not get her bonus. She told me that I could close my account in a month or so. I didnt know how to respond and I felt pressured to do it. She ended up getting promoted to management in another state.

I had a customer who came in upset because he was told that if he opened a new checking account, he would get $100. He never got his money from Wells Fargo, but his main concern was missing money from his account. After doing some research, I discovered that his banker transferred money from the customers account to his account. Not only did he take the customers money, he lied to the customer about the $100 offer. When I approach our service manager, she said we have never had an offer like that and was stunned that money was taken from a customer by one of our own bankers! The service manager threatened me not to tell anyone about this. I should have immediately called the Ethics Line, but I was afraid I would lose my job. They obviously did not take this incident seriously because the customer never heard back from management about his concern. He came in several days later and said, Whats going on with my account? I was surprised he had not been contacted, so I approached the service manager. She said to me, Oh yea, Ill take care of that right now. She immediately credited the missing funds back into the customers account, but I highly doubt this got reported to upper management. This kind of activity makes the branch look bad, so Im sure they kept it under wraps to avoid an audit.

It is sad that management puts extreme pressure on their staff to sell, sell, sell. Staff was hounded with emails from upper management and even threatened that we could not leave until we had appointments scheduled. It is not uncommon to get over 30 one day. I was constantly harassed to have my family and friends open accounts to meet sales goals. It is unfortunate that this kind of pressure drove some of the Bankers to engage in illegal gaming.

I did all I could do by reporting these issues to my manager. I also attempted to make two anonymous calls to the Human Resource office. One of the ladies was and HR Advisor. She was so rude, and demanded that I gave my name or she could not help me. I was not about to jeopardize my position.

Several weeks prior to quitting my job, I confided in two co-workers about the illegal activity going on. These were the only two I trusted, and even though the service manager threatened me not to tell anyone about it.

The service manager had been treating my like trash since the "banker theft" incident. It's almost like she was trying to bet me to quit. It got so bad that I ended up walking out on my job because I was treated so poorly. I was sick of her fowl mouth and the way she treated everyone. I was sick of not getting breaks or feeling like I was inconveniencing everyone if I did. She definitely has a "God complex"!

It's sad that most of the employees are young and don't understand their rights. I almost feel that Wells Fargo prefers it that way, so they can treat people like slaves!

I ended up filing two reports with the Ethics Line in regards illegal gaming and other complaints (such as not allowing breaks and sometimes lunches). I really doubt they will do anything, in fact, the branch manager just got promoted somewhere else. Crazy how they reward people who should be fired or put in jail!

I filed for unemployment, but Wells Fargo is not responding to my comments about illegal gaming, so I got denied. They should be penalized for that!!! I am appealing it and I may get an attorney.

Posted by Bruce

Wells Fargo has the worst customers I have ever dealt with. I agree that some of the fess and policies that Wells Fargo has in place are a bit ridiculous, but come on... Take your anger out on someone who can really make changes at Wells Fargo. Not someone just trying to keep their job and support their family. I am a customer in life as well and NEVER treat people the way WF customer's treat me on a daily basis.

Posted by Anon

I've been a Wells Fargo employee for 10 years, & I love my job & the company! I have the privilege of managing bankers in a call center, those who deal directly with our customers. I find that the customers who complain are generally those who wanted fees reimbursed, limits increased, items overlooked or "special consideration" in general. While I'm a consumer myself, I still understand that successful businesses must have rules/guidelines in place in order to be successful. We can't always reimburse fees or make special concessions, or we wouldn't be able to remain in business! As far as the former Wachovia team members - there's a reason we bought your company! If Wachovia's approach was the best one, they wouldn't have been on the verge of collapse prior to us purchasing them. Wells Fargo IS NOT Wachovia! As with any business, of course we're going to look out for our bottom line... It's called good business!

Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for Wells Fargo and I agree there is zero customer service and all they are interested in is selling you a product that you do not want or need so they can make a quick dollar. I have seen employees do illegal and unethical things such as opening accounts and debit cards in peoples names and have the paperwork sent to the bank so they can make their daily/monthly solutions goal. I was even asked to pressure a 90 year old lady to open a line of credit that she didn't need, tell me about unethical

Posted by Dear John

I am unfortunately a Wells Fargo employee. I used to be with Wachovia bank which was a wonderful place to work. They treated everyone with dignity and respect, it was a very good place to work. Then Wells Fargo bought us out. They treat their employees like DIRT! THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR AT BOTH THE EMPLOYEE'S AND CUSTOMER'S EXPENSE!!! THEY JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT MAKING A BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH. They are firing all of the old Wachovia employees to replace them with minimum wage earners who don't know their you know what from a hole in the ground about banking!
That is why the customer service has eroded to being terrible. I am constantly threatened with being fired if I don't produce more and make them MORE MONEY! If I am in constant fear of loosing my job, I could care less about you the customer. All I care about is keeping my two bit lousy job for another month so I can find another job before they fire me!
If you have any money in a Wells Fargo bank TAKE IT OUT! If you have a mortgage with Wells, REFINANCE WITH ANOTHER BANK. Go to a credit union where they actually care about their customers.




Posted by wellsteller

Good evening to you all...as an employee and a customer of Wells Fargo I thought I would put out some suggestions and explaintions to some of the most recent comments...One what most people do not realise that ALL banks send their paperwork (which includes deposits & withdwrals) to the FED. They have a centerlised system that processes EVERYTHING. I am sorry that you have experienced hardship as a result of items not posting in time but as a result Wells have corrected the issue and reversed and fees occured due to this.
As far as customer service...well all I can say is that I am disgusted that they didn't allow you to explain however like all call centers they have targets (to keep their job) but this does not excuse them from not listening to your explainations. The best and most often way to resolve any issues that you may have is to visit a branch, as they have a little more flexiability in helping the customer. trust me you had 3 employees that you were not satisfied with however there are millions who will bend over backwards to keep you as a customer. I still believe that the oldest bank in the country is doing something right otherwise they wouldn't still be around and yes like most companies out there we will not please 100% of our clients. I strongly encourage you to go visit your branch & explain the issues that you are having as I am sure that they will be able to fix it if it is a bank error.
Please note that we employees are rated on our performance based on random callings to our clients to rate your experience 1 being bad 5 being brilliant...we then get coached and told how we can improve...I always say...assume innocenance as just like you we are human and have our bad days...could have been in a car accindent earlier that day, family memeber unwell, ourselves not well, etc...it's a great philosphy. I do hope this has helped you and wish that you will reconsider and visit your branch and speak with a banker.

Posted by anonymous

IT's no surprise that any company you will look up will have 10 times as many complaints, unfortunately we live in a negative world and that is what people post about. People, please remember, when you call customer service over an issue, the person you are talking to is not at fault. We are all human, just because they work for the company you make payments to does not give you the right to belittle them. They have as tough a job as anyone having to deal with irrate cusotmers all day long, I would like the shoe to be on the other foot on a Monday when each call is about one issue or another, and typically it's the customers own personal situation as to why their mad, they dont know how to watch their money and are living check to check due to poor spending choices.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a teller for Wachovia which was great but now that we are Wells Fargo it is a nightmare for us and the customers. We see customers everyday who are frustrated with the Wells Fargo system and we are unable to help. Wells Fargo changed our system so we are only able to process transactions. We can not do any simple customer service procedures anymore because they want us to send as many customers to a personal banker as we can so they can sell you a product. They even took away our email so we don't know whats going on in the company no better than the customer. Any question that needs answering we are suppose to send you to a personal banker. It is just as frustrating to us as it is to the customer.

Posted by Disgusted

So, I am a former Wachovia employee who has been screwed by WF. They are terrible to work for. The one and only thing they care about is their bottom line, that's how they have survived since 1852. Their employees are just a body who sells, and their customers are definitely not valued. They are brutal, and hire young people who know nothing about banking, all they know is how to sell. It is really disgusting and disheartening. Don't bank there people, run away as fast as you can!

Posted by Anonymous

all i can say is as an employee for the customer service side of wf its a lot worse on the inside. there was a poll taken by wf employees that asked them if they would refer family and friends to wf and 90% of employees said they would not. that says a lot

Posted by From good to bad

As we all know Wachovia got bought out by Wells Fargo, as a result I am now a Wells Fargo employee. I can honestly say I had no negative feelings revolving Wachovia's treatment of their employees or customers. Wachovia was known to be "#1 in customer service" and they treated employees well. My job description revolves around our customers and ensuring all phone representatives treat our customers well. I go into work daily and listen to customer calls listen to how phone representatives treat our customers. The reason we get pay checks. The standard of customer service that has become the norm on the Wachovia platform is being driven to the ground. The Customer Service bar is extremely low with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is all about profit - Shares, Fees, etc. Upper management ONLY cares about the money they can make off of your money in their bank. Forgot what can I do for you it's what can you do for us. The situation is disheartening. Wells Fargo is no better with employees our health care benefits have been changed yearly from the time Wachovia was bought out from great health care under Wachovia to the acceptable and lawful bare minimums. This years two choices for the East platforms (Old Wachovia) are poor. Meanwhile the West platforms (Original Wells Fargo) have always kept the same health insurance providers. They treat employees and customer second rate. DO NOT BANK WITH WELLS FARGO THIER PRIORITY IS WELLS FARGO'S STOCK AND CASH RATES. I myself am now banking with my local credit union Charlotte Metro Credit Union.

Posted by Ex Employee

I am a former wells fargo employee and i agree with everything everyone said wells fargo is corrupt and highly unethical in there work conduct i even as an employee have experienced much of what everyone else has after i quit and " closed" my accounts there was a $ 300.00 withdraw from my checking account that is supposed to be closed mind you and and $ 500.00 from my C.C also supposed to be closed when i called overdraft dept. they said I was at fault and refused to remove the charges or refund even tho the accts were CLOSED at the time of the transactions

Posted by Anonymous

I was employed with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Des Moines, IA in Oct. '10. This was to be a massive hiring frenzy with a term of approx. 18 months. No problem, in the meantime I would find another permanent job, hopefully within Wells Fargo? Not a chance.

In March '11, they informed us that over 200+ interim employees were to be let go due to the economy and the slowing of the home mortgage applications.

Every job that any one of us had applied for, we were either under qualified for, over qualified or some other person matched their requirements more closely. Uh HELLO!!! I've had over 19+ years experience in the home mortgage field AND I went through your extensive training on processing your loans for 6 months. How is that not qualified enough?!

Come to find out Wells Fargo does this on a regular basis so that they can avoid paying out benefits, bonuses and raises.

Speaking from someone who has been on the inside, I would advise anyone and everyone NOT to bank with Wells Fargo. This company is ripping people off left and right and they are relentless. They WILL NOT meet the customers needs or demands. They kept stressing about customer service even up until the day we were all let go but, that has fallen on deaf ears. WELLS FARGO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMER!!!!

They treat their employees like crap with low wages and expect their employees to go above and beyond what is expected of them at all times although they don't recognize you for it.

I feel for all the people that are still banking with Wells Fargo. Trust me, I'd get out while the gettin' is good.

Posted by Anonymous

i work as customer service rep through phone banking. i can understand how customers get ticked off as some reps can be rude. HOWEVER...being an american citizen, we all have a CHOICE as to whom we bank with. if your mad about fees...one find a bank that doesnt charge you OR learn to manage your acccount. I have worked for several different call centers in my life and BY FAR i have NEVER been talked down on so much in my life. I have never delt with more RUDE, angry, and down right MEAN people. on a positive note...i have talked to plenty of customers whom have changed my life! I have never rose my voice to one customer and never will..but wow...all i can say...people are extrememly rude. I would NEVER in a million years talk to someone the way i have been talked to. People need to understand...a lot of reps are just doin their job...to get a paycheck. its not like its our life long goal to be a phone banker! and half the stuff wells fargo does...it may not seem fair...but we dont make the rules we are paid to enforce them. SO people..if you dont like wells fargo...go to anoother bank. simple as that.

Posted by disgruntled

I was employed for 3 years with Wells fargo Home Mtg. I have been originating mtg's for over 14 years. The experience I had being employed by them can't be described in words. Worst support using 2 diferent mtg platforms and not enough experienced employees. They do not care about the customer experience it's all about making the dollar for their shareholders.

Posted by rancid06

i got fired after 15 loyal years when i had to go on an extended medical leave of absence from heart surgery. EFFING worst place to be a customer and employee. you, as a consumer, will always be treated as a number or stat.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a customer service agent for Wells - I work in the "online" division. As with ANY company, there is going to be a wide diversity in how capable a person is in handling a situation - it boils down to two things - willingness to learn and communication skills. I'll admit some people fail at both of these miserably. If you get one of them, HANG UP, and try again. Chances are if you're talking to someone that doesn't seem enthusiastic about solving your problem, they're probably doing the minimum they have to do to get by. It's not company policy, it' just a fact of life - a lot of people (and this applies EVERYWHERE people) are *LAZY*. I, for one, take pride in what I do, and go out of my way to get customer's problems solved. By the way - you can apply this same ethic to just about every other company you can think of. There will always be exceptions.


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