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Posted by wegmans new insiders

Hello, I have tried for over 2 weeks, to become a wegmans insiders, and I have contacted weg teck support over 6 times, and no response.This is very poor service to a customer who has shopped at your store over 30 years!, when I go to insiders it goes to 1st question,who does the shopping in your house hold, and there is no way the screen can accept an answer,therefore nothing happens and it is very difficult to stay happy, becomming angry-this is not how wegmans treats their customers,with your great reputation,please thank you


I Have Tried To Become A Wegmans Insider For 2 Weeks Now, I Have Left Messageas With Teck Support 4or 5 Times To Tell Them My E-mail Won;t Go Thru, And It Won't Accept My E-mail At .plese Fix, Also If You Go To Wegmans Insiders The 1st Question Is Who Does The Shopping At Your Home And To Pick 1 Response, However There Is No Way To Apply To This, When I Type A Response It Does Not Print On The Page, And Then I Have To Cancel Out, Its Been Frustrating . At Times, Because I Really Like Wegmans

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 2 Wegmans fill & bake pie crusts mid October, the use date is 1/8/17. (I usually use Pillsbury). I froze one package & used the other 12-3-16. When I tried to unroll the crusts the broke apart. I was very upset as I was baking a pie for a special occasion. I managed to put them together so that I could put the apples in it and the top crust also was in pieces.
I will not buy the product again, so no coupons please.

Posted by helix_guy

I visited your new Short Pump store in Virginia. I have to say I was floored by it. for me it's an hour and a half drive, but I will do it again and bring a big cooler. I was only after a Saberette product that does not seem to exist in Virginia, I'm origionaly from New York. I hope you build one a little East like in Cheaspeake or Suffolk Virginia.Land in Suffolk is cheap comparered to Newport News, and a lower tax base with major highway access.
Your compatition Kroger, is doing just that. but there is room for more. in My little town of Franklin, we have a Farm Fresh, and a Food Lion, supported by a population of only 8,000. go east from here the market is unlimited.
I thought Byrerlys in Edina, Minnisota to be the best in the country, you left them in the dust.

Posted by Anonymous

On October 7, my sisters treated me to a visit to Wegman's for my birthday. I really want to give a shoutout to the chef, Rob, at your store in Mechanicsburg PA.

The food was just delicious, hot and beautiful. In my opinion, it would not have been better had they taken me to the Hotel Hershey.

We spent a few hours shopping in the store after out meal and I also must comment on the other employees, including the coffee shop, cheese shop and the cashiers; they were all kind, helpful and happy people.

It was a wonderful day and I am eager for your store to open in Lancaster PA, which will be a closer store since I live in Lancaster County.

Warm regards,

Jean Chubb

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Vietnam Veteran who stopped into my local store (East Ave, Rochester NY) with my wife to buy a couple of six packs. They proofed my wife and she showed them her ID but that wasn't good enough for them. They wanted mine too. I refused to show the cashier and walked over to a front end manager to complain. Her response was "don't you have you ID" I said I did but I wasn't showing it so someone else could buy beer. They said it was Wegmans policy to proof everyone in groups of adults. I told them to keep their beer and walked out of the store. I did call their "customer service" and did not get the response I had hoped for. They offered to have the store manager call me but what good would that do if it is an arrogant corporate policy. NYS law only requires the person buying alcohol to provide identification if asked not everyone in his or her group.

Posted by Al

Hi, I have just been into Wegmans in Allentown and they refused to sell be beer because they didn't accept my UK Drivers licence as valid ID. I live in the US and don't carry my passport with me for security reasons but thats all they would accept. I went in there a few weeks ago and they accepted my drivers licence but why not now? Not only did they refuse to serve me, it was really embarrassing in front of other customers making it look like I was a criminal trying to buy alcohol. I use my UK drivers licence in all other places; bars, other supermarkets so why not in Wegmans?
To top it off there is no email address, the phone line is only open until 5pm.

Posted by Kat

I know I am just one customer out of thousands, but I want you to know why I'm going to start shopping at Price Chopper. Everytime I enter Wegmans, something else has been discontinued. Today I discovered my favorite pasta sauce is gone (Rinaldi Super mushroom). You've also stopped carrying Activia Greek yogurts, Joy dishsoap, and a bodywash I loved...just to name a few more. I'm sick of being forced into buying other products, or making trips to multiple stores. And today I made the horrible mistake of buying Wegmans white American deli cheese. I was in a hurry and grabbed it pre-bagged instead of waiting in line for the Land o Lakes. Your deli cheese has the consistency & flavor of nasty Kraft proccessed pre-wrapped slices. I can't eat it. What a waste of money.
Your prices are consistantly higher too. Price Chopper run amazing sales. Like I said, I'm only one person. But I have to tell you that the more I talk to people, the more I hear them sing Price Choppers praises, and complain about you. It's too bad...I've always been a faithful Wegmans customer. Shame on you for trying to force the public into buying your brand, which now fills the shelves. We should have a variety to choose from...but it seems to be less and less as time goes on.

So disappointed,

Posted by Anonymous

I was seperated from Wegmans - first time anything like this had happened to me. I I feel the company has lost its principles and Mr. Robert Wegmans would be appalled.
If you want to sell the family theme fine - but this is not the case. Bottom line and playing favorites is the policy of store 124 Chestnut Hill, MA. I have contacted officials at Wegmans corporate to tell them but my heartfelt thoughts have fallen on deaf ears. I hear the same thing happening after my departure. The store is a haven of conflict of interest particularly the employee representatives.
It is sickening to think I took less pay to be part of a lie.
Shame on Wegmans as my family suffers -and others who are treated unfairly while management constantly miscalculated with no repercussions. We are human all of us a person such as Lauren Pritchard is not God - far from it. I was at the top myself and I shave made many mistakes but never cut a mans pay as a power play while others frolic in the same area.

Posted by Anonymous

I used to shop at the Wegmans on james st in Syracuse NY. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!Majority of items are in bulk size? It seems like Wegmans is catering more to families and not to single shoppers anymore. Is that not considered a form of discrimination? Very disappointed.....the fruit and vegetables are always withered and dated. Stock is very low. How can you run out of whole wheat bread? The bakery does not have a very good selection to pick from. I have placed numerous complaints to the Manager, however she is very disconnected and is there obviously for a paycheck. Paper towels used to come in a larger size, now they are much smaller. ...Will not shop there anymore. Wegmans does not care about Syracuse, they only care about Rochester!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi. Just came from one of my trips to Wegmans Princeton. They had no power..so it was a most unique visit. Many workers were covering cooler cases with plastic..and were most eaherto assist the shoppers. Several carried large flashlights to help in the bakery area. It was one of my best shopping experiences at Wegmans. I have loved shopping here since it opened.. I very disappointed in the reduction of regular grocery items with the increase in the wine and junk food area. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

i have been shopping at wegmans for over 15 years after moving away from wholeFoods.but now i am going back to wholee foods.wegmans had weatherd veggies todayvand was dirty.my store is the one on Dulles virginia.i had to go to Harris teeaters to buy my veggies for 3 weeks in a row.i am also prefering to shop at whole foods or harris teeters,tgey have better set up and more organic things.

Posted by Fun lover

Might have to stop shopping at Wegmans because
the checkout aisles have been made so narrow and cluttered that the cart has trouble getting through.
This has been my experience lately at the rearranged
Princeton store.
The new liquor section is a real plus, but don't sacrifice the checkout lanes to do this.

Posted by Anonymous

Regarding: Sarah, manager of the W kids program at Wegmans on Sheridan Drive in Williamsville, New York.

The manager of the W kids child minding room at Wegmans, Sarah, was incredibly insulting to my family.

My son Anthony, age 7, is autistic. He, like every other autistic child, often needs to be redirected. On June 25 at 12 PM Anthony was in the W kids room. There were two employees in the room and four other children. One of the employees was standing in the corner with a cast on her foot and she was very disconnected from the children, not engaging in the least.

Anthony was coloring on his own iPad with the crayons at W kids. He was also coloring on the table. He also took off his shoes. This seems to be a major offense in W kids area. When I asked Sarah she informed me that she was not allowed to touch the children and she was not going to be able to put Anthony's shoes back on him. Often, autistic children are unable to put their own shoes on because of the fine motor skills required.

Simple redirection and employees who pay attention to the children they are taking care of would have eliminated these situations.

Sarah, who identified herself as the manager, called me and reported that Anthony was being "very disobedient." She said that I need to return to W kids to retrieve Anthony immediately. When I arrived at W kids Anthony was sitting quietly with his iPad with Sarah standing anxiously at the gate awaiting my arrival.

She was very aggressive and insistent that Anthony be removed from W kids immediately. When I asked her whether or not she has any experience with special needs children she informed me that she is very involved in the Special Olympics. This comes as a huge surprise to me considering her obvious distaste for and intolerance of children with special needs. I will be sure to inform the Special Olympics committee of this offense so that they may remove her from their program as well.

In the seven years that Anthony has had autism I have never been compelled to make a formal complaint. I found her immeasurable loathing and disgust for special needs children to be shocking and disturbing.

I have shared this message the entire autism community in Buffalo, including Summit Educational Resources, the largest provider of educational resources for children with special needs. I plan to send this email to Bornhava school, Buffalo Hearing and Speech school, and all of the elementary, middle, and high schools in the area. Please feel free to share this message with your community as well.

In an effort to prevent other parents of special needs children from experiencing this outrageous atrocity, I am sharing this information.

Aggression, loathing, and hatred of special needs children should not be tolerated by Wegmans. It is clear that she abhors and is disgusted by special needs children.

It pains me to know that there are people in our community who are affecting our children and such a negative way.

Posted by Anonymous

On Kube 3rd I went to the Taft ave store. I was looking for a particular surp. (Ala-ga). I looked in the surp isle but could not find it. I ask for help and a store employee assist. He couldn't find it. He looked on his machine and said it was at the cicero store. I went there and the same thing happened. The young lady called grocery and was told it was in the baking department.We found it. I ask the Cicero store to contact the Taft store and ask them to check their baking department, they found it. Should not the surp be in the surp isle, along with the rest of the surp so as to not miss a sale? This is really confusing. Can you do any thing to enhance the ability of the shopper to find this item? Thank you. Sincerly, Louis Birden.

Posted by mom6mommom4

I know that when Wegmans looks to open new stores that you only open a certain amount at a time. I live in North Brunswick, NJ. On Milltown Road and off route1 South, in the Brunswick Shopping Center recently our A&P closed. It was one of the last of A&P to close due to the company dissolving, it probably would have been sold, but it closed after all the other A&P's. Before we had 2 grocery stores a short distance from each other. Pathmark, (also,under A&P ownership), was the other which recently was replaced by a furniture store. However, the A&P location is ideal for a replacement large grocery store like Wegmans. The shopping center sits between 3 towns. Milltown which is right there and their only grocery store is Acme which is at the total opposite end of the town, closer to East Brunswick; a large area of North Brunswick; and some of New Brunswick. This part of the area to this shopping center is single family homes,townhomes,condos,apartments, including senior apartments in North & New Brunswick. I am hoping Wegmans will look at this area and shopping center. I have no doubt it would do enormous business. This is easy access off of route 1 and easy access also from Milltown Road and Georges Road. Only 2 grocery stores have been in this shopping center, Grand Union 30++years prior and A&P 20++years. Both closing because the company went bankrupt. As I mentioned before there was a Pathmark a short distance away which was there for 40++years. All these stores must have been doing extremely well to be so close and lasted so long. I shop at your Princeton Store when I worked in Princeton. However, I rarely can get up that way to shop now. Between the Princeton Wegmans & Woodbridge Wegmans (which is harder to fine and further away), there's along stretch of nothing. So I hope whoever receives this comment PLEASE,PLEASE, FORWARD TO THE PERSON OR PERSONS THAT LOOK INTO AND MAKE THESE DECISIONS. HOPING WITH FINGERS CROSSED I WILL BE AS ALL AROUND ME SHOPPING AT A WEGMANS IN NORTH BRUNSWICK...THANK YOU!!

Posted by None

What I experienced today at your Clay, NY store shocked me.
After living 35 years in Rochester through the meteoric rise of Wegman's and its expansions, its national recognition and numerous well-earned accolades, I moved away 6 years ago...to return seasonally (summers) to the Syracuse area.
Nothing remains the same. Today I joyously joined the throngs of loyal customers patronizing your store in Clay NY where I shop when I stay at my cottage in Cato, NY for the season. What a colossal disappointment.

Having a more diverse experience since leaving Rochester 7 years ago, perhaps I am no longer enamored with the aura, just the actual experience...which was so un-Wegman like. One entire section of the produce section was in disarray - disgustingly old (blackened ends), squishy bulk brussel sprouts; the disgracefully bruised green beans; the limp sugar snap peas. I see better in WalMart for significantly lower prices.

The nearest attendant was courteous but baffled and not helpful.

The meat attendant was less than effective when I asked for ground beef in the 2 - 2.5# size. You had only the smaller 1# or the monster 6# sizes. These option are unacceptable to me. I've become accustomed to the middle size option...which you did not offer.

Regrettably this trend has been ongoing...sadly indicating your morphing into a lesser degree of customer service, a more focused effort in high-end offerings, and lowering standards for the quality which made you the envy of competitors.

Success has a strong history of doing this to many companies. I've worked for some, too. Is there anyone left who can rescue you from falling off the cliff of arrogance which awaits?

Look no further than J & J, P & G, Post, Gen. Mills, and the tiny universe of companies who've spanned generations with continued success...somehow they never got "too big for their britches" as you seem to be heading for.

And about this site...

Why do you work this hard to pigeon-hole me with such specific structure on this page? Why do I have to be a registered customer for you to care?

You appear arrogant and defensive...do you really care what I experienced today? Am I a delusional fool? Are you?

Just call me a disappointed, former customer...and a retired business man.

Posted by Anonymous

Today, 5/15/16 I had a problem with a gift card/Dickson City, PA store. Matthew tried assisting me along with Craig. Matthew had Scott help me, who was wonderful.All three young men deserve kudos for their patience, understanding and helpfulness.

Posted by Blkngrekbeauty

My name is Raven Jackson and I'd like to speak with someone in reference to my discriminatory experience on May 14, 2016 at approximately 8:30pm at your Crofton, MD location. I was humiliated, and treated as if I were a second class citizen and I shop at that location quite often, as well as my parents. While in the SELF CHECK OUT line, as I usually perfer to use if I have very few groceries, that's where the older Caucasian woman whom worked that area decided that she wanted to single me out. As I procceed to scan my items and place them in the bags and pla e tnhem in my cart, she walked over (while watching me prior, making me feel very uncomfortable) and took it upon herself to punch in on MY grocery screen "pay now" and proceeded to ask me "would that be credit or debit?" At this point I was appalled because nolt only was she watching me the entire time but I am more than capable of checking myself out of the SELF checkout LANE. I explained to her "it will be whatever I decide to pay with once I'm ready to swipe my card", she responded " well I was just telling you!" At this point I was embarrassed and people were looking at me due to her demeanor andnon verbas. She told me " well you're supposed to pay first before you load your groceries in the cart!" Really!!!?? I've been grocery shopping for a while now and I've never heard of that before until now, especially when the other consumers were doing the same exact thing,!!! I pointed that out to her and I politely told her to walk away and leave mne alone because she had placed tnbe icing on the cake and at that point I was almost in tears. I paid for my groceries and proceeded to the nearest employee for a manager to file a complaint. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of BriaN and explained everything in this email. I feel as though I was discriminated against and maybe my olive, (African American and Greek skin color was a bit too dark for her liking). It's a shame I cannot go into that wegmans any longer due to the severity of the situation. Maybe instead of judging people on tbuer skin color and or attire ( which I'm always professionally dressed as I work for homeland security) maybe the company should sent her to a customer service class and or training. I would also like to point out that before you assume someone is bagging thier groceries wronglly a "hello how're you?" Would be nice, before you invade my personal space and touch my screen even before I bet a chance to make sure I've scanned everything and or use my choice of payment method. She asked me "credit or debit?" But I actually had casdh on me to do I split payment as a few items weren't mine, they were fier my mom! I feel do small and as soon as I got into my vehicle I cried and called my friends And family, as well as placed this issue and experience on my Facebook page.

Posted by Joyce

I am totally disappointed in Wegmans Pharmacy in Fredericksburg VA store. I waited 1 1/2 hours today for two presrcriptions. I was given a pager and was told if any problem I would be paged. After a hour I checked and was told they were working on them and would be ready in a couple of minutes. After another 1/2 hour I went back up to counter and the young girl laughed and said she needed to talk to me about my medicines . Then she says that both are out of stick and would be ready tomorrow . I couldn't believe this after all this time. All I get is a laugh in my face. I had told guy who took scripts that I needed to know ASAP I HAVE A VERY ILL HUSBAND AND HAVE TO PAY SOMEONE TI STAY WITH HIM . Also it's a 90 miles round trip. He said no problem both are in stock and if a problem I would be paged. The girl who thought this was so funny said they were so busy and forgot me.. That was a lie, 3 people came to counter and got meds in 1 1/2 hours.. This is totally unacceptable and it's the 3rd time they have done this... They are rude and care less about thier customers.

Posted by MWOY

Good afternoon,

I am on a� national campaign called the, Man & Woman Of The Year benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.� We have a gala event that will be held at the Marriott Marquis in Washington DC on June 4th that 800 people will be attending.� Our campaign is getting donations from businesses to advertise their company in our program brochure. We wanted to reach out to your company to see if it would be able to make a "In Kind" donation for items ?� In exchange for your donation we would advertise your business in our program brochure. Please let me know if I can email you any paperwork in reference to our event on June 4th. Thank you for your time.

Cristal SmithÃ?Â

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased bag of Wegmans kettle cooked potato chips 2 days ago. At bottom of bag, was hard, black stone. I did bit down on it and immediately thought that I like oked a tooth. Luckily I did not. I am enclosing photos. I am a frequent shopper at the Lehigh Valley, PA stores.
I'd like a refund of this product or replacement.
Maggie Hager

Posted by roadrunner716

Don't shop at Wegmans if you don't want to deal with their idiotic coupon policy. They only allow you to use FOUR coupons per person per day. I tried to use more than 4 and the cashier had to call the manager. Then the manager had to find out information about their limiting coupon policy. Meanwhile the people who were behind me were moaning and groaning because the manager was taking so long. Finally after being embarassed by the Wegmans staff I was told I could only use four coupons. I will NEVER shop there again.

Posted by Anonymous

I just came from Wegmans Princeton store! I am so very very disappointed in the remodel of this store. 4+ aisles of garbage food and a spirit store of mega proportions? Unfortunately you have cut down on the regular food item brands. Only Nabisco saltines and store brand. I know you only have so much room!! The produce and bread areas are squished. I used to buy the multigrain sourdough bread, where did it go? Haven't seen any changes that make the store better.. I have been a customer at this store sinceit opened.. I am so disappointed that I will not shop there for sometime. It's too much to shop and not get everything I go for..I'll try a different venue.

Posted by Kathy

Usually a good store tonight Perinton front end was run terribly. The manager in purple shirt knew I was unhappy & chose to walk away instead of finding out what could be done.

A customer put a gallon of milk on check out to save a spot & then went to produce to get a large cart of items, BUT it was caused by not properly staffing front end & registers.

Absolutely not enough registers open. Lots of people walking around not helping customers. I waited to send this & believe it is warranted

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Posted by Anonymous

My name is Beverly Mulhall. My husband and I shop Wegmans all the time. This is my first complaint!
I bought Wegmans brand ice cream sandwiches recently. When my husband and I opened one to eat it had very little ice cream. One side was almost wafer to wafer! Every one in the box of 12 was like that! Not a big deal, but if we're going to treat ourselves to an ice cream sandwich, we don't want mainly wafer!! Lol
I love Wegmans brand everything, this was disappointing. Maybe someone can contact the people who make these, and ask them to fill the ice cream to the edge?
Thank you for having such a wonderful store!
Beverly Mulhall

Posted by A Happy Family

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the Manager and Bakery at Wegmans in Columbia, MD. After a record breaking snow storm in Maryland, they still came through with a special birthday cake for my 14 year old son. They let us come by the store and pick up the cake although minimally staffed. That is what I call service! Thank you for not letting the weather put a damper on a young man's birthday.

Please ensure these folks get the recognition they deserve!

Posted by SANDY

I would like to take this opportunity to complement the wonderful service that I received yesterday (10/08/2015) At your Germantown, MD store. Two of your female employees treated me so special that I had too let Customer Service Know about this. a

Anita helped me in the Bakery Department and in the Deli Counter Martha was wonderful. Thank you always for your GOOD service.

Very Satisfied Customer, Sandra Estrain

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Wegmans on Transit Road in Williamsville, NY today to order a cake from the bakery. It was the first time I ordered a cake. Kiersten was absolutely fabulous and wonderful. She helped me get exactly what I was looking for for my moms 65th birthday and with a smile. She answered my questions with patience and was just amazing.

Chandra Clark

Posted by GreatMysterio

Wegmans customer service is quite good. Purchased a Wegmans frozen lasagna we had enjoyed before, and this one turned out waaaaaay too spicy. Quality control issue, I guess. Anyway, sent them and email and got an apology in the mail and a $10 coupon! They got my positive vote and I will continue shopping there.

Posted by Bill

WEGMANS is wonderful. My entire family shops there and loves it. They have everything! Their own brands are top quality and all of their prices are reasonable. Most of all, the customer service is out of this world. I am not just saying this either, I really mean it!

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Posted by Donald reighn

I guess I'm very upset about this whole situation about Wegmans in Lakewood New York I put my application online like about 2 or 3 times I never got a call back I don't know what's going on and you guys say that you don't discriminate against people I see it differently my problem is how come I don't get a phone call when I do leave a phone call or a message

Posted by Not understanding

Good evening just wanted to say very dissapointed about not being able to get hired. First of all I went through all the processes and was offered a position waiting on training to start. I received an email that the offer of employment was rescinded. I was in total shock, I tried reaching out for answers to HR in Richmond Va no answer from Ms. Brook. Also tried reaching to Mr. Bryon Willis by email he never responded. Okay finally got a letter in the mail about the background check. A misdemeanor from 1998 a bad check showed up. I had no idea that I even had a misdemeanor on my record, I have been through background checks before and have always put on applications no misdemeanor. I was not even aware of this until applying for this company. I'm a veteran (USMC), 30 years of retail experience and resigned from a competitor to join I thought a great company only to be denied for something I was totally unaware existed. Mrs. Colleen Wegman I'm not asking for a job just asking for clarification does the punishment fit the crime that wasn't even aware of until now? I'm a United States Marine I took a oath and one of them most important ones with honesty.


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