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One year ago I bought the small weed eater for home use and it run fairly good but not fine and this year I could not even get it started. Pull-Pull_Pull and no sign of starting. Our 30 year old grandson came over( mechanic ) and discovered that the 1 fuel line in tank for priming was off in the tank. He managed to put a new one on to the T were it came of but it has no clamp to keep it in place. However he got it started and I used it for about 30 minutes and off came the line again. Put the line on again and it started but did not run good. NOW AGAIN I JUST TRIED TO USE IT AND FOR 10 MINUTES -NO START. Needless it is no goo to me that way so is there some way I can trade it in for some creditfor a newer and better one ?

Marion Nolan,