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112 Negative Comments out of 123 Total Comments is 91.06%.


11 Positive Comments out of 123 Total Comments is 8.94%.

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    • 34.54 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 112 negative comments (91.06%)
    • 11 positive comments (8.94%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by pattymacbeautyandwellnesscom.co.

Three things:

1. I paid for the email address associated with my website and yet I received a notice saying that "my trial is up"?


2. when I google the website I am building, the bottom of the page shows a different website from San Diego. I would like to delete this and I wonder why the bottom half of that page doesn't even show when I'm in the "website builder" mode.

3. When I google my "published website only one page shows. This is odd because I have built 4 pages.

HELP help help

Posted by Anonymous

I have signed for their white-label platform and at the third month I have ended this contract. Apart from not having a standard pricing policy (meaning that anyone can set his/her price by playing hard-to-get ;-) ) this is a very amateur-like service with amateur people involved to support you. Mediocre responsiveness to requests and in a kind of weird way not willing to comply with legal standards. One would expect from companies such as Weebly, that invoicing is a service very well thought and provided. However... you do NOT get an invoice for the monthly subscription fee your firm has paid on the white-label plan, unless you make it an issue... and even then you have to open it as a ticket !!! I am at this exact stage after requesting to receive the last 3 monthly invoices from this large company. I mean come on! Seriously? I had an excellent opinion about Weebly but the BD executive responsible for my account helped me switch it 180 degrees! I hope that I will finally receive the invoices otherwise I will proceed with a formal legal complaint.

Posted by ABS

Terrible support. User interface, weak, limited. Terrible, terrible support. They simply do not care. I chose this company because of its affiliation to Google. Will complain to Google. Extremely disappointed. Disorganized on the development side, customer communication. Very poor quality. Should not be associated with Google.

Posted by filmguy76

I have several client sites on Weebly and HAVE YET TO ENCOUNTER ANY TECH SUPPORT GUIDANCE THAT ACTUALLY HELPED. Today I had a question about an image zoom function on one of my clients product pages, I gave the tech a link to the page and explained very clearly what the problem was. Two days later I got a response that said "this feature will work once the site goes live, it's automatic". EXCEPT THAT THE SITE ALREADY WAS LIVE. The idiot didn't even bother to look. Many hosting companies suck in one way or another but WEEBLY takes the cake when it comes to INCOMPETENT TECH SUPPORT.

Posted by YouKnowWhoIAm

Paying for the business plan so I can use the membership feature. Im an IT guy myself and operate over 15 online entities. Weebly support is not very good at all.

Posted by PMP Films

I have had continual problems throughout many years with Weebly. Their support is just lip service. They just seem to be a bunch of children playing at inventing things to add on or alter for the sake of it rather than getting what is there working reliably. They are now responding with increasing belligerence when receiving complaints, great customer service it is not.

Posted by Disappointed

Cannot login to edit my site. Support chat option no longer appears on Weebly site. No response to email request for help apart from automated acknowledgement. I've been waiting 24 hours now for a response to initial ticket and follow up. If I were running my business from this site I would move to another provider. Overall very poor service.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I purchased a domain this morning by mistake what I want to do is take a 14-day free trial with you and then commit to a regular commitment is there anyway of cancelling this transaction and complete the above.

Posted by Wondering

1) I can no longer get to the editor page of my site. This has been going on for 2 days straight. It's horrible! And my blog traffic is decreasing by the day. Thanks loads, Weebly. No response to a support ticket (placed 4 hours ago). There does not seem to a be a button anywhere to connect to Live Chat anymore though I found one pretty easily when I first created my website and received excellent help.
2)To the previous commenter: I too have experienced the lack of an "okay"-type button when trying to add a link. Just click back on to your blog outside the "add link" box and the link will be added. Note: it may highlight more text for the link than you would like.
3) On that subject, it is now *very* difficult for me to get the Add Link dialog box to appear...it shows up and then disappears. I have had to double click it 15-20 times in order to get it to remain onscreen long enough for me to use it. This did not use to be the case. For the last six months it has worked fine. Only in the last 2-3 weeks has this occurred.
What on earth is going on, Weebly?

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to change the last name on my Weebly email account - I've changed it everywhere I can possibly change it but it still keeps showing up wrong on emails I send to others. What can I do? I am desperate to get this changed and am getting nowhere. It is so frustrating!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a high school teacher and I wanted students to create a website for a project. I had two students who had their entire websites deleted. They then had to find another way to submit their assignment. While I am aware that this is just an assignment for a high schooler, I am concerned about the larger issue. I have used Weebly in the past as a class website to disseminate information to my students and I know many business owners use it for promotion. What is Weebly doing to prevent sites from spontaneously deleting? Not only would I be wary of using this product as a business owner, but I would think twice about using it as a class website or having students use it as a tool for a project.

Posted by Paul devlin and the paranormal

I have the same problem weebly keep taking money without permission.
The website I had is no longer running the domain expired but yet you can not talk to anyone to cancel the account not professional at all.
My advice before you sign up check you can cancel it!!!

Posted by Mike M

To be objective Weebly is very good at what they do well, but unfortunately they have some very SERIOUS flaws... I would argue even fatal... Because we have invested a lot of work in our website we are somewhat stuck with them, but here's summary of what I am currently going through. I have had multiple issues with Weebly, and when I report the issue, I never get feedback other than "we have forwarded this issue to our senior developer team and we assure you we are working on it" after repeated attempts to contact them. They have so far fixed the issues except for the last one, but take extremely long to fix it, and don't notify you when it's fixed. Earlier this year the blog date entry would not accept the date I entered if I was post dating a blog entry. It would randomly put a date two or three days previous or future, sometimes causing the blog entry to post out of order. Phone wait times were the better part of an hour then, with nothing but pat responses that they are working on it. After two weeks, I finally gave up and started being sure to post the blogs on the date they were intended (which was a hassle) and as long as the I didn't touch the default current date it would work. I occasionally went back once a month to check if I could correct the wrong dates, found I still couldn't sent an email complaint (they had marked my issue "solved", but it wasn't) never a response except "we are sorry, we are working on it". When it finally was fixed, I never knew when... Three months after it broke I went back to the blog entries and was able to set the correct dates. No notification that it was fixed. Their tech support is HORRIBLE. The SYSTEM, mind you, NOT the people themselves, they tried hard when I talked to them and I could tell they were frustrated they were not allowed to tell me more than that one pat answer. NOW, starting last Sunday, every single link to all our PDF files simply broke, as if all my uploaded files were somehow deleted. After no response all day Monday to my emails, I called in a panic, and I was finally disconnected after 55 minutes on hold, no one ever answered. I opened a chat and the nice person (Brenee) confirmed the missing files were actually there, but could not explain the links failing to work. Two days later, still no response from Weebly, I troubleshot myself for hours, and found that they had moved all my files to a new directory structure without notice (possibly accidentally) but I will probably never know. If I hand type the new path in my browser (edit the old broken link) the files will open. I tried to let them know by phone and two chat sessions what had happened and could they move the files back to the original path to fix my links and the poor tech help people would answer like drones from a script "the issue has been escalated to our senior development team and they are working on a solution". Our world-wide clients cannot access their data now for 6 days and counting, still no communications from Weebly, and the links are still all broken - our website is effectively down, since the content of it (linked files) are what it is all about (gracebiblechurchbaytown.org). Check to see for yourself. Weebly's latest answer on my last chat attempt was that I need to rename -upload and re-upload all my PDFs. I asked them to give me a naming convention they recommend and they never sent it yet. But regardless, renaming the files is not necessary since I can manually edit the URL of the broken link and upload the file. Of course none of my users will be willing to do that every time - they will just quit using the site. The site statistics are showing that now. Right now I plan to make my own fixes - despite the immense hassle it will be individually editing three years worth of broken links; it could take months - by purchasing another web host, uploading all of our content (files) to the new host and URL, then linking our Weebly - based site's links to them, so this can never happen again. I like Weebly for what it does well and I will keep our website there for a front end only for the users, but this is unacceptable, and their tech help and customer service is virtually non-existent in cases like I just described. This is NO MYTH, brother, and it cannot be "busted". The truth is the truth. I have no ax to grind, just trying to be helpful. I even like the folks I have been able to contact, and I know they are trying to do a good job. But if Weebly plans to remain successful, they better start addressing some VERY serious issues soon. They need to really work on their support and response, even if it means they need to charge more.

Posted by Ultra Home Services

I am getting the E313 error when I try to log in to my weebly account and my website is saying 404 page not found when I go to my site is there any way I could get my account back with my website because I spent a lot of hard work on that website and I would not like to have it removed. Is there any way to get it both back, And why did weebly give me that error? Thank you for your help in advance.

Posted by vickeys art

The worst company I have ever used. Do not use this company, no service, no phone service (try waiting for 15 min before giving up) I have work too!
As for help on your site, they assume you are a geek like them, so you get an explanation that you do not understand and does not work (i guess I missed a step)
Now I am trying to cancel and can't get anyone on the phone, because i got a notice for billing next week.

Posted by Stay Away From Weebly!

Cool !!! After reading the comments here, I can only agree to that! Weebly is RUBBISH! Their "service" is nearly not existing! Also my !!! 2 !!! pro-Accounts were shoot down last month, fo almost 48 hours! Just before that happened, i had an live chat with one of their staff, about an technical issue on one of my "Pro" websites. Shortly after that, I was not more able to access my websites. I still where logged on via Weebly Zen-Desk, and complained about this. I received a confirmation mail which I used the next day, to complain further. Also, I had to call then 2 times (from outside US). My websites came back online after about 48 hours and complaining. Their "reason" explanation after a some more mail ex-changes: "Their discovered key-Words"""", pointing to a """"copyrightViolation"""", so their """computer""" shoot all of my Weebly account down! No sorry, no compensation - no nothing! I have had on both websites 650 UNIQUE visitors. After this - I am back to about 250! For booth accounts! Sending for 48 hours a message to Google and Bing, Yahoo - that there is NO website under this address, has an serious impact on rating!

My advise: Stay away from Weebly! (Thank God, I have my other websites via 2 seperate Hostgator accounts! Also, some of my domain names are additionally via GoDaddy! That`s my idea of Risk-Minimizing. Any serious business person, relying jut on Weebly... Good Good! It`s like standing with one leg in [your] coffin! They can blow you out of business, with just a finger tip! The very best option: Offline website builder, and upload via FTP to your hosting account! Thats the only way, to have 100% control of content and website!

Posted by [email protected]

Weebly has falsely charged my credit card twice for $39.95. How did they get ahold of my credit card number Thanks to Weebly,
I now have to cancel my credit card.

Posted by Dan B.

Weebly customer service is almost an oxymoron. They offer it through phone, chat or email. Phone support - make sure you have lots of time to wait on hold & to be put on hold to "find" an answer. Chat rarely works. Email is useless as they don't seem to answer the question that's actually asked. Additionally, all of these have been useless to me as they blame all of their problems on other circumstances - nothing is ever their fault & they're not willing to even help or attempt to fix anything. I'm in the process of moving one of my sites now & will be moving the others when I have the time - they do not make it easy AT ALL!

Posted by Anonymous

A few years ago I built a website with Weebly. All was great, it was easy peasy to use, and worked just fine. I am just trying to build another site. Horror of horrors. Completely useless, unintuitive editing features, no options to undo a change, and a mess all around. See ya, Weebly, it's been nice knowing you before some inept "IT engineer" kids - let me guess, some interns? - came around and broke you.

Posted by Dr Friendly Guy

A year ago, I bought a one year subscription for 29$ at this website and one year later i'm looking at my credit card transaction and I see 50$ from Weebly I'm really surprise because I never saw this sdgjregju ''AUTO RENEW'' option and its clearly a SCAM! It shouldn't been activated in first place! I clearly dont have trust in this website anymore.
I assume getting my money back will be tricky...

Posted by Anonymous

I have phoned two numbers and I am getting the same result which is a verbal message acknowledging weebly followed by continuous music. This is very expensive as I am phoning from abroad. I haven't had a response to my e-mail message either.

I am extremely disappointed with this poor service

Posted by Anonymous

Is Weebly out of order? Their phone number is not working and I cannot sign in to my weebly account.

Posted by Anonymous

I am shocked at how inefficient and difficult it is to us your free website facility and to search/log in and find a way to contact you. I have a free website that no one can access. If they lick on the link they get a site unpublished message when it is clearly published. it cannot be picked up by google. What a waste of time. I have tried to log in and cannot as google wont even let me click on the log in link never mind the home website. Why is this. is this just to get people to pay for your services?

Posted by Anonymous

I want to quit weebly-Charge and be refund

Posted by Anonymous

I asked a question via their request form and got what I believed to be a copy-pasted reply, because the first half was "if your blog host provides code for that feature, it's super easy to embed in our website".

The second half was "we host your blog and don't offer that code, though."

So... no, you can't do what I wanted to.

I replied to the email stating my frustration with the tone of the email, the longer first half of which has a cheery, this-is-so-easy-to-do tone before telling me it's impossible, and I got a MASSIVE WALL OF TEXT email back from the guy, defending himself and being kind of snarky, and telling me that some people pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to get web designers to provide them code and that if that's what I want I should go elsewhere, basically.

Even though in my reply, I was like "your email would have been better if you'd just said I couldn't do it. No biggie."

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

There were so many negative reviews I got a knot in my stomach when I read them. Happy to report my experience was much different. When I had problems publishing my site, I contacted Weebly customer support and got the automated message followed by music I read about. But then I got the option to receive a call back without losing my place in line. Expecting a long wait time as I had read about, I opted to receive a call back. Within 5 minutes I received a call from Weebly and spoke with Martin who had my problem solved and my site published in minutes. I'm up. I'm live. I'm so very happy. Great customer service experience with Weebly. Hope it continues!

Posted by cristislife.com

I love your support! Every time I call there is no music to wait but it rings and I get a live person waiting there to help walk me through whatever I need. Thanks sooooo much! In a world of people not wanting to give you the time of day it is nice to hear a friendly smile and assistance when I need it.Especially their patience when I am a little frustrated because I am still learning how to maneuver around in my site!! I appreciate it!! Cristi :)

Posted by Earnmywarrantyrewards.com

It was a great call. Alex was knowledgeable, helpful and nice. His great attitude made for a wonderful experience. He resolved all my issues and even emailed me us literature of key information that I will need to market my site. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thanks Alex

Posted by Anonymous

Used this phone number to resolve a billing question and the representative was very helpful. She resolved my problem immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

They were very helpful and only a little confusing but that is mostly because I know nothing about making websites

Posted by welcome to my website

Dear John B.
I'm a big fan of weebly and I'm more a costumer.
You have my website banned without warning.
There were many domain on my account, but all was not me.
There were many sites that I made for my friends.
They have done something that was not allowed. And I did not know that.

I weebly bucket bought 280 dollars. and that's not long ago.
Today I wish I make my website. And I saw something erros.
It surprised me so much that my website is not opened.
Please help me. That will not happen what has now happened.

I expect of you to respond as soon as possible and that this message again give you my account back, Because weebly account is my favorite account and bonvendien my hobby. like today I have nothing to do. I love Weebly!

With friendly greetings.

Posted by T

I had forgotten to change the settings on my Weebly account, and a domain I no longer wanted was auto-renewed, charging my debit card. At first I was upset thinking this would affect my bank account balance when I had bills to pay, but I e-mailed Weebly support and it was completely taken care of the SAME DAY--a Sunday, no less. I received the money credited back to my account within hours and an e-mail of apology with helpful information. Weebly is awesome.

Posted by Anonymous

Weebly is the best!! I have been a customer of GoDaddy, Network Solutions, 1and1.com among others. And I have to say none of them come close to being as helpful and as friendly as Weebly. I was having issues with my domain being pointed to Weebly. Well Weebly verified that it was pointed properly. However, the issue was me! I added an s to my domain name. Thus when I published nothing worked. It is not Weebly's fault, it was my own. The rep said that it happens all the time. So people please double check your spelling and stop blaming Weebly for your own issues. Each time I contacted them, they were always very nice and friendly. I know I can always ask them anything and they will guide me along. I will NEVER go to any other company. Weebly is by far better than any other company out there. I am surprised by the complaints. I'd bet anything that the issue is not with Weebly and more than likely user error. Which is usually the problem. Love you Weebly!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I must take back what I said below (message), Weebly Support eventually got back to me, fixed the issue I had and gave this explanation as to why it took so long:
First of all, I apologize for the frustration but please understand that we are a very small team. Every e-mail we receive is read and answered by a human being but that takes time. We do our best to answer every request within one business day and it's rarely more than a few hours but when you send multiple requests, it actually slows down our replies. Every time you write back, the system sees your request as being updated and pushes you to the back of the line. So when you send seven requests within 24 hours, rather than getting someone's attention, you're actually slowing down the process. We appreciate your patience.
I'm sorry you ran into a problem with the verification process. We ask users to verify their account only if one of the sites they've built shows the potential to become a spam site. This doesn't mean your site is spam -- our automated system makes mistakes sometimes and it appears to have done so here.
I've fixed the issue and manually verified your account. You'll be able to publish your sites without any hiccups now.
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance and thank you for your support of Weebly!
I have apologised to support and believe that the software is fantastic, the support sounds to be under a lot of pressure because of the amount of people. If we want them to grow, we should all look at taking the Weebly Pro edition. Apologies also to the guy below who I said I thought worked at Weebly. Mark

Posted by Ken Hood

I have been a (paid) Weebly customer for a year, and I have had to contact them several times for help. I have a Pro account for personal use, as well as a Designer account for a dozen customers. My experience is that every time I need help, my emails are answered withing 24 to 36 hours, and often it is to tell me the problem is being referred up the ladder. Within a day or so more, I always have received an excellent answer and solution. Yes, you have to wait... yes, even if you are a paid customer. But the wait is worth it. I have always gotten help. You should also consider a (tasteful) post for help on their Facebook page, which is active and monitored. You can get quick replies there.

Posted by Anonymous

I was thrilled today when Weebly Tech Support, Nick, answered my email within 24 hours! Not only did he answer but he had great instructions as to how to solve our problem with the buttons to link to our online audio podcast.
Thank you Weebly. Thank you Nick.

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