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246 Negative Comments out of 266 Total Comments is 92.48%.


20 Positive Comments out of 266 Total Comments is 7.52%.

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    • 32.12 Overall Rating
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    • 246 negative comments (92.48%)
    • 20 positive comments (7.52%)
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Posted by spwrc

I've played Webkinz with my grand kids for a number of years. I've spent over $1000 on Webkinz and related merchandise. Now, if you aren't "Deluxe" you must suffer through ads about every 4-5 minutes. That's not the way to get new customers. It used to be fun, but not anymore. In the beginning everyone could play, now you must pay extra. Not my idea of winning new kids over.

Posted by Anonymous

I have already sent a complaint but I forgot to add how much the game freezes. For me it freezes so much I have to log out like 10 times every 5 minutes. It is horrible and also at the arcade when playing games or in your home it freezes so much. In addition, the pet's health goes down way to fast and you are constantly buying new items. These reasons make me so upset and there are so many more reasons to be angry about this game.

Posted by zebra486

I logged in today with 3 new Webkinz after not playing for like a year or two, and its so laggy. It keeps freezing on me and I went to the Kinzville Academy to do some agility with one of my new Webkinz and I failed because my pet reached the hurdle in game before it did on my screen. If this is how it is... You might lose another user.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had webkinz for such a long time now. Ever since i was a little kid. I was addicted. I logged back on now to play my favorite games because i was bored one day and now you need a membership and you have to pay money just to play a game on webkinz? Webkinz is getting so greedy. This is not how it used to be and it is getting me really upset. There is no reason why you would need to pay money just a play a game. It is ridiculous and im so over it. I guess webkinz lost yet again, another user.

Posted by Olliejawa

My kids had Webkinz accounts when they were little, and I loved the games. A friend of mine just gave me a webkinz pug, because she knows I love pugs. I registered via the information on the tag from the PURCHASED PET, was able to play for ONE day, then when I tried to play games, it said "this game is locked for free players". FREE? Since when does purchasing a Webkinz quality as FREE? The site was encouraging me to sign up for a "deluxe" membership. Really? This isn't how it used to be. I tried to call/email customer service - NOT easy to do. If this is how it is now, I hope this company fails ASAP.

Posted by Goldy the golden retriever

I first adopted a Webkinz pet when I was 9 years old and I was actually addicted. It was fun, taught life lessons, and all you had to do was buy a stuffed animal at least once a year (which I LOVE stuffed animals so that part was easy). It was fast, reliable, simple, and so fun. I had 14 pets and a mansion that I spent a lot of time and kinzcash on. Now that this website has gotten greedy I now have to purchase a "deluxe membership" in order to buy items and play games that I used to be able to play for free. Everything that y'all have added has made this website lag, glitchy, VERY frustrating, and pretty much unusable. I don't understand why all these changes were made but I certainly don't appreciate them. If you are thinking about setting up an account, please save yourself the trouble and heartache and don't. It is not worth it. AT ALL.

Posted by bellanonna2

this site is horrible we have had it for 10 years gets worse and worse now its unplayable so unfair it is not cheap with 4 kids and there hearst are broken come on get with it fix or give refunds webkinz sucks and nobody cares

Posted by Anonymous

Webkinz World used to be a place where every kid could go and have fun for just paying the small fee of purchasing the animal. Now children have to spend money on memberships in order to play the games they wish to play. I believe this is ridiculous. I know the people of Webkinz may be losing money but this is just ridiculous. If I wanted my child to pay to have fun I would have signed them up for club penguin. Webkinz World has officially become horrible, ridiculous, and downright trashy. This deluxe crap needs to stop, we aren't paying for your memberships Webkinz.

Posted by paco the dog

Webkinz used to be the highest quality computer game for children. However, due to the recent updates made to the website, the game has become very glitchy, slow, and aggravating. I am very disappointed in the way Webkinz has changed over the years and personally hate the deluxe options. Webkinz is supposed to be a kid's game for enjoyment, not a way to get money off of little children. I really hope you take this into consideration, since you are losing many original members.

Posted by Anonymous

webkinz used to be an amazing place to go whn you were bored :) now everything is dumb, my moms friends daughter is 7 and I bought her 3 webkinz and she didn't like webkinz because everything was ganz points or "deluxe" I bought her webkinz because I got my first wekinz when I was 7 and her mom couldn't afford her one, when she told me she didn't like it I went and check and I was FURIOUS, webkinz has became ridiculous and unlikable, I used to recommend it for little kids now I tell people not to use it, IM NOT GOING TO STOP LETTING PEOPLE KNOW HOW BAD WEBKINZ IS, its a waste of you time, money & effort PERIOD. IT NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS . there needs to be LIMITED DELUXE, LIMITED GANZ POINTS, ABLE TO SEND MORE THAN ONE PACKAGE TO THE SAME PERSO A DAY, bc I lost my passcode to my old webkinz and just started a new one, and fount my ld one, and im having to send my stuff by 3 a day UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

Posted by blueunicorns

Webkinz used to be the best game ever! The updates have messed it up! Half of the time I don't even get onto my account. I am one of the original members I joined when it first came out. I HATE deluxe I have about 100 webkinz no kidding it is hard to take care of them all please downgrade it!(sorry for spelling and lack of grammar and stuff I was in a hurry)I hate not being able to see the whole screen! I barely play webkinz anymore because of the updates! I am a true member but I will NOT spend real money on a fake virtual game. Also please fix the lag it is SO slow. If you would make it without deluxe and downgrade it or fix the lag issues you might be able to beat Minecraft.(If you have to have deluxe please make it like 5 dollars a month. Please make more webkinz I cant find them in stores only at Oley's. I give 2 stars please fix the issues. Webkinz is my childhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give five stars if the issues I have listed get fixed please. -blueunicorns

Posted by Anonymous

I used to play webkinz as a kid, it was fun to take care of my pets. Now I can't even access my old account anymore. I made a new account but I can't even log onto that account anymore, I think they removed it because I stopped playing for a week. I only stopped playing it because a lot of the games were for deluxe membership, and the game kept freezing. The site also logged me out randomly and I had to log in multiple times. Overall it was a very frustrating experience, clearly their site does not work and all they care about for sure is money. The site is also very slow. I feel bad for all that money my parents spent on those toys. Now it is a waste. I will not create a new account nor will I want to come back.

Posted by Anonymous

I used to play webkinz as a kid, and I had lots of webkinz toys that I can use online with the secret codes. I lost my password for my old account, so I lost all those pets for that account. I made a new account and adopted one free pet. Nope, I even can't log into that account anymore. Apparently my new account seems to not exist. Whenever I used to play on that new account it would sometimes log me out for no reason, and I had to log back in again. Now a lot of games ask for deluxe membership. I feel bad for all that money I made my parents spend on those toys. What a waste.

Posted by Anonymous

This site never works. It is very unfortunate because it would be good if my child could play. She tries to play the games but once she earns money the site goes down constantly. Very frustrated with all of it. Will not recommend to anyone. On a scale from 1 - 10 this site is a -10.

Posted by Completely Fed Up

Our child has been a member for 8 years now and we have purchased over a hundred webkinz for her. We have jumped through all their hoops to allow her to play and keep the arcade games that she was used to....
Their website is the worst that money can buy. ( I believe they have millions of our hard earned money). I think the company has gotten to big for their britches. It's not about the Webkinz product anymore, it's about all the advertisement and plugins that are destroying what used to be a very savvy website and a fun one for our children to explore. You absolutely cannot stay on their website, it constantly freezes up and bumps you off. I will not be renewing the upgraded membership and will be donating the pets that have not been activated to charity (not sure if I want to burden anyone else with Webkinz though).

Posted by VeryAngryMom

I am extremely disappointed with this website. Both my daughter and my son joined about 7 years ago when they were in pre-K. It was a very easy website for them to use and they enjoyed taking care of their virtual pets and doing all of the activities. I bought close to 40 pets and many extras for them all together...things changed about 3 or 4 years ago. Ganz had been suddenly making more paid options like Deluxe accounts etc. I wasn't willing to pay for that and my kids seemed pretty happy with what they had, so I didn't really think about it. But then, Ganz started taking things away from members who didn't have all the bells and whistles. It was very unfair, and my kids were unhappy about it. Luckily, Ganz sort of fixed things by adding free accounts and everything was sort of normal again. Then, about a year ago, the website started being extremely glitchy and there were a ton of problems with everything. My kids' paid memberships expired way before they were supposed to (we would buy a pet and it would expire a week later) and their items were disappearing. I tried to reach the customer service line, but the one they have listed is no longer in service and if you try to talk to a different department they refer you to the out-of-service line or to the customer service section of their website, which is not of any help whatsoever and has a confusing layout. I also tried emailing them several times and it takes weeks for me to get a robot message which usually is dismissive, doesn't address the issue at hand, and refers me back to the site. In addition, the people I spoke to over the phone speak bad english, are rude, and don't know anything about what I'm asking. I have a friend who bought the Deluxe membership for her son, and they would not allow her to cancel, so she had to cut off the credit card that was being used, only to have her son not be able to sign back into the site until the membership was paid for. Ganz obviously doesn't care about how their customers feel, and their reachability and customer service is absolutely atrocious. I am very sorry that I spent so much time and money on this website, and my kids are very discouraged and angry about all of this and also the recent update which has further screwed things up. I will not be buying anything from this company again and my kids will no longer be using the website. If you can, refer this company to the BBB and we can maybe get some justice for this terribly corrupt website.

Posted by Ababella

Playing Webkinz minigames is frustrating, and furniture and fun stuff because we're not deluxe members or adopted another webkinz. Restricting our fun on Webkinz World just because we don't have a Deluxe Membership doesn't make that okay. Webkinz years ago, used to be fun for everyone but it's not!

Posted by lalee3

I have quit webkinz as well as helping youngsters join after the new upgrade. I have played since 2009 and signed on more than 100 kids who purchased multiple webkinz pets. I assisted their efforts over the years and purchased many for them. I cancelled my deluxe membership renewal and will not assist any youngster in their webkinz adventure! You have made it impossible with the new upgrade to keep a pet "happy" and fed! You have left "users" out in the cold with your change in tech help and no way to contact!
You should be more open to customer feedback and input! You will find a drop in purchases in Atlanta!

Posted by Random Duck

Like many others here, Webkinz was a big part of my childhood. Even though the new update in my opinion looks pretty OK graphic-wise, it's also quite clear that it also has alot of issues that need to be fixed. The fact that many things won't load properly, the browser won't fit the screen and your webkinz become hungry much faster and etc is really tiring. I understand the goal is to make you interact more with your pets but that's not going to work especially your account is "expired" and you have limited food. Cause you can't buy stuff including food when your account is expired. Let me repeat. YOU CAN'T BUY FOOD. Sure, you get many things for free but if they're going to make them hungry 24/7 I'd rather not play at all. I wouldn't want to pay to do so either, especially since normal players have their own complaints as well. I have 32 webkinz and while it used to be fun a few years back, if they can't fix their problems then I'm afraid they will lose many customers.

Posted by kaybaier

I hate the new webkinz and will not be renewing. The displays no longer fit on the screen. This prevents you from navigating. To navigate you have to log out and log in again. It is very difficult to log in. You cannot play games when you want to having to constantly put the animal to sleep. You cannot keep up with the demands of the animals to be fed. There is absolutely no customer support. It is obvious the only concern is for money not customer satisfaction. Webkinz, which was fun, is now frustrating and annoying. I am a deluxe member who would love to cancel the membership but have no avenue to contact anyone to do so.

Posted by Aggravation

I began using Webkinz back in 2008, but back then, it was a perfect game, and essentially my childhood addiction. Every now and then, I have the urge to get back on for a couple of hours to relive my childhood memories, but an incessant amount of alterations have been made since then. You can't do anything if you don't pay $50+ for a deluxe account, the website moves like molasses, and the whole thing has just become unusable in general. I thought that the website ran slowly before, but that was NOTHING compared to its speed presently. I hope that the employees at Webkinz downgrade the website back to the way it was before, so that it could possibly gain more players again.

Posted by roxanne

I called this number and they clear alot of very important information from my computer..

Posted by mickieb

I too don't like the new format one bit. It takes forever then jerks around waiting and waiting for jumbleberry and other games. Then it doesn't fit the screen so have to keep moving it up and down so i can see the bottom then so I can see the top where the webkinz cash is. Also in my rooms only half of something will show up. I remove it and its all there in the dock but when I put it back its only half there. Then I don't like the pet having the sad face if I don't pay attention to it. Nope don't like it!!!

Posted by Dumbfoundedwebkinz

i have had webkinz since 2005 and i have 23 I've invest over 230$ into this game and this update is TERRIBLE! The health bar goes down to fast and they are always hungry you play one game and their hunger and energy is at zero and thats completely STUPID! They have really dumbed down this game. And its stupid you have to have a deluxe account to play certain games or buy certain things. Im completely dumbfounded by this update and hope that the creators consider fixing it

Posted by cloverissweet

I am so very disgusted and disappointed by the new Webkinz site.....it takes me forever to get on, and when I do, it is much more difficult to navigate to places I want to go. I am often dumped, or just forgotten, it seems.
When I first went on Webkinz (10 years ago), it was a very exciting place....I cannot tell you how many pets I bought and gave away as gifts. Then came 'Deluxe'. What a crappy thing. But I motored though, waiting for my favorite games to be the Game of the Day, so I could play (my family CANNOT afford the go deluxe).
I have tried every day since the new site was introduced...I have downloaded what I was advised to do......but I think I am done with it all...just a bunch of greedy buggers making it more and more complicated and expensive to use. I cannot imagine trying to teach a child how to use the new site. It boggles the mind. I am afraid that I have bought my last Webkinz.....I will never go back on the site.....and I had 225,000 Kinzcash that I could not use to get any of the stuff I wanted.
Webkinz was perfect as it was...I am not opposed to a company trying to improve itself and increase profits, but Ganz has become obscene. I will no longer support it. This is the only place on any website I have found that I can actually say what I feel, and I feel crappy about it all. No kudos to Ganz for corrupting a lovely site for kids.

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Posted by zeph317

My issue with the gift box was partially resolved. I received the rocking horse I had requested as a gift. I haven't received the other gift items that were reportedly given as gifts on Christmas day, but at least I got a response. I appreciate that.

Posted by Ripped Off

Webkinz took away arcade games from members by making them "Deluxe." In other words: YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY! Didn't we already pay, when we bought a Webkinz plush? And isn't that taking away something from an already existing account? How are they getting away with this? I have bought A LOT of Webkinz in the past, and that is where this is ending, I guess-- in the past. Very greedy, insensitive decision on the part of Ganz. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Posted by judeski

I am posting to apologize for my last comm-ent. I finally found the tech support phone number. I called them and they answered on the first ring, immediately reset my Spree account for me. I am sorry for not calling them first to give them a chance to repair the problem. They were courteous and polite and very concerned about fixing my problem. So sorry teckies at Webkinzland.

Posted by meow

haha i called and i said i wanted to suggest a pet called a chinese crested :) she was so nice about it and i was just being funny. i hope they make it though LOL so i called and she wanted my username... but last time i called they didn't ask 4 it...maybe they will give me a prize! rofl it was supposed 2 be a prank call but it turned out to be a pet suggestion lol! she said have a nice day and said you 2 and we both hung up LOL.

Posted by urwacko

Cannot get the webkinz.com to come up all the way so I cannot log in. What's up with that????? 8-9-11 8pm AND HOURS BEFORE!

Posted by lady 101

I love the fact that when you call they are very understanding and patient. They helped me out as much as they could and it was great!

Posted by lela

To the staff of Webkinz:

This is about the Webkinz pet of my younger sister. In December 2008, the pet of the month was the polar bear. That's exactly what my sister had and SHE DIDN'T EVEN GET ANY OF HER PRIZES!!!! That's NOT right! She was really expecting all of those prizes and got really upset when December came and she didn't get it.

Another thing, your site is SOOOO slow! It always says, Please wait.

Hope you read this and fix it.

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter's account would not let us log in, saying that the user name or password was incorrect. We were certain that it was correct. After speaking with a Webkinz tech I was able to get it working again with all of the things that were previously in her account. Thank you so much!

Posted by Bellaratta

After I read these reviews I was almost afraid to call Ganz. Fortunately it turned out fine. She canceled my automatic deluxe renewal, since I could not log into the store. She also reset my password.
As long as the auto payment is truly taken off (I won't know for a month till billing time) then all is well.
I guess I should be grateful that my experience with Ganz was not bad at all.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called and my problem was resolved in under 5 minutes. I think they were a great help. Nothing negative to say here.

Posted by webkinz gal

Webkinz is an awesome website. My best friend and I share an account.But the customer service is excellent. The technical guy was polite and had my problem fixed in three minutes. The problem was that the room and pets would not load. They had our account reset and got the problem fixed. My friend and I are very happy.

Posted by Anonymous

Just called and got right thru to a rep. She was very helpful and friendly. We missed the birthday party my daughter paid 1000 kinz cash for because the time on the site was an hour ahead of our time zone and we didn't realize it. I am very satisfied with their customer service.

Posted by lecta

support email bounced. But phone svc was great!

Posted by judeski

I just called webkinz with a technical glitch and I had absolutely excellent customer service. The technician was polite and had my problem fixed within 3 minutes. I did not have to wait and they even were concerned about my webkinz experience. I don't understand all the negative press here. I have no complaints so far.

Posted by whydoyouneed2know

EXCELLENT!!! They got my problem resolved quickly. I give them 8 stars out of 10, only 8 because that operator voice in the beginning is annoying!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just used this customer support number and got my problem resolved within minutes. I wasn't even put on hold at the beginning.

Posted by amis22

Just called aboout 5 mins ago answered right and was glad to help me out! Fixed the problem and we are good to go. Great customer service...Thanks

Posted by Momof5

I called the number listed above today. No problems at all! They were great! Spoke with a man in Toronto and he solved the problem quickly for us. Great service!!

Posted by matt z

I just called to get a password reset and they did it in less than 3 mins. I was really impressed and surprised b/c they said they won't do that unless you have the secret code which we did not have. So excellent job webkinz - very impressed and my daughter is very happy.

Posted by daddy_kinz

My daughter lost her password and secret code. We got very quick help with this number. They asked for user name, name of pet owner and birth date. The Customer Support rep was very understanding and helpful. Tnanks!

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