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Posted by Al

Terrible customer service. I have a claim on one of their grills that caught fire its been a month since I filed the claim and have spent hours and repeated calls to their customer service trying to get someone their to respond back with a decision.
This company may think they have customer service but they are far from it.

Posted by disappointed in Weber

This Weber Genesis SS 330 was $1,000 is only 5 years old, cared for reguallary and now RUSTING AWAY . I contacted Weber and they offered nothing but to sell me more parts, which can only assume will do the same thing. unacceptable and extremely disappointing . This is my 2nd Weber . The first one lasted 20 years this one won't . Times have changed and Weber is no long the grill it was .

Posted by Anonymous

WARNING.. Weber will not sell you parts to convert your grill if you move. They expect you to throw away your nearly new grill if you have to change from natural gas to LP. Other mfg offer conversion kits or will at least sell you parts. Weber won'. they demand the serial number of your grill then tell you they won't sell teh orafices to protect their customers.

Posted by never again weber

We purchased a Weber gas grill in June 2014. I immediately registered it online. Fast forward to June 2017, when the control knobs began melting. Mind you, this product has a five year warranty on the gas components.

I went to the Weber website and, lo and behold, I had no products registered under warranty; however, I did have an account, which I would only have registered when I registered my grill warranty. Besides, I had the confirmation email from 2014. So, I called customer service, and told the rep that I had registered the warranty, but it didn't appear in my account information. "Oh, well, we'll just re-register it for you now." Red flag. What happened to my original registration? Why was it missing?

I was connected with tech support who asked me to email photos of the outside of the grill (??!), the gas tubes, the inside firebox of the grill, and the screw-on valve connection on the propane tank (???!!!).

The photos bounced back for two days as undeliverable. Another red flag. It took over a week for tech support to get back to me, and that only after I pestered them several times via email and phone, demanding a response. Then, they called after dark. Excuse me, how can I see the grill in the dark?

When I finally connected with them, the guy said there was a problem with the propane tank connector. Red flag. A personal friend owns a propane company and takes care of all our propane equipment. When I pointed that fact out, he backed down and proceeded to tell me that I had not complied with maintenance requirements and the warranty would not be honored, but they would give me a good deal on replacement parts (red flag) - the flame tubes and the manifold. "From a photo? No personal inspection?" I asked. He confirmed it. They could verify that the warranty was voided by the photos I sent. (red flag) I finally asked to speak with a supervisor, he promised one would call me. No one ever did. I called three times, no return call. HUGE Red flag.

I looked at the owner's manual. There is absolutely NO maintenance schedule for cleaning the firebox (which was considered too dirty and voided the warranty-it's a grill for gosh sakes!!!), or for doing anything to the gas tubes except to clean out the bug screen once a year, or for doing any maintenance whatsoever on the manifold. That's right folks, NO information on HOW OFTEN the firebox should be cleaned. I guess it is supposed to be washed with soapy water (per the instructions) after every use, but if that's the case, the manual should specify that. It doesn't. This is a grill, for gosh sakes. Well, gee, no wonder customer after customer complains about the warranty not being honored. It's a scam. Weber won't define when the maintenance should be performed, and then uses that omission to not honor the warranty when parts fail. . . Assuming you can prove you registered the warranty in the first place.

We had to purchase the parts at full price. The manifold, which was under a five year warranty, had failed in exactly three years of use. The parts looked clean and sound, but once we replaced them, the knobs stopped melting.

Weber's warranty is a scam, yet the warranty featured prominently in our decision to purchase this item. I consider this false advertising. Weber has a nifty scheme to avoid honoring their warranty. The only way the warranty would not be voided would be if you didn't use the grill.

Posted by Anonymous

First time ever I encountered a "customer service" rep that was rude and refused to answer my questions or give me information. Very surprised ! Must be new ownership.

Posted by morel

I have a Weber Spirit Grill E310 and frankly I'm appalled at the shoddy quality of the knobs. Twice, within 3 months, the treads have worn out requiring replacement knobs. I use the grill correctly - I always press in the know in order to light the grill. I have to believe I'm not alone in this complaint. It's not even as if I use this grill that much - it's at a beach house that I only use on w/ends - and then only in the summer.

I had always believed that Weber were top of the line. I'm sadly disappointed.

Posted by EarlyMorning

Two Ladies this morning were nasty and would not order the grill parts I needed.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought my 2nd weber grill, what a disappointment. Grill temp. never gets over 350 degrees. One hour to cook 2 chops. Customer service recommended 4-5 attempts to fix prob. with no results. Poor, very poor customer service. Plan on returning to Lowe's!

"NO MORE WEBER GRILLS" "JUST BUY CHEAP GRILLS (1/2 price) couple years throw
it away.


Posted by rob on the river

I have had a very expensive weber summit series grille for years. The company does not stock parts to replace the caster wheels, which are known to break. I have had two separate calls and can only describe the attitude of the call center staff as indifferent, at best. I have asked for assistance figuring out a solution, and have come up empty every time. Certainly Weber can do better than that.

Posted by Anonymous

We had an old Weber Grill for 16 years that was great...this NEW Genesis is is not a grill but an oven on our deck. It does not sear or cook like a grill. After many complaints to customer service I found out that I should have bought the "searing" feature (on top of our $799 price) if we wanted searing. They said that the grill was performing the way it was "meant" ...baking I suppose. Very unhappy with this expensive grill ...hardly used it.

Posted by Angry griller

I own a Weber Summit natural gas for about 8 years. For the last 2 years we had a constant gas smell. Could not figure out the problem until now I found that the hose going through the back of the grill was damaged due to the sharp edges of the opening where it goes through. I complained to Weber about it but they told me just to buy a new hose for about $45 and this would solve the problem. I told them this is a design issue which they should cover but they just refused any responsibility. Other than that the grill is ok with some glitches like the handles are coming off, quite some rust and I am to my 4th cover by now. Not exactly what you expect for more than $2,000.

Posted by Cape55

I have owned a Weber Genesis S-310 grill since 2011. The base of the Grill and side panels are rusted. The paint or ceramic cover on these parts are just rusting from the inside. The grill looks like it is 15+ years old.

The product quality is bad. These parts were not manufactured correctly. They should be replaced by Weber.

Posted by Anonymous

Just received my weber summit e670 BBQ put it all together and there isn't a handle on the rotisserie bar and you cant buy one as they don't make them how stupid is that $3500.00 dollars Canadian. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope there isn't any other surprises.

Posted by Review

I currently own 3 webber gas grills. I'm having cover problems with my two Genesis units.1 is in MN and is now 3 yrs. old and the cover was shot last year when I put it in for the winter. It is cracked /split and leaks. The other is in AZ. and was cracked, peeling and checked after 2 years and I have already replaced that cover. Well the Weber replacement didn't do any better. It didn't make 3 seasons either. Please remember that I'm only using one grill at a time and the other grill is stored inside in a heated building when not being used. At $80.00 per cover I don't see this as a workable solution. Is there a better cover for your product ?
I don't understand how you can expect to have customers take care of their high quality grill with an inferior cover. I really like the grills but hate the covers for them!

Posted by Anonymous

First Weber lasted 13 years, new one less than 7 months before rust appeared on trays and face. Our grill is under a roof and has three walls, so no rain.
It is a piece of garbage the SPIRIT E-210 line, found out later it was made in China.
Customer Service supervisor, told us to clean it with a certain product, but all that did was clean it leaving the pitted rusty area which will only get worse. No more Webers for us, and will contact every Agency possible.

Posted by Mikie

I have a Weber Spirit almost 5 years old. The grill has rusted out so badly that the front wheel fell off. Rust is everywhere and the Weber Customer service "generously" offered us a new one at a cost of $390. We only paid $359 for the old one. I think they could have offered a better deal than that! We did not abuse the grill. It is not usable now and I was not happy with the way customer service handled my problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a gas grill from sears last august and did not use it at all then, this year we used it twice, once in july when my family was in, and my daughter was the one using it, then again we used it Sept 15, 2015 and I found out that I could not turn the grill on with the second know, it would not shove in or turn to the right or left, my friend who was standing beside me said that the burner which is controlled from the defective control valve is burning, I said that it can't be, because the knob is off I can't turn it on, so the knob won't move one way or the other but gas is leaking through to the grill, I called sears and they would not do any thing about it they said that it was only guaranteed a year, when I bought the grill they told me that it was guaranteed for 10 years, only to find out that applied to the housing, so here we having a burner leaking gas and no way to shut it off, this is a death sentence waiting to happen to someone, and I hope to God it is not one of my children, this should be a safety recall, however Sears puts money before safety, poor way to do business, I understand your company makes Kenmore, please read this if you do,

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased a Weber Grille on May 9, 2012 which is a Genesis S-310 NG (Natural Gas) SS Stainless Steel (8295198 - 6650001). We are extremely happy with it, but have one complaint. The red weber grille design that is on each front knob - three of them - are all faded (really bad), which really looks crappy! It is very noticeable since these are right on the front of the grille and really draws negative attention.

Posted by LJM4th

I have a 2 month old Genesis S330 natural gas grill and the stainless grill grates started to rust the first time I use this grill. I always preheat and oil the meat before I cook. I always burn the grill clean when finished cooking. Everytime I open the grill back up to cook again the grates are rusting. Weber has sent me 3 sets of grates in the last 45 vdays and they are all the same. on my last call the genius on the phone told me that stainless steel is supposed to rust and compared my grill to a car saying parts are going to fail and that if they used a quailty of stainless steel that didnt rust no one would be able to affford their grills. If someone would have put this on the advertising literature I probably would have gone somewhere else for a grill. My 15 year old Ducane grill grates never rusted all the way up until I threw it away due to everything else falling apart inside. The quality of stainless is available to keep this from happening, Weber just thinks we are all too stupid to understand this. I was stupid to believe Weber was still making a quility product.

Posted by Anonymous

Convinced my dad to purchase a Weber grill 2-3 years ago, but finally had the chance to see it in person (and use it) for the first time a couple of week ago. After using it, I realized there was something wrong with it (i.e. the manifold was misaligned in terms of where the predrilled holes were). After calling the customer service number they indicated it was easy to swap in and out, so my dad wound up indicating he would purchase the new manifold and we'd go from there. After realizing what would be involved in swapping the manifold he/I realized this was no quick/easy job. Upon calling back yet again, we were informed that despite the fact that it was obvious that the product was "damaged" from day 1 (when it was purchased), because the 2 year window had passed, they would not work with us to fix the problem.

When you spend $800+ on a grill and a company will admit that the product is faulty and has been from day 1, but is willing to hide behind the warranty (or lack thereof) it is disappointing. While I'm frustrated my dad didn't realize the knobs were sticking far more than he should've expected, it blows my mind that Weber would take this stance. While I too have purchased a Weber in the past couple of years (and as such, should not be in the market for another grill anytime soon), I can guarantee you that when my next purchase comes along I will look at every make/model available to avoid purchasing from Weber again. While I love the way their grills cook, I couldn't in good conscience purchase a grill knowing they are happy to stick it to existing owners of their products.

Posted by Anonymous

Weber needs to get a new game.

I just bought a grill station from Weber spending more than $3,000 to go onto a new deck cabinet and countertop we are building. There have been problems after problems between product shipping delays to damaged pieced delivered by Weber's trucking company (Estes) to someone's house instead of the Hardware Store I bought it from. It took three and a half weeks for one of the three pieces to catch up to the rest.

At this point, my construction project around the grill was delayed due to Weber and its logistics. When my local hardware store opened up the box, they found a grill with only three legs. Two of the three legs on it were bent. (No idea where the fourth leg is).

So, hardware store shipped it back and the Weber Rep ordered another supposedly to be at the Hardware store by Thursday or Friday of last week so it could be delivered today (monday). NO SUCH LUCK... AGain, Estes and Weber on two separate wavelengths. Estes picked it up on Wednesday, but it didnt get into the weber system/estes until Satruday and now its marked for delivery to the hardware store for Tuesday with delivery to us on Wednesday. Our event is on Friday...(2.5 months after our initial order). What lousy logistics, trucking, quality and management. Not the Weber I have known for 25 years.

Posted by very unhappy

I bought a Weber Grill 1.5 years ago. the front wheel fell off at the weld and they said they would send me the part to fix it myself... really, I explained that I would have to take it apart, turn it upside down and do it by myself (by the way I am a mature woman. It is on a covered patio and I never move it. I spent this money because I thought I was purchasing a good product and good warranty. the woman on the phone said they wont cover the labor. I will never buy another one and will make sure everyone I know is aware of this terrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

So much for Weber's warranty. they will send you parts for no charge for items under warranty but the parts instructions clearly state "This procedure should only be performed by an authorized Weber-Stephen Products LLC Service Technician. There are no service technicians less than 1 hour away. By the time you pay for a service technician, you might as well have bought a new grill. The agent told me that they put that on all manuals--it's only to protect Weber in case you get harmed while you are swapping out the part. So clearly it happens or there would not be a warning.

Posted by Jeff

Worst Customer Service ever. My igniter on my $1300 Genesis 330 failed after 2 ½ years & explained this to Weber. Their response was since I bought the grill in the US but since I live outside the US now they could not provide the part- only ship to a US address. When I responded w/a US shipping address I received a long-winded reply that since I took the grill out of the US the warranty was voided (due to difference in gas pressures, regulators, possible after-market conversions, etc) & Weber recommended discontinue using the grill. I rejoined that NOTHING in their written warranty stipulated the grill could not be taken out of the country else the warranty would be voided; that the failure of the igniter had nothing to or related to "gas pressures, regulators"; & that I had not converted the grill. After many days Weber responded that they would ship the replacement part to my US address & closed with this statement "but in the future we cannot provide you with any replacement parts for your grill." Note that Weber did not dispute my response on their attempt to arbitrarily void the warranty but neither did they withdraw it either. I'll be sure to share my experience with anyone. I will NEVER buy or recommend a Weber product again!

Posted by Seastarz

I've owned by Weber Summit going on 11 years. Still works
like a dream. Never had a problem. Never needed new parts. I would definetly purchase another. Keep up the good woork webd=ber.

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Posted by Anonymous

I own two Weber kettle grills, a smoky mountain smoker, a kettle rotisserie and a portable Weber gas grill. I couldn't be happier with the Weber products. I have had a few minor issues with damages through shipping and the customer service was top notch,hassle free and resolved the issues immediately. Thank you for great products and better customer service.

Posted by Paul S

I appreciated how easily I could contact a customer service rep by phone without going through a long menu of choices. She was friendly, understanding and very helpful in resolving my problem. Best customer service I have experienced anywhere in a long time. Weber Grill is a great product and the company stands behind it.

Posted by Knowlegable!!!

I have a Weber propane Genesis purchased at Lowes two plus years ago. Had a problem with the ignitor and these lovely ladies in customer service assisted me . They understood the problem, walked me through the required fix and in a matter of 3 days sent me a replacement ignitor that I installed in 10 minutes. Their professionalism, service, product knowledge was outstanding.
Thank you Janet. Lori and one other .
Dennis Grasso
Gulf Shores

Posted by Anonymous

My older Weber propane grill needed to be converted from the quick-disconnect hose and regulator to the standard part. My June 30 call was handled by Rhonda and she provided outstanding support. She identified my grill model, knew the appropriate kit, explained how to access the connection under the control panel and efficiently answered all my questions. The kit arrived yesterday and I installed it with no issues. Before calling I had attempted to use the Internet to identify what I needed to upgrade the grill but did not find good information. Thank you for having an 'old fashioned' customer support team that talks to customers and resolves our problems! I've been praising both Weber and Rhonda to my friends! Thank You! I'm looking forward to many grilling events.

Posted by Gcat

I purchased a Weber Genesis 330 Grill in Sept 2012. Today I contacted customer service via phone. Customer Service Rep was very helpful. She found part that was defective and shipped it free of charge. It was a small part that I found online for under $10. (plus shipping) Thanks for your support Weber.

Posted by Mikie

OK, yay Weber! My last review was just complaining about rust- Now I get a phone call and I get a new grill for 1/2 price!! Sometimes companies DO care about their reviews!! I am still a Weber fan!

Posted by BBB

Had a significant problem with a Weber grill. Called customer service and with a few emails and pictures the grill was fixed free of charge.

Posted by Anonymous

I have found weber to be an exceptional company. In the rare instances when I have needed anything they are helpful, accessible and fair.

I note that many of the complaints here are about "paint" peeling off the cover. This is not paint. It's grease that's adhering to the metal and peels off if not kept clean.

Second all grills can be turned on accidently. Weber have nice smooth controls that can be rotated easily. Weber is very clear and common sense should dictate that the valve on the tank had to be turned off when not in use.

Lastly, grills are hot. If you touch them you can get a burn. The handles can get hot. If you are not capable of understanding this concept then grilling is not for you. But don't blast a good company for your stupidity.

Posted by StuKin

I have 4 Weber grills and have used their customer service department several times. They have always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products and have even offered advice about cooking techniques when appropriate. Weber has what I believe to be the best customer service experience of any company I've ever dealt with. A rep who goes by the name of "Janet" is particularly friendly and cooperative and goes way out of her way to resolve any problems I've encountered, even with a Weber grill that I bought used privately and which was about 14 years old. Great company, terrific customer service in every respect. I'll never buy another grill if it doesn't have the name Weber on it.

Posted by gigharbor4now

Fantastic!!! Weber Customer Service is incredible. I have contacted them on 3 separate occasions with problems of my own creation, hoping to buy parts that I had damaged or lost. On each occasion, I was quickly sent replacement parts for FREE (including free shipping). Calls are answered immediately by friendly, knowledgeable agents who do what it takes to solve the problem. I didn't know this kind of customer service existed anymore (if ever) and it is such a nice change from the usual. I would never hesitate to buy any Weber product.

Posted by gigharbor4now

Fantastic!!! Weber Customer Service is incredible. I have contacted them on 3 separate occasions with problems of my own creation, hoping to buy parts that I had damaged or lost. On each occasion, I was quickly sent replacement parts for FREE (including free shipping). Calls are answered immediately by friendly, knowledgeable agents who do what it takes to solve the problem. I didn’t know this kind of customer service existed anymore (if ever) and it is such a nice change from the usual. I would never hesitate to buy any Weber product.

Posted by giddigriller

Was missing a part after Lowes assembly. CSR was quick to resolve and remedy the problem. Very pleased.

Posted by Anonymous

After 1 year had a small problem with regulator. I called the 1800 number and resolved problem. They were very nice and said the part is on the way. I had a few grills over the years and so far the Weber is the best.

Posted by Anonymous

When I started to assemble my new S210 grill that I had ordered on-line from Home Depot I discovered the lid and door were damaged. I contacted Weber Customer Service and explained my problem. They said they would send me replacement parts with no charge and no hassle at all involved. I received the parts about 3 days later. I am extremely happy with the grill and really appreciate the excellent service I received from Weber Customer Service.

Posted by John

I am a long time Weber Customer! I have every type of grill. The Q, Gas, Charc, and even go-anyways. I love the Weber Brand. One reason is because the great customer service. Anytime I have a problem or question I always call and help. My last two calls I spoke with a person named Mohammed. Very helpful and so knowledgeable! I love Weber!

Posted by andy

Great customer service as always. I have always purchased weber products for their excellent warranty and longevity. Couldn't be happier. Thanks again

Posted by Anonymous

Great Customer Service. I got a person immediately, Mike and he understood my problem (replacement part on new grill). He even gave me his email to send him a picture. Great Service, and replacement parts are on the way. I feel great about my investment in a weber grill.



Posted by yragsapo

When I first got the Spirit E-310 as a combination Father's Day and Birthday gift, it was missing the bracket and screws that hold the gas hose down. Simple enough to call Weber's customer service. They sent a new kit right away, though it was the right bracket with the wrong screws. I went to the store my wife bought it from and they took 2 scres from the demo unit. Two years later, the igniter stopped working and one of the bars on the BBQ grate lost a weld on one side. One call to Weber and two new grates and an igniter are on the way. Mind you, both parts were warranted for 2 years and my 2 years are up this month. Will be interesting to see what position they take if something else goes in a few months.

Posted by Anonymous

the youg lady I spoke with was very help full, have owened weber grills for over 40 yrs would purchase no other.

Posted by beachboy

My wife bought me a weber grill in February and I put it together recently since it is getting close to grilling season. I got a new propane tank and poof ! Nothing !

I called up Weber's 1800 line and spoke to Jan. She was very nice as I spoke to her. She was very helpful and they are sending a replacement part overnight so I should be grilling by Thursday night. Thank you so much Weber!

Posted by Fyresq

I have a compliment, not a complaint(rare these days). My Weber Spirit gas grill flavorizer bars and grill plates rusted out within 3 years. I kept it under cover and clean;very satisfied until the rotting happened. I was going to throw it away and wanted Weber to hear about their very expensive defective product-I thought it would last a long time. I called the 800 number and was answered quickly by Sandra. I petulantly told her of my irritation, and she asked for the serial #. Within 30 seconds, she came back to let me know the parts would be sent to me that same day! I just received them-cooking with fire tonight!

Posted by Anonymous

Great service dept. My grill is 11+ years, and after trying to locate the flaver bars for replacement @ Home Depot, Lowes etc. I gave up and called you--problem solved.
Frank Cafaro

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