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WebEx customer service is ranked #299 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 39.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 38 ratings. This score rates WebEx customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


34 Negative Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 89.47%.


4 Positive Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 10.53%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • WebEx

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 39.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 34 negative comments (89.47%)
    • 4 positive comments (10.53%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by WebexSucks

Do not do business with this company, even very simple support requests won't be resolved. They don't support America and have outsourced 100% of their work force to India. Support is abysmal!

Posted by FYI

WebEx customer service is the worst. it was to terrible we canceled our business account and then they charged us for an early cancel fee. Worst, worst, worst we have ever experienced.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for a week now to resolve a technical issue with storage capacity. Despite ringing a UK number I ended up speaking to same call centre (in India!) that I spend 1/2 an hour on to yesterday that couldn't help me! I came across this site whilst searching for a WebEx complaints process but from the comments posted here I can see they dont have one! Hmmmm wonder why??

Posted by Web Ex's Ex

Every time I call in to get yet another issue fixed, the tech support always wants to blame the end user. Our company has had more issues than I can even count, but rest assured that there will be no auto renewal, or further business with Web Ex. I believe we have enough proof that they are unreliable and have breached the contract, but lawyers cost more than just riding out the contract. BE ADVISED! SHOP WITH OTHER OPTIONS BEFORE YOU GET INTO A CONTRACT WITH WEB EX BECAUSE THE OTHER OPTIONS ARE NOT ONLY MORE RELIABLE, INTUITIVE, AND USER FRIENDLY, BUT ALSO CHEAPER BY A LONG SHOT!

Posted by MSweetG222

I am getting calls from collections.
Even though I have paid my bill and furnished a copy of my cancelled check.
It will be 1 year in November that I have been trying to get this resolved.
What is their problem?

Posted by Anonymous

THe worst. Unable to access because goes into a sign in loop where after you log in it asks you to sign in taking you back to login.

Posted by Worst Service

Worst Services.I did inquire about a toll free number for Asia countries as we have many clients in Asia. The support guy informed me that I have the feature in my account and can use it. I was not informed what so ever about the cost. Today i got an email stating that i am charged for Audio program. I have been charged for each meeting I had, using the account whether its US/CA or any other country. No perfect response no explanation. They just discriminating people.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer support is useless. I'm cancelling my subscription after 4 years. WebEx works great however when there is a problem you might as well just talk to the wall.

Posted by Anonymous

It's painfully difficult to contact their technical support. The only way I found a phone number is on this site, and it appears that they have no email tech support at all.

Posted by randy reid

I HATE webex!!! It makes me choose a long and difficult password and I must have written one character wrong. It won't let me reset the password for 24 hours--I have a webinar scheduled in 12 hours. I can't even send them a complaint because one has to log in to ask for help. It is a horrible company. I am going to move to Go To Meeting.

Posted by DaveOman

Why am I losing the countries that I communicate with?

I have been with Webex for 5 years and the service has been somewhat frustrating throughout that time but I just have not gotten around to shopping. I just received an email last week letting me know that I will no longer have audio service in the Middle East and Eastern Europe regions... What! That is who I communicate with because of servicing the oil industry. It is absolutely impossible for me to continue service and it is expensive to say the least.

I would rate Webex service from 1 - 10 as a 4 because they are very expensive, difficult to use, and customer service sucks.

Webex it is too late for me but you need t get your stuff together.

Posted by matt

Thank good I found this website. I have been trying to buy their products for 4 weeks now. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that it takes 2 weeks to receive an email from a sales person and that they send you emails asking questions and then take weeks to answer.

Posted by DonewithWebex

Sick and tired of getting transferred to India! Every time that I have a problem, I am even more frustrated after I place the call. Due to all the problems that I am having, I am going to look elsewhere. When are you going to learn that you cannot sacrifice service to save a buck. There are many other competitors out there and I have already looked else where.

FYI - Webex... Did a cost comparison with GoToMeeting and I am going to save 40% by going to them and not losing any features. Get your service right or you are going to continue to lose customers!

Posted by Honest User

Horrible customer service...Tricky subscription renewals. They Auto-Renew your contract without letting you know. Auto-renew option is by default and can not find to disable it in the management screen.

Posted by John

I signed up for a free trial to Webex today in the UK. I set up a meeting with a couple of clients in Germany. However it would only supply a UK dial-in number.
The help screens said that I should have an option when setting up the meeting to choose giving international dial in numbers. This is not the case.
While going around the help pages the Knowledge Base fung with an Error on 3 occasions.
I eventually, after 45 minutes of trying on-line to get some help, rang their support line. On 4 occasions the support line dropped before I got a chance to speak with a support person. On the 5th attempt I got through but the agent was less than helpful. First she said there was no option to do what I wanted and then agreed that I should have that option. Then the audio of the call gave problems apparently my voice kept fading. Eventually she just put the phone down on me.
Wish I had never bothered. On the Webex web site there is no way of escalating an issue or complaining.

Posted by Keepingitreal24x7

I just read the positive comment for Webex and I could not help but think that person works for them. Their comment is completely contradictory to my experience that I have had with them and I have called in numerous times and it is the same experience. Nice try Webex guy! As you scour the web trying to clean up the mess that Webex leaves behind, the former Webex clients know the truth.

Posted by Raleigh WebEx User

I too have been caught in WebEx's "auto-renew" policy. The technology I have used for years works fine and is dependable, but making an administrative or billing change is proving to be a challenge. I'll see if the Attorney General of North Carolina can get their attenion.

Posted by Anonymous

I am not a Webex customer. However I have just received 8 phone calls in 10 minutes from a computer "welcoming me to webex". I have just spent 30 minutes trying to fix the problem. The people in India are no help. Tried to connect me with her supervisor, and after 10 minutes of waiting, hung up.
Any suggestions to stop this?

Posted by nowebexforme

Wow, I wish I had found this site before I started with WebEx. I'm fighting bad credit card charges and will definitely avoid doing any further business with them.

How are they still operating?

Posted by DoctorOctopus

I have been a WebEx customer for 11 years. During the past month or more you have removed a longstanding capability of being of being able to access a remote presenter and control his screen including elevated UAC programs.

I opened an incident with your tech team and this feature was not going be added back again and I was directed to your support center product, which cost much more money.

You did not grandfather current users in but just left us without needed capability.

I have to cancel my account and move to teamviewer

Posted by DoubleBubba

Refuse to cancel my account. Keep on charging and say account is not cancelled. Turned my account over to collections.

Posted by fatmaxcat

We have used the WebEx service prior to the Cisco takeover and after. We have had several billing issues. The latest issue was due to a WebEx customer service rep moving us into a lower priced account. The rep closed out our old account and opened a new account with the new (advertised) lower pricing. All seemed well until a year later when we realized that the original account had never been closed and we had been doubled billed for services for over a year. They were billing one account via invoice and one account was being paid online via a credit card......When we caught this, we called WebEx and was told that a check would be issued for the overpayment as their records indicated that the first account should have been closed.

Well it is five months later, lots of wasted phone calls, voice mail messages to people who apparently aren't required to return their phone messages or whose voice mail boxes are full and lots of promises. My advice is to never enter your credit card number online and watch your invoice billing VERY closely. Because there seems to be no one who actually issues credits at this company.

Posted by PD Technologies

We are a technology company that was pleased with WebEx until we had to change our credit card information because we changed banks. 3 separate people attempted to change the credit card with no success.

There is a resources page. We tried that. It would not work. We had 3 different people try it to make sure.

We contacted Webex and they tried it. After 40 minutes of hold time and futility, it was decided that it did not work.

We were connected to an account person. That person was unable to assist us.

We have called and spent a collective time in excess of 2 hours on hold.

When we do speak with someone, it is always the "wrong person". They try to get us to the accounts department that has the endless hold.

There is an option to leave a voicemail that will allegedly be returned. We elected this option after waiting in excess of 24 minutes on hold. However, when we elected this option, the message says that the mailbox is full and cannot receive any more messages.

We have been told we need to speak with an account manager. We have been told that person would contact us, plus we have sent emails independently. We have yet to receive any response.

We have changed 10-15 other accounts resulting from the bank change without difficulty. We have spent in excess of 3 hours trying to do what should be simple. WebEx, a company whose goal is to save time for businesses, has been by far the most difficult. At this point, we have told WebEx that we are canceling our account. I am sure they will claim that we have breached our contract. I guess the question for them is how would you expect to receive payment for that?

At this point, we are going to explore Go-To-Meeting. Perhaps their customer service is better.

Posted by CatherineE

Sneaky sales person added an "automatic" one year renewal on top of our 6-month commitment subscription. It was not caught, now we have paid for 18 months ($13,500!) that we didn't want and didn't use. They refused to reverse the charges. Our company can't afford that kind of hit. We could have kept someone employed for that amount of money. WebEx doesn't care, they just want the money. The customer service and sales people talk through both sides of their mouths. The prices are exorbitant and their customer service is non-existent. There aren't enough words in the English language (that can be printed) that conveys my feelings about WebEx! Don't trust them. RUN....don't walk....to GoToMeeting for well-functioning, honest, reputable, reasonable priced webinar and meeting services.

Posted by John

I used Webex pay annually but was caught out when they automatically renew, you enter into a 'contract' when you buy one year to continue - not allowing you the chance of an invoice beforehand and not paying. You have to give them notice of cancellation, which I did, but even that did not work and they still billed another year. I demanded they cancel to no avail. Anyway in the meantime (annual account blocked as I am still in dispute about paying) I opened a pay per use account. All fine? No. The charges are £0.19 per minute per user. I assumed, wrongly that a meeting was me and one other, accepting that I would pay the same again if I had another person join. No, wrong. The charge os per person in the meeting, including the host. So the real charge is ALWAYS double their advertised rate - unless there is a technical fault, or simple not attend, for the invitee. Then they charge you for the one user - so the charge is to arrange a meeting THEN hold one. How can they charge for a 'meeting' with only one person in it, by defintion this is NOT a meeting. Customer service is useless, only ever toeing the company line and not understanding, ro being prepared to, the customer's point of view.


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Posted by Andi

This number did get me to a person. I haven't been able to get my invoice and going through emails has taken 3 days. The person on the phone was very friendly and did get my problem resolved in about 10 minutes.

Posted by jdouglas

I am a new WebEx user and I have to say, when I first joined I was completely frustrated and lost. I called into Tech Support one day because I was having issues setting up a conference call. They directed me to my dedicated rep and I can now reach out to him directly if I ever need any kind of help!

Posted by franny121

I just called into support because I was locked out of my meeting and they were able to help me resolve this issue right away. They were very friendly and realized this was a time sensitive request.

Posted by WebConferencingGuru

WebEx is awesome and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced! All accounts are aligned to a dedicated customer service rep (or in some cases a team of a few people). Where else can you get that kind of service? I assure you not from GoToMeeting. They do have a customer service department located both in India and in America. However, the majority of accounts are aligned to the America team which is then broken down into individuals that manage each account. If you cant get in touch or dont know who your dedicated rep is, call 866-236-6864 and they will get you to the right contact. This is what I did and I was transferred immediately to my rep. I cant say enough good about my experience with WebEx.

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Posted by nrhk62213

Although I understand everyone's frustration with the 'auto-renew' contract that WebEx has, I can't help but ask how you can miss something like that. My legal department scours new contracts for hidden terms or fees before signing ANYTHING, so I don't understand how something like that can go unnoticed. As long as the terms and conditions of the contract are read carefully before signing, there won't be any surprises. Keep in mind that a contract is a contract for a reason. If we could go around breaking contracts anytime we want, whats the point in having one in the first place?


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