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Posted by Pissed Peyton

They had been servicing my address for a few years and would drive down my drive to pick up trash. Now all of a sudden they won't unless I pay for a "carry out" service. I live on property and am at least a football field distance away from the road. I've asked numerous times to have a local manager call and......yep NO CALLS. Their only response is that they will put me on a courtesy pick up that could take 24-48 hours, its been two weeks and that span has long passed. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT.

Posted by pd

The Worst Service
They would pick up trash most the time when scheduled, but would literally throw our large trash bins so far that they were broke, in cow fields, and ran over by trucks. There were not cheap bins, they had locking lids, wheels and were very large. We had to replace several. When we called to voice our complaint we were told that some rural areas do not have other trash pick up service available, SO in other words, bad service was better than none, well we did have other options and choose to cancel our service. We asked to have a manager call us after her comment but we never got a call. Real professional company. We are located near Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Posted by Anonymous

Pathetic I pay for a service I don't receive like picking up the trash go figure

Posted by GPM

This company is absolutely HORRIBLE!
They automatically renew your contract every year without telling you. I had used them on a property for about 4 years. We came to a point where we were no longer managing the building, so I called them to cancel our service. They told me I wasn't allowed to cancel because I still had 6 mo left on my contract. At this point, even if I continue to pay the bill, they are literally refusing to remove the bins from the property! There isn't much space on this property so the bins are literally in the alley blocking traffic. I'm still fighting them on this. I am a paying customer and they are telling me that they will not remove the bins!!! I have been on the phone with multiple people for hours!

Here are 2 more reasons to not use them...
I am a property manager and have used them on a couple different buildings. Literally every time I have ever called them to request something (ie. remove a bin, add a bin) the customer service rep would tell me "sure- I'll let the driver know and we'll get it taken care of right away". A week or two goes by and nothing. I'll call back and request this to happen again. They tell me the same thing and nothing. It usually takes 3 different times of requesting to make something happen. The reps are really nice on the phone and every time after talking to them I feel confident that they are going to do what they say and every time nothing happens.
Another reason to not use their service is that they charge HUGE fees to add or remove a container. We're talking hundreds of dollars each time. For example if I wanted to switch a smaller container out with a larger one, they would charge around $300 to do that. You would think they would be more welcoming to added business.


Posted by Anonymous

Waste management driver sped up when I was rolling my can out to the road - 15 feet from the road - I'm almost sure he saw me...I have never missed a pickup but with the snow and bad weather I didn't want to leave my can out in the road overnight.....customer service were very very nice jerks - wanted more money to do what they should have done - said basically too bad if my can wasn't out there - my bad.....total jerks - I believe they recorded me without my permission.

Posted by STHSCLUB

After missed pickup over a 4 year period I was done with WM and to cancel service wanted 180 day notice however you could not notify them at 260 days to tell them I was cancelling. LOL Then could not cancel via email which is how I do my billing I had to send them a letter. First letter no response after 30 days then sent one registered mail which worked. On the last pick up they did not remove the dumpster they waited 10 days and then charged me $108.78 removal fee. WIll never deal with them again and telling all of my friends to stay away as well.

Posted by PatienceHasRunOut

NEVER, EVER USE WASTE MANAGEMENT! I switched to WM from Rumpke and paid for a year in advance to get a reduced rate. I moved after 8 1/2 months and was told IN WRITING that I would get a refund of the remaining balance paid. I cancelled my service on 11/11/16. It is now 1/27/17 and I am still fighting with them to get my refund! At this point, I have given up all hope of ever receiving it! Customer Service is horrible!! STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!

Posted by 330 West 53rd Lane "

Waste Management in Merrillville Indiana zip code 46410 has not resolved the issues. I have called 3 times trying to get the same issue resolved and each person tells me something different. You cannot talk to a supervisor that has any Authority and I am really disappointed because I came from an area Hobart Indiana what the issues were resolved immediately. You weren't just told anything and nothing was done. This company needs an update customer service I suggest that you do a periodic survey of customer satisfaction a very dissatisfied customer in Merrillville Indiana

Posted by Anonymous

Your driver on the Cooper's Creek Charleston WV route on Tuesday November 8th blocked the one lane road and wouldn't pull off the road three feet so I could pass. He was extremely belligerent and rude. There was no where for me to pull off the road to let them pass. I ended up leaving my vehicle in the middle of the road and walking back to Hamilton Farms for help. Your driver was very aggressive and I didn't feel safe. When I returned to my car they were gone and I could continue down the road. This is a difficult stretch of road because it's one lane and there are only two places to pull over. I have a compact car and can't pull into these spots but your trucks can. Your driver could have pulled over for me, he just chose not to. Everyone on this road is always considerate except for the Waste Management Drivers. They are without a doubt the rudest people on the road

Posted by AGirl


I'm writing to explain the customer service issues we've had for several weeks with our trash pickup, which came to an interesting conclusion this week.

As you will see on our account, we've had an unusual amount of activity the past couple of weeks, as we are cleaning our garage and home in anticipation of having guests for the holidays. During this time, I've had to contact you because our trash has not been picked up, sometimes at all, sometimes with no explanation.

The first week, I had to pay extra to have someone come and pick up the trash. This was after I had paid extra to have that same person cut down the boards to neat, manageable sizes so they could be easily picked up and put on a trash truck. When I explained that during my call, your "customer service" agent wouldn't budge because your contract states you don't pick up boards.

The second week, we had bags, neatly laid at the curb. After the truck left, the bags were still there with a note thrown on top that had 5 maximum bags circled. When I called, your agent said, "Oh, that's not right. It's a maximum of 10 bags." I explained that we had done yard work, and the bags were filled with such. It had never occurred to me that I was supposed to stop raking at 10 bags. Since they were already out there, I could hear the truck on the next street, could they just come back, I'd throw the bags in there myself, and I'd never make that mistake again. Please. No, I was told to take them back up to my property and dole them out 10 at a time until they were gone. This time, my husband loaded them in his truck and took them to the work dumpster (and lest you quake at us dumping illegally, he had permission; note the fact that once again, we had to discard the trash that you could have and should have picked up).

Finally, I downloaded the entire list of rules and regulations that apply to my subdivision before putting out the trash this week. I made sure we crossed every proverbial t and dotted every i, and then I had my 21-year old daughter sit at the end of the driveway and wait for the truck, just in case. That's when we discovered what the problem has been all along.

There were only two people on the truck: the driver and the young man who was putting trash in the truck. The young man outside the truck was so nice, tremendously courteous and a very hard working person. When he saw that we had a heavy filing cabinet, he asked the driver of the truck to help him get it in the back. The driver said, "No. I'm driving the truck." That was it. He never got down (this, despite that the truck was parked). He never helped. The young man outside the truck had to maneuver that heavy filing cabinet into the back of that truck alone, and it took brute strength and massive determination to do it. I have no doubt that if my daughter had not been standing there, he never would have done it (and let me tell you, she felt terrible -- AWFUL -- for this entire episode). We also had a treadmill out there, because the limit was 2 household items, and he was in no shape to move another large item. My daughter, seeing that he just had no more strength, got behind it and pushed it to the truck with him. The driver never moved from that truck. We also had 10 bags of trash, and they definitely peaked at the 40-pound limit. That's 400 pounds of trash, not including the items he already had loaded. Alone. Because the driver never moved from the truck. I wish I could say that I'm happy that all of my trash was picked up this time.

I am not.

This, I believe, is the true issue with this entire customer service experience: The "management" at Waste Management has failed miserably. To wit:

1. Why are there only two people on a truck in which the rules state that 10 bags of refuse weighing up to 40 pounds each (400 pounds) and 2 large household items per week can be picked up? I'm certain the law of averages that some office drone developed states that this only happens a few times per blah blah blah, but seriously? Two people? It happened one time described above, and it is completely unacceptable. At the very least, there should be more people on that truck.

2. Why did this young man even have to ask the only other person on this truck for help? Why didn't that other person immediately get down from his perch and immediately help?

3. Why wasn't there a dolly on the truck that he could have used to quickly and easily move the items to the truck?

4. Why was there no recourse for the young man who so obviously needed a way to let his supervisor, his supervisor's supervisor, his supervisor's supervisor's supervisor, et al, know that such a travesty was occurring? Why had I called, emailed and all but sent up smoke signals about these problems without anyone in management realizing that there were serious problems with this truck, with the individual driving it, etc?

5. Why was Waste Management's "customer service" response to each of my entreaties to immediately recite back to me the rules and regulations instead of recognizing that having to do so signaled that maybe, just maybe, someone ought to look into whether their might be problems on that truck?

I have asked and asked and asked for your help with this issue, and I'm tired of asking. So I'm writing this to you, which I'm sure will get another automated email response that doesn't begin to address my frustration. But I'm also going to start posting it to social media. My guess is that I'll start getting some responses then.

My greatest hope from all of this is not that I'll get better service from you. I know that'll eventually happen, because I understand the world of public relations better than you could possibly imagine. My greatest hope is that the young man at the back of that truck finds out that the woman and her daughter at my address really appreciate him more than he can imagine. I hope he reads this somehow and knows that he was kind and hard working, and it mattered to us. We felt indignation for him that his coworker was a complete and total ... well ... everyone reading this will fill in that blank. Or blanks. I hope the man at the back of the truck gets bonuses and promotions. I hope people find out who he is, and I hope he gets a better job with a better company that appreciates him and doesn't stick him alone on the back of a truck with no support from a company that has really poor management.


Posted by SweetTexasRose713

What a nightmare it is that they monopolize neighborhoods and you have no choice but to use their service. Many times I had issues with the pick up guys who were rude and even cussed at me in spanish once because my can wasn't out BEFORE they turned down my street! What??? I called to complain about them and then they wouldn't pick up my trash here and there which forced me to call and complain and the company would have to send a special pick up. Mgmt pretended to care but nothing ever changed until I was very pregnant with twins and on bed rest, they started putting my can down in front of the driveway so I had to get out and move it before I could drive in, sometimes in the rain. I lost it on management and threatened them with legal action for potentially causing harm to me and my unborn children. I was seeing the dr weekly at that point which was the only reason I left the bed in the first place and trash pick up happens twice a week. After the comments about legal action and endangering our lives the problem was rectified but why would it take 8 years and that kind of conversation to get people to do the job they're paid to do and show their clients the courtesy they deserve?!
Also, now as I am trying to cancel my account, since we moved a couple months ago and forgot to, I'm being met with rudeness and a total lack of consideration or respect. I was billed for a new cycle that started 10 days ago and am asking that I be refunded for this cycle only since I am trying to cancel now and have not been using their service for the past 6 months even though they've billed me for it. She repeatedly told me I didn't cancel before so they can't do anything even though I repeatedly told her I'm not asking for the past 2 cycles just the 1 current one, the one they will be charging another customer for so that's really double dipping, charging 2 people for the same service. That's not right. She refused to address my current need to terminate my account or the related charges. When I told her about my miraculous survival of a tragic incident which left me seriously disabled for a long time during the past year her only reply was, why didn't your husband call and cancel? What??? Are you serious? He works 6 days a week average 12 hour days and we have 3 children 2 of which were only 18 months old when this happened. He was just a little preoccupied, but thanks for your compassion. At that point I told her she's rude and not willing to help me accomplish anything so I need to speak with a supervisor. Low and behold there isn't once available! I will have to wait for a call back! In the mean time my account is still active! What a sham!! It's outrageous. BOOOOOOOO

Posted by nzimm06

I was traveling this past weekend when two big piece of metal came out of a Waste Management Truck and struck my windshield twice. Almost shattering my windshield. I follow the driver to his destination and showed him what he did. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Bummer dude". I called their management department and they said that I have no proof that their truck caused the damage. They completely denied any responsibility. This company is a bunch of rude people that do not stay behind their reputation. I say "Watch Out!" to all those drivers out there because your trash could be coming back at you when you lease inspect it.

Posted by Anonymous

Had an existing contract with another waste company that WM bought out half thru contract term. WM is now charging me for fees that are not in my contract that amount to $5,959.32 to date. WM promised a refund check if I signed a new WM contract which heavily favored WM. WM promised to make some of the changes to the new agreement and issue a refund check in the amount of $4,386.08. I wanted the refund check before I would sign a new contract - I don't trust this company. WM took 12 weeks to "approve refund", mean while they continued unauthorized charges every month. WM now says they will issue credit when I sign the new contract, which they have not changed as promised. WM has not delivered on one single promise. The unauthorized charges are now at $5,959.32 which we have had to pay under threat of WM wrecking our good credit rating. This company is nothing but crooks, thieves and liars.

Posted by Anonymous

Waste management is the worst trash co.They want to charge me 150.00dollars FEE because the lid in the Dumpester was 5 inch UP. no warning they think only how to take moore money from each custumer.

Posted by Anonymous

It is ridiculous that for 3 days in a row, waste management driver refused to pick up my unlimited yard waste which contains leaves in the environmental bags with the 64 gallon bin. My service is always on Mondays, per my online account states that my yard waste was "contaminated", I told the gal in CS that it's all leaves and they are in the bagged in the proper disposal bags except the 64 gallon bin was not in site therefore the driver didn't pick it up, fine, day 2, I put the gallon bin out on the curb with leaves inside, still it was not picked up, called CS, this time it was a CS guy, NOT very help made the situation WORST, supposedly they will get the driver to come out again, now day 3 as of this morning still NO sign of being picked up, contact CS for the 3rd time; CS name Lisa was able to get her supervisor and made a complaint towards the driver and says they will get them back to my route and pick it up, I'm still waiting to hear from the route manager and waiting for my yard waste to get picked up. At this time, I'm aiming towards not using their service in the future. It's ridiculous that I had to contact them 3x because of whoever is in charge of the route.

Posted by Anonymous

WM is a monopoly and you better understand it! For 4 weeks now I have been trying to get a new bin for my recycling. Each time I'm told I'll get one soon! Last week they said I would have a new one by today (our recycle pick-up day). So, after not getting it, I called their Customer Service line (an oxymoron for WCM) and now it could be another 3 weeks!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Be careful if you hire Waste Management. You'd better read the fine print because some of their policies are shady. First of all, their rates are totally unreasonable and instead of rewarding a good customer in trying to keep rates down, they raise their annual rates by 15% or more. Their cancellation policy requires you to give 6 months written notice. I was told by a Representative that the cancellation policy was three months and I had to put the request in writing to their headquarters. I never heard back from anyone that my service would not end in March----in fact, it would end in June. Meanwhile, I had hired another company and I'm paying them $135 per month, while Waste Management charged me $501 for this month! I feel screwed!!! Beware.

Posted by Drowning in Trash

We have been paying for trash pickup for eight weeks and have had our trash actually picked up by Waste Management only twice. When we have tried to resolve this refusal to honor their agreement, their representatives are interested only in telling us that there is nothing that they are willing to do, including picking up our trash.

Posted by tina

phone even when using the automated phone system is robery! There is no justifiable reason to charge this amount when most companies don't charge any. A fine example of greed and corporate taking advantage of people. Especially people who are paying customers. It also contributes to trash issues and littering when companies such as this make it difficult for people to afford bills and paying for hidden fees

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible, I'm so livid right now!! Just called Waste Management asking why our Christmas tree was never picked up (been sitting at the end of our driveway since January 1st) and the lady told me because we never requested it. WHAT!? We NEVER got a notice to request it, this is our second year in this house and our first year they just picked it up! She apologized but said they wouldn't be able to pick it up until April now since tree season was over, told us we could personally bring it to a landfill, but I told her we had no means to do that. I asked to file a complaint and then she proceeded to ask me on what, seriously, you couldn't tell I was getting angry!?

Posted by elizabeth sloan

I live on a private road and wm trucks come down to my house to turn around they are causing a lot of damage to the road that I paid to have fixed. There is only one person on the road that has waste management. I called to see if the company would fix the damage they are causing. They won't. Apparently I have no recourse. Nice to know that the garbage companies can get away with damaging other peoples property. In the old days they just murdered people who stood up to them. Waste management is an unscrupulous bully, esp the route manager named carlos-- nasty nasty nasty

Posted by Constasnce

This a small street of 5 double units, & pick up isd on Thursdays. But here we are Friday again and still no recycle pick up. Months now we complain and management comply the next wk. then business as usual. Should we put recycle in the one can being picked up? RobinDr. the little street in Port Charlotte....ðčś×

Posted by crown

Was on hold for 52 minutes, The person was friendly but was no help and i was told i would need to call a different number, which was the same phone number i waited almost an hour before, they say they have NO local numbers which is a lie, we all know the employees doing business do not use 800 to dial out, worst customer service ever go elsewhere

Posted by Pissed WM Customer

Waste Management servicing Jacksonville,NC suck just the same as many of these previous comments. Whether you call or email your complaint in it doesn't matter they still gaff you off and don't care about not picking up your trash. They have missed serval pickups in a row and constantly lie about the pickup being on the day you call only for them to tell you later before customer service closes that it will be the next day for the pickup. The constant run around in circles is a staling mechanism to keep you from canceling your service. The sad part is everyone on my street have gone to a local business because of this horrible service so, no longer care to stay loyal to a company that is not loyal to me. My neighbors are going on their 3rd week of trash pick up and I can't even get one day out of the month. Horrible service, terrible management and dishonest company I've ever seen.

Posted by WM = IQ of a Low Grade Moron

The people answering the Western PA WM customer service email from web forms (really the only way to contact them since they won't give you a phone number to call) are either purposefully dodging my simple question, or incapable of understanding or answering my simple question. After 5 back-and-forth's where I ask the same question, I am giving up. Here's how ridiculous this is: (Me): How much waste can I put out for my regular pick up? (WM): All bulk items must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. (Me): Thank you for this information about bulk items, but can you tell me how much waste I can put out for a regular pickup? (WM): Each bulk item is charged separately. (Me): Ok, thank you. So other than appliances, furniture, etc listed on wm.com, what is considered a bulk item? How much is regular pickup, and how much would be considered above and beyond? (WM): You have to prepay for each bag of trash you want us to service. ---- ?? What? Why is this such a difficult question to answer? This sort of obstructionist customer service is horrible and makes me want to give up on WM. We had problems with getting them to honor their door-to-door salesman's package that we agreed to, we had trouble starting service, we had billing problems before that were finally resolved, and now I can't get a straight answer to a simple question. I bet for a couple of extra dollars a quarter I could get a local company who would be glad to help educate and work with me as their customer.... Sigh. Why do people always have to make simple things so difficult?!

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Posted by Anonymous

Our driver is excellent. He is caring, attention to detail is top notch (picks up all trash that may have been blown around) and always always talks to the grandsonds. He should be recognized for his exceptional service.

Posted by nkikta01

Truck number 2208 blue waste management truck, the guy driving it motivated and damn moving fast my three year old son said to me this morning he a hard worker daddy I said yes he is and he moving fast and earning his pay just wanted too share my thoughts great service awsome driver........I seen guys move but not like this guy he needs a raise or he moving like he just got one.

Posted by Anonymous

a waste management driver named anthony chamberlain saved my grandfather when early one morning his car and him were trapped by garage door. He saw my grandfather was in distress and acted swiftly which our family is forever grateful to this young man in tampa fl

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Posted by anonymous

I have been an employee with WM for 10yrs, working in customer service and sales, I have been a lead agent in the commercial customer service department for the last 2yrs. I can say that these comments are common ones that we hear every day. While I cannot speak for anyone not in my call center, I can assure everyone that we DO care and wet do everything in our ability to resolve complaints and explain our missteps. My suggestion is that you should always contact your area customer service center if you have a complaint or need help understanding something. If you are dissatisfied with an agent, please ask for a lead or supervisor. We really are there to help you.


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